Notorious B.I.G & Faith Evan’s Son Graduates And Comes Out The Closet At The Same Damn Time

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Tis the season for all the kids to graduate high school. Tis is also the season for everyone to be who the hell they are. Notorious B.I.G. & Faith Evans’s son Christopher Wallace Jr. recently graduated high school. He and Faith both posted pictures of their momentous occasion on social media, but one particular photo is garnering a little more attention than the rest.

DISCLAIMER, Christopher’s sexual orientation (whatever that might be), should not overshadow his accomplishment, BUT…

The above photo begs the question is Christopher Wallace Jr. gay? You’ve got to admit that it is a little ironic that his father for all intents and purposes was a gangster rapper and this picture defies what that lifestyle is all about. KUDOS to Faith Evans for A) not allowing her son to buy into all that gangster bullsh!t just because of who his father was, and B) raising her son in such a manner that he feels free and comfortable to express himself however the hell he sees fit, gay, straight, or indifferent.

Faith hasn’t taken too kindly to some of the banter and had some choice words for blogger Sandra Rose. Check out what Faith had to say as well as other pictures from the gradation

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282 thoughts on “Notorious B.I.G & Faith Evan’s Son Graduates And Comes Out The Closet At The Same Damn Time


  1. All these guys calling him gay are probably truly the gay ones.. I don’t think her son is gay it was probably a joke or something comical

  2. If it IS true, then, let him. It just might save someone from taking their life. It will be sports figures and celebrities, that somehow will open minds, tear down stupid walls and build bridges with the gay community. Watch my words. Love you for posting this, Funky Dineva!

  3. Why do y´all even care?? A bunch if grown folks debating on this young mans sexuality.. PATHETIC!! Mind your own damn business & worry about your own who gives a shit what he does

  4. As a seasoned gay man, things that was considered gay thirty years ago have a totally different meaning in this day and age. #Lightenthefukup

  5. I don´t think so. I think they´re doing the titanic pose(looks a suspect tho) but kids are weird today anyway. Plus faith gave that hoe a mean menu on twitter
    “Eat a hundred dicks!” KMSL

  6. Hmmm… looks like that’s a tall girl.. can’t see the hair or face… it’s just a prank.. unless someone actually knows if it’s actually a guy..

    • I think it’s a prank too, we took crazy photos like that and I’m straight. It looks like they are imitating the scene from Titanic. Maybe folks are making too much out of this.

  7. That pic screams “we’re joking around and spoofing titanic lol no homo” – which doesn’t necessarily mean he’s straight, but it sure as hell doesn’t look like he’s actually showing romantic affection to the other guy either.

  8. Cut the shit… Young man’s gay. What straight man takes a posed pic up against the backside of another straight man… not to mention how close the hands are to the other young man’s business? Yeah, that’s what I thought… He’s holding him the way a lover holds his boo… such as in the scene from the Titanic. Not a biggie (no pun intended) #NEXT

    • i’m guessing you are neither gay, not have you been in high school in a while. everything about that picture/pose says two straight guys joking around. not only is this very common in high school “omg look how gay we look lol!”, that is NOT how a gay couple would hold each other… like ever. sry #NEXT

      • so. Are you saying that gay people all have to act in a certain way, specifically the way you think they are supposed to act? Perhaps this is an awkward gay couple. I’m seeing both sides of the argument here, and neither side has conclusive evidence to support their view, merely an interpretation of a picture, and of course, EVERYONE’S gotta share their opinion because they must be right, even if they can’t prove it.

    • Well obviously you didn’t see “tis is” or “gradation” or the mention that Biggie and Faith posted pics of their sons graduation. I think given present circumstances, Biggie isn’t too social media savvy these days. IJS

  9. Most of the people commenting (including myself)

    Havent finished school so why bring up his sexuality ?

    The child of the worlds greatest rapper graduated high school & is on his way to obtain more money than diddy lol

  10. and what starving child or homeless person or good deed did this article serve??? People really focus on the wrong thing. Let’s be happy he graduated and didn’t fall victim to the streets because he did’t have a father. That’s something to write about….

    • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HEEEEEEEEE CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANT! unless that man is his father, grandfather, uncle, or brother. lol

  11. He graduated from smchs I was a senior he was a sophomore and who cares if he was or not.. people should stop being so judgemental about the situation. Overall, he wasn’t a trouble maker and always had a smile on his face.

    • He looks a lot like his dad. And congratulation of graduating high school!!!!! That’s all I got. Who he loves/likes is none of my business.

  12. I think that he is gay but who cares. You can tell a gay man from a straight one….its something about the eyes.

    • Hey when u are famous all of your business is public knowledge. If the boy likes boys instead of girls then maybe he will come to his senses one day and think about Big looking down on him and saying WHY!!! But they say that’s how Faith raised him! Go figure!!!

