Nancy (Jim Jones Mama) Reveals That Chrissy CANT Have Kids. Womb Is Raggedier Than A Greyhound Bus

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We live in a time and place where reality television is everyone’s way out the hood. No matter if your story line is true or false, everyone is looking to the cameras and networks for their next meal. That being said, the children will tell you anything for ratings. Well, Chrissy Lampkin has been fronting for longest like she wants to get married to Jim Jones and have have kids and live happily ever after. Anyone find it odd that Jim’s son had not been anywhere to be found up until now? Well I got the tea as to the real reason why Chrissy & Jim had to call in the support of Jim’s young son to pull off their modern family image on this season’s ‘Jim Jones & Chrissy’. Catch these T’s


UPTOWN_nancy_jones-1So last year, Mama Jones was in Atlanta tootsie rolling real hard along side Mamma Dee and Frankie (Keyshia Cole’s Mama). During that time, on more than one occasion, Mama Jones made it known to the world that for whatever physical reason, Chrissy is unable to have children. Others speculate that Chrissy’s barren womb is part of the reason that Jim has been reluctant to marry her. Look I don’t make the news, I just report it, so here it is…

Fertile or not, I love the new family first image that Jim Jones & Chrissy have taken. Following in the footsteps of T.I. & The Family Hustle, I respect the direction they are  traveling in.

Do you guys think Chrissy can carry children?

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269 thoughts on “Nancy (Jim Jones Mama) Reveals That Chrissy CANT Have Kids. Womb Is Raggedier Than A Greyhound Bus

  1. You wrong Quinton. Lately you have been getting a little besides yourself. When you started it was tongue in cheek now you are just mean as hell for no reason. You as a MAN should never just maliciously go in on a WOMAN. That’s bitch made. You are educated to a degree and should act as such. For what reason would you take time to write something that is so hurtful on so many levels. You need to take that red lipstick off because it is having a hormononal effect of some kind on you. You have no right to knock some for not bring able to have children when you could never give birth to anything living and breathing. You will never know the pain you most likely just caused some women. Because this effects a lot of women I see you losing fans in the future. Your fans are mostly women, this was a dumb move. Just like you did with the woman that spoke patois in Jamaica, you showed us you don’t even have a passport or understand your own cultures. Your slip is showing.

  2. i just can’t get past how all u bitches are on here playin captain save-a-ho for chrissy. when i clearly saw her STOMP PREGNANT KIMBELLA IN THE TWAT on season 2 on national tv, with no regrets & no remorse. Now tell me I didn’t!!!! She still laughs about it to this day. She should be serving time. WHERE ARE YOU MORAL POLICE NOW!!! Wrong is wrong. I mean one day i flipped on VH1 & there was chrissy jumpin in some other ho’s bizz next thing i know tracks were snatched.! Then in the blink of an eye a panty-less kimbella was laying dead 2 da cheap rug, spread eagle, wit her pregnant cooch flappin in da breeze. Then along came a spider…

    Excuse me, Miss Chrissy,… really bitch? …and with 6-inch pumps on too? Your heartless! You smushed her cupcake like you were putting out a fire ho. At least Kim “still look pretty” LOL. But seriously bitch, u coulda really injured her AND her baby. Now u can’t have kids, huh? Now we spose 2 feel bad 4 u, huh? #Tragedy Gwurl Good Day!… I said GOOD DAY!

    • Kimbella was NOT pregnant then. And if she was, walking around with no panties on and drinking liquor, she should have been stomped out. Where was DCFS then? Gtfoh Jilly Bean. You making up stuff now and usually you are funny and on point. I like Kimbella but bet she won’t tell another woman she sucked their baby daddy off in front of other people. Lessons had to be learned. Kimbella knows better now. That’s all that matters

  3. Ya’ll dont know that Chrissy been fucking NY dopebiys since she was 14. From getting stuck by grown men at a very young age to having more abortions that any can speak of leaves you barren. So please stop with the hate towards FunkyD he just reporting what her mother in law was telling anybody within ear shot. Good day all. The past sneaks up on your future especially when you get to where you want to be. Let us not act like this tramp is a prize. Let it be told that 1st season you would have thought Jimmy had no kids they way everybody was pressed. #shade

  4. Why the hell are some of you guys takin it so personal? I mean I’m not defending his messy ass but damn! You saw the name of the topic, you should’ve just kept scrolling, because you know these internet commentators are remorseless in what they say. Don’t let his messy ass tie you in a not

  5. This post is so disrespectful.. Only a gay man that wants to be a woman and can’t would disrespect the miracle of child birth. How much does someone have to hate themselves to write some sick shit like this.

