Mona Scott-Young Says “Joseline Was A Gift From The Reality Gawds”

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Mona Scott-Young, the Queen B and Author of “How To Pimp A Bitch 102″, is paying homage to the Gawds and I’m living. FYI Shaunie O’neal is the author of “How To Pimp A Bitch 101, the fundamentals and facts.Mona Scott-Young gives honor and glory to the reality gawds for sending Joseline Hernadez her way. Catch these T’s


During a recent press event, Love & Hip Hop Executive Producer Mona Scott-Young revealed to The Drop FM just how thankful she is to have crossed paths with the reality television star we now know as Joseline Hernandez.

“Joseline was a gift from the reality gods. I actually wasn’t even anticipating meeting Joseline. I was meeting with Mimi and we were in the lobby of a hotel where I was doing the interviews. We were waiting on Stevie [J] to come and meet us. He came in with my partner and we were talking to them and I said, ‘Oh yeah, did you meet Mimi? And this is Stevie. Mimi is Stevie’s girlfriend.’ He pulls me to the side like, ‘Well, if MiMi is Stevie’s girlfriend, who’s the chick he was kissing in the parking lot?”

Call it Faith, call it coincidence, or call it Joseline being in the right place at the right time, I speak her name. From the strip club to the penthouse, I am here for Joseline Hernadez and all that she brings. I’m from Miami Florida, the place that made Joseline. I understand so much of her prior struggles and I have so many friends that are caught up in Miami’s Naked Hustle. It is hard out there in those streets. The fact that Joseline was able to make a whole lot of something out of a little bit of nothing speaks volumes for who she is at her core. SALUTE!

By no means is Joseline ungreatful for the opportunity Stevie J and Mona have afforded her. Mona goes on to share Joseline’s reaction when she received her first check.

“I will never forget the first time I gave Joseline a check and she cried. Prior to that she has never seen her name printed on a check because she was only ever paid in dollar bills,” Mona said last week before suggesting that her shows acts as a life-changing platform for cast members.

Yes Gawd and Hakuna Matata to them both!



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27 thoughts on “Mona Scott-Young Says “Joseline Was A Gift From The Reality Gawds”

  1. This is some bullshit if I ever heard it! U just wanted to bring this woman in for ratings! If he already had a gf, tf u put this woman on the show for?!? To make Mimi life a living hell?!?! FOH

  2. I think that there is just so much negativity in society today. Yes she came from the strip scene, and yes she may be acting a fool on Tv, but she laughing all the way to the bank, and thats a blessing on it’s own. People so quick to down talk others, but never take a moment to reflect their own lives and situations…

  3. I realize this is supposed to be uplifting and I am glad for Miss/Mr. Joseline….

    Yes, you have a check..l. That Uncle Sam is hitting, ROFL. At least Uncle Sam wasn’t hittin them dollar bills.

    But yes, it is a come up. Mona ain’t shit. She’s empowering ratchet ness and profiting all the way to the bank.


  4. I need to start Ho-Ing so I can be a relaity GAWD to. 9 to 5 pay aint hitting on nothing. lol

  5. I’m happy for Joseline….Too many judgemental people in this world. I’v seen people do worse things, for less. We are all accountable for our own lives. She’s living hers and who are we to say what’s wrong or right. Joseline is smarter than some of you think. I don’t think it’s about Stevie at all….It’s about her taking advantage of an opportunity.

  6. The new stripped girl Stevie is in the studio with is supposedly another one of his jump offs

  7. Wow. This was more emotional than I thought it would be. I am from Miami as well. I am happy that Joseline is grateful for this opportunity.

  8. I don’t care what anybody say, I like Mona better than I like Shaunie. Yes, Mona is very messy, but her empire is booming right now. Mona hair be layed…those sew-ins be looking tight as hell(I wonder if her head be sore?)

  9. bc she will do anything to exploit herself, while the others have just a little bit morals…..

  10. Don’t think so, she thinks if “stebie” cheated on Mimi for her he wouldn’t do it to her. Please. But I guess get it how u can.

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