WHAT HAPPENED: The Evolution of Clair Huxtable into Being Mary Jane

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In an era of side chicks and #’2, the media seems to bee preoccupied with these Scandal / Being Mary Jane type story lines. I personally think art is imitating life, and what we are now seeing on our television screen now is a reflection of whats been going on for years. However, there are a select group that feel differently and take major exception with “the white man screwing the sister” or ” the successful sister screwing the married man.” I get it, I’m just not losing any sleep over it. I came across this pretty cool article that is sure to spark conversation. Check it out:

Perhaps a more suitable title for this blog would be, “The Deterioration of Clair Huxtable into Being Mary Jane,” but for the sake of attracting readership I chose to go with the word, ‘evolution.’  I wanted to purposely offend all of your memories of the smooth, professional, beautiful wife, mother of five, New York City lawyer, television persona, Clair Huxtable and make you think twice about your affections for the the charming, beautiful, professional adulterer, Mary Jane.

In a time when black America needs no help in projecting harmful and negative stereotypes within its communities, television writers and more specifically black television writers are cashing in exponentially on black female television heroines such as Olivia Pope and Mary Jane while they avoid less controversial role portrayals like Clair Huxtable as if she were a plague, but I understand. Clair is played out.

No one can be that beautiful, that happy, and that professional all of the time. Moreover, by today’s television standards, Clair is boring.  She loved Cliff and Cliff only. When her children needed her advice, she seemed happy to give it to them and her job always seemed to be a distant third behind Sandra, Denise, Theo, Vanessa, Rudy, and Cliff respectively.

Understandably, in a time when more women are working and raising children in their single state, I am sure it can be hard to relate to Clair Huxtable, but is it really that easy to relate to Mary Jane? Continue reading

NEW MOVIE: Think Like A Man Too (Trailer)

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Sooooo, I have not even seen the First Think Like A Man so I can’t say much. Though I am not a fan of cheap black cinema featuring recycled talent, I will say that I am glad that we are currently in another era were  a lot of black films are being produced. I looked at the trailer and it appears to be pretty on par with all the other Kevin Heart / Gabrielle Union movies. As with everything, there is a market for this. Enjoy!

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Andre 3000′s Father Dies Of Heart Attack After Chopping Fire Wood For Heat Due To Power Outage

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Y’all send a prayer up for my boy Andre 3000. My girl Michelle Brown (Straight From The A)  who is close friends with a slew of folks over in the Outkast camp got a call yesterday reporting some sad news. Lawrence Walker, biological father of Andre Benjamin has passed away from a heart attack. Complete details are still fuzzy at the moment. It’s being reported that Walker lost power to his home due to the ice storms we are experiencing in Atlanta. He went outside to chop some firewood, and when he returned indoors, he suffered a heart attack. Catch these T’s Continue reading

Nessa Gurl… You Can Bring Your Own Liquor On Airplanes – And its LEGAL

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Chile, f&ck retail. Word has gotten out that travelers can bring their own liquor on-board airplanes, and it is perfectly legal. For those of you who can’t stay from down to da bar like me, this is great news. Typically when traveling, if I make it to my gate area in time, I’ll stop off at whatever liquor serving establishment is in my terminal and have a cocktail. We all know how much airport liquor can cost. After paying $13 for a vodka and cranberry, I’ll typically have one or two more once I board the plane. Y’all don’t judge me, my nerves are bad when I’m in the sky.

Typically in the sky, the drinks run on average $7 a piece. No tea no shade, all they are doing is dumping out a shot of whatever liquor out of those small mini bottles that you find at that checkout counter in the liquor store. Well hell, why give them $7 for something that you can buy your self for $2. No tea, many times the liquor stores sells the mini bottles of rum and vodka for 99 cents. In the grand scheme of things, I imagine it is counter intuitive for most to pack liquor in their travel bags consider that there are very few places that adults actually bring liquor to. However, it is good to know that you no longer, or ever for that matter, have to subject yourself to the price gouging on liquor that the airline’s impose on passengers. Catch these T’s Continue reading

New Music: Robin Thicke feat. Tamar Braxton – For The Rest of My Life (Remix)

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Yes Gawd Hunty! Come through Tamar. Say what y’all want to say about Tamar Braxton, but that heffa can sang her behind off. Y’all know I have a love hate relationship with Tamar. Nonetheless, I’m thankful for her contribution to true R&B. Tamar and a few other ladies in the game right now are on a mission to bring R&B back and I’m here for it.

Robin Thicke released his tender ballad “For The Rest of My Life” last spring as the second single off his album Blurred Lines, and it slowly became a No. 1 hit on the Urban AC airplay charts. Quiet as its kept, my head must have been stuck under a rock somewhere because this is my first time ever hearing it thanks to the buzz the Tamar feature has garnered, Check it out. Continue reading

When Aliens Attack – Lil Kim Is Pregnant

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Look, I don’t know how, and I don’t know why, but Lil Kim is pregnant. There once was a time when people made phone calls or sent out nice little cards to announce their pregnancy. These days, celebs wait for the largest event of the season to pop up at and upstage the goings ons with their news. I don’t know… This trend is starting to wear me out slowly. I guess the struggle really is real. Why hire a publicist when you can just show up to someone else sh!t and show out.

Anyway, Lil Kim showed up at The Bonds show in some dress that was made for one of Santa’s elves carrying a baby that apparently must have been conceived by immaculate conception. Last we knew, Lil Kim had broke up with her boo Mr. Papers. Chile wouldn’t it be some mess if it was Biggie’s baby? I wonder if Lil Kim pulled a Being Mary Jane and stored Biggie;s “luvin’ in the freezer? Check out the pics. Continue reading