Porsha Williams NO LONGER A Real Housewife of Atlanta. Welcome Claudia Jordan. Official Season 7 Trailer

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Chile, for months on end there has been all kinds of talk about who will be the newest Housewife of Atlanta so on and so forth. The overall consensus is that we would be gaining 1 0r 2, but no one in a million years thought we would be losing one. Chile the people have snatched Porsha’s peach and given it to Claudia Jordan. Never in 10 billion years did I see this coming. I knew Claudia had recently move to Atlanta, and was filming here and there. I honestly thought she was just a friend of Kenya’s and that we would see here every now and again the way we saw Marlo. Guess I was wrong, the former Celebrity Apprentice caste-mate has jumped on the Kenya Moore express and road it straight into Peachville.

As for Porsha. She’s got this new job with Dish Nation, and hopefully it is the starts of a very fruitful career in media. The only reason why I am not too sad about Porsha not holding a peach is because she is young, pretty, and at this point has time on her side. For the rest of those heffas on the roster, trust me, this is their last hoorah. We can expect to see Porsha in a recurring friend roll, much like Dianna and Marlo from the past. Porsha filmed with these ladies from the onset of production for season 7 through the end. It is my guess that there just wasn’t much for them to work with in terms of storyline or they were stuck in negotiations up until the very end and could not come to an agreement.

Bravo has released the first official trailer plus a press release announcing the cast. Check it out. Continue reading

Amber Rose Didn’t Cheat With Nick Cannon, but She Says Wiz Khalifa Was Laying It Low & Spreading It Wide

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Written by Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

Ever since news broke out Monday that Amber Rose filed for divorce from her husband of one year Wiz Khalifa people have been speculating what broke up one of Hip-Hop’s favorite couple. Automatically people assumed that Amber was cheating on Wiz with her new manager Nick Cannon, especially since it came out last week that Nick helped Amber get a new TV and book deal. (Get money bitch!) Well, she ain’t sleeping with Nick Cannon. –Sorry folks, that’s not the story here.

Just a few weeks after their one year anniversary and the infamous twerk video for Wiz’s number one album “Blacc Hollywood”, Amber Rose took to her twitter to debunk the rumors that she is bumping uglies with Nick Cannon but confirmed that Wiz is cheating.

“Please stop with the fake stories. I would never ever, ever cheat on my husband in a million years I think u guys know this…..”  She said.

“Unfortunately my now ex-husband can’t say the same….”

“I’m devastated and crushed but my main focus is Sebastian. Thank you all [for] the support in this difficult time.” (Screenshots below)

amber rose2

The word on the curb is that Amber has suspected Wiz of cheating since earlier this year when Wiz went on tour. Normally, Amber is attached to Wiz’s hip while he’s on tour, he’s has been known for bringing Amber on stage and “serenading” her with song. Even after she gave birth to their son Sebastian, the three of them were together while he was on tour. When she tried to come with him this July, he said hol’ up, hol’ up, hol’ up – you stay home! He wanted her to stay home and take care of their son while goes on tour and he needs to be left alone to make the money.

I don’t know where Amber got the proof from that Wiz cheated, but the fact that she had a zero tolerance for infidelity is no surprise since when she was with Kanye, he cheated on her with Kim Kardashian (assumed by few, confirmed by many.)

Wiz hasn’t said anything publicly, he’s twitter is full of “we gonna stay positive” messages… I’m hearing that the spilt is messy behind the scenes, legally it seems to be ok. Amber is willing to stick to their prenup, she also wants full custody of their son Sebastian and is willing to give Wiz visitation.

So that’s all… for now.


A Fist to the Face Won’t Stop Danity Kane from Getting To the Money

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Written by Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

All 150 Danity Kane fans weep no more, the girls are still trying to make fetch happen with this new album, even after Dawn Richard allegedly punched Aubrey O’Day in the back of the head this past August. A police report and a few overdramatized “open letter”/press release later, somebody must have noticed their Wells Fargo account is a smidget lower than it has been over the last year.

Aubrey O’Day and Shannon Bex posted a video on Aubrey’s Instagram account announcing that the album is coming after all. The “group’s” last album will be called “DK3” and will be released on October 28th, with presales starting this Friday at midnight. In total the album will have 10 tracks including the buzz summer single “Lemonade” featuring Tyga. A new song called “Rhythm of Love” was posted to their soundcloud page last night and so far Dawn Richard hasn’t publicly came out to support or condemn the album being release. Check out the Instagram announcement and the new song below:


Are you buying “DK3”?

