NEVER Push A Black Woman Trying To Pay Her Cable Bill – Redhead Gets Her A$$ Handed To Her [watch]

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Complete Devastation To The Nation

I could never quite understand how people end up getting their a$$ whooped while attempting to do routine things like pay bills. I guess this redhead in the line at Comcast can explain. hat you might not want to do if you truly are not prepared to fight is jump bad at an angry black woman who’s cable got disconnected. Catch these T’s on how pushing the wrong person with no cable might cause you got get your face rearranged.

The story goes:

The redhead disapproved of White Pants using her son as a placeholder in line while she sat. She claimed that the child wasn’t conducting business, therefore was not “really in line” and White Pants should go to the back of what was a 20-min line. They argued about it for a while, the whole time Red-Head was being super aggressive and brave. “We will see about that!’ “Oh yeah, we sure will.” At the first chance, Red-Head proceeded to the next available agent. White Pants followed her up, they argued, Red Head got extremely brave, pushing White Pants, and then it got REAL!!! — at Comcast Customer Service Center – ABQ.” – RowdyJoe


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239 thoughts on “NEVER Push A Black Woman Trying To Pay Her Cable Bill – Redhead Gets Her A$$ Handed To Her [watch]

  1. From the looks of it the black lady put her hands on the white woman first you can see she has the white chick hair and everything, black people think they can touch people and can’t be touch backed. She may have whooped the white woman, but I commend her for standing up for her self.

  2. This was stupid. The black woman is lucky she didn´t catch an assault charge. Black folk gotta wise up and STOP letting people (ESPECIALLY A BECKY) push your buttons. Right is right, wrong is wrong and in a MANY a court room in America is ILLEGAL to pull a white girls´ hair. It´s an unspoken rule, but if sis would had gone to court, she would had received the message loud and clear. In the 60´s this land was a jungle with no cameras, nor recourse. At this point, WE create our own 60´s

    • If she had did something to deserve an assault charge, she would have caught one. The OP states that the white woman was the aggressor. If that lady had been able to get whitepants locked up, she would NOT have hesitated one bit. But when police came and asked what happened, obviously the people there backed whitepants up or we would have been seeing this video on the news, along with her mugshot.

  3. In the read heads defense….black chick did put her hands on her first…and I don´t care who you are…you put your hands on me….better believe I´m gonna finish it…..cept….this redhead, uhh…didn´t get the memo that if you take something to the next level….you betta be able to back it up. :-P

  4. Im looking at how she dead ass backed into the corner, put her hands up and was like “I didn´t do anything!” Bitch, you KICKED her!!!! And can we talk about that scream??!!!! ROFLMMFAO *Kevin Hart voice* She wasn´t ready.

    • Yeah I noticed how she backed up and put her hands up like she didn”t do anything either. Wow moment. If black chic put her hands n her first, then white chick should have simply state, “please do not touch me” and let that be it. Don’t say that and then push and kick black lady. Now that’s when you needed that rag tag right there. If white chic was not ready, then she should not have pushed and kicked her.

  5. The real story is the White lady tried to smart off to the Black lady about having her son wait in line for her. And told the lady´s son to get out the line. You know you can´t talk crazy to anyone´s kids. So that how the whole thing started.

  6. she asked for that whoopin and I want to give her one for kicking white pants. don’t put her feet or your hands on an angry black woman. EVER!

  7. LAWD this video never ever gets old!! My grandma always told me “feet belong on the floor” point blank period. if you gonna kick someone, dont matter what color, you get whats coming to you. She shoulda kicked her with the force of Bruce Lee. She was real big and bad in her face and little does she know she had a pass then because anyone else woulda been holding her teeth in their bare hands the minute she stepped forward like that.

