Basketball Wives LA Sundy Carter Hauled Down To The Jail For DUI. No Worries, No Black Eyes

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While Sundy’s daughter was off somewhere sucking d!ck down to the Twitter, Sundy was down to the bar hittin the bottle. Now I ain’t judging that lady for getting her life down to the bar. I am judging that ho for hopping behind the wheel of a car. See real ladies like me have their drank money in one pocket, and their cab money in the other, OKAY. Frowsey b!tch. I can’t stand this ho. Anyway According to E-News, the b!tch went to jail.

The 40-year-old VH1 Basketball Wives star was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, E! News confirms. The Glendale Police Department tells E! News that Carter was asked to give a blood or a breath sample after allegedly crossing over a double yellow line and traveling westbound in the eastbound traffic lane near Kenneth Road and Hillcrest Avenue around 1 a.m. Tuesday.

The LA Times is reporting that  Sundy was allegedly slurring her words and and the smell of alchohol was on her breath.  They’re also reporting that she blew a .18 which is twice the legal limit on her breathalyzer test.

She gone have a whole lot of coochie to sell because someone posted the $10k required bail and she was later released. She will appear in court on Thursday morning. Good luck because the people say conch meat is going for more than coochie these days.


Uncle Sam Gets Busta Rhymes RIGHT TOGETHER. “Run Me My $790k In Taxes Please”

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Singing ” Busta what it is right now, Busta what it is right now”. Nessa girl, I’ll tell you what it is. Busta Rhymes done came up a lil SHAWT. better yet, he done came up a whole lotta shawt. Chile, In the midst of coming out of this recession and needed additional funds to find this missing Malaysia plane and to bring our girls back, Uncle Sam is cracking down on folks.

Documents have been obtained that show that Busta Rhymes owes $789,577.90 in back taxes to the Federal government. The Department of the Treasury got him all in check with two tax liens… One for $611K in taxes in 2008 … and another $178K in 2012. Chile and here it is I was complaining about my high ass light bill. Well, on the flip side of things, you had to earn it in order to owe it, so…


Benzino (#LHHATL) Kicked Off Plane For Cussing The Dog F&ck Out Of Flight Attendant (video)

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Lawd, nobody told Benzino that after 911 that you can’t get on these peoples planes cutting up and cussing folks out?

For whatever reason, Benzino felt it prudent to cuss the dog f&ck out out of one of the flight attendant on his flight back from Vegas to Atlanta. Details as to why the altercation broke out are unavailable at the moment. But what we do know is that Benzino used a sh!t load of F-bombs and repeatedly called the flight attendant a racist.

Check out the video. Continue reading

Phenomenal Woman Poet, Maya Angelou Dead At 86. Oprah Winfrey Inconsolable

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Pretty women wonder where my secret lies,

/I am sad to report that the writer oft hat famous line has died.

Y’all I am all torn up. Anyone who has followed my videos knows that I have used lines from Maya Angelou’s poetry throughout my career. I’ve mostly borrowed lines from Phenomenal Women and Still I rise.

Angelou, 86k had recently been battling health problems. She recently canceled a scheduled appearance of a special event held in her honor.

Angelou recieved 50 honorary degrees and was Reynolds Professor of American Studies at Wake Forest University.

Angelou is famous for saying, “I’ve learned people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Lord somebody go round Oprah house and check on her. I know she’s bout all tore up

Here’s the very first time I payed HOMAGE To Dr. Maya Angelou, My Hair Is Layed Like Poetry



Twitter Beef: Perez Hilton Gives K. Michelle THE BUSINESS Over K Dissing Iggy Azalea

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Up until now, K. Michelle has been the undisputed Queen of The Read. Bay-Bay, she done met her match because Perez Hilton got Miss K. Michelle ALL THE WAY TOGETHER. K. Michelle and I have a friendly relationship and I love her music, but y’all know it is my job to report the truth, and baby today Perez Hilton is not what K, Michelle wanted. Perhaps K was distracted or something, because ordinarily her read game is much tighter.

Here is what K. Michelle Tweeted that set the whole thing in motion:

k michelle

What Perez told that woman after was the shocker. Catch these T’s Continue reading

If You Are Shaped Like A U-Haul, Here’s What You Need To Know About Eating Bread

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So while I am vacationing at Passages Malibu (my parents vacation house in the middle of the country), getting my life and my health together, I figured that I’d help some of you get your lives together as well. We all love to much on an ole nasty piece of bread. Many times when you go to a restaurant, before you can even get a glass of water, the waitress is dropping off a basket full of bread and frozen butter. However, many of y’all asses ain’t got no business eating a piece of ice, yet alone bread. However, if you are going to eat bread bread, there are some rules that you can follow that will keep your back from spreading like a cardboard box.

Fitness Trainer Jonathon Blount over at have outlines ways you can eat you an ole nasty piece of bread, and obtain or maintain an ole nasty shape: Continue reading