T.D. Jakes Plans To Take Jeezy To Court

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Written by Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

Oprah’s favorite Bishop is not happy with Young Jizzle from the bottom of the map. T.D. Jakes has announced that he plans to take legal action against Jeezy over an unauthorized sample of Jakes’ sermon called “Don’t Let The Chatter Stop You” that is featured on Jeezy’s song “Holy Ghost” remix, featuring Kendrick Lamar.

Jakes has not publicly expressed what exactly is his suing for, but the Bishop took to his Facebook page to announce the upcoming lawsuit:

“SPECIAL NOTICE: The ‘Holy Ghost’ remix by Jeezy featuring Kendrick Lamar was produced without the knowledge or consent of TD Jakes, TDJ Enterprises, Dexterity Music or its associated companies. We are taking the necessary legal actions to stop the unauthorized use of T.D. Jakes’ intellectual property.”

Now, ya’ll know you can’t sample or use any pastor’s voice without giving them their 10% for God. You know some of the leaders of the church are worse than Sallie Mae and the IRS combined when it comes to snatching the money that folds –not jingle. Check out the sample below (right in the beginning of the song):

SCRATCH & SNIFF: Which Is Worse, Teairra Marí’s Itchy Kitty or Her Attitude?

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Listen y’all, I got the house this morning sometime after 1am. After crawling in bed, Love & Hip Hop Hollywood was on tv, and I figured I’d watch it until I fell asleep. Let me be the first person to say, I AM NOT HERE FOR TEAIRRA MARI and her antics AT ALL. And why the hell is spelling her name so damn complicated? Ghetto a$$. Let me tell y’all something, this R&B Divas hopeful is trying so hard to avoid ending up on TV One’s UNSUNG, that she is turning up for the sake of turning up and making an ass out of herself as she goes. Quiet as its kept, if she ran a rag between her legs as vigorously as she ran her mouth, perhaps she wouldn’t need pills & potions, powders & creams, to cool that fire that’s rolllin in her deep! Ya Feel me (Lil Scappy voice)

It saddens me that we now live in a time where cutting up on a reality tv show is everyone’s way out of the hood. Thanks a lot Evelyn Lozada! You really paved the way. While I’m on “making it out of the hood”, is it me, or is Teairra Mari homeless? Love & Hip Hop Hollywood opens up with Teairra talmbout she is “house sitting.” Girl bye! That is code for “I ain’t got no place to stay.” Have y’all notice that thus far, she has been in a permanent state of “house sitting”, and ain’t been home yet? Chile and you wonder why Ray J stop messing with her. Her “boom box” got that super bass and she ain’t got no business about herself. All things constant, I guess I’d have a bad attitude too.

If Teairra thinks one time that she is going to be the Joseline Hernandez of Hollywood, she might as well hang it up. No tea no shade, the guys on LHHH are far more interesting than the girls, and are overshadowing them at the moment. I honestly was expecting Teairra to come on this show, and NOT give the people what they were expecting. Rumors of Teairra having an atrocious attitude have plague her for years. All jokes aside, industry insiders always make mention of how the label had BIG PLANS for Rihanna & Teairra at the same time. However, the opted to drop Teairra because of her bad a$$ attitude. Chile I guess. On second thought, not having any real tangible musical talent, I guess turning up for a check is her only option at this point. Work ain’t honest but it pays the bills!

Here’s what we know, if the reality tv stuff does not work out for Miss Mari, she can always go be a spokesperson for Vagisil and Monistat, AT THE SAME DAMN TIME. Ewww chile, how embarrassing. BYE!


Madea Goes To Lamaze Class. Tyler Perry Expecting A Baby

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Now look, before we event get into this, let me start off by saying “I don’t make the news, I just report it, okay.” Nessa girl, “The People” say Tyler Perry is expecting a baby. Chile, they say Perry announced last week at his 45th birthday celebration that he is expecting his first child. Quiet as its kept, we think it might be some ole Virgin Mary immaculate conception type of hoodoo going on, because ain’t nobody said nothing bout no wife, girlfriend, or cut buddy being pregnant.

