NEW MUSIC: Meelah (R&B Divas) Ft. Musiq Soulchild ‘Give It To You’

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It goes without saying, The Doll is a stan for real R&B. It goes without saying that if you are on R&B Divas, your are one door up the hallway from Unsung. Hell they are both on the same network. Nonetheless, Meelah is doing the right thing by the new platform she has been given, MAKING MUSIC. Unlike some of the other Divas who have been on the show forever and have not put out any music, Meelah is capitalizing on the public’s new-found interest in her career. Check out the song and let me know what you think? Continue reading

WATCH Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 3 Full Video + Funky Dineva’s Review

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When Mimi learns that Nikko spilled her sex tape secret to Stevie, she’s furious. Stevie and Joseline throw a Dinner Party (with a side of interrogation) for Benzino and his new girlfriend. ~VH!

Check out the episode if you missed it, then hear what The Doll has to say… Continue reading

Funky Dineva Weighs In On Solange / Jay-Z Elevator Fight + FULL Fight Video

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Nessa girl, you had to know that I could not let too much time go do before I gave the girls a video explanation of my thoughts and feelings about when animals attack. Quiet as its kept, I still say Solange had an attitude because her Easter dress was ugly and Jay-Z probably was laughing at her. LOL See what all I thought about this ordeal.


Catch these T’s Continue reading

Singer Tank EXPOSES Church Sissy Who Sent Him Naked Pictures – FIX IT JESUS

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I know i once said the worst kind of sissy is a Spanish sissy, but I take that back. The worst kind of sissy is an ole church sissy. Y’all gay boys are going to get enough of going around and trying to make straight people gay. We as an LGBT community have enough worry and strife to fight against, for y’all to be going around and doing crazy shit like sending straight male celebs your nude pictures. To top it off, for you to be such a devout christian, I am left having to ask, what would Jesus do? For this surely in not for the glory of the kingdom.

One of Tanks followers sent him a DM on social media. When Tank opened the message, it was a picture of a male fan holding his exposed penis. To top it off, the boy claims to be a pastor in the Cogic church. Ha! Tank not featuring the photo at all, took to his social media and outed the hell out of buddy.

“This is what’s wrong with the church now! Misrepresentation of God and who he really is,” Tank wrote. “I have no problem with homosexuals BUT I do have a problem with this!!”

Read Tanks full message below. Continue reading

Jay-Z Physically Attacked In Elevator By Solange While Beyonce Just Stands There (video)

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Chile, all ain’t what it seems in the Carter household. Y’all run around here singing their damn praises like they are the ideal couple, and them hoes got more problems then a little bit. First off, it is unclear as to why Solange was punching and kicking the sh!t out of Jay-Z in the elevator as they were leaving the Met Gala. What is clear is that Beyonce CLEARLY was in support of the ass whoopin that Jay-Z caught because she just stood there. Further more, I don’t know any woman who would just stand their and look unfazed by her sister beating up her husband if she didn’t feel he deserved it.  Chile, they got it going on. I want to see how the Carters are going to talk themselves out of this one. I know Beyonce is somewhere mad that Solange has let the cat out the bag.

In addition to the attack video, a second video was captured of Solange storming out of the Gala, and clearly she is pissed. Catch these T’s Continue reading

Dr. Dre Is No BILLIONAIRE. Only Owns 25% Of Beats By Dre. Will Walk Away With $480 Million

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It felt really good to call Dr. Dre Hip-Hop’s first billionaire these last couple days, but the celebrations has come a tad bit prematurely. Actually, he’s a few zeros off from billionaire status. Although Apple did buy the Beats By Dre company for 3+ million dollars, Dre only owns 25% of the company. Once the deal is signed,  that would leave Dre with a gross of roughly $800 million. Then after Uncle Same swoops in and takes his cut, then the state comes in and gets their portion, Dre will only be left with approximately $480 million from the sale of the company. Quiet as its kept, despite the fact the the government is damn near taking half of his money, being left with $480 million is not a bad consolation prize. Hell, I’d bust a couple cartwheels for 50k right about now.

Leave to some messy as queen over at Forbes magazine to bust our bubble and set the record straight about Dre’s finances. Adding  the proceeds from the sale to Dre’s existing assets, he is estimated to be worth $800 million

Quick sidebar, I want to hunch Dr. Dre…