New Music: Mary J Blige, EVERYDAY PEOPLE (listen)

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Yes Gawd Bish! Mary J Blige has teamed up with Jermaine Dupree to bring us one of the hottest samples of the year. Everyone remember the 90′s feel good jam by Arrested Development, Everyday People. Well Mary & JD have revamped the feel good anthem and created a liberating song that is sure to make you bop your head. Check it out.

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6 thoughts on “New Music: Mary J Blige, EVERYDAY PEOPLE (listen)

  1. I love MJB but NO.
    This makes me hear Sly Stone and Arrested Development NOT mjb.
    Choose annother sample/beat JD.
    …leaves to go listen to People Everyday.

  2. No bueno. I LOVE MJB but hearing this all I think of is Sly Stone and Arrested Development. This sample is a bad choice.

  3. P.S. Where’s the real T??!!! Inquiring minds want to know how Brandi from Blaque took the passing of her former band mate. You just did a video interviewing her… and didn’t she perform at the party or what… no mas.

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