NFL Player Mike Wallace Post Homophobic Tweet After 1st NBA Player Comes Out Of Closet

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These is always that one idiot who has to try and steal someone else’s shine. I’ve been saying for years that celebrities should not be allowed have twitter accounts. Many of them just don’t know what to do with them. There is a publicists pulling their eyebrows out RIGHT NOW over the mess that is about to ensue after Miami Dolphins, former Pittsburg Steelers team member Mike Wallace sends a homophobic sub-tweet hours after NBA player Jason Collins comes out of the closet. Mind you Mike Wallace has a mo-hawk. His hair is layed like trapped in the closet. Catch these T’s

Mike Wallace better prepare for a bumpy right because the gays and their best friends, the people over at PETA are about to roast that a$$ for this tweet:


When are folks going to learn that Twitter is only good for restaurant coupons and bantering about reality television shows. Twitter is NOT the place to ask questions or impose your views on the world. Ha! I’m sure Mike Wallace is probably sitting in the coaches office as we speak. Considering all the gay rumors that have plagued former Pittsburgh Steelers QB Kordell Stewart and many other big name athletes, you would think that the NFL  would be leading the initiative for acceptance?

I’m sure Wallace soon regretted his Tweet or began to feel the wrath of the gays very quickly. Shortly after sending out the distasteful tweet, Mike tried to clean it up by tweeting this:


Naw Bitch! Don’t try to clean it up now. Say what you mean, mean what you say, and stand firm in ya word while you walkin in your talk! Ha! Let’s just sit back and watch how this one plays out…


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116 thoughts on “NFL Player Mike Wallace Post Homophobic Tweet After 1st NBA Player Comes Out Of Closet

  1. Hmm….it’s 2013. I don’t think he needs to come out publicly…but I don’t think he should live in darkness as well. And to the homophobes, killyoself, ain’t nobody got time for ignorance, just ignorant for no reason. Only men who are sure of themselves seem to never have an issue with homosexuality….the closet cases are always the ones…the guilty dog barks the loudest. Ladies and folk, if you have a man constantly going on about “fag this fag that”, complaining about dudes being homos..etc…check him…chances are he has a BGC or A4A account or ad posted on Clist somewhere.

  2. this the same type of sorry negro that would say “there are so many fine sistas out there why he going with a white girl”….im just saying!

  3. To answer Mike’s question…..Because we as men know what we like and are not ashamed of it. And I’m
    Going to keep saying this until men like Mike get it.

  4. Its his opinion. i’m a lil tired of the GAY POLICE trying to mute everyone that says something about them. chill out.

  5. All you folks sayin it’s not “homophobic”…please. If he was a white person and said “I don’t understand why so many black people like fried chicken” we would all be crying racism, even though he didn’t explicitly say anything racist. Still, it would have racist undertones. Just like what Wallace said had homophobic undertones. He said what he said for a reason – to express his disapproval of homosexuality.

    And, YES, it is homophobic to not “agree” with someone being gay. To think it’s “wrong” or “unnatural” or even “a choice.” Those are all beliefs that are rooted in homophobia. People are entitled to those beliefs (yes, this is America) but y’all need to at least own up to the fact that those beliefs are homophobic. If you’re going to be a homophobe, at least own up to that shit. (And you probably want to get off this site, too.)

    It doesn’t even matter why someone doesn’t “agree” with or “understand” homosexuality. If it’s for personal reasons or religious ones. Makes not a damn bit of difference. Bigotry is bigotry is bigotry and intolerance is intolerance is intolerance. What’s sad to me is that people who are “against” gays employ all the same old tired arguments that people who were “against” blacks used to use. They even used the Bible to support their racist claims.

    Some people are gay. If you think that’s wrong, then you are a homophobe and a bigot. At least own up to what the fuck you are. Be a proud bigot, damnit.

  6. Hmmp, Mama always told me “dnt tlk abt what you dnt know abt” so if his ass dnt understand it, maybe get some clarity before doing exactly what he said he wasn’t #bashing!

  7. All you people coming to the defense of this idiot are just another example of ignorant people who just don’t fucking get it. If some white football player tweeted “why speak Ebonics when you can get further in life speaking English” and then an hour later he tweeted “not trying to offend anyone, I speak proper English and I just don’t get IT…” Ya’ll WOULDN’T be saying “who cares, it just his opinion…” So stop giving excuses for his homophobic comments.

