More Video Footage Of Joseline Hernandez High In The Booth Appears + Stevie J & Joseline Respond

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Listen, I will never in my life try and act as if I am “Holier Than Thou”, and hasn’t gotten high off of something that the police wouldn’t approve of, but whatever the f&ck this bish is on, I don’t want no parts of it. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, Armageddon happens. More video footage has arisen of Joseline Hernandez conducting a voodoo seance in the booth while high off of bath salts (if you let me tell it). To top things off, it is obvious at this point that the poor misguided girl is being set up to be clowned by the people who she thinks are her friends. Newsflash Joseline, while you were in the booth, they were laughing at you, not with you. Hence why videos of you trying to communicate with the dead are now going viral on the net.

So what does Joseline have to say about all of this?

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READ [Joseline Hernadez High In The Booth, Disses Other Artists. WTF??? (Videos)]

Girl BYE! We all know that message was pointed towards The Doll. Catch this! Joseline Hernandez, please let’s not act like you stay on the blogs because you are supper talented and everyone in the world wants to be you. Put the pipe down and listen careful to what I am about to say. You stay on the blogs because you are the comedic relief on one the the highest rated reality television shows in America. Plainly put, YOU ARE THE JOKE OF THE DAY. Your body is banging though and your teeth are pretty, if its any consolation prize.

Stevie J had a lil something something to say too. Check out what Stevie had to say, and the extended video of Joseline evoking the spirits of the walking dead… Continue reading

Joseline Hernadez High In The Booth, Disses Other Artists. WTF??? (Videos)

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Sooooo, someone just tipped me off to check out up & coming  rapper ferrari ferrell‘s Twitter page for some exclusive new music from Joseline Hernandez. Ha! As if I we were waiting for it. Bae-bae, you would think Miss Joseline is the reigning Queen of rap. Mama had the balls to diss Katy Perry, Lil Kim, Rihana, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce and more. If there was any doubt in my mind that Joseline was on drugs, all doubt has been absolved. Joseline? Really girl? You got the nerve to diss females who actually have talent, and you still wear Bongo jean shorts? Chile Bye… No tea no shade, Joseline raps like a deaf person. Stevie needs to scratch those dance lessons and get this woman some sign language courses.

Aside from Joseline’s aspirations to be an artist being a total joke and a complete waste of time, the tea is, Joseline is visibly high off of something. To top things off, several guys are seen coming in and out the booth. Uhmmmm, mama who are these men? Take a look at these videos and then let’s continue this discussion…

Continue reading

Angie Stone Has No Job And No Man! Resigns From R&B Divas ATL And Splits From Cheating Boyfriend

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2008 Trumpet Awards

I really haven’t been that motivated to blog that much this past week. However, after watching the R&B Divas Atlanta season 2 reunion I can’t get this whole Angie Stone situation out of my mind. Throughout my viewing experience with Angie, she always seemed pretty cool, calm, and collected. However, at the mid point of the reunion, she seemed very shaken & stirred. Undoubtedly I could sense that there was something greater going on than Syleena Johnson implying Angie was shady.

All hell broke lose when Wendy Williams asked Angie Stone about whether or not she and Ashanti were sleeping in separate hotel rooms. Instantly you could tell the question rattled Angie to her core.  Wendy didn’t make things better by divulging to Angie that she overheard Ashanti calling her an “F’n idiot”. At that very moment I sensed that there was something a bit personal going on with Angie and Ashanti. It wasn’t until Angie abruptly departed from the reunion set that I was truly convinced there was trouble in paradise. To Wendy William’s defense, she was only there to ask the tough questions and the ONLY reason Angie got so upset was because it struck a nerve. Continue reading

Appollo Nida Gets Sentenced To 8-Years In Prison. FIX IT JESUS

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Lawd Appollo done cashed them peoples checks and bootlegged them loans and it has landed him 8 years in the slammer . I hope they have a full supply of Vaseline in the commissary, cause his fine ass is going to need it. I can hear Phaedra now saying “fix it Jesus”.

Apollo Nida just got an enormous break for singing like a canary … he got 1/4 the maximum sentence for a massive money fraud scheme.

Nida — who appears on “Real Housewives of Atlanta” with wife Phaedra Parks — was just sentenced to 8 years in federal prison for cashing stolen checks and laundering more than $2.3 mil through phony bank accounts.

The judge who sentenced him today in a Georgia court said Nida did indeed cooperate with federal investigators by spilling criminal secrets … and that’s why he got leniency.

Nida could have been sentenced to 30 years, so 8 years is a big victory.

It’s all relative folks. – TMZ

It’s Official, Rosie O’Donnell Is Returning To The View. Rosie & Whoopi = YES GAWD B!TCH

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It’s official!!!! Rosie O’Donnell is returning to The View. I’m so here for this! My only concern is that between Rosie and Whoopi Goldbergh, whomever the stylist is will be unable to find enough vest and men’s white dress shirts for the two of them to wear. Lord I can see the headlines now, “Whoopi and Rosie get to fighting down to the dressing room over a tie”.  Ha! Quiet as its kept, they need to just go on ahead and get Wanda Sykes and Ellen DeGeneres! Is it me, or is the cast beginning to look a lil butchie?

It’s reported that producers of The View are looking for a Latina and a Conservative. Two conservative candidates who are being scoped are Abby Huntsman and Margaret Hoover, whoever the hell they are…

Are you excited about Rosie?


Joan Rivers Says Barack Obama Is Gay And Michelle Obama Is A Tranny. Funny or Nah?

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Excuse me while I try to type while laughing hysterically. While touring the country promoting her new book, Joan Rivers was asked by a

photographer if she believed the United States would ever see the first gay or female president. Her response was typical Rivers.

“We already have it with Obama, so let’s just calm down,” she said. “You know Michelle (Obama) is a trans.”

When asked to further explain Rivers said, “A transgender. We all know it.”

I was tickled as hell by this joke. As a matter of fact, I could not contain my laughter. I honestly thought that this was funny and comedy at its finest. Many people have taken exception with Rivers and her snide remarks. As it relates to the President, for one to be upset implies that there is something wrong with being gay, in order for being called gay to be an insult. So clearly you guys see  why I can’t support being mad with Rivers. As it relates to Michelle Obama, I mean… First Lady or not, she does look a little trannyesque at times. I’m just saying. Let’s not act like the joke is far off and came completely out of left field. For those of y’all who are mad, you’ve thought it, Joan just said it.

Check out the video… Continue reading