Married To Medicine Season 2 Reunion Sneak Peak. Simone & Toya FIGHT, Mariah Lying, And Quad Crying

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Chile I have not half payed attention to this season of Married to Medicine, but I am really impressed with their reunion set. For whatever reason, Married To Medicine just fails to hold my attention. I think the other part of my disinterest is my associations with many of the ladies and my association with the mess that is going on between Quad & Mariah. I just refused to relive all the drama again every damn Sunday for 15 weeks. It’s a a lot to constantly have to relive some sh!t that has happened over a year ago. My brain isn’t set up to handle that.

Nonetheless, the season 2 reunion is almost upon us, and it looks like it is going to be a juicy one. Take a look at the 2 sneak peeks I’ve attached. Continue reading

Beyonce May Have Another Sibling. Second Woman Files Paternity Suit Against Mathew Knowles

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Like honestly, who the hell is screwing Mathew Knowles? I’m convinced he must be sprinkling some Creole Lady Marmalade in women’s drinks when they tip off to the bathroom. Letting Mathew Knowles raw dog in your “love jones” just proves that the struggle is real. These days, people will do anything to get a small piece of Beyonce, including having babies from her old ass daddy. Much to these ladies dismay, Mathew’s Coins are drying up, and he doesn’t have much to share. Y’all better ask his first baby mamma from 2010. Y’all see that heffa was on inside edition giving us a tour of the homeless shelter she was living in.

It seems as if Mathew Knowles was really going through some things in 2010. That is the year his first love child was born, and just so happens to be the year his alleged 2nd love child was born as well. Taqoya Branscomb alleges that in 2010 Mathew Knowles fathered  her daughter in Harris County, Texas. Branscomb is using the law to try and get Mathew Knowles to take a paternity test, secure child support, and get her legal fees paid. Continue reading

Is Nicki Minaj Guilty Of Doing To Iggy Azelea What Lil Kim Did To Her?

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Way back when, when Lil Kim was so fixated on running off at the mouth about then newcomer Nicki Minaj, I always felt that it was jealousy that fueled Kim’s anger. Of course you Kim stans are going to chime in with “what does Lil Kim need to be jealous of Nicki Minaj for”, and I’m with you. I think the jealousy came into play when Lil Kim realized that she was no longer hip hop’s  “it girl.” For whatever reason the rap game has grown to a place where it seems to only be able to sustain one female rapper at a time. This is very ironic consider that the same game can concurrently sustain male rappers by the double digits. In all honesty, that’s the fight female emcees need to be fighting, not each other.

During her acceptance speech at the BET Awards, Nicki Minaj took a slight dig at Iggy Azelia saying when “you hear Nicki Minaj spit, Nicki Minaj wrote it,” At the end of the day, everyone new that she was talking about her competitor Iggy Azelia, but why? I swear rappers are some of the most immature, mentally undeveloped assholes with their constant perpetuation of gang like thinking. In 2014, what the hell is street cred? Like seriously, because someone did not write their rhymes, it doesn’t take away from their talent. Hell Whitney Houston wrote next to non of her music, yet she is still regarded as one of the greatest singers EVER! Does it strengthen an artist’s total package if they write their own music? Yes. However, if they don’t write their own music, all the same, they are still an artist. Continue reading

Church Queen READS Kim Burrell & Princess Donnie McClurkin For Being Disrespectful During Audition (video)

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I done told you people time and time again, the last person on this earth that you want to play around with is a sissy. OKAY! You damn sure don’t want to mess with a devoted sissy who has been lead by the lord to audition for Sunday’s Best. Kim Burrell found this out the hard way. You would have thought her sister Donnie McClurkin would have forewarned her. Nope, he sat right next to her and watched her walk into the Lion’s Den. God was NOT on time this particular day.

The story goes, returning contestant is singing his poor heart out, and Kim Burrell and Dutches Donnie were sitting both of their frowsey asses up on the judges panel laughing and whispering like two little school girls. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that the young man’s voice was the best, but he did not deserve to be laughed at and whispered about to his face. Felling the disrespect, he got Kim Burrell’s big Donkey Kong looking ass right together. Y’all can get mad with me all y’all want, that heffa looks like a Silver Back Gorilla. I don’t like Kim Burrell, and I ain’t never liked her. I absolutely hate the way she sings. All them damn pointless runs wear me the f&ck out! Oh well, no amount of anointing was able to save her from looking like a plum fool when this contestant gave her the business. Check it out! Continue reading

Tiny Looks The Best We’ve Seen Her In Years At BET Awards. Do You Agree?

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Is it me, or does the toned down Tiny look much better than the Tiny we have been seeing over the last few years. This look really suits her well. In my opinion, Tiny is a relatively cute girl when her face and body is not pumped full of bubble gum and paste. Tiny and her looks have been the butt of many jokes over the years, and all of that very well could have been avoided. All the cosmetic procedures, weaves, makeup, and tacky fashions were just overkill. She must have gotten a friend other than Shekinah to help her get dressed last night!

I want to know what you think? Do you like this more natural look for Tiny?

Chris Brown Gets So Drunk At BET Awards After Party, Guys Have To Cary Him Out (video)

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Chile, Chris Brown done went down to da after party bar, got drunk bootz, and damn near feel dead to da bed. Breezy was so trashed that he had to be carried out by two guys. Barely able to walk, Brown jumped in an orange Lambo where Karate Cooch (Karrueche Tran) was waiting to drive him home. I’m not going to judge ole Chris, because we all have had too much to drink a time or two. However, I will say this does not look good with him just getting out of jail and him having done that small stint in rehab.