Michael Strahan and Nicole Murphy Broke Up Weeks Ago, Michael Blindsided By the Timing of the Announcement

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Written by Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

The star of VH1’S Hollywood Exes Nicole Murphy and former NFL player, now morning talk show host Michael Strahan have officially called it quits. Reps for Murphy have confirmed this news to multiple sources, including People Magazine Friday evening. Murphy sited busy work schedules and long distance for the reason of the split. Strahan lives in New York City and has had a thriving year with being the cohost of LIVE with Michael and Kelly and Good Morning America and Murphy has been working on many businesses, modeling and filming the show Hollywood Exes while living in Los Angeles.

Sources close to Strahan told TMZ that the timing of the announcement, coming at the exact same time he was receiving his official yellow Hall of Fame blazer, was extremely suspect since the two have been broken up for several weeks now. Since Strahan’s big weekend of being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame was approaching, he had no intentions of spilling the beans of his broken engagement and having it overshadowing his induction into the HOF.

Oh well, one monkey don’t stop a show. Strahan partied it up all weekend in Ohio and was all smiles this morning on LIVE with Kelly and Michael

The couple started dating in 2007 and became engaged in 2009, but have been on and off for years. Before their engagement, rumors circulated that Stahan put a GPS tracker in Murphy’s car after he suspected her of cheating on him. They seemed to bounce back from that moving on with their wedding plans, fans of the show “Hollywood Exes” got an inside glimpse of Murphy’s wedding planning, watching her try on dresses and listen to her talk about preparing their prenup. Both were married before, Nicole is the former wife of actor Eddie Murphy and Michael Strahan was married to Jean Muggli, who he had a messy divorced with in 2006.

Tahj Mowry Makes Official Musical Debut at Musical Showcase in Hollywood

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Preforming all original music in a packed venue of family and friends the Smart Guy wants you to know there is more to him than being the younger sibling of Tia and Tamera. The 28-year-old actor has been moonlighting from his ABC family show Baby Daddy and creating a sound he calls futuristic funk.

Here’s CelebBuzz’s point of view of the showcase:

However, his sister Tia says it’s been there all along.  “I’m really happy that people can finally see another side to him that I’ve always seen and always known,” she told Hip Hollywood. “Tahj was dancing with Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, the Oscars and Debbie Allen when he was only 5-6 years old.”

Tahj proved he’s always had music in his blood, taking the stage with an energy that captivated the crowd.  Not to mention, the music was entirely written and created by him.

As I watched I couldn’t help compare his vocals, beats and dance moves to something of Michael Jackson or Justin Timberlake.  He definitely brings an old-school vibe with a very new-age sound… And I can totally see those talents taking over the industry when he drops his first single “Walker” next month and an EP shortly after that.

Now, I think the Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake comparisons are a reach for sure, but he does have great potential. I’m thinking more Miguel than Michael. Check out the videos of his performance below and form your own opinion.



Khloe’s Chinese Slippers Phase is Over: Reportedly She Breaks up with French Montana

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It’s safe to say Kris Jenner is somewhere thanking God that this is over. After doing interviews with Angie Martinez at Power 105.1, hanging out at Rucker Park for a summer league game and a birthday party at City Island it seems as if the couple of seven months are calling it quits. It seems as if French’s wild lifestyle is the reason for Khloe to jump ship.

The long nights on White Plains Road and partying at La Marina is just becoming too much for the reality star, simply put French Montana parties too hard for her. With everything going on in her life, including her spilt from her estranged husband Lamar Odom, Kris Jenner thinks it is best that her daughter stays single for now.

No biggie, Khloe always said she was just “having fun” with French. Plus neither one of them are divorce, so the chances of the two of them getting serious were slim. French Montana abandoned his wife Deen Kharbouch and their child years ago once his single Pop That became popular thanks to help from Drake, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne. The Bad Boy Records rapper then dated rapper Trina for a short while and left her for Khloe…

Expect to see French Montana on the upcoming season of Kourtney and Khloe Take The Hamptons, set to air this September.

Joseline Hernadez Spotted Down To Da Bar Dressed Like A Mexican Tootsie Roll

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joseline tootsie roll

This is your brain on drugs. If her rapping in the booth didn’t have me thinking she was a Voodoo Priestess, this outfit damn sure does. Lawd have mercy Jesus, somebody help this woman. Joseline? Really girl? Where are you going? I’ll tell you, down to The joseline hernadezVelvet Room. It was Bronner Brothers hair show weekend here in Atlanta, and there were parties galore. Joseline slid her ass through to one of the after parties looking like she was waiting to be unwrapped. I know I always say I’m bout to go tootsie roll down to da bar, but got dammit have y’all every heard me say I’m about to invoke the spirit of a tootsie roll? Joseline said she was going to one up me baby. “You wanna watch a bitch come down a slide? Joseline Hernandez is going to show you have a bitch comes down a slide” Y’assss come through Raspucia Lattimore.


Anyway chile, have at it Joseline. Your hair and makeup is cute though. I swear Joseline looks best with shorter hair. I’ll be sure to update this post with more pics of Joseline dressed like a pinata as i get them.


Karlie Redd Says She Wasn’t Cast In A Tyler Perry Film Because Of Her Association With #LHHATL. Was Tyler Wrong?

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As much as Love & Hp Hop Atlanta has done to entertain the masses,  not everyone is feeling its contribution to society. We all can agree that if both ends or the reality tv spectrum were labeled ratchet and classy, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta would be flushed left to the ratchet side. With that, everyone does not want the stigma associated with LHHATL attached to their brand. Tyler Perry being one of them.

We all know that Karlie Redd is talented and seasoned actress with awards and accolades out the ass. Therefore, when she did not get the roll in one of Tyler’s films, she knew it ha everything to do with her being a cast member of LHHATL. According to Karlie, several doors have been slammed in her face as a result of her affiliation.

In a recent radio  interview in DC, this is what Karlie had to to say:

“I went for a role for a Tyler Perry film and they shot me down because I was on ‘Love and Hip Hop.’”

“There’s been roles that I auditioned for and then they found out…literally I’m on my way to set to work, got the role and everything and then they find out I’m on the show and then they’re like, ‘Uh, no.’”

No tea no shade. Enough is enough already. People are tired of all that bottle throwing rapper screwing, fake designer shoe wearing foolishness. It’s starting to look like LHHATL may have been a blessing and a curse for some. It might have been cute in the short run, but we all know the show isn’t going to last forever. And then what…


A Ringless Ciara Jet Sets To Spain with Baby Future

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Written by Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

Ciara joined Diddy, Cassie, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian-West and a slew of other celebs in Ibiza, Spain over the weekend to celebrate Givenchy designer, Riccardo Tisci’s 40th birthday. The Body Party singer made the trip a family affair by bringing her son Future Zahir Wilburn and her mom for the exotic journey.

Ciara posted the pic of her and her son soaking up the sun near a pool at her vacation home that overlooked the seaside.

Kinda Like Everything…J #baabyFuturesFirstTravels #Ibiza- the singer took to her Instagram and post.

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