  8. What’s the big deal?! That is his opinion! Not everyone is pro-homosexuality…does that mean that he hates people who choose to live that lifestyle? No! He don’t agree with it. I get so sick of people who get on other people because they may not go along with the status quo! Some people don’t agree with the Catholics church postion on birth control but does that mean that they don’t respect the faith?! Get out of here with that shit! You may not agree with his comments but he has a right to make them and stop treating people who don’t agree with the lifestyle as if they are some how bigots and intolerant because that is surely not always the case!

    • You got that right Latoya, this is not something to be “Glorified”, and these people need to “Stop trying to push their UnGodly Way” off on everyone else, read your Bible People…

      • How about you read that stupid book girl. If you so upset with gay people why you on funky dineva’s site? Took a wrong turn lil girl, run along!

      • Stop trying to push your “Godlyness” on me. Those are your beliefs. Don’t worry about my soul boo boo. I’ve got this. Church folk get on my nerves. If “god” needed you to speak for him we wouldn’t need a bible. Praise the lord saints.

    • Not agreeing with my lifestyle? What lifestyle is that sweetheart, nothing that has anything to do with your ass or his so y’all need to mind your business first off. Secondly, you might want to go back to high school because clearly you missed a few lessons boo just because you have freedom of speech don’t mean we can’t complain about the ignorant bigoted stuff people say and rally against them. Yes he is the very definition of intolerant what kind of ignorant statement is that, “I don’t get it”, don’t get what are you also wondering why straight women like men when there are so many “good looking women in the world”? No? Ok then shut up! He and you are both ignorant

  9. His comment is totally infused with homophobia. Homophobia isn’t always an explicit thing, like literally being scared and running away from gay people. Just like racism isn’t always explicit, but it is implied and can show up in questions like “why is black peoples hair that way?”. It’s a similar situation. What people don’t “get” or “understand”, they fear. It is subtle and It shows up in comments like this, when a person is in fear and begins to question the lives of same-gender-loving people. If people have questions they should educate themselves. Instead of showing their ignorance via twitter. Wallace posed hit tweet as a question….but,it was really a statement.

  10. You can’t say anything bout gay people unless you’re saying that you wholeheartedly agree with the lifestyle, wish you were gay too, and hope to raise all gay children someday. Or the gays will come for you. Its really ridiculous. If you put your gay lifestyle out there, you need to prepare to hear people’s opinions on it. Too senstive to tolerate people’s opinions? Don’t put your business in the street then! Its that simple.

    • Totally Agree!!! Gay people act like they are attacked the same way blacks were years ago. That is not true. Black people didn’t run around screaming: I’m Black. Big Difference!!!

      • OMG so right! Everyone knows your black by looking, for most blacks, and they can choose to discriminate against you at that very moment. People don’t know your gay until you put it out there, for most gays. LOL! Be that as it may everybody has a right to feel the way they want to about whatever! Just because a man is not cool with being gay does NOT mean he’s HOMOPHOBIC!

      • No they ran around yelling for equal rights under the Constitution that was, at the time, afforded to every other person(caucasians). The same thing that homosexual people have to do today for equal rights under our Constitution. Its amazing to me how people of color can even think to turn there nose up at someone who is fighting for equal rights. Blacks think they have the market corned on oppression and discrimination…WE DON’T. Whether you agree with the lifestyle or not it is someones life and ignorance expressed on “Twitter” with an added follow up to explain what you meant the first time is not freedom of speech. It’s just bigotry plain and simple.

      • No not big difference, you girls are very ignorant I guess its true black women are stupid. No ordinary gay person is going around yelling I’M GAY they tell few people so no one’s surprised and then they do exactly what straight couples do go out on dates hold hands in public kiss be intimate and they get bullied, bashed, and in a lot of cases killed for it so don’t say it ain’t “similar” cuz that just makes you sound even more stupid and ignorant than your previous comments already made you out to be

    • I am with you. Like for real? Homophobic? I ask my gay cousin this all the time and she does not get offended; she rebuttals, we laugh and move on lol. He just has an opinion and stated it.

    • And when you put your ignorant views out there you need to prepare for other people’s opinions as well someone doesn’t like gay people um yeah 99% of is know that we ain’t complaining its you ignorant bigots who when people call y’all ignorant and bigoted complain, catch them t’s lil girl

  11. While I am a wholehearted supporter of the LGBT community, you cannot be mad at someone for their lack of support. Its damned if you do and damned if you don’t. As soon as someone doesn’t agree with the lifestyle it is called gay bashing but in reality it is an opinion. Everyone in this world does not agree with what that community stands for. His opinion is his opinion and one monkey does not stop the show!

