Daycare Worker Arrested For Stealing Earrings Out Of Toddler’s Ear

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I guess Antoine Dodson was right when he said “hide your wife hide your kids.” A Bronx New York daycare worker woke a sleeping toddler, removed hear earnings, and pocketed those bad boys. The 14k gold diamond encrusted hoops are reportedly worth about $100.  The alleged theft was captured on a surveillance camera and now the daycare worker is facing charges of grand larceny and possession of stolen property. Catch these T’s Continue reading

SWV Reality Show Trailer – Unresolved Group Drama Returns, Breast Cancer, And Good Music (video)

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I was overjoyed when SWV got back together to bring us their latest album. I was even more excited when I found out that they would be filming a reality television show. I can only hope that the reality show serves as a platform for them to release another album. Anyway, the time has finally arrived for us to get an in depth look at the inner workings of their sisterhood. We the fans never quite got a complete understanding as to why the group broke up in the first place. It looks as if this time around, we will get some answers to what broke up this superstar group back in the 1990′s. Sadly, it looks as if Coco has a run in with breast cancer and the cameras are chronicling her journey. Get into this trailer. Continue reading

Angie Stone Celebrates 52 Birthday With The R&B Divas And Other R&B Legends (pics)

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This past Saturday I had the esteemed pleasure of celebrating Angie Stone’s 52 birthday alongside Angie and her closest friends and family. The TVOne cameras were there and so were all the R&B Divas including the newbies and excluding Nikki Gilbird. There were special performances by Dottie People, Mikki Howard, Allison Williams, Regina Belle and others. When I walked into the party Allison Williams was on the stage singing “Just Call My Name”. Baby when I tell you she shut the place down. Chile folks were slain in the spirit all through the venue. Spontaneity was the driving force in the room. After Angie stone took the stage to perform, an impromptu jam session broke out where Angie called the divas to the stage 1 by 1 to sing a lil something. Chile the gag is, when she called Latavia Roberson to the stage to sing, she would not get out of her chair citing that she had laryngitis. You know I was side-eying the hell out of her. Anyway get into these pics and other T’s from the party. Continue reading

Chrissette Michelle & Leelah James Join Cast Of R&B Divas LA. Dawn’s Car Is Still Running Hot, Kelly Booked

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Yes Gawd hunty. I had already shared with Y’all that Leelah James was joining the cast of R&B Divas LA, but production for season two started today ans so is Chrissette Michelle. Say what say huh? This should be good. The LA cast is coming with it. No tea no shade, in my mind i kind of feel like Chrissette Michelle is above R&B Divas. We all know that R&B Divas is the hasbeen express. Non the less, perhaps the addition of the relevant Chrissette Michelle is an attempt to re-brand the show and give it some spunk after Kelly Price gave the viewers such a negative experience. I’m so glad that Kelly is booked. As a matter of fact, i hope she stays booked from now until the saints come marching in so we never have to see her bad attitude having a$$ again. Dawn isn’t returning either. No one could find her. She was last seen on the side of Santa Monica Boulevard pouring water in her car.

Don’t know much about Chrisette or Leelah? Catch these T’s Continue reading

COMPLETE DEVASTATION: R. Kelly’s ‘#AskRKelly’ Twitter Chat Goes Horribly Wrong

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Complete Devastation To The Nation

Here it is I was getting ready to tell y’all all about how good R. Kelly’s latest album is when i stumbled across this mess. Chile the children went in and let have on Mr. Kelly yesterday. Someone in the marketing department at R. Kelly’s label thought that it would be a great idea to have fans tweet R. Kelly directly with the hashtag #AskRKelly to boost promotions for the CD’s release yesterday. Well, this morning that person may not have a job anymore. Chile, Twitter used this as an opportunity to poke all kinds of fun at the singer with a checkered past. Although most of the questions asked were gravely personal and inappropriate, they were deathly funny.

“Getting ready to answer some of my favorite #AskRKelly questions!! Start tweeting!” the singer shared. What you are about to see down below is what followed:


and this one:


Check out a slew of other funny Tweets Continue reading

2 Black Girls, A Whole Lot Of Cocaine, and Feathers. 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (pics)

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fVictoria's Secret fashion show 2013 ashion-show-4

Chile i had never bothered watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show until last night. Quiet as its kept, with all this wagon I’m dragging, I’ve always been more of a Hanes Girl or a Fruit Of The Loom Lover. I must say, the show was rather entertaining, but there were a lot of things that did not sit well with my spirit.

First off, If I did not know any better, I would think that the only beautiful sexy women are white with long hair and thighs that don’t meet in the middle. There was a total absence in my opinion of adequate representation of ethnic women.They got a lil crafty over at Vickies. Many of the white models were spray tanned so dark thought you confused them for women of color until they got to the very end of the runway and then you could see them for what they were. Lastly I was confused by who the hell would honestly go to bed with all sorts of medal, feathers, and sequins on? I guess they were right for having a bunch of white women in the show because I don’t know of one sistuh that is wearing a Halloween costume to bed. The only thing I’m wearing to bed is a wrap scarf, OKAY! Get into the pics from the show. Continue reading