For Some Strange Reason ESPN is More Worried about Michael Sam’s Shower Habits than His Game on the Field

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Written by Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

Football season is approaching and ESPN is full of preseason coverage. We all know that Michael Sam is the first openly gay player in the NFL, he was the 249th pick in this year Draft. While the story should be will Michaela Sam make the St. Louis Rams’ final roster, ESPN can’t really get over the fact that he’s a gay man working in the sport.

For some odd reason someone in the ESPN newsroom thought it would be a good idea to do a segment on Sam’s adjustment to St. Louis Rams. Josina Anderson reported from Earth City, Mo where the Rams are having training camp, before discussing Sam, she talked about various St. Louis Rams’ story and then went on to talk about how Sam is adjusting to the team. One of his teammates, Kendall Langford, said that Sam is “just one of the guys.”

For whatever reason after that Anderson decided to quote an “unnamed” Rams player discussing the same topic:

“Another Rams defensive player told me that ‘Sam is respecting our space’ and that, from his perspective, he seemed to think that Michael Sam is kind of waiting to take a shower, as not to make his teammates uncomfortable.” 

Anderson shared other team memebers’ answer to her irrelevant question. Both Kendall Langford and Alec Ogletree informed the ESPN reporter they weren’t exactly tracking his shower habits.


After backlash from sports fans and players alike (especially from Sam’s teammate Chris Long, he sent out a tweet saying Dear ESPN, Everyone but you is over it.) ESPN issued an apology for the segment in the following statement:

ESPN regrets the manner in which we presented our report…Clearly yesterday we collectively failed to meet the standards we have set in reporting on LGBT-related topics in sports.


Althea Is Taking Joseline to Court for Turning the Love and Hip Hop Reunion into WWE Summer Slam

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Written by Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

Even though we have to wait until Monday to see how it unfolded, the most talked about reunion fight in VH1 history now has a lawsuit attached. As first reported by TMZ when they taped the Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta reunion a few weeks ago it suddenly turned into Joseline v. The World, as she initially started the fight with Althea, then ended up in separate battles with Mimi, Tammy and Ms. Deb Ms. Deb obviously defending her daughter-in-law.) Eventually, 911 was called and VH1 stopped filming for the day and rumors have been circulating that the whole cast has demanded that Mona fires Joseline.

The lawsuit was filed in Dekalb County on Tuesday and it alleges that Joseline and Stevie J “Instigated numerous public conflicts” against Benzino and began making threats of violence against Althea, including on social media. The night before the reunion Stevie J. posted a nude picture of Althea, in what looked like to be Althea in the mist of preforming oral sex. Althea jumped on twitter that same night and claimed that the pic was of her and Benzino. I’m still trying to figure out if that was the case, how did Stevie J. get it in the first place?

Althea also claims that Joseline was high on stage (well…duh) leading up to the fight on stage. Althea says that they were tons of witness who saw Joseline smoking crack/cocaine out of a pipe backstage at the reunion before filming.

Althea is suing Joseline for assault and battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress. The amount that she is suing for has not been disclosed. Althea IS NOT suing VH1 or Monami Entertainment, even though Benzino has publicly said her feels as if the fight was a setup, since he doesn’t understand how security could not tame Joseline.

Crackheads are strong… I’m just saying. *cues Momma Dee’s I Deserve


Sean Kingston’s Mama Is out Here Catfishing Food Pics to Sell Her Dry A$$ Rice & Peas

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Written by Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

This is a new low for the internet, I know ya’ll steal other people’s pictures and claim that it is you for some dick a date, but stealing food pics to promote your business? That’s just ridiculous. While Sean Kingston is parking his cars at his grandma’s house so they won’t be snatched by the repo man, his momma is out here stealing pics from popular food bloggers to promote her Jamaican food truck. The real gag is the food pictures that she stole aren’t even pictures of Jamaican or West Indian food.