  6. You should be ashamed of yourself. How low are you willing to sink to get traffic on this site, some kibbles and bits in your pantry, and a cheap laugh? Messy men are disgusting, but ugly messy men should be drowned.

  7. You know how gay kids are committing suicide because they aren’t living in a society where people accept them? Well, infertility is one of those issues that should be handled with sensitivity too. Don’t be a bastard.

  8. Whatever the case is she can use her eggs and his sperm and have someone else carry the baby . It’s not cool to make light of this matter . This and children should always be off limits to mean jokes.

  9. In answer to your question, the question at the end of this post: I never “thought” about Chirssy’s fertility factor till she beat

    up Kimbella. ‘Said…who ever feel to DEFEND another grown-a*s woman against another woman LIKE THAT!? Unless…unless

    it’s “personal” for them too? Thought… ‘Could it be that “Kimbella” reminds her of the types of chicks her dude cheated on her

    with? Or… Could it be that Kimbella has a child (and come to find out, one on the way…gesh, she beat down a pregnant

    woman; albeit, unknowingly, but still…) and she doesn’t have one? In a certain spiritual teaching, it’s said not to take

    advice (maternal advice in particular) from barren women, and don’t let them babysit your offspring.

    No, “infertility” is definitely no laughing matter. Cause whatever they did in a past-life dictates their barren state in future lives. When Mama Jones called her a “selfish bitch” , we waited to hear Chrissy reply “How am I selfish?” So Nancy could break it down. But we all know how Chris responded there: “Psychotic B*tch!” Turned out to be a hit song. Mama Jones took those lemons and made musical lemonade. Chrissy was mad at that!

    But yes, I’m glad they turned the show around to make it moor family oriented…Class.

    CL, for whatever reasons you can’t or didn’t bore Jimmy a baby, that’s y’all biz, true. But logically, you gotta know that when you present yourselves PUBLICLY, public opinion/observation is a given. Take it with a grain of salt.

    Mama Jones, I suspect that if you did say that–it was kitchen table talk between you 3, how it GOT OUT? Who knows? Just make sure the surroundings are clear before y’all get to kitchen-table chatting.


  10. Infertility is no laughing matter, correct; but it´s a spiritually investigative matter. Chrissy, if you´re reading this, and this is true, find a true reader, one that can enter the Akashic Records, find out what you did in a past-life that would warrant a barren womb in this one. We always knew that there was MORE of a story in all those tears of yours [towards Jimmy] versus just what you spoke to on air–surface say. Moreover, was there more to Mama Jones continually [even in radio interviews] asking or stating “Where´s my grandchild?”

    Come to find out, she knew of or sense your Achilles Heel, and tugged on it, via such a “baby request.” Hmmmm Healing & Clarity to All. <3 #ChrissyandMrJones

  11. Some of these comments are down right ignorant. You can always tell who the uneducated hood rats are by the stupid comments they make. Infertility is no laughing matter & if Nancy Jones said that then shame on her.

  12. Alls i know is when i saw the first episode I thought she might have been be taking fertility meds, cause she’s so broad ths season.

  13. I read she use to date alot of drug dealers back in the day. She use to date Alberto Alpho Martinez. The drug dealer from Harlem. Maybe she had too many abortions and thats why she cant have kids.

    • The number of abortions a woman has does not determine future fertility. I had 2 abortions 10 and 12 years ago and have since conceived 2 kids after having the two “procedures”

  14. It´s not clear if Nancy referred to Chrissy´s womb as “raggedy” or if the writer of this article did. Either way…it´s sad. Nancy is a women who´s had children so she should know better; however the writer of this article gets a pass because they would have absolutely no idea how painful something like that must be. Can´t possibly understand. In poor taste as someone above described doesn´t even do this one any justice.

