Chanita Foster Throws New Atlanta Premiere Party For Cast Member Jevon Sims (pics)

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THE NEW ATLANTA Vawn's viewing party 020 CME 3000 _Sept2013

Last night was a real cute night in Atlanta. The Doll had an amazing time tootsie rolling around the city. The story goes a lil something like this: Two weeks ago at the official premiere party for The New Atlanta, I ran into Chanita Foster and we chatted it up for a lil bit in the corner. Before we parted ways, she invited me to a party. I was half drunk and half paying attention. When I ran into Chanita again this past weekend, she asked me had I received the email about the party. 920I told her and had not, and asked her to verbally fill me in on the happenings. Chanita went on to explain that she was putting together a watch party for Jevon Sims for the debut of The New Atalanta. HERE IS WHERE SH!T GOT REAL. Chanita doesn’t know this, but I rolled my eyes so damn hard I damn near had an aneurism. In my mind I was saying to myself ” Chile cheese ain’t nobody coming to that mess. Who is he, and when did YOU start planning parties”?

Tuesday night rolled around, I was well energized, and quite frankly had nothing to do. I said to myself  “self Chanita Foster is real cool and she did personally invite you out”. Myself replied “yea Jevon is cool too and it ain’t like you got anything to do. Put some clothes on and go.” My gawd I am so glad that i did. Bay-Bay let me tell you something Chanita Foster and her company The Rockstar Brand TURNT IT! Bay-Bay she did the damn thang! I think shameless plugs are tacky and lame, so imma come all out with it!!! I ROCK WITH THE ROCKSTAR BRAND! I will be having Chanita and The Rockstar Brand plan my soiree’s and shin-dings moving forward and here is why:

  • The sh!t started on time (y’all know how we can be with this)
  • The event logistics were flawlessly excecuted
  • The public relations and press coverage was A+ All of the appropriate press outlets were there.
  • Through Chanita’s networks and contacts, all of “the right” people where invited. This created not only a phenomenal party atmosphere, but a great opportunity for people to NETWORK
  • The Rockstar brand secured corporate sponsorships so guest were able to drink FREE and leave with gifts worth having and not a bag full of junk
  • The venue selection was on par with the type of event this was. Added elements such as models, fancy deserts, wait staff, traveling photographers & videographers, and easily identifiable Rockstar Brand staff members took things over the top

I could go on and on about how good the party was and how well put together things were, but I’ll let you guys see for yourself. Damn, the focus of this post was supposed to actually be about The New Atlanta and Jevon Sims. oh well…  Get into the pictures and the video from the party…. Continue reading

Wacka Flacka Says He Is Not Doing Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Telling Little White Lies…

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After 2 seasons of Joseline, Stevie, Mimi and their mess, we’ve all wondered what or who would Love & Hip Hop Atlanta have to add in order to keep things fresh and exciting. This question was answered when stories started to make their way around the net that Wacka Flacka, his momager Deb Atney,  and his fiance’ Tammy where joining the show (EXCLUSIVE!! Waka Flocka Flame & Tammy Rivera Added To Love & Hip Hop Atlanta…) . Wacka & Co didn’t seem to have any issues when the news broke, but now Wacka is signing a different tune. Something in the milk ain’t clean.

On an interview with Power 105′s The Breakfast Club, Wacka dished some dirty tea. Catch these Ts Continue reading

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Do You Find That A Lot Of Big Girls Have Bad Attitudes?

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Ok yea, me using the above picture to illustrate my thoughts right now is shady bootz…

Anyway, I recently added a forum to the website and I want it to be a place where everyone can ask questions, comment, and gain different perspectives on a host of topics.

I struggled today coming up with a question of the day. My phone rang, I stepped away from my computer, took the call as I started making peanut butter crackers, then this question popped in my head.

DISCLAIMER: I am not saying most big girls have bad attitudes as an absolute statement. I’m simply posing the question and is curious to know everyone’s 2 cents on the matter. As with most things in the media, the representation we most frequently see,  are the thoughts, feelings, and stereotypes we most commonly adopt. That being said, the big girls have not been shown in the most positive light these days and could really skew peoples attitudes toward full figured women. I’d particularly like to hear from my big girls. Click the link that will take you directly to the forum and GO IN AND LET HAVE!

FORUM: Do You Find That A Lot Of Big Girls Have Bad Attitudes?


NEW MUSIC: Lil Mo —- L’s Up – PS. Her Hair Is Layed Like Harriet Winslow (listen)

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Listen, say what you want to say about Lil’ Mo. Rather you like her or her music, you must admit that mama is working hard. I get so sick and tired of people sh!tting on opportunities. So many people have stepped into the reality tv spotlight and has done nothing with the shine. Chile, I know y’all remember when Lil Mo gott EVERYBODY together by saying non of them had a song on the radio right now. Well hopefully all of that is about to change. Today Lil’ Mo released a single entitled L’s Up that’s available for download and purchase everywhere. Take a listen and let The Doll know what you think. Continue reading

Teen Girl Puts Kitten In Microwave And TURNS IT ON! Now Facing Charges (video)

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I know the stereotype is that white people allow their cats on their counter tops and on their kitchen table, but chile now they’re putting them in their microwave. No gawd hunty! Now y’all see why I don’t eat round err-body house! This is a sad sick case that Micheal Vick should be all over. Two Maine teenagers put a kitten inside of the microwave, turned it on, recorded the whole ordeal, and posted it to Twitter. For anyone who understands the science behind microwave energy, microwaves heat things from the inside out. Imagine your bloods, organs, and intestines literally boiling and being able to do nothing about it. Definitely brings a new meaning to hot flashes.  Catch these T’s Continue reading

Orange Is The New Black: What You Didn’t See, Deleted Scene (video)

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If you don’t know, you better get in the know real quick! Orange is the New Black is the Scandal of Netflix. The only problem is, because all the episodes are available at once, you end up watching all of them in two days and is stuck waiting 9 months for more. This show is so good that viewers will take whatever new footage they can get. Ellen DeGeneres thought so too. Remember when Piper (main character) was in solitary confinement and she couldn’t tell if someone was on the other side of the wall or if she was going crazy? Well Ellen’s got the answer. Catch these T’s Continue reading