In Case You Missed: R&B Divas Atlanta ep4 (full video) + Funky Dineva’s Review

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monifah surgery

I’m ALWAYS going to be hear for the R&B Divas. They are the closest thing to real music that exist these days. Last night’s episode of R&B Divas Atlanta was real cute. There is some f&ckery going on, and Angie Stone thinks we don’t see it. Angie is trying to slide her daughter into the fold and may possibly be dating a much younger man. Terez got her income tax return and put it together with Monifah’s Obama Care so that Monifah could get lipo suction. Koo-Koo Wyatt took her mother to counseling when it is she that should have been in counseling ALONE. Meelah sang at a bootleg charity event, while Latavia continues to backpedal and pussy pop when it comes to singing. This and a whole lot more on R&B Divas Atlanta season 3 episode 4.

If you missed episode 4, you can check it out down below.

In a true Dineva fashion, The Doll had to go in and let have. Check out my review video. Prepare to laugh. Continue reading

NEW MUSIC: Danity Kane Ft. Tyga ‘Lemonade’

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Alright now Danity Kane minus D. Woods. I guess one clown don’t make no circus. Danity Kane told y’all they were coming back. I didn’t half believe them, nor was I checking for them. However, I must say that this new song they’ve got featuring Tyga called Lemonade is pretty cute. It will definitely bang in the club and was released just in time for the spring & summer blitz. As hard as it is for me to say this, good job ladies!  The beat is recycled. Within the first 10 seconds of the song, nostalgia will rain down on you, but the song is cute nonetheless.

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Whoopi Goldberg Believes a Man Should Be Able to Hit a Woman Back, In Wake Of Solange & Jay-z

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I’m a firm believer that fists have not gender. The double standards that plague are society are sickening at times. Had the tables been turned, and Jay-z was slapping and kicking Solange in the elevator, people would have been outraged and pushing for him to be arrested. Yet, we almost discount the fact that Solange assaulted Jay-z, and is more concerned with the gossip as to what drove her to attack him in the elevator. Women have come a long way to gain some sort of equal footing with men in society today. However, women can’t pick and chose where they want to be equal and where they want gender bias to work in their favor.

Most of us are raised that a man should never hit a woman. For reasons unbeknownst to us, men are stronger so on and so forth. That being said, It would seem to me that men being physically stronger would be all the reason more why women should refrain from hitting men, to avoid the off chance of a man hitting them back. Either way, I think is is more of an overall human issue, and less about gender. As adults we should not put our hands on one another period. REGARDLESS of your sex, at the point in which you physically violate someone, they should be able to hit your ass back regardless of their sex. Just my two cents.

Whoopi Goldberg spoke about the whole Solange & Jay-z incident on The View and pretty much feels the same way I do. Check it out. Continue reading

NEW MUSIC: Solange ‘Lost On The Way Home’. Was Elevator Fight With Jay-z A PR Stunt?

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Chile, considering how careful the Carters have been in the past, and how crafty their PR machine is, i asked the question “was Solange’s attack on Jay-Z a PR stunt”. Well, how convienent is it that on the day of the attack, a new song featuring Soloange was released. Ohhh but it gets better, the lyrics of the song are about fighting and having your back.

Who’s gonna to have your time,

when it’s down to the minute?

/ Who’s gonna have your time?

/ Who’s gonna have your back,

when the shove comes squishin’?

/ Who’s gonna have your back?

Chile, things are starting to look real suspect. When animals attack aside, the song is actually pretty dope. It gives you an 80′s kindmovie soundtrack kind of feel. Check it out and let me know what you think. Continue reading

What Blacks At PWIs Attacking HBCUs Is Really About?

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The thoughts and opinions expressed in this post solely belong to Anti intellect – FUNKY DINEVA DID NOT WRITE THIS

This is not a debate about HBCUs, as always, it is a debate about Blackness and the carelessness with which we take ourselves for granted. HBCUs are seen as a joke because Black people are seen as a joke. We were to be slaves only, not serious people capable of anything worthy. White supremacy has always taught Black people to hate themselves and anything associated with themselves. HBCUs fall under that umbrella. It is a sad irony that HBCUs fought for Blacks to be seen as viable in higher education only to have Blacks at PWIs demean and deride them.

We are Black people living in a society that teaches us to privilege Whiteness and, unfortunately, that is what most of us will do. Black people and Black culture is taken for granted, so it should come as no surprise that Black institutions are as well. It is not difficult to find Black people who take Black institutions for granted, Black culture for granted, and Black people for granted.

We see clearly the degree to which white supremacy has inserted itself into Black life when privileging Blackness is up for debate. There are Black people who are disgusted by the idea of privileging Blackness. To celebrate their own is outrageous to them. We already know that White people, as a whole, are not going to privilege Blackness, so the question becomes if not us, who will? Continue reading

“Put On Underwear With That Big Ole D!ck” – Gym Etiquette All Guys Should Be Aware Of!

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Believe is or not, back in the day when I use to work in Corporate America, I use to go the gym everyday after work. Nessa girl, The Doll was fine. Now that I work for myself, from home, with no real schedule, I kind of find it hard to workout. I mean, when is the right time to get up off the sofa and partake in an activity that you don’t really care for in the first place? You catch my drift? Nonetheless, I remember the days of me having to side eye the hell out of the children for the many offenses they would commit in such a public place. I came across this funny article on gym etiquette that I thought was worth sharing. Note the article primarily pertains to men. There are a few points in the article that are universal.

I’m usually in the gym about 5 to 6 days a week and I try mind my own business and the business of my clients if I’m training, but I have started to notice an increase in the lack of etiquette. If you chose to work in in a public gym please by courteous and mindful of others. I will be the first one to applaud someone’s effort to improve his orher body and fitness; however, it is possible to get your workout on and be respectful … Due to this I have come up with the below GUIDELINES:

1. Please don’t go to the gym WITHOUT showering first … funk on top of funk is ALL wrong … ALL bad!

2. Please wipe of the equipment once you’re done. No one wants to clean up your bodily fluids!

3. When in the locker room it OK to wear a towel when entering and exiting the showers … Even if you feel you body should be admired by all … Cover Up!

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