  15. How would she know? I´m pretty sure that information is between Chrissy and her doctor and she and Nancy don´t appear to have that kind of relationship. Now if Jim told his Mama that kind of information…Chrissy needs to think twice. That´s a ladyboy move.

    • I can’t agree that that is a ‘ladyboy’ move if he shared that with his mom. I share things about my relationship with my mom, but I expect my mom to show discretion. Though that may have been asking too much in their case, she’s still his mom…

  16. Chrissy & Jim can always adopt children. Just because a woman might not be able to carry a child in her wound doesn’t make her any less of a woman. My sister had a abortion and it left her with so much scar tissue that it messed up her Fallopian Tubes (both tubes). After years of surgery and a tubal pregnancy she & her husband decided to adopt. They now have a boy & girl and you wouldn’t know that those children weren’t their biological kids. Their are so many children in the system praying for a loving home with loving parents and I think Jim & Chrissy should at least consider. Jim’s little boy is so cute and intelligent. That kid seem to have made Jim put his own like in perspective. Kudos to Chrissy for being a good step mom by allowing the kid to be a part of his dad’s life, because we know how some of these insecure Bitches are about their mans kid(s) from the other woman.

    If Moma Jones came outta pocket like that with Chrissy’s biz, than shame on her. With her Crypt Keeper looking ass.

  17. SMH this title is disgusting. She might not be able to have children due to no fault of her own. It is disgusting to make a joke out of an issue that maybe painful for her, because she had expressed in the past that she did want to have children.

  18. a greyhound bus tho? *hollering*.
    would you people relax. dineva is reporting the tea in an over the top way like he’s always done. get outta your feelings. it’s not about any of you. geez

  19. All you chicks on here commenting, ‘That’s not funny’, ‘How could you say that’, ‘That is a personal issue and insensitive Ms. Ross’, need to get a freaking life. When you choose to put yourself on reality television then the kid gloves come off. She is displaying here life before the world and some how FD is wrong for her article? Really, really,…….really? It was here dudes mother that let everyone know she was as barren as the Dead Sea, not FD. She don’t make the news she just reports. Get off your moral high horse and wake the hell up. FD is not talking about all women and could probably care less about your situation until you put yourself on TV that is… Chrissy knows the rules “Its all fair in gossip and reality television” and if she doesn’t she learned today. Keep slaying ‘em FD…shit my sides hurt.

    • You still sound stupid. I have a life…a damn good one child. You can take that “get a life” response outta here. People with limited vocabulary and nothing of any use to say always use that as a reply to something they don’t agree with. According to your ass I or any other person that thinks FD’s “joke” wasn’t funny don’t have a life. We’re all sensitive because we think that it was tacky of someone to crack a joke about a woman not being able to have a baby! Have a seat!! Anybody who finds this funny is totally devoid of any type of intelligence. As far as morality, it’s obvious that your morals and common sense held hands and walked away. Some folks really don’t have a clue. SMH

      • Please honey keep you moral standards to yourself. You and no one else can define what is moral or unmoral it is up to the individual. My vocabulary is more than capable to handle you moronic people. I just know I have to dumb it down for most of you folks. Yes I can laugh at anything that is said about these reality ‘stars’, because they choose to put their lives out there for the world to comment and judge. Just because you and anyone esle feel it is their mission to be the moral police doesn’t make you right or somehow have higher standards. So I stand by what I previously wrote…’GET A LIFE’ and move on, because while your defending her honor, her and the rest of the fam are out there commiting more foolery for people like FD to report on. So people love to come on here and get a great laugh when your idols are beating people up or just acting a plain fool for that check that they collect. But as soon as someone says something that ‘Hit close to home’, now you want to get up set point your fingers and say how could you. Blow it out your arse sweetie and take up another cause this one is a sinking ship or barren waste land….pick your metaphor they both work here. LOL

        • You’re sill here commenting on this shit? Get over it honey! This damn blog post was tacky and stupid! I don’t care how you feel about me saying that! I stand by what the hell I said before as well! You sound stupid defending this bullshit!!! It’s obvious that you’re pressesd and have a great need for attention because you have made about 20 comments on this late ass shit! Instead of waiting by your computer with baited breath for somebody to make a comment you don’t like, go to and look for a job. Sitting your silly ass up there telling folks get lives and shit meanwhile you are writing essays on why infertility issues are funny! Have several seats in the unemployment office idiot! GTFOH!! KMSL!!!

