Evelyn Lozada Covers Latina Magazine. Talks Basketball Wives And Domestic Abuse

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Chile, Evelyn HOzada is teaching the kids what a good PR team can do for a girls career. I know that’s right chile. Mama is just trying to pay the rent. I ain’t mad with you hunty!  LOL. Let me stop, I don’t even know this lady. Evelyn covers Latina Magazine, and inside she talks about the infamous reputation she created for herself on Basketball Wives and being a victim (so she says) of domestic violence. Honestly, I don’t half care about what she has to say, get into her dress! yes gawd!! Catch these T’s Continue reading

Using The Bible To Slut-Shame Megan Good. If She Was Not A Preacher’s Wife Would Dress Be Ok?

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The thoughts and opinions expressed in this post solely belong to Anti intellect – FUNKY DINEVA DID NOT WRITE THIS

Many people may question why I am writing this piece, considering that I am an atheist. My response to those people is that I am compelled as an atheist activist to hold religious views, especially judgmental ones, accountable. I am also a feminist, so I am deeply concerned with the way that ideas about gender play themselves out in our sexist world.

There has been much conversation about Meagan Good appearance at the 2013 BET Awards. Many people supported Meagan Good’s decision to wear a royal blue dress with a deep cut neckline that showcased her amazing body. However, there have been many people who attacked her for wearing the dress as she presented in the gospel category. People have claimed that no woman, but especially a “woman of god” and a preacher’s wife, should wear that type of dress. Not only are people slut-shaming Meagan Good–policing her womanhood and sexuality, but people are also attacking her Christianity, her right to be a Christian.

As I mentioned earlier, I am an atheist. I have found it impossible to reconcile my Black or gay identities with a religion that was primarily imposed on Black people during slavery, and one that continues to be used to dehumanize gay people. That being said, I find it impossible to remain silent when I see Christianity being used to shame someone. The sexism in the Bible, and the sexist way I saw women treated in churches, were two of the major things leading me towards atheism. The sexist and misogynistic comments being made about Meagan Good remind me of the sexism and misogyny that made me question religion and eventually helped me to embrace a politics of atheism and secular humanism.
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BET Issues An Apology To B. Scott For Making Him Remove Make-up And Heels. Are You Buying It?

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Watching your career begin to grow to heights you never thought imaginable from you just playing around on YouTube is an amazing feeling. It is a feeling I’m sure B. Scott and I both have in common. To make a it to a place where you are appearing in movies and is constantly on television brings the greatest joy. To represent your community and serve them proud is icing on the cake.

I’m sure B. Scott was ecstatic when he got the gig to be a red carpet correspondent for the BET Awards. Things took a turn for the worst when B. Scott was asked to change clothing, remove his make-up, then ultimately was replaced. BET now under fire has issued a statement. Catch these T’s Continue reading

VH1′s The Gossip Game Gets CANCELLED And K. Foxx Gets FIRED From Hot 97

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Well well well, The Gossip Game gets cancelled eh? I can’t say that I am surprised. I spoke a little freely after episode 1, perhaps a little too freely, and it ruffled a few feathers in places high up. The thing is, regardless of quasi affiliations, the truth is what it is. If folks would have just listened to the message and not have been so caught up on the messenger, perhaps they could have adjusted and the show would have performed better. But hey, who am I, other than the consolidated voice of THE PEOPLE? I watch television for a living. I know what the heck I’m talking about.

In addition to the show getting cancelled, K. Foxx’s job at hot 97 got cancelled. I don’t care what nobody has to say, K. Foxx being fired from Hot 97 is DIRECTLY correlated to her participation on The Gossip Game. It was not a good look. On top of it not being a good look, it was a bad look that happened in vain because the show didn’t perform well. Yeah you gotta go ma! It’s a damn shame because anyone who works in radio knows that if you or on are in New York at a station like Hot 97, you have arrived.  Unemployment is not going to pay nearly what Hot 97 paid! ha! Catch these T’s Continue reading

NEWEST ATL Housewife Crystal Being MESSY Already. Sprays Porsha For Trying To Get With Her Man

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Harpo this woman? This is Crystal Mocahantas Barnes. The streets of Atlanta had been busing for a while about Crystal being one of the newest additions to The Real Housewives Of Atlanta. I gave y’all the run down on that some time ago [Is This Woman The Latest Addition To The Real Housewives Of Atlanta?].  Although BRAVO has not officially announced mocahontas-1anything, I am going to go ahead and call this play. Crystal is or will be the newest addition. She’s confirmed with Radar online that “they” have been in talks. Additionally, with her Fiance’s money and Crystal’s organic connection to the group, it just makes sense.

Here is the gag, Crystal is a lil messy and I’m not sure how I am feeling about her right about now. Crystal is claiming that Porsha tried to “get with her man”. Crystal says  Ralo met with Porsha on business and afterwards Porsha began sending Ralo text messages. Here is where sh!t get’s funny. Crystal says someone who stole Ralo’s phone was the person who was responding back to Porsha with R-rated text messages and it wasn’t Ralo himself. GIRL BYE! Don’t ever repeat that AGAIN. Crystal you don’t even believe that dumb sh!t you concocted. Chile…. Catch these T’s Continue reading

Evelyn Lozada’s RAGELY Assistant Nia Crooks Avoids Jail After Bitch Slapping Jennifer Williams

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Y’all remember Nia don’t y’all? You know the one I said looked like Billy Holiday on crack? Well God bless the child that has his own, well has his own lawyer. By the grace of God this maxi dress wearing 7-11 wig rocking, gypsy lady with her reedddddd lipstick on has avoided jail after slapping the hell out of Jennifer Williams. Surely y’all remember all of this? Remember the episode when Evelyn jumped across the table? Chile catch all these T’s Continue reading