Maya Angelou Is Not a Saint

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Written by: Steven-Emmanuel Martinez

Don’t be fooled by these obituaries, flat articles, and impassive tweets that illustrate Maya Angelou as a goddess, a saint, saint-like, or some idol. Maya Angelou is not a saint. Immodest as she was, though, I believe she would scoff at the notion of being called a warrior or a goddess. Any illustration of her as a perfect woman destroys her legacy and everything she stood for.

Most people — those who are too lazy to read her memoirs, too dejected to listen to her poetry, and too bored to watch her speeches — have only been introduced to the “saintly” Maya Angelou. Instead of realizing her complexity, I fear that the things that made her great are being lost through softened eulogies. In order to really understand who Maya Angelou was, you would have to understand the tenets of her imperfections and the nuances of her limitations and how that, in turn, influenced her convictions. Let me be clear: you will never know the depth of Maya Angelou without reading her memoirs, poetry, and listening to her. You will never know what she was about, what she encouraged or stimulated by reading faux tributes from people who never studied her. Her life was a class, a history course even.

In the midst of our fragmented, fractured, and, at times, broken African diaspora, this former sex worker-madam-pimp was a national- level intervention. She inspired African Americans to think beyond the limits of the metaphysical or cultural binary. And she challenged a generation of men and women to look at their race not as a disability or as a deficiency, but as a gift from God. Our race, as she articulated in her writing, is a tribute from our ancestors, a treasure that’s so good that people would enslave us for it.

Obsessed with Maya Angelou, I’ve often quoted her in speeches and academic presentations, watched and listened to her interviews and lectures obsessively on YouTube, and shared the sweetness of her words and stories with friends and family. Even with the blighted personal history she faced as an African American woman, she helped introduce African Americans to the goodness and treasures of America.

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Notorious B.I.G & Faith Evan’s Son Graduates And Comes Out The Closet At The Same Damn Time

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Tis the season for all the kids to graduate high school. Tis is also the season for everyone to be who the hell they are. Notorious B.I.G. & Faith Evans’s son Christopher Wallace Jr. recently graduated high school. He and Faith both posted pictures of their momentous occasion on social media, but one particular photo is garnering a little more attention than the rest.

DISCLAIMER, Christopher’s sexual orientation (whatever that might be), should not overshadow his accomplishment, BUT…

The above photo begs the question is Christopher Wallace Jr. gay? You’ve got to admit that it is a little ironic that his father for all intents and purposes was a gangster rapper and this picture defies what that lifestyle is all about. KUDOS to Faith Evans for A) not allowing her son to buy into all that gangster bullsh!t just because of who his father was, and B) raising her son in such a manner that he feels free and comfortable to express himself however the hell he sees fit, gay, straight, or indifferent.

Faith hasn’t taken too kindly to some of the banter and had some choice words for blogger Sandra Rose. Check out what Faith had to say as well as other pictures from the gradation Continue reading

Rapper Kendrick Lamar Buys Modest House Instead of a Big Ole Nasty Mansion

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Man o man, y’all don’t know how much it excites me to be able to write about this. FINALLY, someone GET’S IT!  The simple stress-free life is where it is at. Ensuring you have a place to stay for all of your days is what I’m all about. In a time where EVERYONE on Instagram is rich and acting like they are living like the Kardashians, Kendrick Lamar is sending a loud message to our youth that it ain’t about all of that.

CLEARLY this brother can afford to live just about anywhere he would like to. However, Kendrick Lamar opted to live in a modest 4 bedroom house in Eastvale, CA. for $523,500. Quiet as its kept, he is still living better than most, but its the principle of the matter. Less is more. More does not always equate to better. I try to preach to people all the time that their is a certain level of peace that comes along with knowing you don’t have to work to meet some outrageous monthly overhead. Kudos to Kendrick Lamar. I just hope other young celebrities begin to take note.

Woop, Woop, That’s The Sound Of The Police: Mike Epps Wanted In Alleged Club Assault

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Written by guest writer Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

Mike Epps has a warrant out for his arrest issued by Atlanta Police following an alleged assault at Uptown Comedy Corner in Atlanta, GA on June 1st. According to reports local Atlanta comedian LaVar Walker was allegedly beat up by fellow comic Mike Epps’ entourage at Uptown Comedy Corner earlier Sunday morning.

