WIFE BEATER??? Terrance Howard Allegedly Accused Of Beating Ex- Wife

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Said it’s hard out here for a pimp! Chile, who would hat thought Terrance Howard took that pimp ish serious. Well reports are pouring in that Terrance Ike Turnered the hell out of his egg roll toting white woman ex-wife. Terrance claims Ming Lee Michelle¬†maced him, his adult daughter and another family member. Some folks are saying Terrance just made up that story to cover up getting physical with his ex-wife.

A little back-story on these two, Michelle Ghent divorced Terrance back in May but recently hooked up with him again. An ex is an ex for a reason. Catch these T’s Continue reading

Lil Scrappy & Erika Dixon’s Daughter Bit By Dog. Had To Leave The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion

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So season 2 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta sold all kinds of lies, fantasies, and fairy tales. Since so many people rely on shows like LHHATL to escape the harsh realities of everyday life, I made an executive decision this season to not kill anyone’s joy. I mean who wants to be the the person who tells the kids that Santa Clause doesn’t really exist. Well, during the reunion which you guys will soon see, there is a part where Erika & Scrappy leave the stage and do not return. All sorts of rumors have been swirling around as to what happened. The most popular rumor is that they quit the show. I’m here to tell you you guys nothing of the sort happened. Unfortunately, their daughter got bit by a dog pretty badly and they had to snap into parent mode real quick! Catch these T’s Continue reading

Raven Simone Comes Out The Closet! When Was She Ever In It????

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Chile Raven Simone has officially made it know to the world that she swims in the lady pond. The real gag is, no one is shocked or going up for her because we been knew she was a lesbian. No tea no shade, we have never seen Raven Simone link to any guys romantically, and rumors of her dating various high profile women have always swirled around. I knew something was fishing way back when she was singing “thats what little girls are made of.” Catch these T’s Continue reading

Fugees Video Director Aswad Ayinde Gets 90 Years For Fathering 6 Children With His Own Daughters

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Complete Devastation To The Nation

See this the ish right here I’m talking about! I know you shouldn’t wish bad on anyone, but I hope someone makes cole slaw out of his booty hole in prison! The award winning video producer who produced the Fugee’s Killing Me Softly Video has fathered 6 children with several of his daughters. Ayinde beat and rape his daughters from the 1980′s well through 2002. The sick bastard revealed a plot to create a “pure blood line” that would survive beyond doomsday. I swear these religious fanatics kill me softly. Catch these T’s Continue reading

Cedric “The Entertainer” & Niecy Nash Cover BE Magazine

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Cedric “The Entertainer” & Niecy Nash Show you the Power of Soul in BE Entertained Magazine’s upcoming Power Issue

(July 31, 2013 – Atlanta, GA) TV Land’s favorite Soulful duo teamed up to bring the POWER for BE Magazine’s upcoming power issue. Both Cedric “The Entertainer” & Niecy Nash not only exude soul, they’ve managed to BEcome two of Black Hollywood’s most respected and highly regarded actors/comedians, truly showcasing the power of soul. Continue reading

Cissy Houston Stops Being Old & Ornery And Writes An Open Letter To Lost Bobbi Kristina

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No tea no shade, but I am really starting to question what kind of parent Whitney Houston was. I’ve always been a firm believer that children are a product of their parents expectations. That being said, Bobbi Kristina ain’t sh!t. It irritates me to no end to see young person with no ambition, direction, or passion. I’ve said this before, I find it strange that we have never heard the words “Bobbi Kristina” and “college” in the same sentence. Bobby Kristina could easily be amongst the ranks of Angela Simons, Justin Combs, and Blue Ivy at this point. Hell, Bobb Kristina was the original Blue Ivy quiet as its kept. There was a hell of a lot going on behind the closed doors of Whitney Houston’s home. Much of which we will never know, and that’s alright, because it isn’t our business. However, its just a bit disturbing that Bobbi Kristina seems to be on a road to nowhere.

Bobbi Kristina’s estranged grandmother has to¬† be feeling some of what I am feeling. That must be what pegged her to write an open letter to Bobbi Kristina. If is my believe that Cissy Houston is trying to gain Bobbi’s trust in an effort to guide her and get her on the right path. A job that Pat Houston supposedly was left to do. All bald headed Pat did was exploit the lost little girl with a failed reality show. Check out grandma Cissy’s letter. Continue reading