Tami Roman Sets Sights On Higher Ground; To Hell With A BBW Check. Snags Role Next To Halle Berry

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Written by guest writer Brian Rayfield @BrianRayfield

Call me late, but believe it or not, it’s actually kind of hard to keep up with everything these reality stars have going, and dish yall the T’s consistently.

But I’d say congrats are in order for Ms. Tami Roman, who is consistently nabbing role after role in scripted television. This time, mama is doing it big on the small screen, appearing opposite Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry, in CBS’ “Extant”. Tami was seen last night at the Los Angeles premiere of the series.

Although not much is currently known about Roman’s character, Cass Hendy, the series will follow Berry, an astronaut returning to Earth after spending a year in space.

Might I add that the series is produced by Steven Spielberg, so let it be known that Tami is rubbing elbows with some ole’nasty Hollywood coin. Hats off to you Mama!

The series is slated to premiere in July, and given that TV Ones “Belles” has been canceled, and the people not too much featuring “Basketball Wives,” Tami just might have struck gold. Continue reading

Keeping Up With These Kitches*.Kourt’s 3rd Pregnancy, Kim’s 3rd Marriage, Klohe’s 3rd Diet

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Written by guest writer Kay Marie  @mskay_marie

Sooo I guess congrats or something may be in order for Kourt Dash and Lord Disick… They confirmed a 3rd child is on the way via the premiere of KUWTK which aired on E! Sunday June 8! Sidebar: What I want to know is how the hell Kim managed to have 3 husbands during the course of their relationship and Kourt and Dick haven’t even managed to get along let alone get married at least once! And they can miss me with that fake ass shock they showed on the show I don’t even know this Kitch* and I wasn’t even surprised… this Kitch* is clearly fertile as hell and shacking with her baby daddy so these kids should be expected at this point ( their son Mason is 5 and daughter Penelope will be 2 in July)… the shock need to come if this Kitch* stop having babies or maybe if she finally gets a ring from Scott or some damn body please propose to this Kitch* ASAP…

They got way too much money for no damn reason for her not to be on some type of top notch birth control. Clearly they are doing this ish on purpose, but yall need some better dramatics to keep them ratings girls . We aint going to be caught under yall spell for much longer. Every season its the same thing. At this point, Kim getting married, Khloe getting on a diet, and Kourt continuously getting pregnant, and Kris getting more and more ridiculous… I mean but then again this is Kim’s 3rd marriage, Khloe’s 3rd diet, Kourtney’s 3rd baby, and Kris’ 3rd separation from Bruce… so let’s hope 3′s a charm and all works out this time for these Kitches* so we can get some new things to talk about them for with their rich for no reason asses… Catch their pointless shenanigans Sunday nights @ 9 on E! Yall clothes in Sears dope tho (I’m just saying)

*Kitch/Kitches noun or verb I use to describe “those Kardashian b!tches” as I know we all call them lol

Divorce Court: Crazy Woman Ties Up Husband, Spanks Him, Says Call Her “Queen Kitty” (video)

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queen kitty

I swear for Lawd you cant care black people nowhere. Some of y’all just don’t know how to act. The show Divorce Court is funny all in itself, but every now and again, there is a couple on the show that takes funny to the next leve. The headline alone explains the general gist of the video, but you’ve got to see this ish to believe it.

Check it out… Continue reading

VOTE NOW: #LHHATL Battle of the BEEFCAKE. Who’s Got the Better Beefcake, Benzino or Young Joc (pics)

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Nessa Girl, I just love when things i’ve reported on in the past come to light on television. It just gives The Doll added credibility. Nonetheless, if you watched last night’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, while on a trip to New Orleans with Rasheeda and Kalina, Karlie showed the ladies a pic of what Young Joc is working with down below. The ladies went crazy on the bus. So just what did Karlie show them? Don’t worry bae-bae, cause I’ve got that for you. Additionally, Karlie went on to say that Benzino had a small manhood in comparison to Young Joc’s. Is this really true? Don’t worry bae-bae cause I’ve got that for you too!

Leading up to this, there was a scandal involving Karlie Redd photoshopping naked pictures of both men to support her agenda. You can read up on all that here: The Race Is Not Given To The Swift. Karlie Redd Photoshop’s Benzino & Joc Penis Pic Comparisons

On the the main event!