  20. I loves the Doll but it’s not cool to imply that Chrissy can’t have children because of something she did or caused to happen. So many women who suffer from infertility struggle with feeling responsible when in fact it is not their fault. Also, I heard this t a long time ago so it’s not fresh, nor is it something to gossip about. Sorry love, but you got ta’ do better than this.

  21. That title was just completely unnecessary and in such poor taste it’s ridiculous! I don’t see the comedy in a woman not being able to produce children. If Mama Jones did say this to you, she is dead fucking wrong! I wonder how funny would it be if Jimmy ran up on you for putting this story up and then having the audacity to think it was comical that the woman he loves(MARRIED OR NOT) can’t have his babies?? You and anybody else who finds this crap funny needs to have several seats.

    • Your comment is ridiculous to say the least. So her ‘Mother-n-Law’can run around town poppin off at the mouth about her but, if FD prints what she says she is wrong. How about you have several seats. Whether you or anyone else finds if funny or not it is news as far as reality television goes and if you put yourself on TV be ready for any and every comment that could be possibly made about you. There is nothing special about Chrissy where articles have to be censored, hell no one in the media/entertainment world is safe. If you sell your soul for television then all flaws inside and out are up for grabs. If she is sensitive about being barren then she needs to tell her ‘Mother-n-Law’ to shut what we call the hell up.

      • First of all girl, you sound stupid as fuck. It’s cool to laugh at a woman not being able to have kids because she’s on TV. That is what you said, right??? She signed up to be on a reality show, not for her raggedy ass mother in law to talk about her being infertile and for somebody to make a joke of it on their blog. Nobody said anything was special about the woman, I just find the title of the blog post and all it entails in poor taste and I said so. I like FD like most of the people that come on the blog,but tacky is tacky no matter where it comes from. It’s crazy to me how fans of certain celebs, bloggers, or whatever will try to make every fucked up thing that person does or says automatically right because they said or did it. That’s what you call ridiculous boo!

        • you ‘ladies’ feel so strongly about defending your ghetto girl heros……I don’t care what you spout that shit was funny….Raggedy ASS Greyhound Bus…LMAO …..that reference doesn’t get any better than that. Hell Im still laughing at the comment. Take up another cause because this isn’t the one…the more I type the more I realize that the anger over this post is what really has me laughing now lol lol lol lol

    • I would pay cash money to see FD melt down to the floor if Jimmy ever confronted him/her about this one. Watch ya mouth sometimes cause you may walk around all dolled up, Jim will whip that azz like a man…..#GoHeadFD

  22. This is just mean. And if Mama Jones really said that, something needs to be done. I would hit that old b*** in the pockets.

  23. It´s sad that you have women who are sheep up here laughing at another woman´s supposed infertility issues. I think that this post by Funky Dineva is disgusting. It is not right to refer to a woman´s womb as “raggedity” and “barren.” There were so many classier ways you could have presented that story.

  24. Love you to death Dineva but I can’t ride with you on that caption. Not funny and disrespectful, some things just simply shouldn’t be said.

  25. Now don’t call it a hate crime if Jimmy finds you and beats your ass for disrespecting his woman like that. Just wrong! Maybe Chrissy is having trouble because she’s past the recommended age? Hello!

  26. Smh this is sad and I bet she would make a wonderful mother. From what I hear she’s had an abortion or two so……. but I feel for her I can’t imagine finding out I couldn’t do one of the most important and fulfilling things a woman could do, and Nancy should have kept that to herself

  27. No one knows the real besides Chrissy & Jim idk why ppl are expressing their emotions & responding to comments that are the result of hearsay, speculation, and some one else´s opinion. What a total waste of energy!!