  13. I really don’t get why some of you guys come to blogs and complain about what real news is. If you want real news, go to a news site, read the newspaper, or watch the news. Funky Dineva’s blog is his take on whatever he knows/hears about or cares to write about from HIS perspective. I wish people would understand that while Dineva talks about being educated, expressing his feelings doesn’t take anything away from that. If you’d pay close attention you would know that he didn’t go to school to be a journalist, so why would you hold him to those standards? He’s a blogger and can and will write about whatever he feels.

    • The problem is it’s ALL hearsay or stolen from other tired blogs and there’s never any merit or facts to anything. He could write his opinion on dog shit and yall would call it the gospel. Stupidity at it’s finest. Assumptions about a child, celeb child or not, should not be someones joke when they look like the devil in a wig. IJS.

  14. It’s just a picture. Who knows the story behind it. They could have been recreating a scene from a movie or it could just be an inside joke. Until he comes out the closet like Magic’s son, MJ daugher and numerous other celebrity children, then I do not plan to speculate on his sexual orientation. Congrats to you CJ on graduating HS.

  15. His father was known to have gays in his own circle and had extremely suspect lyrics. IJS. As far as Faith telling her to eat 100 d!cks, don;t she know her son already got a head start?

    • You shouldn’t come for her child..he is still a minor and just graduated..unless you just achieved to earn a degree or solve a worldly issue then stfu

  16. Man that boy is not gay hella messy for this on it looks more like a joke to me like how the basketball players do funny stuff, the sad part about it is that´s a child and he can´t clap back at the media like that clearly he is living a normal child´s life having fun with friends……

  17. Seriously, folks. Funky Dineva and Sandra Rose are idiots for even posting about this. This shows that bloggers really have no sense of what’s news and what’s just gossiping and assumptions. I bet yall would never say this to Faith’s face because she would go Brick City on that ass all day long. LMAO!

    • What she said! It amazes me how Dineva likes to throw around that he is educated. He has presented himself as an educated fool. “The my hair is layed” videos are cute but when you start tearing down your own people to make a dollar I have to walk away. This is someone’s child.

      • Exactly! He may be educated (or thinks he is) but he is lacking in morals to make a quick dollar. That can only last for so long before karma takes place and ppl want real news and not this regurgitation (rehash) from other blog he is famous for copying from. I’ve been over Funky Dineva and Sandra and only frequent a few which I won’t name but we know who they are.

    • There are alot of things Str8 dudes don’t do but yet they still do it… you said str8 dudes don’t hug another dudes by his hip and take a picture, but yet Str8 dudes wear their pant bleow their wast with their ass out in front of a group of str8 guys, but these same str8 dudes are so quick to call out another man who presented theirselves in a decent manner gay!!! How ironic is that… Well if begining and presenting my self in a decent manner is gay than I will take that for 1000 alex, cause I will be damned if I’m going to show my colorful underwear to a group of Str8 men and think I’m 100% str8….. Str8 dudes are funny to me!!!!!

  18. Why don´t you just congratulate him instead of trying to “F” him up the ass….There are other things to be concerned about like hate….or better yet, what are you gonna do when the dog bites you in the ass? You don´t know what your child will be when they grow up….oh shit…they could be gay…IJS

  19. It´s sad that the fact he might be gay overshadows that he graduated highschool. A task many young people don´t accomplish because they are busy throwing pity parties.

  20. Wait so you’re telling me being gay is in your dna? So what about the girl who goes lesbian because all the men she dated went bad? Sounds like a lifestyle choice. I don’t care what you are or what you do as long as it doesn’t effect me. I think some people are guy from the jump but it also seems to be the trend. No disrespect to real gay people as strange as that

    • Women don’t “go lesbian” because they had bad dates. Chances are a woman who starts dating women after a string of bad relationships with men was either always a lesbian (explaining bad relationships with men) or was always bisexual. Bisexuality is a LOT more common than either the gay community or the straight community would like to admit.

      • That’s the reality of it right there! People don’t want to admit that there are way more bisexuality in this life!! Most people experiment at some point but would never admit it..

    • Exactly!! People are so messy these are kids at least acknowledge what they have accomplished rather than attempting who they’re sleeping with.

    • That’s what I thought initially and laughed. I guess he was feeling great like “The King of the World” and wanted to recreate that moment. I didn’t even think of it in a sexual manner.