For the last 5 years, Perry has been dating Gelila Bekele, a 28-year-old Ethiopian model and philanthropist. However, as of recent, sitings of these two together have been pretty non existent. Considering Perry’s firm Christian beliefs, it is reasonable to assume that he isn’t “creating” a baby perse’, being that he isn’t married, or at least we don’t think he is. It is more reasonable to believe that Perry will be adopting or entering some sort of surrogacy arrangement.If he did go the surrogacy route, I hope he consulted Sherri Shepherd first…

Chile this sounds real LGBT based to me hunty… I tried not to go there, but hmmmm. Maybe Oprah is Tyler’s baby mama? Wouldn’t that be something?  All shade aside, It think Tyler Perry has a lot to offer a child. Any child he parents, regardless of the circumstances surrounding their birth, is going to be one lucky kid!

Erica Mena (#LHHNY) Now A Resident Of Atlanta. Moves In With Bow Wow. The Engagement Is Real

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Nessa girl, Erica Mena has moved all her sh!t in in just the nick of time. Bow Wow is about to start collecting those CSI Cyber checks and Mena will be there to redecorate. Quiet as its kept, when I found out that these two were engaged to me married, I sucked my teeth and rolled my eyes so hard that I had a headache afterwards. I honestly thought that this a manufactured love affair for an upcoming season of Love & Hip Hop or something. It just all seemed a little weird that no one really knew these two were dating that seriously, then they up engaged.

We were filming Kandi Koated Knights last night where Erica Mena was our special guest. Until now, she and I had never met. I must say that she was pretty open and a ball of fun. Mena let it be known that Bow Wow proposed to her within 90 days of them dating. Let the record reflect that these two have known each other for years, and has sort have been each others emotional support system for quite some time. All of this is per Mena

So will this marriage see the light of day? Probably not. That’s no shade to neither one of them, but we all know how these things tend to go in the entertainment industry. I wish them both the best, and hope’s things pan out perfectly, but I’m not holding my breathe waiting on no Bridal Registry.

Welcome to Atlanta Erica

T.I. Throws A Private, No Cell Phone Allowed, Pajama Party? What All Do You Think Happened?

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Sean "Diddy" Combs Hosts CIROC The New Year 2014 At Private Miami Estate

Everyone knows the BET Hip Hop Awards weekend is unofficially T.I. weekend. T.I.’s birthday happens to coincide with the awards, so he throws a slew of parties every year. The most coveted party is the private invite only party that takes place immediately following the awards show. I’ve been to two of them in the past, and I must say, they are grand lavish affairs. I had a phenomenal time both years. This year, the word on the curb is that T.I. was switching things up and having a pajama party. Hmmmmmm, grown folks, liquor, rappers, pajamas, nah I’ll pass. This is a recipe for a whole bunch of mess if you ask me. Attendees were asked to leave the cell phones in the car, and all male attendees had to have at least $500 in their pockets. We already know what time it is with that.

By no means am I judging. This style of party may be fun for some, but it definitely isn’t my thing. There are all kinds of rumors swirling around town about the types of things that go on in and out of T.I. and Tiny’s bedrooms, and “parties” like this don’t make things any better. Side note, I bet it was funny as hell watching a bunch of overgrown black folks walking up the hill to a party in pj’s. Ha I would have given anything to have seen this. I don’t know, all of this just feels a little too sexually charged for my blood. What are your thoughts?

Gabrielle Union Put On BLAST. NAKED Photos leaked. NSFW

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Chile First it was Jill Scott, now the hackers done got Gabrielle Union. Listen, y’all are going to get enough of snapping nude pictures of y’all selves with these camera phones and all these Apple upgrades. Quiet as its kept, let me go delete all me and my neighbor’s husband naked pictures before photos of me in all kinds of compromising situations hit the net.

I wonder how Dwayne Wade feels?? Lowkey, I don’t put anything past these celebs these days. She probably leaked her own pics to garner promo for Being Mary Jane.  Anyway, Get into her pics…


Warning, once you click this link, things become X-rated and are NOT SAFE FOR WORK


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