  28. Infertility isn´t always a medical matter. Often times there are reasons beyond an ultrasound. Maybe your not meant to have a baby with the person your with. If they can´t commit to being engaged (she leaves him every season) factor a child into that situation and things get messier. For others the universe may just be forcing you down another path. You don´t need biological kids to be a Mother. You may have a challenging situation ahead of you that having a child now would make things tougher. Doctors are not always right! Nothing happens in the physical world until it´s sanctioned in the spiritual world. Someone needed this today

  29. Wow!!!! The caption on this photo is so disrespectful, not only to Chrissy, but to all the other women in this world struggling with infertility. I know women who deserve children more than the people who have children and they and their HUSBAND have been unsuccessful in getting pregnant thus far. I´m sure you wouldn´t understand pregnancy because as much as you would love to, you will NEVER have a vagina, ovaries, or anything else that make up a WOMAN´S anatomy. Good day SIR!!!!!!

    • Sounds like this hit close to home for you? Very angry about an article of someone who chooses to be on TV selling their life/soul for a check. If you choose to go on reality television then you chose to invite all the positive and negative energy that comes with it. Its amazing how chicks get on here commenting on how FD wishes he was a real woman. You do realize he is doing a parody of what a ratchet ghetto chick supposedly acts like?!? Stop getting your thongs in a bunch over what a blogger says about someone you don’t know. If you want to be upset about the article go on Jim’s mother twitter feed and let her have it. Because as long as these dumb black folk keep getting on TV, talking to any and every report that stick a mic in there face and telling/displaying all there business people like FD will stay with a job and keep me in laughter. Good day Ma’am!! LOL SO RIDUNKULOUS LOL

      • many do not realize that he is playing a character Funky Dineva. He has explained it in several interviews on YouTube. He does not want to become a girl and likes to dress like his normal self when not appearing as Ms. Funky Dineva Ross. Which is why he keeps the damn beard. I personally like the baldy and beard on him, some men can not pull it off because their head is odly shaped or got lumps.

  30. if it´s true it´s not funny! ! because it´s ppl who wants to have kids and can´t but the some of the ones who can killem or dont take care of them dat old lady just trying to be young&and slick fucken that young dude

  31. Why is it that when a black women can´t have kids the assumption is because she´s a whore? Maybe she has Fibroids, or her hormones are off balance. The ignorance in our community.

  32. I figured that was the reason she had not had a child for Jim as yet, and that has to work on a woman’s psyche, until she is able to come to terms with it and move on. Jim OBVIOUSLY Loves Chrissy, so she should consider adopting or maybe using a surrogate if they really want a child together. Or just help him raise the son he has now. Jim doesn’t seem like he really needs another child.

    Mama Jones should have kept that info to herself. It is NOT her story to tell. Shame on her.

  33. I don´t think this is funny at all. Mama Jones should be ashamed of herself. Having a baby is one of the most beautiful things a woman can do and if Chrissy can´t conceive I´m sure it hurts her. Some people lack empathy.

  34. If she could have kids she would have been had one by Puffy, when she used to date him way back in the day. Or she would of had a several from Jim Jones. She been messing with drug dealers and dudes with cash ever since her old harlem stomping grounds. Her greatest ambition in life is to be tied to a man with money. Jim Jones got a face tat of her on his arm but wont marry her. That’s the ghetto equivalent of “I do”. LMAO

    • Girl/Guy spilling some serious tea!!! Yeah i would think that PUffy child support would be great plus he loves his kids to death (at least that’s how he acts)

      • Mama Jones really should not be telling no one business. She was an ex drug addict and a serious embarrasement to her son in his early music career when he was a starving artist trying to get put on. He and Camron were good when Camron first CD hit and was part of his entourage. At that time she displaying every sterotype of a ghetto momma. Even though Chrissy was not dating Jimmy at the time, she is from Harlem and can really “go in and let have” on Momma Jones if she wanted to. The fact that she loves Jimmy is the only reason I think she does not disrespect her.