  8. Have you lost your m*f* mind? She stood there & watched her take her shoes off and set her keys down…best about this is Red Head is the aggressor and so wrong

  9. I loved every minute of this video from the white woman pushing the black chick, then having the audacity to pick her lil flimsy flip flop off the ground and put her feet on that woman. Hun-ti hush! Yes Gawd, Dineva I almost wet my clothes when ole girl kicked off them shoes and dropped them keys on the counter, I thought Ms. Mouth (redhead) was gonna fight back. I was dead wrong she got molly whopped and started scr4eaming no ma’am. Yes it was funny to me my side still hurting and I’m gonna watch one more time before I go! All the racist stuff “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” In my Sweet Brown voice, white people are going to try and cover for white people that is just the way the world works. LMAO

  10. Just a serious question for all. Just real talk. If white pants had whooped on a smaller black girl like that, would you all feel the same way? I don’t really care either way, but was kind of curious how others felt about it. Do blacks take greater pleasure in seeing an out of line white person get their ass beat, than they would if it was an out of line black person?

    If red head had did that too a white women and got beat down, would people feel the same way?



  12. mr. quentin/ ms. dineva…i miss you. and is it me or, is k michelle the new millenium betty wright?

    please give us the scoop on RHOA reunion asap!

  13. Whaaat?! ol’ girl can take a punch the punches came from 6oclock and 9oclock…BWHAHHH!and she had on flipflops. I just would not have taken a chance being arrested with my kids…po would handcuff the kids and put them in the car with you…OH HELLZ NO!!

  14. The woman in the white pants DID pull the other woman’s hair, HOWEVER, that weak ass, Michael Jackson, bent leg kick is what caused her to get the screamin’ heebeejeebies beat out of her!

    If you are gonna bring it… BRING IT!!! Kick her like you are Bruce effin’ Lee and make her stop and think about whether she REALLY wants “SUM O’ DAT” before she commences to shoe shedding!

    You have to give her a little taste of the tremendous beat down that you COULD give her and make her think twice about getting into an altercation with you! But that baby kick to the side of her leg didn’t do anything but let her know that you had never had a fight in your life and had no hope of sufficiently defending yourself!

    Who the hell defends themselves with a kick like that? That is a dance kick that will either leave you in a particularly attractive pose or moves you seamlessly into a pirouette that ends in the moonwalk!

    And NEVER give someone the satisfaction of hearing your screams of terror as they beat your azz!!! Take it like a man!

  15. Dayumm, she went IN!!! These people think they can say what they want and won’t get hands put on them. That what her asz gets!!

  16. DANNNNNG! She actually talked smack, got all up in the ladys face THEN stood there while Big Mama took off her shoes, AND put her keys down! Bet she wont do that EVER AGAIN! Love how the dude off camera calmly said (once she was taking all her stuff off) “We’re going to need security” He knew what that meant!

  17. People please STOP promoting violence. Both of those women should have kept their hands to themselves. People can say whatever they want with their mouths, but you cannot assault anyone, that is cause for some jail time.

  18. That’s what her ass get. My mama told me that your feet belong on the floor, when someone kicks you; you in turn knock the hell out of their ass. Screaming like a little bitch after talking all that sh-t. That is what she get!

  19. wow!!!! she should of knocked the white girl out behind her kid standing in line but that would not of solved the issue we all do it my daughter stands in line for me sometimes to hold my place there is nothing wrong with that somes times you have to be quite and ignore a person I would of ignored the white girl and still kept my place in line as long as she dont touch me or my kid she can ramp and rage all she want

  20. Get a editor dude or learn how to spell and use correct punctuation, half the time I can’t even get through a whole
    Paragraph because you have so many misspelings, run on sentences and awful grammar, just a suggestion since your site continues to grow

