My Hair Is Layed Like B.I.C.T.H. (Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta Episode 9 Review)

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Episode 9 of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta was EVERYTHING. Get into my video review.

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14 thoughts on “My Hair Is Layed Like B.I.C.T.H. (Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta Episode 9 Review)

  1. how in the hell did Rasheeda open that mouth to defend Toya husband but like that man lady with the gold 27 piece that sound like she just finished smoking a pack of newports short in the box talk to her husband like he was nothing…go home and start filing for you social security old ass bicth rap just aint for u…i bet not be 79 yrs old pattin my coochie talkin about marry me just foolery…mimi gettin on my nerves talkin bout she needed proof baby bye ray charles seen that Jose was the main man in stebbie life…benzino is in menapause with all this damn crying Karlie teeth playing hide n go seek …

  2. Karlie – you too old NOT to know how to play a game on a man…thats first

    Benzino – you too old to be messing wit a chick that ain’t got no sense

    Jose-a-lin – love, love, love..she’s a smart idiot

    Mimi – girl bye

    Erika and Scrappy – chile please

    Mama Dee – you wildin out…ya heard me

    Somebody please bring back Mama Flocka

    Rasheeda and Kirk – please go have some babies they would be so cute

    K. Michelle – I’m sorry that happened to you…NOW YOU HAPPY..DAYUM

      • And those small little boy shoulders. WTF is up with that? LOL Every time they show him I laugh at his small shoulders. He looks like a young boy by the shoulders. It’s so weird looking

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