Marlo Hampton’s Fashions Give You ‘Da Bizness’ At Nene’s Bachelorette Party In Cancun (pics)

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Say what the hell you want to say about Marlo Hampton, but one thing you wont say is that mama cant dress her ass off and has a mean shoe game. Work Miss Marlo! Marlo knows she is dead as wrong for showing up to Nene’s Bachelorette  excursion in Cancun and upstaging all the girls. Marlo wore this all black number with a nasty Tom Ford Gladiator sandal as the women frolicked poolside. Check out the other pictures and catch these T’s from Nene’s girls weekend. Continue reading

First Pic Of Tamar & Vince’s New Baby Boy ‘Logan Vincent Herbert’ Appears

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Tis the season for having babies. It seems as if all or reality televisions leading ladies have had babies recently are currently pregnant. Tamar Braxton, Phaedra Parks, Rasheeda, Kim Kardashian, and whoever else I can’t think at the moment have all been up in Babies-R-Us this year. I’ve got a strong feeling that Kandi Burruss will be next.

Anyway, just in time for Father’s Day, Tamar & Vince recently brought a new baby boy into the world. Meet Logan Vincent Herbert! Well meet his hand. That’s about all we are getting thus far. Following behind Miss Beyonce, the celebs have gotten hip to the fact that the longer you conceal your baby’s identity, the more cash you command from the magazines. Tamar posted the above picture to her instagram on Father’s Day and tagged it with a special message. See what she had to say. Continue reading

DEAR DINEVA: This Jamaican Man Used My Panties To Put A Root On Me. Left Me With Two Kids

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Dear Dineva,

I was introduced to a Jamaican man yrs older than me by my mom who felt i needed to start dating again after my 1st childs father was locked up and I was by myself for a year.We started dating he moved in and he started helping me take care of my son like he was his own, this man was always very sneeky about his life, I never meet his friends and he would stay out late and come in as he pleased I never complained. He kept begging me for a baby because his daughter was in his country  and he wanted more here, I refused and did not carry out 2 of the pregnancies that he broke condoms and threw away my birth control being sneaky  to force me to have one and I suspected he was an illegal immigrant, his papers looked faked and his Id that id seen him use several times was on the 10 oclock action news and in newspapers  sayin how the mun muns=foriegners are using it and its fraud.

He one day got in my bed reeking of another woman his privates smelled of a sour woman and I immediatly put him out my bed after that I put him out,thats when all the mess hit the Fan Dineva he was angry and had a root worked on me I keep noticing some of my items missing like Id’s birth certificate underwear and he loved to take pictures of me all I now suspect were for the voodoo man to work with, I will not describe all that I’ve dealt with but I know he worked a root on me, things went downhill for me after that I ended up pregnant again by him and this time had the baby he was so excited but we didnt live together nor did I know his address he just visited on the regular. I didnt want for anything for our baby but mind you the only person I ever knew from him was his mother who I thought I had a good relationship with,we used to talk alot on the phone and I meet her once.

I told him I didnt want to be with him again as the root was still effecting me and I knew what he did he then he started saying I would have another child by him and he started making circles in my floor and before that I saw him doing things to my panties to but i ignored it I didnt know he was workin roots, after seeing him do that I instantly rebuked him in Jesus’ name and put him out on the other side of the door and holy oiled my place down in Jesus’ name,but 11mos after having my son I then had another baby a girl with him after about a year of sending money for both children, he went to buy a loaf of bread on us Dineva,meaning he never came back, I lost touch and havent heard from him or dealt with him since no money telegrams for the kids nothing,and he still got a root goin against me to keep me oppressed and away and on my family Ive lost my mother,my own business is suffering, my job,Im not a flashy dresser anymore gained a lil weight and Ive been celibate since him and that was in ’07 and me and my kids have been struggling *tears*.

I recently went through my things having just moved and found his mothers phone number and called it after 3 years of not seeing him she wasnt home, her new husband answered I acted like a family friend and asked about them only to find he has 2 kids close to my kids ages that he brings by for his mom to see regularly (mines never meet her) I said ok ill call back .I called back a week later and not knowing what her husband told me she a supposed “righteous woman” claimed to not have seen him for a year and hadn’t heard from him I told her I thought it was foul that he begged me and worked a root for me to have kids and dissapear like that she stuck to her lie, didnt ask about her own Grandchildren or nothing like she didnt want me to disturb his new life,this nigga is MIA and I have no clue where he is that damn mun mun(foriegner) used me the whole 5 years we lived together I knew nothing about his rl life and come to find he was married and him and his Jamaican wife seperated to save money and buy a house,he with a new woman now and taking care of them babies and mines left with no support child support cant find this mun mun to save my day.