    • Pot…meet kettle! Ray; my advice to you is to be careful, when criticizing, pointing the finger, and attempting to “throw shade” onto others. May come back on you & bite you where the sun don’t shine. Case in point; your text (shown above). //Get a editor dude or learn how to spell and use correct punctuation, half the time I can’t even get through a whole
      Paragraph because you have so many misspelings, run on sentences and awful grammar, just a suggestion since your site continues to grow//
      You have several errors in spelling and punctuation, yourself “DUDE” and since you have appointed yourself as the grammar-police (aka PO/POs); you forced ICEMOM to bring the light. (1) you neglected to put a period after the word [punctuation]; (2) you began a sentence with the lower case [half], and not capitalized it; (3) you capitalized the word [paragraph] and neglected to place a coma after it; (4) you misspelled the word [misspelings]; (5) a coma was used after the word [grammar], instead of a period; (6) you neglected to use a period, after the word [grow]. DUDE; many of us are here to read these posts from FUNKY DINEVA, and respond to the postings. We are not here to get chastised for our grammar, by an “ENGLISH TEACHING WANNABEE DUDE” – WHO NEEDS TO REVISIT HIS REMEDIAL 5TH GRADE ENGLISH CLASS HIMSELF. Didn’t they cover this in the G.E.D. English section? Back up off our hunty…hunty!!! Many of us would not be at FUNKY DINEVA’S SITE, if we did not love the sweet-T served. WHY ARE YOU HERE? That’s the real question. Listen up, MRS. RAY SHADY-WANNABUCKLE; learn the proper use of the English language, expository writing, and correct punctuation usage yourself, before attempting to cast some shade on anyone else. This isn’t the place for that shit. WE LOVE YOU…FUNKY DINEVA! Keep on – keeping on, and continue doing whatever sets you free.

      • I actually agree with Ray. I’ve noticed in a ton of Dineva’s posts that the writing is terrible. I love this site but its almost unbearable at times, and knowing that Dineva’s actually quite educated makes it worse. Seeing as to how this is his gig and how he makes his coins it should be almost perfect. No one was coming for Dineva, it was simply a suggestion. So with that being said, can you please take a chill pill IceMom?

        • Um, no. Ray does not get a pass on this one, because everything IceMon said was right in the money. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT call someone out on their grammar if you’re not going to practice what you preach yourself. If Ray had of used correct grammar and proper English himself, then I could see where he was coming from. However, that wasnt the case. I can’t stand when the ‘grammar police’ and ‘grammar police wannabes’ try to call someone out on a blog for not using the same skills they themselves lack while writing a complaint. It’s tacky and it doesn’t serve your argument one bit. Just because you are writting in the comments section does not give someone a free pass to write poorly while attempting to educate the writer of the post on how to write. As IceMom said, pot meet kettle.

          • But, Ray doesn’t have his own website. It’s more like the water calling the kettle black. They’re different. :-/

  21. Is it just me or did ole girl just whooped the white woman ass with her sunglasses on? The glasses started on top of her head but when she was done throwing them thangs on her head, her sunglasses were over her eyes like the sun was in them. Now that’s a bad bitch. OK! I caught that and that shit was funny. That was one white women that was about that life.

  22. white people stay hoping, as in…i hope she doesnt think she is going to get away with this… black folk stay wishing…as in, i wish a bitch would!….i say take BOTH they asses to jail for their shenanigans in 2013…people just trying to pay they bills, aint nobody got time fa dat!

  23. Becky Sue, who grew up in a Mississippi trailer park, had a flashback to the 60′s and thought she was the Master. Little did she know, she had just pissed off Floyd Mayweathers long lost sister, Flo-meeka, and she got her pale ass whooped. If it wasnt for Bubba the top flight security guard, the ass whooping would still be going on right now.

  24. Lmfao!!! Did the White girl say: “I’m Scared”??!! She shoulda just walked away…

  25. I guess I’m the only person who saw the black lady pull the red head’s hair first. Re-watch it, that’s why the red head says, “Don’t you ever touch me.”. Well I hope the video never makes it to court to prove it but I’m sure the red head will mention that the black lady grabbed her hair, and she did. We stay losing..