Janice Turner runs the Mamma Kingston Kitchen food truck around the Los Angeles area. According to her Instagram account she specialize in Jamaican home cooking with the traditional dishes such as oxtails, rice and peas and porridge, so imagine how surprised Angela Davis, chef, 2013 Food Shorty Awards winner and owner of was when it was brought to her attention by one of her twitter followers that her food photos were being used on Mama Kingston’s food truck’s Instagram account to promote the business! Continue reading

The Beyhive Pulls it…AGAIN: Online petition to have Chris Brown’s Girlfriend Deported Surfaces

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Written By: Brian Rayfield

Now you know what!? The Beyhive has really pulled it with this one yall. Yesterday, we reported that BET and Karreuche Tran issued apologies for the comments made towards Blue Ivy on 106 and Park, and baybeh, not even 24 hours later, the show is on a “planned” hiatus, and there’s an online petition (Yes, a legit Whitehouse document) to have her deported  or “sent into exile.”

Don’t believe me, trust me, I had to sit up for this one too. Check it out below.



Via Deport Karruche Tran:


Deport Karrueche Tran if deportation is not available send her into exile.

Karrueche Tran violated the number one code of the BeyHive Law.

“Thou should never come for Blue Ivy!”

In a tasteless attempt on a national syndicated television show Ms. Tran made a diss towards America’s Princess of the Carter thrown.

And we the BeyAgency demand her deportation effective immediately.”

When I tell you I could barely make it through the entire thing without crying from laughter. Some of yall really have nothing better to do with your time. This girl just can’t win.

[I’d like to point out that Karrueche was born in Los Angeles. I’m not gonna lie though, this ish is hella funny.]



Joe Budden Turns Himself In To Police in Jersey, Says “Real Women Don’t Call the Police”

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Written by Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

Twitter Honey of The Year, Rapper and Love and Hip Hop Star Joe Budden turned himself in to New Jersey Police in connection to an alleged attack on his now ex- girlfriend last week, causing severe bruising to her body. Just for the sake of sepeculation, it was not Tahiry or Katlyn.

According to reports, Joe became angry because his ex-friend was out partying and posted pics with other guys to her Instagram account. The allegedly he drove to Dyckman Street (NYC), stole her cell phone, shoved her in the car and started assaulting her, pushing her face into the dashboard. Afterwards, he allegedly drove back to his New Jersey home and continued to assault the 25-year-old woman in his home.

joe budden

Over the weekend the NYPD twitter page posted that the “Pump It Up” rapper was wanted by the NYPD in connection to the taking of the cellphone. Of Course in true twitter honey fashion he tweeted I’ll be in a strip club in Astoria tonight. Let the “Man Hunt” know @NYPDnews.  and also threatened to sue the NYPD.

NBC Channel 4 in NYC went to Joe Budden’s home where he said that he regrets taunting the NYPD on twitter and he plans to corporate with the NYPD as he did with New Jersey Authorities. He was booked and then released for domestic violence in New Jersey and when he turns himself in to New York Authorities it will also be for domestic violence and robbery for that snatching of her cellphone. According to Joe, the cellphone in question is in his name, but he wants to rectify the situation and move on.

If you can remember this isn’t the first time Joe has been accused of domestic violence. Back in 2011, his ex-girlfriend Esther Baxter accused him of beating her resulting in a restraining order and a miscarriage of their unborn child. He talked about it in the song “No Ordinary Love Sh*t Pt. 3.” He took to his twitter to make light of the situation and give his thoughts on the situation as well and domestic cases in general.

joe budden2

What’s more disgusting than his logic and the people who agree with him are the women in his mentions telling him that they would never call the police on him, trying to get chose…

In other news, according to Joe he will not be on the next season of Love and Hip-Hop: New York… silver lining.

BET Sets Karrueche Up by Having Her Insult Blue Ivy on 106 & Park

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Written by Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

Apparently, BET is fed up with Beyoncé sending in her performances for their award show via Vodlocker and YouTube, then showing up live to perform for MTV’s award show, so they decided to throw a little shade at Beyoncé’s daughter, Blue Ivy through the most hated celebrity girlfriend in the world, Karrueche Tran.

The segment on Monday’s episode of 106 & Park was entitled “The Top Six Things Blue Ivy Thought about the VMA’s” and number three was “I woke up like this” in which Karrueche made the second worst decision in her life (the first is getting back with Chris Brown time and time again.) She read from the teleprompter I really did wake up like this because, my parents never comb my hair….

Continue reading