        • Mama jones never hid that fact that she’s a recovering addict like chrissy was hiding she couldn’t have kids and its. Not fd fault he’s not bin personal he make jokes chrissy is very disrespectful to jims mother kudosf mama d makin money off what chrissy alled her chrissy should walk away when she dondon’t like something mama jones say jim should have bitch slapped her when she called his mother a bitch u need to shut up this is not about grammer this is how black ppl talk

  35. I’m def agree with most of the comments. Some things just aren’t a laughing matter and this is one. I have children and don’t find any humor in those that aren’t so blessed. I find you funny at times dineva but this def isn’t one. It would be to the equalivent of someone laughing at you wanting to be a female that was born in a boy body. Dineva you should reevaluate some of your topics and this is one that’s heartless. Don’t follow down the road of some of the other bloggers and loose all of your supporters by being harsh! Just saying

  36. I am so shocked that a joke is being made out of something so serious and painful! Do u know how many women cant have kids but so badly want them? Damn this shit right here……smfh went tooooo fuckn far!

  37. I’m a fan of Funky Dineva but definitely not the title of this post. Or even the post. Womb Is Raggedier Than A Greyhound Bus???? Really???? That is definitely not a laughing matter. Anyone who keeps up with the show knows that Chrissy hinted at her fertility issues but to put her on blast about her infertility is not cool. No matter her diagnosed issue her conceiving a child is her and God’s business so if she speaks of having children maybe it’s because she is exercising her faith. Not featuring this post Funky Dineva!

  38. One of my sisters had babies at 42 & 43, my other sister had 2 kids at 34 & 38, my aunt had her 1st child at 39, and they are all black no abortions or test tube babies some people like to be finacially stable before kids!

  39. jim jones needs to tell his mama to shut up and go sit down somewhere all up in chrissy´s body ain´t cool and telling it is even worse damn lady keep some things in the family smdh

  40. How is a woman’s infertility something to laugh or joke about? Some women sleep around with hundreds of guys and have a bunch of kids to show for it. Some only sleep with one guy and have no kids and are still infertile. She could have had infertility issues since puberty. We don’t know. Why are we speculating on something so personal that she herself didn’t put out there to be talked about?

    It’s kinda sad. When you’re in your early 20′s and have no kids it’s a badge of honor. When you’re in your late 20′s or 30′s and have no kids, it’s a source of shame. Let this lady and her womb be!

  41. That’s a real personal matter, some women don’t just want to disclose that, and alot of woman really don’t just want kids, did ya’ll catch her reaction when he said his son was staying the summer, she was like the whole summer? Alot of women don’t want kids they like the lifestyle of traveling and just being with their man, he got her face tatted on her arm recently, you can catch him in Harlem and he really loves that woman, dunno bout the whole marriage thing, they may just wait or might not, but as far as kids, clearly she’s putting it off for a reason , if its cause she can’t have any, that’s not an issue that should be made fun of or made public thats a sad case, but again they can adopt do a mess of stuff to get a baby, IF that’s what they want, if she doesn’t want one , JImmy is ish out of luck,

  42. Did she also reveal how much crack she used to smoke back in the day… she had no right to do that that was wrong… with her phyocotic ass….physocotic… whatever her t shirt say

  43. Sooooo family/friends thought my career driven cousin couldn’t have kids ESPECIALLY when her husband let it be known he was begging for kids for some time now. Oooooo the rumors went a flying! She was barren, too many abortions (still baffled on this one), too many partners and the list goes on…ALL LIES! She got the last laugh. 3 kids later starting at 38 last at 43. All healthy and beautiful! This may or may not be Chrissy’s situation , but I doubt Chrissy has talked to mama jones about her womb status or any1 else for that matter. It amazes me how we make rumors law/truth. I love FD but who said he knows ANYTHING? It’s cool he gets the scoop but he basically chase rumors and report them. He don’t know no more than mama jones who can spell and look like lil diggy from Run’s house…bye

  44. because I referred a woman as a female…BOY SHUT THEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE FUCK UP!!! you sound like a punk bitch ass nigga…what is the difference between a woman and a female…you sound stupid, pointless….to even go back and forth with your pussy looking ass

  45. chile i love how week to week yall lie in wait to watch these people ruin their lives for the camera and run to FD for not so nice review and get upset at this?? really? umm have yall not seen his video??

