My Hair Is Layed Like Shaneka (Scandal Season 2 ep 3 Review)

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So y’all know The Doll LIVES for Scandal. Uhmm Shonda Rhimes & ABC, quiet as its kept, y’all need to shoot The Doll some coins for all of the new viewers I’m sending y’all way. Shonda we have some mutual friends. I’ll be sending you an invoice pretty soon.

Anyway, episode 3 of season 2 was everything. There are so many twists and turns and this episode. Just when we thought things could not get any more convoluted in the Olivia, Fitz, Mellie triangle, THEY JUST DID! ¬†Get into my review of episode 3. This episode left me so heated, I was sweating all throughout the the video…

My Hair Is Layed Like Shaneka 

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4 thoughts on “My Hair Is Layed Like Shaneka (Scandal Season 2 ep 3 Review)

  1. You definitely need some compensation. I faithfully follow you on YOUTUBE and when I watched your review I immediately jumped on Netflix to catch up on the whole first season then to watch the new episodes of season 2. Thank you Dineva girl I LOVE U. U GIVE ME LIFE AND KILL ME AT THE SAME DAMN TIME.I am a fan solely due to funky Dineva. To “her” all credit is due.

  2. Yess!! I just watched this review today and had to watch all the episodes since I had never seen the show before. It’s so good. Now I have to find season 1

  3. Thank you Dineva for introducing me to Scandal!!! Your review of the preachers wife episode make me go check it out and I’m in love!!! Get them coins Shonda Rhimes OKAY!!

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