YouTube Talent- R&B Group MPrynt SLAYS Dru Hill’s Five Steps

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted talent that I’ve found on YouTube. I was blessed this morning when @Consciousbarbi (twitter) tweeted me a video of four guys singing their hearts out. Now y’all already know The Doll is a sucker for a nasty R&B tune. Bay-Bay when I tell you these guys brought the roof down singing Dru Hill’s ’5 Steps’. I’m telling you, their voices brought my chills. Even Dru Hill could not have performed it better in 2014. Get you some! Continue reading

Willow Smith Laying In Bed With 20 Year Old Man. Right & Tight or Wrong & GROWN?

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Will and Jada Smith have always been a tad bit unorthodox when It has come to the raising of their children by traditional standards. I’ve found myself in the past passing judgement on how they allowed their children to stop school, wear their hair, and the style of clothing they were permitted to wear at such early ages. Then I thought to myself, If the children are not hurting anyone, and they are under the supervision of their mega successful parents, then I guess its ok. This picture however is where I draw the line.

I’m all about teenage love, and taking the teenagers on supervised dates and all that Jazz. However, based on my values and how I was raised, I think this is just a little too much. What I am hoping is that this picture is from the set of a movie or something. True indeed, we the public may be perverting the image and making it out to be far more than what it is. There maybe a million and 1 explanations as to why 13-year old Willow Smith is laying in bed with a 20-year old actor, however, lil mama looks like she is straight up chilling with her boyfriend the way college age girls would. I’m just saying. Continue reading

Apollo Nida Pleads Guilty, Going To Prison. Will You Be Putting Any Money On His Books?

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I swear I didn’t want to waste anytime reporting on this because it can be found on every blog from here to Bangladesh. However, if I didn’t, y’all would swear I’m friends with Phaedra or I’m on her payroll. Not that owe any of you an explanation for what the hell I post on MY SITE, but I try to either break news or post things that you can’t find just any ole place. Not to mention, I’m so over all things RHOA, hence why I have not done a single season 6 reunion video. Nonetheless, Apollo’s ass is about to go to jail.

Apollo has plead guilty to being a part of a identity fraud and money laundering scheme that involved stealing the identities of 50 people and the laundering of 2.3 million dollars.

According to the US Attorneys’ office, Feds pounced on Nida last year after he and a group of co-conspirators cashed tons of stolen U.S. Treasury checks, and checks from the Delta Airlines pension fund … then laundered the money through bank accounts in the names of people whose IDs he also stole.
Feds claim Nida bilked even more cash by filing fake tax returns and obtaining bank loans against cars he didn’t own. ~TMZ

No doubt about it, Apollos is going to prison. The question is, how long? Reports are saying he is facing up to 30 years. The streets of Atlanta are saying 5. Either way, a wife is about to be left to care for for two small children alone. No tea no shade, I feel ZERO sympathy for Apollo. There are consequences for all things we do. You can’t go around stealing folks money and thinking nothing is going to come of it. For all of you out there stunting and participating in white collar crime, let this be a lesson.

Ghetto Miami Grandmother Cusses Granddaughter OUT Over Red Shirt (vine video)

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Hell naw! Mama know she is too damn old to be be going off because somebody ranked on her for wearing the same red shirt…

Chile, anyone from Miami can tell another person that is from Miami by the way the cuss somebody out. Just the way this grand mother dipped back and pronounced the word “bitch” as she nodded her head let me know that she had Liberty City roots.

Someone tell me what the original composer of this video’s Instagram page is. I hear she has several video of her and her grandmother going at it.


Porsha Williams New Music Video FLATLINE. Are You Here For It?

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Aight y’all, when Porsha isn’t working part time for the World Wrestling Federation, she is off singing and dancing, and not for the Vine either. Yes Gawd Hunty, Miss Porsha has got her a real music video and it is not a corner store production. We see you divorced fish. Chile it goes without saying I love me some Porsha Williams and supports her in all her endeavors to the max. Get you a piece and let me know what you think. Continue reading

Halloween In May, 2014 Met Gala Fashions. Who Ran It? Who Just Looked Ran Over? Pics

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Nessa girl, I don’t know if there was a gala going on last night or if it was Halloween in May. I don’t know a whole lot about the Met Gala and doesn’t care enough about it to educate myself. I knew y’all would bee looking for the pictures first thing this morning, so I made it my first priority to post them. Chile prepare to be inspired, prepare to image, and most of all prepare to laugh. Some of these heffas really pulled it with some of these party city looks they gave us, especially these Olsen Twins. Chile where are they going with all this hot ass material on?

Get into the pics and let me know what you think…

FYI For quick browsing I put the thumbnails first. You can click on the specific pics you want to see or you can keep scrolling to see all the fashions and f&ckery. Continue reading