    • A true lady knows four things: (1) a lady knows when to smile because a lady knows that everything is not funny; (2) a lady knows when to speak because a lady knows that sometimes it’s not what you say…it’s what you don’t say that speaks the loudest; (3) a lady knows when to leave because if she stays…she may overstay her welcome & if she doesn’t leave…she may miss something wonderfully made just for her; and (4) a true lady knows when not to fight & when it’s time to kick off your shoes, take your earrings (AND/OR WIG OFF), ROLL UP YOUR SLEEVES AND FIGHT LIKE HELL BECAUSE IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT FIGHTING…IT’S WHAT & WHO YOU ARE FIGHTING FOR THAT MATTERS MOST. Signed, ICEMOM (A true lady that keeps it real…all day/everyday).

      • after reading all of ur comments in this post…please catch fire and smoke the fuck up outta here…ol fungirl from ‘good times’ actin ass

    • If the Black lady had been in the wrong, we would have seen her azz being dragged off to jail and this clip playing on the news NON-stop. This happened around the time that white people were claiming they were being attacked left and right by Black people taking revenge for Trayvon Martin, don’t forget that. Best believe that lady would have pressed EVERY charge in the book if she could have but the people who were there said SHE was the aggressor. So when Albuquerque PD got there and asked the story they were told ole girl mouth wrote a check her azz couldn’t cash and that’s why this story died here, with this video.

  26. Im glad she hit her I bet she will learn to STFU , some people think they own the world and rule it and she had no right to say anything to that woman about her child taking her spot, They talk to people any kid of ways, always have something to say and love to loud talk people she should have gotten popped. Not that I condone violence, but enough is enough, that woman was NOT bothering her.

    • Well said! You are so right, on many levels. My adult sons, my nieces, nephews, grandchildren, and my 6 young siblings: all saw a strong & power-filled women resonate in me. I saw the same power in my Mom, grandmothers, great-grandmothers, aunts, and the women & elders in my neighborhood growing up. Yes…Kizzy was sold to another massa when her supposed white friend discovered that she knew how to read. Miss Sophie was thrown into jail for standing up to a white man; and she beat the sh’t out of her husband for hitting her (all my life I had to fight). That little frail redhead got off easy & should run an donate some funds to her local NAACP chapter OR at the very least, paid white-pants cable bill; for not getting the beat down she truly was asking for. For those of you that don’t get it why the Sister in the white pants snapped…there will come a day when you will understand. I hope that all my sisters become empowered & courageous enough to stand-up (not bow-down), and rise up (not crawl); for our families, communities, and for ourselves. ENOUGH IS TRULY ENOUGH. GET YOUR BACKBONE STRAIGHT, STAND THE FU@k UP, PUT SOME REAL DRAWS ON AND FIGHT FOR YOURS.

      • This is absolute nonsense. You are referring to fictional characters to substantiate your point? There was NO NEED for anyone to fight over something so trivial. Getting into a public, physical altercation is something for fools. People should rise above it. Who looks bad in this video? I am embarrassed for both of those women, particularly the black one. This is how she conducts herself in public? Where did all the rage come from? Cretins react with violence when they do not know how to communicate properly. Renewing your cable licence is not that serious. It is a sad day for educated, mature and sensible people. The fact that children will see this is also a damn shame.

        • Fictional characters my ass. Yes the movies that were referred to were fictional however the struggle was real. White people try to act all bold and stuff thinking that black people are just going to continue to be talked down to and mistreated. Did you see the push or the kick, that’s the reason her ass got molly whopped! She wasn’t screaming when she was talking all that shit though! Now the Ho wanna scream! Chile Cheese!

  27. come on people, why make this a race issue? She was a dumb bitch, no matter her race. The same thing could have happened if the little chick was black, and she would have got her ass beat too. This had nothing to do with black or white, it had to do with a little cute bitch fucking with a chick twice her size and getting beat the hell up.