I was wondering should I find out the mothers address by her phone number and have child support go from there if they can ,can they ?I just want to know how do I move on without feeling rejected and lost and explain to my children they have no father they are young and I know he still got a root on me how do I find peace I been down to the church house trying to get this thing lifted but every church I went to too busy begging for money they tell you make a 100 dollar line to give a 50 dollar line and so on no peace in that Dineva smh? My kids remember him young as they are how do comfort them and move on btw I dont believe in roots I stay prayed up but ik somebody trying something  …love you btw

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Rich People Problems: Chad Johnson Loosing 45k per month. Says He Only Earns 3k Monthly

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I’m thoroughly convinced that Evelyn Lozada has all kinds of voodoo hidden within the walls of her coochie. Every man that plays around in her kitty box ends up all messed up. Poor Ocho-Cinco’s life has not been the same since his rendezvous with the black widow. Add to Chad’s list of ever growing problems is that the fact that buddy boy is coming up short $45k each month. After loosing his NFL income, Chad is only bringing in $3k per month. Honestly, $3k equates to the salary of our average new college grad working in your most entry level of positions. Coming up short over $45k, I say Chad has some major downsizing to do. He better call Dionne Warrick and get some advice from her bankrupt ass. Catch these T’s Continue reading

Kim Kardashian Delivers Baby Girl 1 Month Early

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Well folks, the media frenzy surrounding Kim Kardashian being pregnant is now over. Thanks to Kris Jenner, we are now about to experience phase 2 of the plan, ‘make millions on post pregnancy hoopla.’ Friday night ( June 15, 2013) Kim started experience major discomfort and checked herself into the Cedars-Sinai Medical. Sources close to Kim & Kanya say it was a NATURAL CHILD BIRTH.  She started having contractions Friday night and went into full labor early Saturday AM. Continue reading

DEAR DINEVA: I’m Passing A College Football Player’s Baby Off As My Husband’s, What Should I Do?

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Dear Dineva,

I really need advice on a situation I’m in. My husband & I have been together for about 10 years now, being married for 7 of the 10. We have 2 kids together. Our relationship has had it’s ups & downs but overall he’s an ok guy. We’ve had infidelity issues on both parts but we usually get through them. He’s always there & holds things down financially. He’s in the military & deploys often for long periods of time. Anywho, during his last deployment I met a young fine, college football player ( i’ll call him TR) who pursued me & made me feel soo good!! TR & I hit it off great & almost immediately began a sexual relationship. About a month into the affair, I found out my husband was coming home from his deployment early. I let TR know & we decided to kinda space things out between us. A few weeks of the hubby being home, I find out I’m pregnant. Knowing I had sex outside of the marriage unprotected & how far along i was it was evident that i was not pregnant from my husband.

Not knowing what to do, I told both my husband & TR the news. The hubby’s reaction was like how? I can tell he knew it wasn’t his, he questioned it but eventually left it alone. TR responded by saying that he knew it was his kid & wasn’t ready to be a dad & to come get $ to get rid of it. He then threw a few bucks my way & disappeared for a couple of months. Even though I knew the kid was not my husbands & the mess that could come out of the situation I still wanted to keep the baby. So that’s what I decided to do. I informed TR of my decision & he pretty much flipped out & told me to never call him again since I didn’t go through with the abortion. So that’s pretty much what I did until I had the baby & my husband started looking really crazy @ me considering the fact the he’s chocolate & the baby looked half white! When my husband asked if he was her father of course I lied & said yes! Should I have told the truth? Should I tell him everything? I’m soo confused!

The hubby eventually left it alone & loves the baby just like his own even tho I know he know she’s not his. But it eats me up inside cause not only am keeping this secret, I’ve developed some strong ill feelings & animosity towards TR! Should I have these feelings toward TR? My baby is now 9 months & I’ve tried contacting TR a time or 2. I’ve even sent pics of her & he never responds! Should i just be content with the way things are & keep this secret forever or should I tell my husband the truth & sock it to TR for being a bitch as nigga & not caring about me or his child?

Soo confused!!

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