Walker had recently taped a 15-second video spoofing Epps’ recent beef with comic Kevin Hart. According to reports, Epps is in town shooting a movie, saw the parody, heard Walker was at the club and went down to the club to confront him. Epps and his entourage went back stage to meet Walker and asked him to speak behind the club. There, Walker said Epps verbally threatened him. Then one of the two guys with Epps sucker punched him. Walker fell to the ground and was kicked and punched some more, he said. Epps “struck me and two other guys struck me,” “All over a joke.” Walker was treated at Grady Hospital for a contusion on the head and other facial and body bruises. He was released at 6 a.m. Sunday morning.

Epps left the scene in a red Ferrari and the other two men made away in a white GMC Yukon.


NEW MUSIC: Havok Jones Remakes SWV’s ‘Rain’, But Should They Have? Hmmm

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NPP_2825 copy

Havok Jones has seized the moment in music with their take on SWV’s “Rain,” which is the second single off their homage-based EP, “Havok Jones Presents…The Re-Dedication.”

Releasing on Tuesday, June 17, 2014, the five-song project will include covers of R&B moments including, 702′s “Get It Together,” Destiny’s Child “Say My Name,” Xscape’s “Who Can I Run To” and En Vogue’s “Don’t Let Go.”

Executive produced by Two Eleven contributor Miykal Snoddy, vocal arranged/produced by new comer Leon Giles and the legendary John “Jubu” Smith, of Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, lent his dynamic hands on the guitar.

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V. Stiviano Allegedly Assaulted In New York City

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While Donald Sterling was in South L.A. getting his praise and worship on at the local Baptist church, his mistress former assistant was allegedly attacked by two men and called many racial slurs on Sunday. According to her attorney Mac Nehoray , Stiviano was ”punched her on the right side of her face several times.” The alleged perpetrators, “were about 5-foot-7 and they knew exactly who she was. They began to hit her and called her the N-word.” According to Nehoray.

The incident happened in the meat packing district in Manhattan at 7pm on Sunday.  A police report was not initially filed because she “had to get out of there.”

Stiviano was able to get away from her attackers with minor bump and bruises, she sought medical attention after.

The NYPD doesn’t expect any charges to emerge because the case has no legs.


Chris Brown is Free, But He’s Not In The Clear Yet

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Written by guest writer Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

Around Midnight PST Chris Brown was finally released from jail, after being in and out of jail and rehabilitation facilities in 2014. The singer was initially sentenced to one year in prison on May 9 for violating his probation received from the Rihanna assault case. The Judge reduced the sentence to 131 days after he was given credit for the 116 days he spent in rehab and the 59 days he spent behind bars awaiting trial. Brown severed 108 days of his 131 day sentence for violating probation.

However, Chris isn’t exactly in the clear, yet. He is still facing an assault charge stemming from an October 2013 altercation in Washington D.C. during Howard University’s Homecoming. The trial is tentatively set for later in June and was delayed due to the fact his bodyguard refused to testify on Brown’s behalf since he himself was found guilty in his assault case for the same incident If Chris is found guilty in that case, he could potentially face jail time as punishment, and could face even more jail time if it’s determined to be yet another parole violation by a California judge. Continue reading

Donald Sterling Attending A Black Church And Receives Applause From The Congregation

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Written by guest writer Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

On first Sunday Donald Sterling decided to get his praise, worship and communion on at the Praises of Zion Missionary Baptist Church in South Los Angeles. Sterling was invited to the church by Praises of Zion’s pastor Dr. J. Benjamin Hardwick and invited the audience to pray for him. The congregation welcomed Sterling with open arms and greeting him with applause and cheers.

“Stand up brother Sterling. I’m going to give you a round of applause,” Hardwick said. “We love all God’s children, regardless of your race, creed or color, and I want my friend to know we’re praying for you.” – DR. Hardwick

Sterling waved and commended the church for welcoming him into their congregation with open arms.

“I’m here to support this wonderful group,” Sterling said.

Few of the congregation’s members had mix emotions about the disgraced NBA owner, but all agreed that everyone makes mistakes and they forgive him for his statements.

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