    I guess I know better because I grew up around so many black women. I know when the shoes come off, either get out the way, ir at least duck and cover up.LOL

    • Look who just played the stereotypical “race card.” You just contradicted your own words sweetheart, by saying “I guess I know better because I grew up around so many black women. I know when the shoes come off, either get out the way, ir at least duck and cover up. LOL. LAUGH OUT LOUD…REALLY? For the record & since you grew up with many black women, you should have already been taken to school on this key point; when sh’t like this jumps off…it is no laughing matter (did you see a smile on white pants face???). Not everything is funny…to a black woman or is a “laugh-out-loud” moment. Trying to just take care of some business and being around folks that should be minding theirs, can place one in a kick-ass, teachable moment. Also, please remember that people of African descent did not, nor do they make things a “race issue” without provocation. Whites made slavery a race issue. Systematic and institutionalized injustices rendered toward people of color…was & is “a race issue” – perpetuated, instigated, and inflicted by whites. However, when people of color respond by not laying down and taking the boatloads of cow-dong hurled toward us…then we are accused of playing the race card or making everything about race. And speaking of shoes…if the shoe fits…wear it. Happy Easter.

      • Well, I came across this video because my black, female friend posted it, and I commented the same thing to her and she laughed her ass off. It was a joke, that’s it. Nothing more, nothing less.

        As far as slavery, and inequality. Terrible things that were perpetuated by SOME terrible white people, along with some terrible African/black people, but you know what? Most white people, or their blood lines has NOTHING to do with slavery. You know what else, many white people fought and died for the end of slavery and for civil rights. SO your hate towards all people of a certain color is ignorant and misguided. My people weren’t even in this country to well after slavery was done with.

        Oh and BTW, me and my friend started chatting and are going out this weekend. I hope she doesn’t think I am a racist when I try and lick some of that sweet brown sugar.

        • Well it’s sure nice to hear that you have “a black friend” and have met your “some of my best friends are black” quota. And do you really think that the Civil War was about freeing the slaves. Now who is really showing their ignorance. BTW; you don’t have to be fearful of your “black friend” thinking that you might be racist, for wanting to lick some sho-nuff brown sugar…BABYGIRL. Racist white men have secretly maintained a taste for the black berry for hundreds of years. You are just following suit and keeping with the traditions of your fore-fathers, my dear. Even dogs lick in between their own legs and (when hungry enough), will eat their own vomit.

          • Well way more than “a” black friend, but yeah I catch your drift. It does come across as corny when a white person says that, but at the same time it is infuriating to be assumed to be a racist knowing what my background is. Knowing that my moms best friend/Godmother/women who helped raise me after my mom passed and my Dad was in Navy was black. Knowing that guys I grew up with and are like the brothers I never had are black. But its cool, you can make whatever assumption about me that you want, that’s fine. As a child of God I have nothing but love for you.

            As far as what my forefathers did? My forefathers had absolutely nothing to do with slavery, my forefathers didn’t even come to this country until after slavery. I also can tell you my father was a hippie after he came home from Vietnam and I have pictures of him marching in civil rights marches.

            But if my joke about the shoes offended you, I apologize, it wasn’t meant to be offensive.

            God Bless Ice Mom

          • Right back at you…Kingodawg!!! Much respect and thank you so much for the additional background of your ancestry. You are obviously a class act that’s endowed with a wealth of wisdom, love & light, and many blessings. No offense taken or rendered. Keep walking in that beautiful charm & spirit. Happy Easter to you as well & enjoy the fruit from your lady, your family, and a GOOD GOD named JESUS. TO GOD BE THE GLORY.

