Tamar Braxton Removes Shady Message To Her Stylist From Instagram. Media & Fans Got Her A$$ TOGETHER

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I’m laughing my a$$ off because two days ago, I was a LATE blogger who gets her information from a scam queen according to Tamar Braxton. Today, Tamar is backpedaling and pussy popping by deleted the messages that this LATE blogger sprayed her over, and now has every media outlet in the US reporting on how she doesn’t pay people. Hmmmmm doesn’t sound LATE to me, sounds pretty ON-TIME…


Tamar, say what you mean, mean what you say, and stand firm in your word while you’re walking in your talk? Why did Tamar chose to delete her passive aggressive message to her stylist? I could have respected her more had she just STOOD UP IN IT. I’m going to tell you what happen, the label, her publicist, or the Illuminati president called her owner husband and let him know that my LATE blog post was picking up steam and that this was not a good look for her. In an effort to protect her coins so she can continue to pay her “glam squad” to keep her looking like something from Cirque Du Soleil, Tamar removed the tacky a$$ passive aggressive message to her stylist from her instagram account. Now who’s LATE? Catch these T’s

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Mary J. Blige In The Club JOOKIN’ For The Gawds. And Y’all Said She Can’t Dance (video)

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mary jookin


Y’all stayed slaying Mary J Blige for her dance moves, or lack there of. Chile, No tea no shade, In that family affair video Mary did a complete fool of herself trying to do a choreographed dance routine. Choreo might not be her thing, but mama definitely knows how to shake a tail feather. Catch this:


BBWLA British Williams EXPOSED. Running A BOOTLEG Boutique And Has An UNPAID Tax Lien

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It looks as if The Doll isn’t the only one NOT featuring Brittish. The Better Business Bureau and The State Of Missouri don’t see it for her ever. In addition to her bad body and her bad attitude, she apparently is a bad business woman and a bad steward of her her money. These days everyone joins reality tv with all sort of ulterior agendas and pseudo business. Well Miss British is no exception. She’s trying to goup the children with this bootleg online clothing store ‘Love of Labels Boutique‘ , and the Better Business Bureau is saying “HELL NO MA’AM, NOT TODAY’.  The Better Business Bureau has given ‘Love Of Labels Boutique’ a rating of “F” citing that it has received 30 complaints over the last 8 months including shipping issues, problems with the product and failure to respond.

According to the BBB, factors that lowered Love of Labels Boutique’s rating include:

  • 23 complaints filed against business
  • Failure to respond to 7 complaints filed against business.
  • Business has failed to resolve underlying cause(s) of a pattern of complaints.
  • BBB does not have sufficient information to determine how long this business has been operating.
  • BBB does not have sufficient background information on this business. BBB made two or more requests for background information from the business. BBB has not received a response from this business and/or has not been able to verify information received from this business.
  • BBB does not have sufficient information to determine size of business. BBB evaluation of business is based on rating formula’s smallest size classification.

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Keyshia Cole And Iggy Azalea Remake Biggies ‘Mo Money Money Mo Problems’. (listen)

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Alright y’all, I ain’t gone even much lie, I don’t half know who the hell Iggy Azelia is, yet along what she sings. HOWEVER, from what I have just heard, I am featuring her flow! Yes GAWD Hunty! Soon to be divorced Frankie’s Child and Crocodile Dundee’s daughter are going hard in the paint with this remake of the Bad Boy Classic. Chile I was in the 8th grade when this song came out. I remember how we use to blast this song out loud on the Macintosh computers in computer class. Ohhh how the time flies. Ok, I’m back from my trip down memory lane. Pull out your red bubble vest and get ready to get your life Continue reading

Singer Miki Howard’s Son Claims Michael Jackson Is His Father. Going Public With DNA Evidence TODAY

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Chile, what in the entire hell is going on today. I woke up late today and got a late start blogging. However, I never once thought some newfangled f$ckery like this would pop up on my screen. Brandon Howard, the 31 year old son of 80′s R&B Diva Miki Howard claims he is the love child of Michael Jackson. Miki was managed by Joe Jackson for some time in the early 80′s. She met Michael, and shortly thereafter, Brandon was born. No tea no shade, it sounds like a whole bunch of rubbish to me. All tea all shade, Brandon’s picked a fine time to come out with all of this. Where the hell was he when his momma was on Unsung. Hell, if Miki had an insurance policy as large as Michael Jackson’s baby in her back pocket, why the hell was she trippin over Gerald Levert, and why the hell was she living extra basic was her music career dried up? Catch these T’s Continue reading

When Did Oprah Start Cussing? Tells Lindsay Lohan On Camera “You Need To Stop The BullSh!t”

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Chile, Lady O ain’t having it with Lindsay Lohan. After paying a bazillion dollars to film Lindsay’s train wreck of a life, Oprah needed to ensure that she would receive some sort of return on her investment. Looks as if Lindsay was not making good on some of her promises and contractual obligations, and the production folks had to call in Oprah to go in and let have. Check out the video, and catch these t’s. Continue reading