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Soooooo, I must be the only person who did not get the memo that R. Kelly released a cd on June 22, 2012. While cruising in the car on the streets of Miami this past weekend, a smooth cut came across the airways. It sounded so old school and suave that I just refused to believe it was new. I quickly whipped out my handy dandy iphone to Shazam this tune and low & behold, it was R. Kelly’s a**. Yes, GAWD! I loves me some R. Kelly. This song is definitely serving all kinds of Isley Brothers T’s. GET INTO IT.

The new album is called “Write Me Back”. I’ve been listening to it on and off over the last day or two and it’s OK. It is far from a 12 play, TP-2, or any of his other 90′s classics, but it’ll do. Green Light is definitely one of the better tracks on the cd. After listening to this and drinking a few glasses of wine, you will be sure to “populate” as R. Kelly urges you to do in his song “Feeling Single“.

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