  28. Y’all gonna hate me for this, but RESPECT and REAL TALK. It AIN’T the 1960′s 70′s or 80′s no more! Its’ time we black people use our MINDS. First of all, for all practical purposes, we are outnumbered and thanks to cultural displays on tv, the world thinks we’re stupid, violent trouble makers. Sis should have pressed charges on that bish right then and there; but now she put herself in the legal position to be entangled in an assault and battery suit. If she didn’t have cable money, why is she now in the position to come up with court money? Now catch MY T. I’m living in campus housing on this white campus. I been told to my face by someone in authority here on campus, that they didn’t want to see campus housing looking like “showtime at the appollo” on the weekends. I have treated everyone up here respectfully and neighborly. In particular this one dirty little white girl who never had a job, and complains of being mis-treated growing up. I peeped her hate and superiority complex, but I said to myself; “she’s just got some growing up to do”. I guess that made this bish confident enough to tell a joke when I was in the student lounge day before yesterday. About 25 people in the room, I was the only non-white. This bish whom I’ve shown kindness to says; “I’m going to take my driver’s liscense test”, another bish says, “Be careful not to back into anyone”, So bish looks at me, sneers and says “Well if they’re black, then it’s just a speedbump”. I removed myself from that table so quick. I sat somewhere else, and about 3 bishes got up as if to protest my sitting near them. They left THEIR study group because I sat down. So who’s going to get their degree? The person who stays focused, or the lil shizz starter that wants to keep trying to find ways to get under someone’s skin? I’m glad Cable Company white pants sis got her act on tape, cause the courts ain’t fair. They side with Becky every time, no matter the color of the judge. Get a prayer life and stop playing for the cameras cause this is real life, and the devil is real pissed that we showing ourselves to be the intelligent, beautiful people we truly are. THINK

    • Thank you for that testimony Sister Watson. The plight that you are facing is a typical one that many are challenged by on a daily basis. Be it the work place, where our children and grandchildren (and other loved ones) attend school, college campuses, neighborhoods, stores, banks, and (as we saw here) Comcast cable; these challenges have a long history in this country and it will not ever change. I agree with you that a change in mindset is required; profiling the profiler, being beyond reproach, and not giving ammunition (in conduct), that can be used against you in a court of law. However (with that said), please remember this; there will come a day when you will become tired of changing your seat, moving to another table, biting your tongue, and/or walking away; when insults and offensive behavior is thrown your way (or even toward others). You will know when it requires a more engaged & determined response. There was a time in history (and sometimes in the present day); when people of color merely bowed down, scratched where there was no itch, danced a jig when being whipped, went to the back of the bus, gave up their seats/their rights/their vote/and their dignity, and walked/lived in fear; in response to man’s inhumanity to man. I thank & praise God for the examples of courage that was & is being exemplified in our people, in the USA & around the world. If it were not for those that stood up & fought back against injustice,insults,injury, and death; we would still be in the cotton fields with no place to run/sit/stand/vote/etc. These words still hold true, even more now, than ever; “you can pray until you faint but if you don’t get up and do something…GOD is not going to put it in your lap.” Just some wisdom from the well, that continues to serve me. Also, use your voice & video recorder features on your cell, and start recording these forms of harassment & racial intimidation. Sounds like you have a good lawsuit of your own…in the making. Stay strong, stay focused, and stay encouraged My Sister. Keep fighting the good fight and choose your battles well. Victory is Yours!!!

      • Hey IceMom. Thank you for the response. Peace, Love and Respect. I respectfully disagree with one little point. Yes there was a time when we had to say enough is enough and we had to fight back, which is my point… my humble opinion, this ain’t that time no more. I’m 47 next month, I’ve got grandchildren. There were no video cams in the 60s and the climate was hostile towards racists. Now if Becky or Todd takes you to court and lies on you, and you have no video proof to the contrary, and you dare call them a liar or racist, the climate becomes hostile toward Quita and Tyrone. Respectfully, this is why I say it’s time to use our minds. And yes, I am peeping the situation I’m in, I don’t really know how to work spy cams but a sister know I better find out. stay blessed, respect.

        • You are very wise Sister Sharon. I completely agree with you that strengthening & using our minds is essential. I am a proponent of those that; those of us with a lot to lose, have even more to protect & gain. Choosing a proactive response, rather than a reactive response; seems to be paramount. If it were only that easy & simple. What I find especially disturbing is the example & message that a physical altercation serves for our grandchildren and the young among us. Can you imagine the seed that was planted into the young son of Sister White-Pants; in terms of how he witnessed his Mom handle that situation. Hopefully she followed up the encounter with a “conversation” with her son; on how to best handle the blockers, busters, and haters of this world. I certainly can recall times when I chose passive resistance, but in hind-sight wish I had chosen a stronger response. Conversely, I recall (in my youth); when I chose a more heavy handed approach & I should have merely walked away. When we learn better…we know better, and when we know better…we should (at least) try to do better. Being “wise as serpent and gentle as the dove” (as the Word of God says), can be very challenging. There lies with that phrase, an amazing paradox; that requires patience, tremendous inner strength, balance, and choosing a measured response. That’s the dance of life! Even being 60+, I’m still learning new ways to walk & dance through it all. Be well Beloved and be at peace. Keep walking in Love&Light Sis. Your light comes across very clearly; even within these virtual pages, time & space. I simply love that, and find it as refreshing as a morning shower & a tall glass of ice water (or homemade lemonade). BTW; thank you for your input. It gave me more food for thought. GRACE, MERCY, AND BLESSINGS BE UPON YOU & YOUR FAMILY ALWAYS.

