The NY Post Rips Kim & Kanye’s Wedding To Shreds, “2 Jacksasses Got Married In Italy”

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Chile, if ever my site folds and goes under, I’m going to wtite for the NY Post. Do y’all see this? I did not know that traditional print publications were allowed to go in and let have like this. Glad to see that I am not the only one completely over Kim & Kanya. Quiet as its kept, I’m tired of Beyonce & Jay-Z’s asses too. It’s not that I have any personal disdain for any of them. I actually like them all. My issue is that we are over exposed to them. A single day can’t go by without either of them being the topic of conversation in the media. It’s just too much.  At any rate, article like this in the NY Post may mark the beginning of the end. However, with both Kim and Beyonce still having a good set of ovaries left (with Beyonce that’s debatable), the moment these 2 realize their popularity is lessening, they’ll have another media baby.

I hope you enjoyed this wedding announcement from the NY Post just as much as I did!


NEW MUSIC: Old Lady Rapper Khia Leaves Rap For R&B – ‘You Deserve’ (listen)

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No car having ass Khia got a new song out y’all. With all the f&ckery going on in R&B right now and folks thinking the standard of R&B is Beyonce, Khia figured she’d put her left foot in the game and remind y’all what southern R&B sounds like. Quiet as its kept, Khia really is super talented, the bish just ignorant as hell. Though I must say it is Khia’s ignorant ways and zero f&cks to give attitude that we love. Now I don’t know who messes up more words in the English dictionary, Khia or Joseline Henernandez, but Khia does occasionally give the children some good music.

I’ve never led y’all astray when it comes to the tunes. Y’all are going to like this one. Check it out and let me know what y’all thank. FLORIDA STAND UP! Continue reading

Joseline Hernandez Puts Out A New Music Video, But The Bish Could Have Kept It (watch)

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Complete Devastation To The Nation

Omg, WTF is this? Now I see why the hell them broads over at Love & Hip Hop Atlanta are putting out sex tapes, seems to me like no one over there has any talent. Joseline, Miss Joseline, Joseline Hernandez, for 3 years we have heard you bitch and moan about being in the studio, being at dance rehearsal, getting your video shoots together, and this is the best you can come up with? Really? Really girl? Chile cheese hunty. Stevie is using you and filling your head up with fairy-tales, fantasies, and lies.

I’m really feeling some kind of way right now. Stevie J is largely responsible for the Badboy movement, and this garbage right here is the best he can do for the chick he is screwing every night? A music video made in their dinning room, for a song that makes no sense and is sang so phonetically jacked up that the listener is guaranteed to to have their brain reduced to idiot status if they listen to the entire song.

Miss Joseline, let me give you some straight up unbiased, unadulterated wisdom. If there was a remote chance that you had an inkling of musical talent worth a damn anywhere in side of you, Mona Scott-Young would have made that happen. You see what she did for K. Michelle. Much like Jesus, If she did it for her, she could do it for you. Chile the people just don’t see it for you. Now what the hell you need to be doing is comedy. You are one funny lady. I’d pay all day long to see you do standup with your Miami brand of humor.

Anyway chile, y’all get into this disaster. Continue reading

Whitney Houston’s Biopic A Made For TV Movie. Whitney’s Family Upset. She Deserves The Big Screen.

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Chile please Whitney Houston’s family! They f&cking kill me. They are a day late and a dollar short caring about ANYTHING that pertains to Whitney Houston, ESPECIALLY Pat Houston. You know what, I was done with Pat Houston’s ass when Whitney died, and Pat tried to exploit BobbI Christina to have a reality show centered around herself. Girl bye! No one is checking for you Pat Houston. We were not checking for you then, and we sure as hell are not checking for you now.

Now that I done got Pat Houston’s ass together, I will say this: I agree, a Whitney movie on Lifetime is the type of homage more fitting for Pearl from 227, not International Diva Whitney Houston. However, it would appear that no one has put together a package to present to the major film studios, so what is one to do. The people can’t help it if someone presented a package to Lifetime, and they greenlit the project. Just so y’all know, Angela Basset is set to make her directorial debut with this film. At this point, I’m not sure if that is a good or a bad thing. Ole Angela did know Whitney Houston. Continue reading

NEW MUSIC: Havok Jones Remakes Xscape’s ‘Who Can I Run To’, But Should They Have? Hmmm

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Alright then, Y’all know The Doll is all for paying a sickening piece of homage to a nasty R&B tune, but this one right here, uhmmmmmm I don’t quite know how I feel about it. Havok Jones, a new up and coming girl group felt like it was prudent to pay homage and respect to some the of the girl groups that have inspired and paved the way for them. With that, they wanted to use their musical talents to pay homage to Xscape. What’s up for debate is should they have used their musical talents (or lack there of) or just bought them Xscape hoes a card? Ha, you be the judge.

Check it out, let me know what you think. Continue reading

Ma$e And The Congregation Have Kicked His Wife Out The Church

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Written by guest writer Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

On again off again Rapper/ Pastor Ma$e Mason Betha has had enough of his wife Twyla and her “worldly” ways, so much so that she is now officlally banned from the church’s pulpit in which Mase is co-pastor with her at – El Elyon International Church. These two have been having nonstop drama since last summer, but apparently Twyla being arrested and pleading guilty last month for DUI was the last straw for Mase. Reportedly when she was pulled over, she blew close to twice the legal limit during the Breathalyzer test.

Mase believes that drunk driving is blasphemous and told Twyla to G.H.E.T.T.O.U.T. of the church. Plus on top of that, your aunties and them at attend the church are totally behind Mase banning Twyla. They believe that Twyla is a hypocrite, especially since she once preached about how being drunk is a sin. Continue reading