Move Over #RHOA, Todd Tucker & Carlos King Wrap Filming Hollywood Hasbeens

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Mama Joyce wanted Todd’s a** to go get a job, and he did. Now its time for us to see if it amounts to anything. I told y’all way back when that Todd was working on the actors version of R&B Divas (Todd Got A Job! Mama Joyce Should Be Proud! New Show ‘Hollywood Divas’ On TvOne). Well they’ve finished filming the show and now it should just be a matter of months before we see the fruits of Todd & Carlos’s labor. The show features Elise Neal (The Hughleys), Golden Brooks (Girlfriends), Paula Jai Parker (Hustle and Flow), Countess Vaughn (The Parkers) and Lisa Wu (Real Housewives of Atlanta). All tea all shade, I really am not checking for Golden Brooks or her new face.

Anyway… Congrats To Todd & Carlos.


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38 thoughts on “Move Over #RHOA, Todd Tucker & Carlos King Wrap Filming Hollywood Hasbeens

  1. Hold up! Everybody just pause for a minute…shit! All I wanna know is…Who gave the thumbs up for this low budget ass, last minute, straight out the freezer from your local grocery store, ask that lady on duty to stick some pictures on this cake, having a party at Chuckee Cheese at 3 ass sheet cake? Huh? Do anybody know? Well I tell you what? I already know what this bootleg ass show gone be about already just by looking at that damn cake!

    • Hold up, e’rrbody!!!!!! MAYBE – JUST MAYBE – KANDI made that ghetto cake! It was definitely not professionally made by a bakery unless it was at Big Bear, Raley’s, Ralph’s or as someone said, FoodLion. C’mon, yall, let’s support Todd’s efforts since he has to pay all the bills in the house and buy health insurance and burial insurance for HIMSELF, as well as putting a little aside to buy himself a little cottage or condo to retire in!!!!

  2. What the hell is up with ATL cake makers? They just slapped those stickers on that cake. SMH
    Goodluck with the show.

  3. Go Todd! Do your damn thing! Now fire that assistant who ordered that basic ass Sam’s Club Cake with your stickers thrown on it!

    And what the hell happened to Golden Brooks? She is giving me Mulan and Lil Kim tea …

  4. Yeah goldenbrooks don´t look nothing like she use to be, and it´s sad because she was so pretty I don´t know why some people be so quick to get surgery. And yeah that cake came from aunt Betty kitchen lol

  5. Nawwww Golden Brook´s face is just NOT right. And the cake Gawwwdddss are mad as hell. My 10 year old nephew does better work. I´m slick mad bout that cake display!

  6. why is lisa wu on the show??? what tv show was she on that required her to be somebody other than a housewife? ? smh…she only on there cuz she has a connection! lame!!

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