  29. My Hair is layered… “I know the next time” not to EVER NEVER EVA kick a black woman again! and IF she take off those shoes, that give me a whole second to start running! LOL LOL

  30. Way to handle yours “Sister White Pants.” As the story says; white pants had her son hold her place in a 20 minute line, while she sat down. Nothing wrong with that. Many of us allow or extended a courtesy to the elderly & handicapped, in such situations as bank, grocery, and bill payment lines. The problem is that there are many white women (and white men) who walk around with a sense of entitlement, a superiority complex, and general sh!t-starters. Don’t start none – won’t be none!!! I have had to go there many times myself, in my 60+ years. White pants asked dead/red-head…”ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MF’IN MIND? Obviously she was…and paid the price for ninja-kicking and touching the wrong sister, on the wrong day. This isn’t the year 1813 or 1913 folks…it’s 2013. This is a new day. WAY TO HANDLE YOUR SISTER. YOU DIDN’T START IT, BUT YOU SURE IN THE h-LL FINISHED IT. This is another example of what happens when a sister is just “sick & tired or being sick & tired” – and the deranged & demented among us just refuses to realize what time it is. This dead-redhead got her wake-up call. Sister should have hit her again & again for all of us, but gave this weak B (with an itch) some mercy & grace.

  31. Yeah, she won’t try dat sh!t wid nobody ass else. B!tch got molly wopped! LMAO

  32. She body rocked that bitch!! That’s what she gets. I don’t know some white folks think they are superior and can tell people anything they want without consequence.


  33. That is too funny but once she kicked her she should’ve been prepared to fight not back down then and start screaming lol. If you listen in the background once redhead kicked white pants someone was like they better get security lmao

  34. She started looking around for help after those punches started coming!! Funny as hell when the security guard wobbles up and says, hey, hey that’s enough!!

  35. See white women thats what happens when you disrespect us. I would’ve popped her ass too.

  36. “Put them dusty ass feet on me again and i’mma make sure to knock yo titties to the DIRT!!!”

  37. OMG ! Red chick screams…Police come running…if white pants screamed Police go duckin’…ijc…

  38. LMAO … I bet her #Redheaded ass think about it the next she want to put her feet on somebody!

  39. Crackin Up laffin ! EXACTLY !! But see, I wear a state C.O. uniform and I am bigger and taller than most…so a B***H do hafta think twice b4 she try an rock out wit me ! >_< plus…I ain’t gon’ kill nuttin’ …ain’t gon’ let nuttin’ die ! ♥

  40. I aint made at White Pants….she should have kicked her ass MORE…funny how no police are shown to be called …. if White Pants had passed the first lick, police would have been called IMMEDIATELY!

  41. I know that lady probably gonna try and press charges get 30secs of fame but she clearly put her hands nd feet on that lady first. Smh i think its unfair, just like with that bus driver in cleveland, that u have to be punished for defending urself after someone puts their hands on u.

  42. Security assuming the Black woman was THE aggressor?? Robocop…have a damn seat. I hope this never happens to me. Lord.

  43. Oh man! This is some funny ass shit! That’s what that yt bitch gets….they stay trying to flex and get smart. But the minute they realize how live you are, they then start crying like a victim and acting as if they don’t know what’s going on. Shorty did that in this video. Look at her face when the security came in…she was gearing up to be the victim regardless of assaulting the lady first. Damnit, that’s one of the reasons why I can’t stand those cave people….most of them, at least.

