Natural Hair Will Get You Fired! BP Allegedly Fires Black Exec For Braided Hair And Ethnic Clothing.

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Lawd what would Madame CJ Walker do? I bet ole CJ is turning over in her grave. Here it is she moved heaven and earth to create a system that straightens kinky hair so y’all can go off and get a job. In the spirit of rebellion, y’all wanna take y’all asses down to these folks jobs and wear kinky hair and all sorts of other natural styles scaring off Becky and Dave. Miss BP Oil Company had a trick for y’all ass. Miss BP said if you want to come up in here looking like Kissy or Sarafina, we gone let yo ass go! That’s exactly what they did to one high payed executive who in the words of James Brown, felt the need to ‘express herself’. OK let me stop playing. Y’all know I like to make light of tough situations to help us all get through.

Seriously, Melphine Evans, A black former executive at BP (British Petroleum Oil Co.), is suing the oil company for allegedly firing her because of her braided hair and “ethnic” attire. Catch these T’s Continue reading

Chris Brown Looks Heroin Chic While Wearing Cocaine Couture (pics)

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Ok Chris Brown!! Whatever the hell you are smoking, I’ll have non. Chile I am gagged at how Chris is posed with his hands all dainty like my grandmother in this picture. No tea no shade, this is scary. I am truly starting to get a lil worried about Marry Poppins Chris. I was just playing when I said in 5 years he will be featured in an episode of UNSUNG, but shiddddd it looks like he is on the midnight train to Life After. I’m not for certain who thought it was a bright idea to allow Miss Chris rummage through Olivia Pope’s closet, but this right here is not the business. I don’t know what Prestige Magazine is, and has no interest in finding out if this cover is their idea of prestigious. Get into the rest of the pics from the shoot.

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Day 26 Reuniting For 30 City Tour And Has Diddy’s Blessing. As If We Care…

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Day 26 must have caught a wiff of what Danity Kane has been smoking and has decided that they would reunite for a 30 city tour. Additionally, the group has received an official blessing from Diddy himself. Is it me, or am I the only person who perceives Diddy’s blessing as a slight read? Chile please, Diddy hasn’t offered up any blessings to any of the other groups he has raped. Quiet as its kept, Diddy and I both know that ain’t nobody checking for no overgrown a$$ Day 26, that is why he offered up his blessing.  I’m sorry, the only grown man boy group that semi works is New Edition, and they’re only working 3 months out the year. Day 26  looks like the Jackson 5 at their 20 year high school reunion. Chile cheese hunty! Catch these T’s Continue reading

Married To Medicine’s Quad & Mariah Get To Fighting In Popular Atlanta Steakhouse

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indexChile it looks like this season or Married To Medicine is going to be off the chain. I honestly was hoping that many of the off camera antics would not make it on screen, but that was wishful thinking on my part. Seeing as though much what viewers will see on camera season 2 is really happening in real life, I might as well go ahead and start spilling tea. For those of you that think the drama between Quad & Mariah is a manufactured PR stunt, TRUST ME IT IS NOT. I’ve been a witness to some of it, and there has not been a single television camera around.  That being said, Mariah & Quad had a rather magical evening at Atlanta hot spot STK  (not your daddy’s steakhouse) that ended with designer purses hitting the floor, shoes being taken off, and someone being escorted out of the restaurant.  Catch these T’s. Continue reading

Phaedra Parks Discusses How Kenya Moore Affected Her Marriage (video)

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Y’all must forgive me for being absent for so long. I was in a play that Real Housewive Of Atlanta Kandi Burruss produced and it honestly required all of my attention. I’m back now. That being said, I am two episodes behind on RHOA, but still has one eye and ear open. Phaedra Parks, while fulfilling her promotional obligations for BRAVO made her way to Bethany’s couch. While there, of course she had to promote her book, but Phaedra had some really interesting things to say about how the Kenya & Apollo texting situation affected her marriage. Take a look… Continue reading

DEAR DINEVA: My Boyfriend’s Baby Mama Still Comes To Family Events. I Want Her Gone!

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Dear Dineva,

I need some advice and clarity about something that’s been bothering for a long time. I have a 3 year old son with a man who has a 9 year old son. This is my only child by the way. But ever since I’ve been involved with my sons father I’ve attended family gatherings in which his sons mother and her other children are there also. It’s beginning to kind of making me feel uncomfortable to the point I’ve completely withdrawn myself from his family and attending any events. And when I say every family event I mean thanksgiving, Christmas, mothers and Father’s Day smdh…my partner basically don’t care about her being there but clearly it’s’s to the point now I have called off our engagement because it’s no reason for his sons mother to keep lagging around the way she is doing..I don’t want to be in the same room as her I see no reason to converse with I don’t know how to go about this situation really because no I feel insecure about it it makes me think the two still have something going on in which he say they haven’t been together since their son was sucks because I will never have a healthy relationship with his family and I feel as though my child shouldn’t be around her or be involved in my child’s life…I don’t go to the events but I allow my child to go to be with her family but yet his son is there it’s crazy to me…

Confused Girlfriend

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