  21. Christian Tyree Garrett, exactly you decided, I´m nit judging you, However, I believe life is full of choices . I will leave the judgment to God. He is very specific in his instructions. We were all born in Sin

      • Loving God above all others is right! He said if you love me follow my commands. He says being gay (desiring strange flesh) is breaking his command. Ijs

  22. Ur kidden me boggles my mind how these days people still act shocked or trip on someone being gay. Wow. Wake up. Like where are you brought up. I’m surrounded by gays left n right i don’t even question it nor give it another thought what so ever irs the norm for me. Where’s the problem what’s the issue why u care what so ever they are human they are the no different other than what happens in their intimacy life. Who cares. Get over it. I can name tons of straight friend s who are bad people i don’t revel ever having a bad experience with any of my gay friends half of you are ignorant n just agree to agree to hate without study jabbing your OWN personal issues irs Bullshit. Get with it. Can’t stand people living inside a box i live in south beach where u experience the real world. Get a life

  23. Whether or not this young man is gay, is his own business! If he is, he should be free to express who he is regardless as to who his father is! People should Justin’s their business. PERIOD!

  24. Nah, kids just trying to be funny and being kids. That’s high school/college frat humor. Obviously mocking Titanic.’s “Top of the world” scene. No Biggie. (No pun intended)

  25. People are acting like being gay is some newly discovered phenomenon, give me a break. More importantly, I think Faith’s outfit is a little too casual

  26. So everybody saying being gay is in the DNA. So why can’t to gay men adopt a child? Is Not In the DNA. It’s programming not the parenting or nor missing fathers. It’s all in the programming. I’m gone tell you why is wrong. If you didn’t have the technology we have and everybody went straight gay no turning back today. The Human race would be facing extinction in 120 max. Now is that a good thing or bad thing?

    • Please don’t reproduce. Gay people didn’t just spring up out of the dirt. They’ve ALWAYS been here. Just because your history books won’t tell you that doesn’t mean it’s not true. People are reproducing everyday and the world is already overpopulated, so stop with that “if everyone went gay we’d go extinct” bullshit. And adoption and DNA have nothing to do with one another. The stupidity.

      • Stupid tell me do man have monthly period and can they also carry babies most of the world is living this lie me personally I dont care what they do but please dont ask me to condone this lie. That u people r loving

        • Just because women can carry a baby doesn’t make them a parent, neither is a man that spreads his semen, that doesn’t make him a parent either. People adopt everyday, just because you can’t have kids doesn’t mean you can’t be a parent. So a woman that can’t have a baby it’s suppose to be a parent either? As many kids as there are in the system that need loving homes, saying because people didn’t have them they can’t be parent is ridiculous!

      • Gay people have always been around they just are not hiding it anymore. Plenty of famous married people thoughout history have had lovers on the side. Some stayed confirmed bachelors or old maids, and chose to live in shawdows. Being a good parent is all that matters not who you bring into your bed room. Remember in the movie Precious her mother abused her and her father raped her leaving her with two children and the AIDS virus. The first persons to ever show her love and provide her with a secure home was a lesbian couple. Plenty of children are in the system and need homes, so if a loving couple who provide for that child wants the child, I will not stand in the way. That BS about men not having montly periods is crap. Sperm banks stay full so there will always be children. If a lesbian wanted a child they could have one anytime. If a gay man wants a child there are plenty to choose from or they can get a woman to carry the child for them.

    • If being gay is a choice. Choose to do it right now. Be gay. You can always choose to change back later right? Give it a couple weeks. I mean obviously if it’s a choice you can just choose to do it. Go ahead.

      That’s idiotic. Who would CHOOSE to have a good portion of the world hate them? Who would choose to be outcast? Who would choose to have their chances for love and companionship cut down by over 90%? Have you seen Uganda? They have laws in place to TORTURE and KILL homosexuals. Who would CHOOSE that!? Think about what you say.

      • good point. Many people think it is a choice because I also have friends who have dated men their whole life and now has “gone gay”. They were always gay (or bi) to begin with but tried to fit in societes norms. I do find it hilarious when some women I know say they are no longer dating men they go out and find a stud female who acts just like the man she left. Dont just change teams, change tactics ladies.


    • So tired of seeing Sandra Rose say that. She is a lesbian herself and salty at the world because she was assaulted with the ugly stick by God, his son and the holy spirit before sent to earth.

  28. Anthony Robinson you´re comment is beyond ignorant. Who you are raised by doesn´t determine who you are attracted to at all…so girls who are raised by men are gonna be lesbians? Really come on, your DNA decides that and not your environment.

    • Sir, how dare you even fix your thoughts to even conjure up such an ignorant statement. You make it seem As if it is not already difficult going through life being a black male in America but to see you slander this young man being as a result of pure ignorance and hate makes my soul hurt. We as a community are so quick to judge and cast stones but the moment someone gets you together you are ready to throw hands. You mention that his father died while he was young, did you stop to think how this young man life has played out since his father’s demise. You need to be more concerned about your heart and cholesterol instead of who someone else chooses to be while living their own life. You dont know thay young man story and neither do I but I wont stand for you or anyone else continue to speak ill of our young brothers. You need some type of guidance spiritually and maybe a nutritionist. So what if his father is rolling over in his grave, I bet your fat ass can’t do anything constructive with your life but ROLL OVER and eat. Olease get your life and do some soul searching. Just because someone may sin differently doesn’t mean you shoukd be so disrespectful. Instead of congratulating this young man you choose to discredit this milestone that few black men get to experience. If he is, then so be it, life still will continue, if I were you I would count my blessings and calories.