    • TRUE!!! They always start stuff on the low then pretend like a damsel in distress. That bitch got what she deserved.

  44. Good. That wasn’t an Ass whopping that was a Lesson taught. White ppl forget and think that they can talk to us any kind of way and actually think they can put their hands on us w/o any repercussions. Happened to me before and the same thing happened to the chick in my situation, got that Ass handed to her. But she learned her lesson as well.

  45. The black lady was clearly wrong….she touched the white lady first and then say dont touch me….sum blacks jus kill me… now what if the lady press charges…she will be going to jail for trying to pay her cable bill….dum ass black lady…. Funky Dineva

  46. She deserved that beatin…..You tried her putting your feet on her and couldnt take the repercussions .

  47. throw the rock and hide your hand…she actually put her hands down after that weak kick to the leg. on top of that she had a few minutes to get out of the way of those haymakers too. maybe she felt like she was safe rofl

  48. LMAO! Im mad that the redhead started to scream after White pants started throwing them hands. Really? What did you expect was going to happen after you put your hands and feet on somebody, a black person at that? SMDH!

  49. Did anyone notice how both had their shades on their heads and then knocked onto their face and then off

  50. Im not on number 75 times watching this video. Waking people up LMAO on this Jesus holiday!

  51. The fact that her shades just fell in place while she was slapping oh girl…. And she just kept on going!!! KML

  52. Bet she won’t be bold like that next time. Later that day when she got home… “OMG! This ethnic woman at Comcast totally went bat shit on me for no reason. She beat me, scraped me, and was just so abrasive! I am distraught and in a detrimental state of mind. Doesn’t she know that I am privileged?!!!

  53. pahahahah what was the security guard’s role in this? it looked like he was too scared to jump in. “White Pants” should have used his lazy ass as a place holder!

  54. She deserved every bit of that.. then got the audacity to scream.. she started that!

  55. Redhead had it coming to her. Side note: so no one noticed how the security guard power walked over, lol?!

  56. she had her bootay handed to her on a platter..serve her right..never touch nor put your nasty, crusty, stank feet on no one how dare her..

  57. Oh wow! She reached all the way back into 1995 and gave her he business! LOL …bet next time she will keep her feet on the ground!

  58. 2 things: Her shades fell over her eyes and she still fucked shit up. But did yall get into security powerwalking to the festivities?

  59. Not only did she have the unmitigated gall to raise her hand to her, she made the mistake of raising her foot, which is the ultimate insult. I hate to see grown women fighting, but the White Pants Diva reached all the way back to the Middle Passage to deliver that ass whoopin’. GOOD FOR HER.

  60. FIrst of all- you know kicking a Black person is one of the lowest things you can do- and why did Sis take off her shoes to whip that ass!!! smh!!! Whomp Whomp- Bet she won’t eff with a sister again- or get over this being blasted all over the world!!!

  61. LMAO, I never get tired of watching mentally brave people get their arse handed to them when shyt gets real… Wait… was that a scream by the red head…arrrrrghhh… *translation, I thought she was gonna just walk away and realize that I’m better than her* bahhhhhaaahhhaaa BOL…

  62. Unfortunately still in this day and time people think they are entitled, if the lady in the white pants felt as though she wanted someone to hold her place, a spot was held, she was not jumping the line…folks aint tolerating that slave mentality BS…folks will fight back…AND SHE KICKED HER!!!!I dont condone violence but you must protect yourself….

  63. Dineva. DINEVA. you have to read this aricle. I love BKC but this writer intellectually and critically reads her for filth! LOL Actually, it is a good critique and observation on our reverent King B.

  64. WELP! See how he came to attack the sista yet the YT WOMAN kicked her like a dog first! But she got her ass handed to her. GOOD! Disrespectful ass heffa! Now was that ass kicking worth you paying that cable bill?!

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