FASHION: Too Young vs. Too Old

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Too Young?

Many of you might be confused on the appropriate age to wear certain types of clothes.   In my opinion you can wear almost anything as long as your body type says you can wear them. Some women feel as long as they make the clothes in their size then that means it’s ok to wear it, no matter their age.   Today’s fashion isn’t so prude as it was  twenty-five years ago,  there were a lot of do’s and don’ts when it comes to age appropriate wardrobe years ago. You probably would never see a woman over 30 with short shorts, or someone over 40 wearing leggings other than to workout in.  With time comes change, however is you have to question if you are too old to wear something, then it’s likely that you probably should not be wearing it. But as long as your body type is on point for what you are trying to pull off, I say go for it. Be bold, step outside the box and show them what a woman your age is suppose to look like…lol

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When you see this, what do you think? Busted Can of Biscuits Realness!

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COMPLETE DEVASTATION : Jesus Appears In Dog’s Butt (pics)

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Now listen, before y’all get to going off on me for offending folks over White Jesus, according to the bible, Jesus is everywhere at all times. Why should a dog’s but be an exception? In case you are one of those bible thumpers that gets all excited at the mention of the word Jesus, he not only showed up in one dogs butt, he showed up in two. Check out the pics and catch these T’s Continue reading

COMPLETE DEVASTATION: Male Basketball Team Cheerleaders In AlaBAMA

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Listen I am all for this this equality movement that we are in the middle of right now, but somethings should just be left separate not equal! Let me introduce y’all to the Prancing Elites, Mobile Alabama’s premiere  big d!ck queens in spandex dance team. Check them out! Continue reading

DEAR DINEVA: I’m In Love With Another Woman’s HUSBAND, But Wants A Baby With My Ex-Boyfriend

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Dear Dineva,

I first must admit that I’m a Single Black Female in love with a married man who is 18 yrs my senior. You’ve probably heard this story before, yet my story is unique. I just need a little direction. I started messing around with this married man two years ago. We actually met 1 yr after he got married. I went into this not wanting it to be any more than sexual pleasure and a great time. I didn’t anticipate two years later falling in love with him. Although we started as a sexual relationship, it has turned into an emotional relationship. Its now to the point that I don’t want to see anyone but him. I feel he is my soul mate.

Recently he has introduce me to his closets friends, his employees, most shocking, his own grandson. At times I get very uncomfortable with how comfortable he gets with letting me into his life. I’m fully aware that what goes on the dark will eventually come to the light, and destroying his marriage is never my intent. After discussing with him how I felt he has dramatically increased how many times we see each other. Even the phone calls and out of town trips are more frequent. So at this point he’s making this so much harder for me to walk away. Plus the fact that I’m very happy with him at this point.

To add to the madness of this story. My ex boyfriend who is also 20 yrs my senior has recently come back into my life and thru his mid life crisis, wants me to have his baby. I was deeply in love with my ex boyfriend until I met this married man. I would gladly be with him and have his baby but my heart is with someone else. Should I stay in this relationship until the road ends or I should I just end it now and try making a family with my ex?

Single & In love

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Nicci Gilbert Reunites With Brownstone. In 2013 Are They ’5 Miles To Empty’? (video)

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I don’t want to  rain on this parade, but I’m starting to question the love that was made!  Famed 90′s R&B group Brownstone has come together after years of separation, but 1/3 of the trio has me asking “Harpo who this woman?” Don’t get me wrong, I think it is awesome when groups reunite, but its not quite the same when all of the members from the poster in your ‘Word Up’ magazine are not present. As I recall it, the Brownstone I knew and loved consisted of Nicci, Maxee, and Kina. Well, Kina ain’t nowhere to be found so now we have Nicci, Maxee, and Teisha. Who is Teisha? Who cares? The bigger question is where is Kina and why won’t she sing along side Nicci & Maxee? I’m sure y’all can already guess why. Catch these T’s Continue reading

Is This Woman The Latest Addition To The Real Housewives Of Atlanta?

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Every year around this time, rumors begin swirling about who will be the latest addition to the real housewives of Atlanta. Last year it was Nicole Porche, who by the way did film with the ladies. The stars just did not align for her. Now the streets or Atlanta are buzzing about Crystal Mocahantas being the latest addition to The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Catch these T’s. Continue reading

DEAR DINEVA: I’m A Hot Commodity But Attracts Losers, Has Only Had 2 Boyfriends,Scared To Date Online

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Dear Dineva,

I’m almost unsure how to even start this off but I need some clarity and an objective opinion.  I’m 29 years old, no kids, okay job, and college educated.  I live with my parents for the time being but am working towards moving forward and of course moving out.  But me living with my parents is not the issue.  I’ve noticed that a lot of my girlfriends are meeting guys online and have had some success.  But my issue is, I’m not comfortable with online dating at all.  Like I have so many reservations about meeting someone online.  It’s something about it that seems so generic and unauthentic.

For the most part I have never really dated.  Only had two boyfriends and the rest were cuddle buddies.  I recently just got rid of one cuddle buddy I had for 10 years but that’s another situation.  I seem to keep kissing frogs and it’s becoming tiring.  Like the guys who are interested in me, after a while there’s an issue.  Either they have a crumbsnatcher or several of them, they live with their mammy, got an ex-wife, or a hang up over a previous relationship that they’re not over.  I consider myself a down to earth chick and I’ll work with you but is it that my standards are too low?  Is it something about me that attracts these kinds of worthless guys? I’ve even tried older men but I get the same results.  I’ve even been told that maybe I should date outside my race which I’m all for I don’t have a problem with it but  I’m confused.

I think I have a lot to offer and I’m not looking for a relationship but I can’t even find someone to just hang out with.  Like for me and the guy to go out, I always gotta pay. If that’s the case I might as well hire a full time jiggalo LOL.  Any advice?

signing off,

Ms. Hot Commodity

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