    • It was not like he did not have a father figure. Faith remarried shortly after Biggie died in 1997 and had two children with that man. So your argument is invalid. Biggie was also a known womanizer and physcially abusive to both his women. He was married to Faith, had a girlfriend named Lil Kim,and another side piece named Charlie Baltimore. Yet he still cheated on all of them with randoms at the studio and on tour. Was this the type you wanted him to turn into?

    • Congradulatons on your highschool graduation hope to hear you will be in college soon and rather you are gay or not isn’t important just live love and be happy AS FOR BIGGIE TURNING IN HIS GRAVE …LET HIM TUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRNNNNNNN

  29. Saying all gays going to hell is ignorant and hateful. Judge ye not that´s in the bible. You pray your ass don´t end up in hell. With your hateful churchy ass.

  30. Everyone have some good points. I am inclined to go with Dineva on this one by saying there is no proof he is imitating the titanic. That picture is suspect as hell and saying no suspect could be the same as a racist person saying I have black friends. Faith may not be aware or will not accept the fact her son could be or is gay. That is hard for some parents to accept. I know Ms. Violetta Wallace might be having a hard time seeing that her culture is Jamaican and we know they promote all botty boi fi dead!!!!! Anyway, I love biggie and am still hurt by his death. As far as his son…. I may wish him all the best but it is going to be hard to get that picture out of my head. I think Sandra Rose may have killed his rap career. Damn. But then again a lot of them are down low brothers anyway. Peace people.

    • they promote all botty boi fi dead!!!!!- All while wearing skinny jeans, mesh shirt and doing choreographed dances. LOL

  31. Amen, Thank you God. My family believes that we are all made in his image so no matter what man may say we all have judgement day. God Bless him and that Family. Brooklyn, New York Stand UP!

    • You have all the nerve in the world but no neck. Sir im not even sure where to read you from but ill continue with that thick ass head. How about you not be a fat boy….can we do that. Now go stand your jungle juice box body in timeout indefinitely.

  32. Keishia KeKe Hunter you have no more proof that they are imitating the titanic then we do that he is gay, so your point? you´re guilty of the same crime. you turned left with it, we turned right

  33. Sandra Rose put this out. She wants everyone to be gay. Gay people think the whole world is gay. They´re mimicking the scene of the Titanic. It´s irresponsible to label without proof especially a child.

  34. LOL…thank you boo.. and no tea no shade dineva..i just dont like when people assume others are gay with no proof when most likely they are not…..especially women assuming on men… and i know your audience is mostly black fish and black fish can be real shady when it comes to gay men even tho they try act like they friendly with us on a one on one..u kno these girls be so damn bitter when they feel “all the men are turning gay”…

    • It may just be you, one doesn’t simply become gay. Do you remember when you decided your sexual orientation? This is the exact reason why some people are terrified to live in their own skin. So what if everyone is coming into their gayness, how does that correlate to your particular lifestyle? Does your day completely stop?

    • No they been gay they just chose to live their life as a lie. There are many men like Jessica Simpsons dad who had kids and were married for many years. Since society is no longer barring you from employment, kicking you out your homes, attacking and sometimes killing you for being gay, then many feel it is safe to live their lives the way they want to.
      I know a woman who was slated to receive an award for her achievements and a pay raise for her accomplishments as an educator in the 1960s. A week prior to the award ceremony she went on vacation to Florida and happened to be seen holding hands with another woman. When she returned from her weekend vacation she was evicted from her apartment, lost her job and pretty much the whole town treated her like crap. She was even almost sexually assaulted by some men in the community who felt that if each one of them gave her a taste of penis then she would no longer be gay. Her sexual harassment was in full view of law enforcement (who actually encouraged it), had it not been for another member of the community speaking up, those who were sworn to protect and serve her would have probably joined in on her rap. She moved away shortly thereafter married a man, had some kids and was miserable until the mid-1980s when she divorced her husband and got a girlfriend.

  35. what does him posing in a picture imitating the titanic scene “im king of the world” have do do with someone´s sexuality? Rebecca McDaniel if it was two women posed the same you would not be calling them gay. please dont make assumptions on someones life based on one picture. until he himself out of his mouth CONFIRMS that he is gay…..and dineva should know better as a gay man to post this mess talking about coming out of the closet. this looks like two friends goofing around taking pictures. there is nothing wrong with it. ima need you ALL to grow the fuck up and stop assuming shit you know nothing about

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