Broke Hoes Can’t Get Along. Danity Kane Splits For Good

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Chile, I’m sitting here shaking my head and grinning my ass off. When Danity Kane got back together, they had everything under the sun to say about D. Woods. They were flexing like they about to come through and wreck shop. Chile please. I guess D. Woods made the right decision to leave Danity Kane right where it was. 100% of a lil something is a hell of a lot better than 25% of nothing!

From the inception of the Danity Kane reunion, the girls were destined for Dooms Day. Quiet as its kept, when Diddy’s money hungry ass gave the girls his blessing and the go ahead to use the name “Danity Kane“, I knew it was a wrap. Then Aundrea Fimbres quit the group after only being there for 2 weeks. Chile I guess she saw this mess for what it was. Mamma said “no ma’am hunty. See what I’m finna do is marry this good ole man over here and be a stay at home wife. You hoes can go on ahead and sing on table tops at buffets and truck stops. I’ll be home watching Dora the Explorer with the kiddies”.   Looks as if Aundrea made the right decision and saved herself a whole lot of wasted time.

Now I ain’t the one to gossip, but they say Dawn Richardson  punched the Dog F&ck out of Aubrey O’Day, and that is led to the group disbanding. Now what are these girls gonna do. They better take a word from Precious mamma and “take they ass down to the welfare.” It’s hard out here in these streets, and coochie ain’t selling like it use too. Chile, conch meat is selling for more than coochie these days. Last I check, conch meat was bout $13 per lb.

Quiet as its kept, didn’t nobody wanna hear this mess noways. The two white girls need to go marry some old dusty rich white man and Dawn needs to carry her ass home and help her mammy run that dance school that Hurricane Katrina flooded da f&ck out. BYE!

Angela Bassett Turns It In Sexy Lingerie At Age 55. Get It B!tch

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angela basset

Bam! Take that plastic surgery. Get it gild, and when It’s got get some more! Yassssss I am going up for Bernadine fish. One night with Wesley Snipes left Angela feeling like a natural woman all the the live long day…

For a piece called ‘Angela Basset Getting Dressed’ for Violet Grey, Angela stripped down and shared a more intimate side of herself as she discussed all the awesomeness that goes into looking flawless for those special occasions.


Check full interview at Violet Grey





Sarah Stokes From Making Da Band Arrested For Fighting Husband Down To Da Yard

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For the life of me, I don’t know why two adults would chose to stay in a dysfunctional relationship. I definitely don’t understand why two broke adults would stay in a dysfunctional relationship. We all remember the first season of Diddy’s Making Da Band. Hell, Sarah and this man been fussing since then. I could have told you way back when that he was beating her ass. I guess like Latifah, Sarah’s had it up to here.

The cops got called to Stokes home at 3:45 am and found Sarah and husband Tony fighting down to da yard. They say Sarah was drunk bootz, filled with the good liquor. Chile I should have told her to stay away from any man named Tony. Those Tony’s will get you caught up. Now that I think about it, what the hell were they doing up at 3:45am on a Wednesday?

Sarah was charged with domestic violence. As a result of this, she now has to serve 93 days in jail because this incident triggered a probation violation. Mind you the bitch is on probation for stabbing her husband back in 2009. Chile at the point in which you are stabbing the man and rolling around in the front yard with the man disturbing the neighbors, why not just get a divorce? Sounds too much like right I guess…

Lil Kim So PETTY. Once Again Using Nikki Minaj For Promotion. Identity Theft Diss Track

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You know, I just don’t get what it is that has Lil Kim’s panties in a bunch as it relates to Nikki “stealing her identity.” It’s not like the bitch was using it. Hell, she ditched her “identity ” 27 surgeries ago. Hell, Lil Kim do you even know your identity? If anything, Kim needs to be glad that Nikki is trying to help her melted milkshake face ass remember.

It would not have been enough for Kim to just put out a mix tape. Of course the Queen of Complaining had to employ some marketing stunt that involved Nikki Minaj to even achieve any sort of buzz. It must be hard sleeping at night Lil Kim. Honestly, to have been one of the best (despite the fact that Biggie was writing the lyrics), to having this incurable fixation with Nikkie Minaj. identityTo all you Lil Kim stans, you can kiss my got damn ass. Tell the truth, the ONLY time you now hear Lil Kim’s name is when it is said in the same sentence with Nikki Minaj. It’s like some ole Snow White and The Evil Queen type mess. You know, that ole Sci-Fi Chanel foolishness where both of the ladies share the same heart and one can’t live without the other. Well, it seems like Nikki Minaj’s name is the only thing keeping Lil Kim afloat these days.

Take a look at the song cover. Kim placed a picture of Nikki wearing a green wig on a License issued to Kimberly Jones. No tea no shade, It was a cute lil stunt, and it perfectly illustrates the message that Kim is trying to convey. However, this argument is so old. In my Sunshine Anderson voice, heard it all before. So Kim you mad because Nikki too started sporting colorful wigs and wearing next to nothing?  NEWSFLASH, that isn’t all that original. Check the ho stroll of any major city, and you will see a whole bunch of bum bitches and crack whores sporting party city wigs. Hell, if you want the true tea, the drag queens had been doing it since the beginning of time. So one must ask, why are you mad?

