Ocho Cinco Shows Us How Big His “MANHOOD” Is In The Backseat of a Raggedy Car

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Hey y’all. Let me just start out by saying Chad Johnson is my dude. I don’t care what nobody says about this dude, he is alright with me. I think the largest part of my attraction to him is that we are both from Miami. I understand Chad on a level the most of the world cant. Nonetheless, Chad does some things that a bish just doesn’t understand sometimes. One of those things is showing us his erect manhood bulging from his pants while in the backseat of a ragedy car. My first question is, “b!tch what the hell are you doing in the backseat of a raggedy car?” My next question is, “how can I be down?” Ha!

Anyway, y’all get into what Ocho Cinco has to share with y’all…


So ya boy posted this to his Instagram, and all he had to say was “Monsters ball”. Ha

Monster or Kitty?

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120 thoughts on “Ocho Cinco Shows Us How Big His “MANHOOD” Is In The Backseat of a Raggedy Car

  1. Since I too am from South Florida (Lauderdale) I get Chad too and the only way you would is if you were from this way so while ya’ll hoez are worried about burns in the seat (of which is most likely not even his car since he’s apparently in the backseat) and him getting a job (which he probably still has more money than the last dude you let pipe you down) ya’ll are depriving yourselves of a real treat…I’m sitting here drooling at my desk at work, ratchet car and all…YES GAWD for the monster balls and the monster meat laying on the burnt seat!!! Chad, my head is built Ford tough and if you head butt me I just might like it…Heeeyyyy Ocho!!!

  2. What a corn ball!!! He is too old to be doing crap like that! He needs 2 grow the hell up! So unbecoming of what is suppose 2 be a man! He swears he is ALL that but all he is a has been wanna be still down! #85… your NFL career is DONE and that groupie u was married to that u tattooed her face to ur leg had a baby with some other dummy so wake up and act ur age and NOT ur small dick size!!!

    • I am pretty sure he would decline that offer. If you punks don’t want people to react negatively to you, you could try not being do damn nasty and perverted toward straight men.

  3. I would just like to know why is his cut off sweats so damn short? Truth be told, I’d be more impressed if the pant leg was a little longer and his member was damn near to his kneecap. le sigh

    • Hoes always try to act like every man has to have a horse cock. Down to his knee caps? Stop. You sound like you watch too much porn.

      • I agree- I don’t need him that big besides a cushioned couch only can take 6 inches if your shit take more you may want to evaluate your list…you maybe be a loose goose! I’ll take 6 maybe 7 and the girth !!

          • That’s one persons opinion and also happens to be mine. Why ya’ll on here riding so hard for this nicca anyway? Is it because he follows you on twitter. Newsflash, he follows all hoes on twitter.

  4. Dick aside, I am just sad to see a brother who had so much success now acting like a damn THOT on instagram. That was a hard fall.

    • Nigs be thirsty and this AINT even cute… He’s to damn old to be doing this foolery and it’s just SAD…. THE STATE OF OUR BLACK MEN IN SAD, SAD, SAD…

  5. Damn I love his big feet I mean tennis shoes…aww hell I like what he´s offering no tea no shade he can get it…yes gawwwwwwwd nessa you did it for me dis morn”ting….

  6. Did he ever cover up that big ass face tatoo he had gotten of Evelyn Lozada AFTER he assaulted her and she left him?

  7. That’s about a good 9 1/2 or 10! It’ll do just fine! Forget that raggedy ass car, just give me the D!!! Yasssssssss honey!

      • Funny because I thought it was gay bottom with that Yaassss comment. But now all the hood rats are saying it because of Niki and Nene, so your probably right.

        • Lol . Well them big heffas be the most thirsty ones. They be throwing those big panties all over the internet. Like anyone wants to catch em

      • Bitch please! Hoodrat my ass! I am a 30 year old, highly educated (Master in Public Administration), classy, 5′ 5 1/2″, 165lb, curvy beautiful woman. I have a very rewarding career, and I travel the world for my job as well as my personal life. I commented on this website just for fun…thirsty???? I don’t think so. I quench my thirst with some of the finest wines that money can buy. Now that you have an idea of who I am, let’s talk about you. You must be miserable with life to feel the need to attack someone who is expressing their personal opinion on a public website. You’re the one who seems thirsty. Thirsty for attention and you will not get anymore from me. Yassssssss hunty! Kmsl!

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