  12. Well, Wallace needs to understand that it’s not important that he understands how or why anyone is attraction is attracted to the same gender. What is with heterosexual people always feeling entitled to an explanation when someone tells the truth about who they are? The guy is gay, get over it. That comment really wasn’t warranted. It was loaded and he deserves to be called out on it. With free speech also comes the responsibility of owning up to the shit you say on a public platform! Comes with the package!

  13. Look people, I am proud of this brother for doing what he do… Mike, we know your gay any one can tell and your fighting the issue to hard to continue living a lie. Remember what you do in the dark shall come out in the light. Just remember once the truth hits, you’ll have no support… you like dick and ass just like the next gay man or should I say DL undercover man.. Give it to a woman in the front and take it from a man in the back. Poor baby your stuck in a world of lies.

  14. Naw Bitch! Don’t try to clean it up now. Okay is that an opinion or do you know well enough to call him a bitch? I guess some people can’t voice an opinion without being vulgar.

  15. Dineva, this has nothing to do with this post, I just wanted to let you know how truly awesome you are. May you continue to be blessed.

  16. This is why it doesn’t pay to express your opinion. Ppl will go IN on you no matter what your opinion is. Let the gays be gay & the straights be straight. Keep ya opinion to yaself & keep it MOVING. At the end of the day ALL of us stand before the ultimate Judge which is G.O.D. What I would like to see is gay ppl say NOTHING & just be OUT like hetero ppl. That speaks more but then again I don’t know what it’s like to be marginalized for my SEXUALITY! I only know what it’s like to be marginalized as a woman who’s BLACK.

    • But why should he have to? Just because he says he does not understand does not mean he is homophobic and against gays. Just like Jason has the privilege to exercise his right to freedom of speech to come out, so too does Mike Wallace to say he does not understand. Any straight man is not going to “understand,” because they are straight men. Doesn’t mean that he is homophobic or being “unfriendly” towards gays. And he should not be muffled to avoid public backlash. That is no way to live.

  17. See, soror, I usually rock with you but you need to stick to writing those mindless entertainment pieces because you are way out of your lane! This half-written article exposes your ignorance of freedom of speech and your bias agenda! Mike didn’t bash the gays! He just said he didn’t understand it! He has the right to feel any way he wants to and I don’t think what he said was that bad! It’s freedom of speech! Remember that thing that allows you to write and post videos about people/things even when it is offensive? Without it, Sheree could surely slam you with a slander case. Stop being a witch hunter and celebrate the fact that so many people have rallied around the LGBT community today!

  18. he dont have to understand it. damn. How is he homophobic. Its a free country. He can appreciate women. the lack of respect that gay people have for heterosexual people’s rights to their opinions is more polarizing than anything.

  19. People didn’t understand why Jesus could do what he did, people didn’t understand why blacks should be free from slavery. If you don’t understand, why don’t you inform yourself before you open your mouth and distruct yourself. Everything isn’t for everybody to understand or agree with, but if you feel some kinda way about it educate yourself maybe you will come to some kinda understanding and realize how what you post could take our society backwards.
    Inform yourself before you do harm to yourself!!!!

  20. Ok Doll I love you down but just because everyone doesn’t agree with the lifestyle doesn’t make them homophobic, he can like what he likes he doesn’t have to agree nor was he bashing or saying anything derogatory regarding the choice. ya’ll need to stop with all this whining shit nahh. Ya’ll can’t have all the damn men, shit leave some to us Girls.. ***ooowww

  21. When someone is “shaking his/her head” at a certain action/event, he or she is expressing disapproval, discontent, and/or contempt. Contempt is a secondary emotion mixed with anger and disgust. Homophobia is a wide spectrum that includes predujice, hatred, and aversion, AND contempt of a certain targeted group of individuals. While Mike Wallace is clearly ignorant of what it means to be a gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgenedred (LGBT) individual, his original tweet was nonetheless expressing disdain and contempt for same sex males. Therefore, his original tweet is regarded as homophobic, just not in the extremist sense.