  46. Yeah, you can speak on whatever you choose Dan TheKing but it still doesn´t make it right. Until you (or any other man) can carry a child in their womb then you can´t speak on what a woman should be offended by. Now you move on…

  47. That was already revealed on an episode two seasons ago… And it´s NOT funny. That´s like laughing at cancer—pathetic. Tell Mama Jones to joke about her crack habit. And you tell a few “jokes” at your own expense… Like how you look. Since you wanna act small…

    • Cancer and Infertility. Cancer: go through radiation therapy to damn near die to live. Infertility: get a surrogate or adopt one of the millions of children in America living with out parents. Some how I don’t think they are the same. Matter fact I’m pretty sure the are definitely not the same and bares no logical reason the the two to ever be compared to each other.

  48. you, tez. im talking to you. if shes a woman, call her a woman. female is an adjective that describes a noun. youre telling him hes wrong and at the same time managing to be both misogynistic and homophobic at the same time. not at all helping your case

  49. I don´t know where you are getting your stories from lately but reading the article I find it hard to believe it took a year for this information to be published and especially on this page when its so many other papparazi that I´m sure was around….. ijs I think your running out of stories… thays why the Kordell thing was posted again yesterday and you even tried to talk trash about Oprah and she´s the last person to be portrayed as just anything…

  50. wanna be woman bih you will never have kids and never have a womb messy ass brokedown wanna be ass tacky wig wearing ass. ill be glad when this blog game runs cold because you bust down bitches will be no where. big you never worked in corporate. lieing ass loose booty ass wanna be fish. struggling to pay the rent in flop house you live in. bih the property value goes down when you bring your pork and bean ass in there. I hate you bitch.

    • DAMN….angry much.

      Parody: any humorous, satirical, or burlesque imitation, of a person, event, etc.

      He doesn’t want to be a woman in the literal sense…he just loves making fun of and money from how he think ratchet, ghetto, bird ass, black females act and from the looks of the forum he is not to far off

      The blog game will never ‘run cold’ as you so eloquently put it, because people like you that has so much passion about reality stars or what ever he writes about these ‘stars’ will ultimately keep him in business.

      Stay strong in your passion and keep commenting and watching, If not for fans like yourself or people like Chrissy this all wouldn’t be possible.

  51. Tan Rig, I can speak on whatever I please. Secondly, men can be infertile as well so clearly they can also go through this. Stop being so sensitive, appreciate the joke for what it is (whether in good taste or not) and move on!

  52. Funky Dineva you are so WRONG for this! No matter how you slice or dice it…YOU ARE DEAD WRONG ON SO MANY LEVELS!!!!! Tea is not talking about a woman´s barren womb, WOW! Now you are starting to appear DESPERATE for readers. Please find something else to talk about and by the way you can´t have kids either!!!

  53. That still don´t make it right don´t give a wet Fuck watcha say could care less about what kinda page this suppose to be the BullShit just wasn´t Fuckn funny!! Remember wats funny to some isn´t funny to all becuz yall kno some is sensitive to certain Fuckn words on THIS page Ijs..

  54. I wouldn´t expect a man to know the feeling, but if you only knew how heartbreaking it is you wouldn´t make insensitive statements like this. I don´t care what kind of blog this is. It´s just some things you don´t say for laughs.

  55. No! I cant do this this morning especially not at work. In the defense of Funky Dineva he says a lot that may be considered out of order or not a laughing matter but WE laugh. Like he always say he doesn´t make the new, he just report it. People and their mental state are laughed at all along with their infidelities in many of Dineva´s blogs posts and videos now you gurls are feeling some type of way. Chile cheese

  56. Tez Evans you look like a cone head and if you´re really straight how in a million years did you come across this page? You´re complaining its not cool to joke about a woman but you´re being homophobic in the next sentence GTFO

  57. Nothing funny about her not being able to have children. She obviously wants kids and I´m sure is hurting not being able to do so. Joke about shit like Momma Jones old ass walking around talking about pumkash, not this subject.