The moment you’ve guys have all been waiting for. The Battle Of The Beefcake

Cast your vote below! Continue reading

Dear Dineva: He Sexes Me Then Ignores Me, Treats Me Bad & Talks Crazy, But I Love Him. HELP

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Dear FunkyDineva

Help me. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’m stuck in love with Satan’s spawn. We’ve been together for a year and a half. & its all been bullshit. He’s 25 I’m 23. He has two kids and a baby mother. I have none. He’s always out with his friends getting drunk. Its like pulling  teeth getting him to spend time with me. If he’s home either he’s sleep or we sex and then he goes to sleep. He disappears for hours and doesn’t understand why I’m pissed or why I assume he’s cheating. I take nothing from him as a man. Great father, he protects and provides for all of us. But as a boyfriend he sucks. His baby mother still has no idea about me, yet her children love the shit out of me.  When they come over its like our own lil family. But at the end of the day those are not my kids. I know that, accept that and let it be known. She should know the people her children are around but maybe that’s just me. He says its cause he doesn’t want her to try and take them from him. I know there are ways around that shit. But he’s so stubborn that nobody on planet earth can tell him anything bout anything. He knows it all. He needs no one. He can do it all by himself.

Since day one I have given this man my all. Always been honest and true. Stuck by his side through everything, from the different bitches down to the legal troubles we both have now because of him. I cook, I clean, I sex, I do anything he asks me to do whenever he asks. Yet and still I get no respect. He ignores me and disrespects me. He makes me cry and yells and screams because I’m crying. And he’ll leave me there. An emotional wreck. He does whatever he wants with no regard to me or how I’m gonna feel. We pretty much live together. And we argue almost every day about the way he goes about things. I see this niggah back cause he’s leaving to go be with his friends more than I see his face. Me, I compromise. I try my hardest to change whatever it is that bothers him. My whole goal is to make him happy. But let him tell it Its always something I did. He’s never wrong and never apologizes. Even when caught red handed. Yet I’m still here. Never left. I keep giving him love thinking that he doesn’t know how to be a boyfriend. Thinking he only knows how to be a niggah to a bitch. Nobody’s required more than just money from him. So I can’t fault him for what he doesn’t know. I have to show em. I can’t give up on him. I told him I would always be there for him. But what about me?..

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#LHHATL “No Reckless Internet Posting” Campaign Looks Like Bullsh!t With Mimi Faust As A Psuedo Spokesperson.

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When I saw the above Tweet last night, I couldn’t do anything but laugh. Really girl? Now you’ve got the nerve to have standards? Chile Cheese.  Let me be the first to say that I am all for championing causes and using well established platforms to push social reform. However, you’ve got to be careful who all latches on to the bandwagon and inadvertently becomes a brand ambassador because it can neutralize the energy needed to push the agenda forward, and quite honestly render it a joke.

Y’all know me, I don’t take nothing from it, and I ain’t adding nothing to it. If I was Deb Antney, I would make a polite phone call to Mimi Faust, and ask her nicely to never Tweet again making any reference to No RIP.  Here is where I take exception with Mimi having the unmitigated gall to say publicly “ I will not entertain reckless internet posting.” With the reach (viewership) of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, coupled with the antics/stunts & shows of Mimi Faust, her sheer presence does more to lend itself to the overall decay of Americas Moral Fiber, than someone posting nasty stuff on the Internet. Ohh so you can do all kinds of nasty stuff for a dollar and post it on the Internet, but no one can say nasty things about it on the internet. Ohhhh okay. Get the f&ck out of here. Now I COMPLETELY understand why corporations have morality clauses in their contracts. I once felt like what people do in their private lives is their business. However, Mimi Faust speaking up on such a worthy cause such as No RIP has clearly illustrated to me how what people do in their private lives can affect the business.

My question now to proponents of No RIP is “ all things withstanding, is this very post reckless?” Surely it will be housed on the Internet for years to come. Mimi’s daughter will one day have access to it, her family will have access to it, potential business partners and people looking for brand ambassadors will have access to it.  It’s the TRUTH. Continue reading