Benzino And That Girl He Goes With Throw A Music Listening Party In Atlanta #LHHATL

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Chile, y’all know The Doll has been away on my Rich White Woman vacation for the last 3 weeks. I returned to Atlanta Tuesday evening and decided to make my reintroduction into Atlanta Society last night. Benzino and em hit me up and invited me to a party Benzino and that girl he goes with (Althea) were having. I was reluctant to attend at first, because I typically don’t enjoy being hit in the face with bottles. However, because someone personally reached out to me, I felt it only right to show my face. Boy oh boy, I was glad I did.

Let me start off by saying, it is hard to take most of these wannabe singers serious these days, especially in Atlanta. I  came to the party expecting to hear some ole Joseline Hernandez type bullsh!t, but I must say Thi-Thi TURNED IT! Yes Gawd Hunty! Mama showed out and shut the place down! In a market where there are very few lanes left for female Hip-Hop & R&B artist to to ride in, I think Thi-Thi just may be able to create a lane for herself and ride off into the sunset.

Check out the pics of others who were there. Continue reading

Orange Is The New Black Renewed For A Season 3. As If We Were Expecting Otherwise.

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Yay, it’s good to know that the ladies of Litchfield Prison aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Unfortunately, if you are anything like me, you are going to have to wait about another year to see the ladies of Orange Is The New Black, because you sat down and watched the entire season 2 in 3 days. #FML

The news of the renewal came in the form of an Instagram post from Laura Prepon. On Monday, May 5, Prepon posted a photo of a white board with possible Season 3 titles and the caption: “It’s official!!”

Sarah Paulson Reveals Her Season 4 American Horror Story Character. #AHSFreakShow

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The Doll got hipped to the American Horror Story bandwagon all late, but i’m here for it now. I just love how they recycle the actors and push them to their limits by playing different characters each season, UNLIKE Tyler Perry. Non the less AHS season 4 will surely be all that and a bag of chips.

Today Sarah Paulson revealed that she well be playing a two headed freak for the lack of a better term in the next installment of AHS, Freak Show.

What we know so far about “Freak Show” is that it will be set in Jupiter, Florida in the 1950s, that Jessica Lange will play a German ex-pat running a carnival, Denis O’Hare will play her rival collector of freaks, and Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, Evan Peters, Frances Conroy and other “AHS” favorites are also expected to return. Hopefully more characters are revealed soon — we’re really hoping a relative of Season 2′s pinhead Pepper shows up. ~ Huffington Post

Will you be watching?

LAWD Ruby Dee Done Died. Maya Angelou Needed Company. RIP Ruby

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ruby dee dead

Lawd, y’all know the old folks say death comes in 3′s, I hope my neighbor’s husband ain’t next.

Ruby Dee — one of the legendary actresses in Hollywood and on Broadway — died Wednesday night … TMZ has learned.

Ruby was at home in New Rochelle, NY … surrounded by family when she passed away … according to sources connected to the family. A rep confirmed the death.

Ruby was a pioneer for African-American women in Hollywood … and is perhaps best known for her starring role in the 1960s film “A Raisin in the Sun” — and her roles in the Spike Lee movies “Do the Right Thing” and “Jungle Fever.” Her most recent big budget Hollywood film was “American Gangster” … she played Denzel Washington‘s mother. TMZ

Chile here we go again. I donE planned more funes in the last 12 months than a lil bit. We got sodas left over from Maya fune, so we good right there. I know I ride out and people with food stamp cards, but after all these funes I done had to plan, shiddddd who selling stamps?

“Somebody get Phaedra and Willie Watkins on the line.”

“I guess I’ll brang a few racks of ribs.”

What are you branging to Ruby Dee Fune?

Chinese Fish Down To P.F. Chang’s Done Stole All The People Credit Card Numbers. They Calling It A Data Breach

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Complete Devastation To The Nation

High-end my ass! Ain’t nothing high-end about serving people a whole bunch of damn rice and marking up three times the amount Chinese Buddha would sell it for at 3 in the morning, OKAY! Don’t you ever trust a bish that knows how to do all the math, but can’t speak any of the English. No Gawd Hunty! I don’t give a sh!t what these people say, I know Miss Lee got these people credit card numbers.

P.F. Chang’s is investigating claims that thousands of credit and debit card numbers were stolen from restaurant locations across the U.S. between March and May. The breach was first noticed when information related to thousands of cards popped up on the same online black market where stolen Target cards were sold last year, according to security expert Brian Krebs. If confirmed, it would be the largest breach since March, when 200,000 card numbers stolen from Sally Beauty were put up for sale. ~ NBC

Imma tell y’all what the hell happen. Miss Lee them 1st quarter profits came up short when they couldn’t sell Malaysian hair inside Sally’s Beauty Supply stores because they still ain’t found that missing plane. Miss Lee said the Chinese Devil is a Lie, she ain’t coming up short. Instead, Miss Lee and her perfect SAT math score friends that handle the books for P.F. Chang’s figured they’d goup the children and their credit card companies. Them hoes thank we dumb! That’s what happen!

“P.F. Chang’s takes these matters very seriously and is currently investigating the situation, working with the authorities to learn more,” the company said in a statement. “We will provide an update as soon as we have additional information.” ~P.F. Changs


I don’t make the news, I just report it!

Meelah Williams SLAYS ATL Live On The Park Concert. Marlo Hampton Showed Up With More Stolen Ish On

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UNLIKE, Latavia Roberson, Meelah Williams is singing her behind off. Yes Gawd second chance fish. You better do it! For those of y’all that don’t know, in the spring and summer months here in Atlanta, every second tuesay Shanti Das and Marlon Nichols through an event called “ATL Live On The Park.” The event is typically jammed packed with the Who’s Who of Atlanta and features the talent of R&B artist around the nation. I had just back in town from my 3 week  rich white woman excursion in Mississippi, so I didn’t attend this last one, but “The People” say Meelah Williams slayed her set. Joseline Hernandez take note!

Musiq Soul Child was in attendance and hit the stage with Meeleh as well. Oh Marlo Hampton was there with a leapord top on and a python skirt. I guess her booster couldn’t steal the complete outfit for either print, so Miss Thang had to mix and match. Catch these T’s Continue reading