  22. Kudos to Jason Collins. In a couple of years this will be a non-issue. There are thousands of men in professional sports so it’s not mathematically possible for all of them to be straight. I think Mike Wallace is more uninformed than homophobic so he kinda gets a pass from me on this one. He said he doesn’t understand it which is probably true being a typical straight dude. The problem is making a statement period that isn’t supportive is what’s being viewed as homophobic. Mike should understand that hoochies don’t understand why they’re hoochies either – they just are but nobody questions that. And what about the number of gay women in the WNBA. Mike Wallace and Jason Collins will never share the same locker room because they don’t even play the same sport so keep it pushin’! Just like most straight men, I’ll be he likes girl on girl though LOL!

  23. With his looks, stature, and credentials placed to the side, please do not think with your sex and think just because he looks good that he didn’t say or do anything wrong. Let’s replace what he said with, “Damn all these jobs around and they letting all the women take the jobs” then he offended women. “Damn all these good looking black women and they going to white dudes” then he has offended interracial couples. He didn’t use expletives in his tweets; however his remarks came across offensive to me and to others. Yes people are entitled to say whatever they want in this country we call America, but as a celebrity what you say and how you say it, especially in a negative connotation, will seem like you took Christ off the cross. Be fair and don’t let the way how someone looks make you think that they are not in the wrong.

  24. Why don’t Mike Wallace gay ass dress up as a woman and seduce Jason Collins. That should satisfy his ignorant @$$. Have several seat with that one and hit twitter as well.

  25. Mike has a right feel what he feel…. I agree with him…. I dont understand either… its like a badge of honor to be gay now. I dont have a problem with nobody life stye but dont beat me up because I dont agree w/ur life style…. thats my right too

    • Sooo true… here, here! he can say what he wants and thats his American right, just like Dineva! He wasnt even being offensive!

    • That is by far the most ignorant analogy I’ve heard yet! There is a difference between an opinion and a slur! What Mike said was his opinion! “A white person referring to you as a ni****” would be a slur and the equivalent of Mike calling Jason a F*ggot! Stop being a witch hunter! Goodness!

  26. Yes it is homophobic. Why does he care who other guys get with. Some guys like other guys period move on.

    • Exactly! Nobody cares so why they keep making announcements. They keep making private information public and telling people not to have an opinion. Wanna be normal? Act normal. Show up with your love interest. And if you dont have a love interest, keep your dating life private. He aint no damn movie star. aint nobody chekcin for him. He need to tell the WOMEN he solicits.. thats when it matters.

  27. I’m with him on this one..and I’m a female. Look gays and whoever else has to realize that not everyone will be for you, whether u like it or not. That man does not have to keep his mouth closed about his opinion! It’s so ironic that gays can say what the hell they want about people..but soon as someone disagrees or don’t understand them..all hell brokes loose. When u come out of the closet..ppl will talk whether it’s good or deal with it. People get talked about all the time. I just think they as a whole are wayyyy to sensitive..and choose to whine about every celebrity/athelete that say something negative about their lifestyle! You are not untouchable where no one can disagree with u or your actions. Well gays..just like straight ppl you will always be judged.

  28. Why do people always misuse the words Racist and Homophobic. His comments werent homophobic.

    • Your post makes no sense and I hope it “reaches” the desk of a college professor! What did he say that was at all slanderous? He stated an opinion! He didn’t attack anyone with a slur or call anyone out of their name! He simply said he didn’t understand and please ma’am tell me, in all of your infinite wisdom, how that is a crime!!

    • How? What did he say that was at all slanderous? He stated an opinion! He didn’t attack anyone with a slur or call anyone out of their name! He simply said he didn’t understand and please ma’am tell me, in all of your infinite wisdom, how that is a crime!! Trust, his career will be just fine! You should probably get you one, though!

  29. Did he tweet something else, cause I did not see anything homophobic about it. He is ENTITLED to speak his mind!

  30. for him to say he’s not bashing anyone he don’t understand it is a contradiction! why speak publicly on something you don’t understand not a smart move!!

  31. He can’t be serious busting it open in that pic above. He know during the off season he’s selling BUSSY!Gurl you been clocked…

  32. Also, Homophobic or not, it was (as Alona mentioned) a “Dumb Move” if he cares about his image and his career. The NFL may not be the most accepting of gay athletes right now, but he sounds VERY behind in the times for saying this. I hope he weighed out the consequences of posting his OPINION.