I will say this, the track does sound pretty good and goes off pretty hard. I love the gritty old school New York feel of the song, and I love the way Kim is flowing on the track. However, it goes without saying, SHE DIDN’T WRITE IT. I don’t care what nobody says, Lil Kim is not a lyricist, that is why she has been unable to put out any music that closely rivals anything off her hardcore cd. Biggie was writing all that shit, he is dead now, and Kim can’t find any more of his journals to steal one liners from. I guess that would make me stick my face in the microwave too. Chile, I guess Lil Kim. I hope you go on to have continued success selling music on PayPal.

Pops popcorn, waiting on UNSUNG  Lil Kim to come on…

Brian McKee Wants You To Know… He and Momma Dee Are NOT dating!

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Written by Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

Somebody please go to Rite Aid and make sure Momma Dee’s prescriptions have been properly filled, because she might be hallucinating and living in the land of make believe. Momma Dee posted a photo of her and Andrea Kelly’s newest ex-husband, Brian McKee on her twitter account and referred to him as her “King.” It looked as if “the palace” was complete with Scrappy, “The Bambi”, Momma Dee and Brian, ever since the photo surfaced she has been telling anyone that will listen that the two are an item. Momma Dee even defended McKee to people who are skeptical of him because of his quickie marriage to Hollywood Exes star Andrea Kelly.

Well, just like 93% of the cast members of Love and Hip Hop, she might be in a relationship with that man… but that man isn’t in a relationship with her. From the beginning, McKee has been adamant that he and Momma Dee are just friends, nothing more and nothing less. Every time he has mentioned her on social media he has called her “my friend.”

Apparently, the last week has been too much for him to take, or one of his side girlfriends might have financially cut him off again, because late Tuesday night he took to his Instagram account to clear up the rumors, once and for all.

He posted:

                  To FAMILY , FRIENDS, FOLLOWERS, FANS and FOES…to EVERYBODY. I am making this “OFFICAL STATEMENT” to set the record the record straight!!!!!! I AM NOT and again I repeat, I AM NOT, IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH MOMMA DEE. We are not involved romantically or otherwise, we have NEVER date. Our acquaintance is STRICKLY PLATONIC (FRIENDS ONLY)!!!!!!! I have ONLY the utmost respect for Momma Dee and we will continue to be remain FRIENDS ONLY, no hidden agendas or motives PERIOD!!!!

I guess this means we won’t get a Momma Dee and Brian McKee duet on either one of their upcoming albums? Oh, darn… Speaking of music, Momma Dee says that her single will be out in a few weeks on the night of the reunion, so make sure you save your $1.29 for iTunes.

Brian McKee should be in the final stages of finalizing his divorce with Andrea Kelly. The two married back in March and Kelly filed for divorce in May, before their wedding episode even aired on VH1. McKee cheated on Kelly and the “other” woman contacted Andrea Kelly via Instagram and Twitter to let her know about Brian ways.

In good news, a position in the palace is still open, maybe For the Love of Momma Dee can be the next Love and Hip Hop spin off.

LIl Kim So Pathetic. Irrelevant Ass Adds Her Own Bars To Flawless Remix With Beyonce & Nikki Minaj

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Ok look, I’m just about tired of Lil Kim’s ass. Like for real. At this point, every move she makes is out of desperation. When the only stunt you’ve got left in your bag of tricks is to add a few wack ass bars to the end of a remix that was already made hot by two of the industry’s forerunners, your day is done. Girl then to add insult to injury, Kim was saying a whole bunch of  nothing. Dissing Nikki Minaj has gotten so old and makes Lil Kim look so petty. My Gawd, how hard is it for Lil Kim to put out some new music? If you are as bad as you say you are, if you are the Queen, if you are the best, PUT OUT AN ALBUM!!! From the time Lil Kim was released from prison 900 years ago, she has yet to produce anything worth anything. What is the hold up mama? I guess she couldn’t find anymore of Biggies scrapbooks or journals.

If you need any proof that everything that was Lil Kim The Great was essentially Biggies arm up her ass, get into this…

Here are snippets of Lil Kim’s bum bitch rhymes:

“UGH! Am I trippin’ or did this hoe just say my name?/Queen of rap, f*ck outta here/ Queen’s back, f*ck outta here/Time to get this rap bitch up outta here”

She added,

“Look at this sh*t/still got my dick on her lips/I aim to stunt on a b*tch/Damn it’s a shame/I gave you the rope/b*tch I want you to hang”

Right now compare Big Momma Thang to this elementary Easter poem Kim wrote.  Child Bye!

Check out the Flawless remix with Lil Kim and let me know what you think of it. Continue reading