Prepare Yourself…for a Fourth Round of Scandal

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Written by: Spencer Blohm

For Scandal fans, the appetite for the show’s trademark high impact drama, intrigue, and, of course, scandal, was left less than satiated last season after Kerry Washington’s pregnancy resulted in the number of episodes in season three being cut from 22 down to 18. That, along with the many months that have passed since that dramatic season three finale have left many of the Gladiators ravenous! So, now that season four is almost upon us (the 25th!) where did we leave off? Warning: this post will contain spoilers so if you haven’t caught up to the season three finale you can easily binge-watch all the episodes online or on demand through DirecTV or your cable provider. Once you’ve done that, come back here and refresh your brain again for the premiere!

We last saw Olivia on board a plane, heading to an undisclosed location that turns out to be a beach, along with Jake. Following both the revelation that Mellie was raped by Fitz’s father and their son Jerry’s death, Fitz ran back to Mellie, leaving Olivia in the dust, again. After a season of back and forth between Jake and Fitz, Olivia chose Jake (well, really Fitz didn’t choose Olivia). How this will pan out in the next season is likely to be more of the same; Olivia being pulled in both directions, with perhaps more of an edge to Jake given the fact that they’ve been away together for two months before she ultimately returns to D.C. in the season four premiere. No doubt, Olivia has been lured home by Fitz who, off the sympathy of the voters following his son’s death, won his election.

As far as the death of Jerry, and Adnan, well, they were all Eli’s doing. After a season of trying to convince Olivia (and us) that he isn’t a monster and her mom (Maya) is, turns out they’re both pretty awful people. Eli killed Jerry as revenge for Fitz “taking” his daughter as well as a way to get B613 started up again with him in charge in order to hunt down Maya on behalf of Fitz. As far as Maya goes, it looks like her days of running amok are over as we last saw her in the famous hole at B613 headquarters, where Eli is sure to thoroughly enjoy torturing her.     Continue reading

Gabrielle Union’s Attorney’s Try To Get Nude Pics Removed From Blogs. The Letter They Sent. MY RESPONSE!

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106 & Park Live

So chile. I was on my Rich White Woman kick this morning. When I woke up, I didn’t feel like doing anything, so I didn’t. When I woke up from my Snow White like slumber, I had an email from Gabrielle Union’s attorneys demanding me to remove the nude pictures of her I posted on my Tumblr site and a list of other demands. A few unread emails up, there was a notification from Tumblr that they had removed the post due to someone filing a complaint. Non the less, Gabrielle’s issue as it relates to FunkyDineva.com was pretty much resolved without me having to do anything thanks to Tumblr’s ass.

Being served legal notices like this all the time, The Doll is fully aware of her rights. I wasn’t half shaken nor stirred by this letter from Gabby’s Attorney’s, but I want y’all to see some of the ridiculous demands they were making, as if I worked for them! Girl BYE!  Check this ish out:

gabby 2

Chile y’all have got to read page 2 of this letter and my nice nasty response to her attorneys below.

gabby 2

Here’s my response:

funky dineva's email

Lowkey, the pictures had already been removed by Tumblr, so I don’t want these hoes to think they made me do anything. lol I’m so petty. Ohhh if I’m not gone make my money off her titties, I’m gone make my money off these ridiculous a$$ letters and emails…

FYI Gabrielle Union, these pictures will forever survive on the net in some form or fashion. Quiet as its kept, Gabby’s a$$ knows she needs all this publicity leading up to the premiere of Being Mary Jane

T.D. Jakes Plans To Take Jeezy To Court

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jezzy td jakes

Written by Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

Oprah’s favorite Bishop is not happy with Young Jizzle from the bottom of the map. T.D. Jakes has announced that he plans to take legal action against Jeezy over an unauthorized sample of Jakes’ sermon called “Don’t Let The Chatter Stop You” that is featured on Jeezy’s song “Holy Ghost” remix, featuring Kendrick Lamar.

Jakes has not publicly expressed what exactly is his suing for, but the Bishop took to his Facebook page to announce the upcoming lawsuit:

“SPECIAL NOTICE: The ‘Holy Ghost’ remix by Jeezy featuring Kendrick Lamar was produced without the knowledge or consent of TD Jakes, TDJ Enterprises, Dexterity Music or its associated companies. We are taking the necessary legal actions to stop the unauthorized use of T.D. Jakes’ intellectual property.”

Now, ya’ll know you can’t sample or use any pastor’s voice without giving them their 10% for God. You know some of the leaders of the church are worse than Sallie Mae and the IRS combined when it comes to snatching the money that folds –not jingle. Check out the sample below (right in the beginning of the song):