R&B Divas Tour With Faith, Kelly, Nicci, Dawn & Keke A Complete FLOP! Faith and Ticket Master Announce Its Cancelled

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Listen, you can’t win when you’re dirty chile. God don’t like ugly and he ain’t to crazy about pretty either. I knew when this tour line-up was announced that it was nothing more than a bunch of f&ckery & foolishness. All along I had been calling this the friends, family, and favoritism tour. No tea no shade, but this tour line up was birthed from a shady place. First off, Faith continues to shade the sh!t out of the other R&B Divas by positioning herself as Beyonce and the others are Kelly & Michelle. Little does she know, we the people love her voice, but we ain’t checking for her like that. Mama needs to shrink this picture and fall back in line with Nicci & Keke. Secondly, after how Kelly Price rubbed the entire planet the wrong way with her grandstanding on R&B Divas LA, she couldn’t sell a box of Girl Scout cookies yet alone a concert ticket. Dawn Robinson does not have enough material to sing at  a PTA meeting. Envogue was a quartet, what the hell is Dawn going to do, sing all four parts at the same damn time? Chile Bye! Not to mention with her car smoking on the side of Sunset Boulevard, we know she wasn’t making it to rehearsal and probably sounds like trash. Nicci GilBIRDS ass! Chile I done slayed Nicci enough in the past that I’m not even gone spend any time on her.  I’ll just say this, much like Dawn, how the hell did Nicci make the roster? What is she going to sing? Keke Wyatt, I like keke, so i’m not going to go in on her. However, this tour had me side eyeing keke big time. I’m going to leave it at that.

There is trouble in paradise. According to Faith Evans and Ticketmaster, there wont be any tour! I wonder why! Catch these T’s Continue reading

Porsha Stewart Recording An Album. First Single ‘Perfectly Worthless’ A Sad Song About Kordell

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Chile, Kordell is trying to stiff Porsha in this divorce settlement, so I guess Miss Girl figured she’s got to get out here and earn a living. We’ve heard Porsha sing a small portion of Amazing Grace during last season’s Real Housewives Of Atlanta reunion. How sweet the sound? Well, that’s up for debate. Depends on who you ask. I’ve gotten the pleasure of hearing Porsha sing on multiple occasions, as we are castmates in Kandi Burruss’s stage play ‘A Mother’s Love‘. Quiet as it’s kept, miss girl can sing. Catch these T’s about Porsha’s first single Continue reading

NEW MUSIC – Tamar Braxton ‘She Can Have You’ (listen)

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Check out  Tamar’s latest single off her upcoming Christmas album ‘Winter Loverland’ Continue reading

Peter Gunz Goes Rogue. Confirms That Stories For Love & Hip Hop Are Fabricated For TV

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As if we were not beginning to feel as if some of the story lines on Love & Hip Hop were fabricated for television, Peter Gunz has confirmed our suspicions. I toiled back in forth with how in the hell it could be possible that Peter Gunz would cheat on his girlfriend to the extent in which the show suggests with camera’s rolling. I even made mention of this in my video review. Well, I guess I was right. Check out what Peter Gunz has to say about his storyline on Love & Hip Hop. Continue reading

Nancy (Jim Jones Mama) Reveals That Chrissy CANT Have Kids. Womb Is Raggedier Than A Greyhound Bus

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We live in a time and place where reality television is everyone’s way out the hood. No matter if your story line is true or false, everyone is looking to the cameras and networks for their next meal. That being said, the children will tell you anything for ratings. Well, Chrissy Lampkin has been fronting for longest like she wants to get married to Jim Jones and have have kids and live happily ever after. Anyone find it odd that Jim’s son had not been anywhere to be found up until now? Well I got the tea as to the real reason why Chrissy & Jim had to call in the support of Jim’s young son to pull off their modern family image on this season’s ‘Jim Jones & Chrissy’. Catch these T’s Continue reading

Khandi Alexander Joins The Cast Of Scandal As Olivia Pope’s MOTHER. She’s Alive?

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Chile, Scandal is giving the children what they need. Actress Khandi Alexander joins the cast of Scandal in a recurring role as Olivia Pope’s Mother Maya Lewis. The Hollywood Reporter learned that we will be introduced to Liv’s mother this Thursday 11/07/13 as things unfold regarding operation Remington. So is Liv’s mom alive or isn’t she? Catch these T’s Continue reading