  33. Its not for him to understand…dont worry about why the next man not tryin to be with all the beautiful women out here. If he is being honest with himself…besides that one less dude u dont have to compete with but dude must not be gettin no play from the women he got to talk about a gay man #youmad

  34. He’s free to say what he likes, yes. But he’s not free of critique either. Funky is exercising the same right. Don’t try to silence him in speaking out because it makes it easier for you to be a bigot under the guise of “freedom of speech”

  35. It is homophobic to suggest something is wrong with men that like men. That tweet was basically saying they were gay men defected or ill minded because they choose men over women. It’s all about language. Sure we’re all entitled to an opinion but those opinions dictate people’s actions. Actions like, people attacking gay men and women or corrective rape. Get y’all minds right. Come to the 21st century, it’s so much more fun here. :P

  36. There is nothing homophobic about that comment. We cant go on witch hunts just because someone makes a statement saying they don’t understand something. Why don’t you educate him instead of judging him!

  37. Everyone is entitled to their opinions but if you have some type of manners and respect about yourself, you should keep them to yourself ESPECIALLY when you know its coming from a place that isnt in support of issue and or if your opinion isnt asked for. If he notices all these women in the world to chase, why is he puzzled about how the next man get down? I always say this a straight man should thank a gay man because with this same logic, the coochie the gay man isnt chasing, is more for him for the tasting. Just being honest. He is a FOOL.

  38. I agree with some of you. It is not homophobic, but it does sound ignorant and extremely judgmental (SMH??). If he’s okay with that, then good for him I guess.

    • I dont think its ignorant to love women so much you cant understand how someone could be attracted to a man. Just like some gay men cant understand how straight t men love womens bodies. I dont understand how killers kill, rapists rape, sky divers sky dive… hoes, hoe..
      I dont understand how people eat caviar, the shit is nasty. BUT I AINT A CAVIARPHOBE. He has a right to not relate.. and to articulate the fact that he cant relate.

  39. He didn’t bash it he just made a comment about it. If he don’t understand it he’s better off anyways

  40. Look like he knows how to ride a few…LOL. Look how he squatting…LOL. Ignorance is not bliss.

  41. He deleted the tweet. But I don’t see what’s homophobic about it. He doesn’t understand the choice. Just that simple. I don’t think he was throwing shots or trying to be disrespectful at all. I think you guys are reaching with this one. We live on a world where everybody won’t agree. Lets not be one sided here. He doesn’t have to like anyone’s choice. But that alone doesn’t make him homophobic.

    • You wrote my thoughts perfectly…he was NOT being disrespectful at all. It’s not wrong for him not to understand homosexuality

  42. It’s just his opinion. I wish people would get this angry when women are raped & beaten or when innocent children are abused. Or when other races call us the N word.

  43. Here we go….homophobes make the best gays….ijs……ive known a couple a dudes that talk mad shyt bout gays….they b puttin up a front in front of people….as soon as the sun goes down these scary ass motha fukkas knockin on my door being real nice to me!

  44. That was not homophobic to say women are beautiful..and that he didn’t understand. I love you with all my heart but ya’ll so wrong.. just because someone doesnt agree doesn’t mean they are homophobic.. they are entitled to that..opinion.. last I heard this is America.

  45. He need to chill, cause he ain’t the most masculine of men ….nothing like a punk backing up a rumor with the truth …just chill dude. One of them will put u out there for anything.

  46. Com on Son we must do better bc we know better. Not against ourselves. I can’t take it. Truly sad. If you have nothing nice to say just say nothing and if you don’t do it on a public forum. It does not make you good, but more so embarrassing.

  47. Oh my goodness, seriously? Does he not realise that people aren’t goingto stand for that homophobic mess? Times are a-changing. He either roll with it, or roll out.

  48. smh I was so ashamed to have read those tweets you are entitled to you opinion, but dang dude!!

  49. OK. I want all homosexual men/women to announce only to those that they have an interest in dating. Mr. Collins workplace is the basketball court. He gets paid to play basketball. Why do we need to know his sexual orientation? It was not on the job application. It does not enhance or take away from his jump shot…..WHY ANNOUNCE?

    Mike Wallace is just saying what a lot of heterosexual people say….Rome was not built in a day and slavery lasted for over three hundred years. It will take time for some and death for others to accept….IJS

    • When you go to your workplace (assuming you have a job), do you talk to others about your life sometimes? What you did during the weekend, how your spouse/SO is doing, etc. You don’t realize how exhausting it is to constantly cover up the smallest detail of your life just to feel safe. Don’t accuse the gays/lesbians of “flaunting” their sexuality when straight folks do it all the time.

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