LISTEN: K. Michelle’s Album Sampler + K. Michelle On Wendy Williams. FIYA!

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Listen, K. Michelle is the prime example of what the hell you are supposed to do when you are given a reality tv platform. Bae-Bae this girl has masterfully executed a plan that has me looking at her not like some ratchet reality television star, but as a real artist. Like for real for real, the kind that come on MTV. LOL. I’m so proud of K.Michelle because she has come a long way. I’m glad that we the viewing audience got to witness first hand the process that K.Michelle went through over the first 2 seasons of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Now we get to bask in the gift that is her album that finally came to fruition.

K. Michelle’s new album ‘Rebellious Soul‘, is set to be released August 13th. However, she has given us a sampler with some pretty lengthy snippets on it and i must say “that thang is fiya”. Yes gawd hunty! I will be pre-ordering her album as soon as i finish writing this post.

Another Major accomplishment, K. Michelle was the 1st member of Love & Hip Hop to appear on Wendy Williams. Shade, I know. She sang VSOP and did a pretty damn good job. She looked good too. Check it out! Continue reading

The Top 10 Non-Black Owned Products That Black Folks Think Are Black Owned

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Now ain’t this some sh!t. Silly of me, but I have gotten caught up in the packaging just like most of you have. I’m not sure why we automatically assume because the person on the box looks like us the the company is owned by us. Well we have been hoodwinked, bamboozled, led a stray, and ran a muck. Some of these companies are going to leave you dead to the bed when you find out that they are not black owned. Catch these T’s! Continue reading

Syleena Johnson Appears On Iyanla Fix My Life Saturday, July 27

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Chile Syleena Johnson better go on ahead and milk this new life that R&B Divas has given her. I ain’t mad with you sister! Get it girl, and when its got, get some more. The real gag is, the wrong R&B diva is getting her life fixed. Syleena Johnson just needs a lil brown liquor and a nasty slow jam so she can get her life! It is Nicci GilBIRD’S a$$ that need to fix her life. I’m not even going to start on her. Check out the promo video for this next go around of Fix My Life. Continue reading

Bad A$$ Dancing Lil Girl Video Bombs News Reporter… Too Cute! (video)

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Now where is her mama? She knows she needs her a$$ whooped! This is the kind of behavior that you want to yell at little kids for, but its so cute you just have to smile. Chile I have the slightest idea what this news reporter is talking about. With a lil girl in the back so cute, who cares. Miss news reporter ma’am, consider your shot stolen! Continue reading

Geraldo Rivera & Khia Get Naked For Social Media. Which One Is Worse?

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heraldo khi

Jesus be a housecoat!  I don’t even know where to begin going in! This is just all kinds of wrong. I’m not sure which is worse, Geraldo’s low hanging nipples or Khia’s low hanging ass crack. Chile Cheese! Well in this instance, chile cottage cheese. Both of these nuts took to social media to bare it all. Catch these T’s Continue reading

Bank Breaks In Home And Reposes Belongings. WRONG HOUSE Owner Outraged

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This story right here brings a whole new meaning to “its gone be some slow singing and flower bringing if my burglar alarm starts ringing.” Chile the bank, in an effort to foreclose on a home broke into a home and seized the belongings inside. I didn’t even know the bank could do that. Non the less, the bank broke into the wrong home. The correct home was actually across the street. Ain’t that some sh!t?

This story has so many funny elements to it. First off, how do you as the home owner of the home where the belongings should have been repossessed even look at your neighbor? To make matters worse, the owner of the home that was improperly entered is having a hard time getting her belongings back or any sort of compensation from the bank. Catch these T’s. Continue reading