  58. thats not cool to joke about a woman not being able to carry something shell give her life to be able to do so…I know a girl who struggle with no being able to have kids, it really hurt some females…and people sit and laugh at these fag jokes but its not cool AT ALL

  59. Not sure why people complaining about the title. This is a tabloid page that uses “rude and demeaning” language to make a comedic point. If you don´t like the words used, unlike the page!

  60. OF COURSE she can’t have kids! Slim been ran through more than the Lincoln Tunnel! There is no story here, let’s move on.

  61. Ok. So this was the worst kept secret in reality t.v. but Chrissy is going to be pissed when she finds out that Nancy is the one flapping her gums. I think the new direction is cute. However, they are never getting married. I don’t think they want to get married. Who knows didn’t LaLa and Carmelo wait like 10 years?

    • No they had a long engagement. She wore a ring for a while but he always let it be known that he wanted to marry her, she did not have to hint for year and propose to him like Chrissy did.

  62. I figured she couldn’t have kids. That story line was corny. Chrissy is in her early 40s. No Black woman is thinking about havibg their 1st child at that age! She knew she was barren. I doubt they have coins for a surrogate. They don’t even have a house with a pool. You see that blow up pool they set up for Jim’s bday!

  63. Silly children, now let’s don’t pretend that her scrambled eggs is the reason he hasn’t/won’t marry her. In this DNA cloning, test tube society you can pretty much build-a-baby, complete with interchangeable parts & matching accessories with purchase (batteries not included). But why buy the cow when she done gave him da milk, da bucket, da stool, da barn, & da stable, da patsure, & da whole phuckin dairy farm! Gatdamn what’s left ho? This would be a cute look if 40 really was da new 20…. but, uuummm… Beech you is 73! #team2much #teamNOtitle #teamNOteam #d-girl-4-life #sillyRabbit

    Hey Chrissy gwurl, while u still pretty, u should scrape up da last of your dignity, pawn dat ring dat u bought urself, & haul ass while its still a few seconds left on your biological clock. Cause u already 14 into your 15 minutes AND we bout over these “bad bitches beggin trifflin ashy lip niggas for a ring” scenario. Gwurl Bye. Jim looks like he lays on da couch all day in dirty socks eatin’ funyuns wit hot sauce. #JodyMyJody

    ps: Hey Doll Darling, u bout 13 reviews behind. Pick a show any show at this point. Scandal/Preachers of LA/ RHOA/ L&HH/ BBW/ Iyanla Voodoo/ Arsenio Hall/ 106&Park (my hair aint been layed in a while)

    • Jilly Bean,

      I’m with you on this comment. Thats the problem with women we give them everything like We Married and then when they won’t marry us we mad!

      You can’t be mad. Pull Out and then when they ass come running back make the demands you want and if he wants you bad enough he will do whatever it takes to get you back including marrying you. but from experience they know if they want to marry as soon as they get with you. THATS THE TRUTH!!!!

      And irregardless if she is barren it’s nobody business but hers, Jim’s, and her Dr! Momma Jones needs to sit her ass down or go play with the rest of the “crackhead mother” crew! and SHUT THE FUCK UP!

      it does something to a woman to know she’s not able to have children. I have six kids and two grandkids and when I had to have hysterectomy I was depressed behind it.

  64. Its. Good to c frankie hangin with mamad and mama jones maybe she won’t relapse no more they been clean for years and got business they must have dissed ericas mother

  65. I don’t know why chrissy thought nobody knew its obvious that’s why she makes excuses about not bin ready shes42years old what womanwouldnt want a kid by the man she loves she’s ashame of it and there’s no need to b

  66. I think this is kinda personal and obviously she didn’t want anybody to know if she didn’t say so. Nancy is dead wrong..

  67. I don’t think it matters anymore. As long as Chrissy is good with the current situation and can make peace with her unfortunate dilemma, life could work out to be a beautiful thing.

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