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Former football player found by Marvin Bienaime at Bienaime agency N.Y.
From Colorado springs Co.- My prayers go out to all the victims of the fire.
29 years old and most recent appearance is in KirKo Bangz new music video “mad” Filmed past weekend (15th and 16th)

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Fan Mail: Gabrielle Union’s Boyfriend Dwayne Dwade Crossdressing!

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Hello Ms. Funky Dineva Ross,

Here’s some lipton tea for you and your readers to sip on hunty! What is going on with today’s black celebrity men and dressing so effeminately gay? From ASAP Rocky to Tyson Chandler and now Dwayne Wade? It’s one thing to be openly gay twirling out the closet ‘gone with the wind fabulous’ and dress gay. But these athletes are claiming heterosexual, but diving head first in their wives and girlfriends closets hijacking their purses, clutches, shoes, capri pants, and strutting it on the streets like they are singing for their LIVES to stay on RuPauls Drag Race. Look at Gabrielle Union’s boyfriend Dwayne Wade (attachment), this fool has on white Barabra Walters capri pants, an ole nasty pea-coat in the summer time, and a red clutch purse Yes! hunty, a red clutch purse. The only thing missing were some pearl earrings and MAC’s vibrant color lipsticks, and he would be slaying some of us for DUST with the female fashion. YES GAWD!

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Rare Footage Of Whitney Houston Documentary She Started Long Before Her Death (video)

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Long before Whitney fell dead to da tub, she had actually filmed an up close and personal documentary of her life. For reasons unknown, the documentary never made the light of day. In this rare footage, Whitney speaks about her hesitation to allow cameras to follow her every move. After viewing other documentaries from this director, Whitney ultimately gave in and allowed filming to begin. The footage obtained was shot during Whitney’s 1999 “My Love Is Your Love Tour”

Quiet as its kept, its unfortunate that this film never made the light of day because it shows a side of Whitney that most has never been privy to. Long before the the Whitney that was stricken with addiction was the Whitney that we knew and loved. Here is her story… Continue reading

Tamar Braxton Flips Mansion And Makes $3.5 Million PROFIT

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F*ck a music career. If Tamar Braxton’s upcoming album flops, no tea no shade, she can go work beside Jeff Lewis and flip houses. Tamar & Vince have recently had a baby and as an added bonus have deposited an ole nasty check for $3.5 million. Yes Gawd Bish! The gag is Tamar & Vince have only lived in the home for 2-years before they were able to realize this type of profit. Quiet as its kept, rent-a-center didn’t even have time to finish furnishing this 11,700-sqaure-foot home in Hidden Hills, CA. Catch these T’s Continue reading

Mary J. Blige Sued Over Cancelled Show. She Allegedly Canceled But Kept $145k Deposit?

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Escape To Total Rewards At Woldenberg Park, New Orleans

Maybe just maybe y’all should have left Mary J. Blige alone and let her sing about chicken while standing on top of the table holding a flea market purse. Every damn time you turn around, Mary is either defaulting on a loan, in trouble with the taxing authorities, or being sued. Well, she’s now being sued for a $145,000 by Vision Entertainment Worldwide (VEW), an entertainment group. Apparently Mary agreed to perform at a show in Dallas on December 9th, 2012 , but cancelled just days beforehand. You are going to gag as to why she cancelled. Continue reading

Dear Dineva: I pay all the bills while my man cheats, but I love Him? Why Wont the OTHER girls leave my family alone?

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Dear Dineva,

I’m 25 and have been with my boyfriend since high school. We have two kids together. He doesn’t have a job. It’s hard for him to find a job because he is a felon and high school drop out. I have accepted the fact that he is broke but still love him anyway! When I was pregnant with the first child 6 years ago I told him that he didn’t have to do anything as far as bills are concerned. Just be there for the baby! My father wasn’t there for me when I was growing up and I want my kids to have a relationship with him! I worked and paid all the bills and took care of him as well. We did start a business together with my money and my name but we hold the household down with my income from work. Everything was fine until I found out he cheated! He admitted to cheating. I forgave him and we continued the relationship. Then later I found out he had a baby on me with a different woman. I was devastated and angry to say the least. He told me he didn’t want that
baby and it was a mistake. He claims the mom pushes the baby off on him and he doesn’t want to be bothered with either of them, lol I told him I wouldn’t continue to provide for him if he is a part of that child’s life. Its not fair to me and my kids if he takes time and or money away from us and spends it with the other baby. He is barely home as it is now. I spoke with the mother and she said that she would take care of the baby alone! I did tell her when we spoke that the baby was not welcome at my home. That my boyfriend knows he can’t bring the baby to my house. One day she called and he wanted to take the baby some medicine. I was very upset! I texted her and said he wanted a blood test. That’s what he told me so I let her know. I’m not about to have my man out here providing for a baby thats not his and he is not doing anything for the kids we have together. The test came back saying he is the father. Now she has him on child support but I
thought she said he would take care of the baby alone? I have my own house, pay all my bills, and take care of my kids without his help so why can’t she do the same? I feel like I’m a better woman than her because I don’t depend on him for anything even though we are in a relationship and live together.

So he went to jail for a few months and I was there for him the whole time. He begged me to get pregnant and promised to do right once he was released. I let him know about everything that he wasn’t doing around the house and said he would work on it and change because he loves me. I’m the only one who has been there for him all this time. He promised we would be a family and that he wouldn’t contact her or that baby ever again!! I got pregnant soon after his release.

Everything was fine but I would listen in to the voicemails she leaves him on his phone. If its not her it’s other girls I’m finding out about but he assures me that it’s nothing and that he loves me and my kids only! I dont always believe him but I want to have a family. I want him in the household with our kids ONLY! All my friends and family know us as a couple. He does not bring any outside kids around and most of them don’t know anything about that baby. He kept telling me that he was going to sign over his rights and get rid of them for good. I was very happy about that. So the day of court came and I asked him what happened. He said nothing. I asked if he signed over his rights he said no. I was furious because he promised he would! I decided to write the mother an emial telling her everything. I wanted that b!!@@ to know how I felt. I told her about the settlement money that he got from an accident. He didn’t tell her anything about it and
didn’t give her any money for her baby! It was thousands of dollars but he put money in my new house because he loves ME and doesn’t care about her or that baby. That’s because he does not want that baby but she don’t get it. He is never there for the baby on holidays and doesn’t spend any time with the baby. He is there for my kids becuase he wanted them and we planned the second baby while he was in jail. So I let her know he will be there for my new baby and my oldest child but not hers because they are unwanted. hahaha I let that lady have it!

Later on in my pregnancy I find out that he is still sleeping with her. He denies it but I don’t believe it. I want to have failh in him but it’s hard. Fast foward to after I had the second baby a few months ago. He wanted money to take care of some things but something told me to listen to his voicemail before giving him the money! She was on there going on and on about being pregnant. He wanted her to have an abortion which she should have done! Now she is expecting a baby but he said it’s not his. She mentioned something about some other girls being pregnant too. He said she is crazy and made that up. I have since heard rumors that he has a son that was born one week after my daughter by a different chick! I don’t know what to do at this point. I LOVE him with all my heart and have no plans to leave but I want him to be right for me and my kids. I do everything right as a girlfriend. I give him money knowing he wont pay it back, I buy cars he
likes to drive, got the house, pay all the bills, help him avoid paying that B@#*& child support, I’m always there for him. What more could he want?

I really want to know why can’t she and these other chicks just leave us alone and let us be a family? He does not want those other kids. He has told me many times he only wants the OUR kids together and he shows it!


Loving my man and family!

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