R&B Divas LA Season 2 Trailer- Guess Who The Villian Is This Season? You’ll be Shocked!

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These CDless divas are airbrushed for the gawds. No gawd hunty. Anyway, the R&B Divas of L.A. are back with 3 new additions. Welcome Leela James, Chrisette Michelle, and Chante Moore’s new face. Chile… Chante’s got a man and a new nose. That’s just what “the people” tell me. The people also say that Chante Moore stepped in and took Kelly Price’s role as the resident b!tch. They say things got so bad that Lil Mo almost dove on Chante. Uhmmm I’ll most definately be watching! Get into the sneak peak. Continue reading

Married To Medicine Reunion Filming RIGHT NOW! The REAL REASONS Quad & Mariah Fell Out

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Alright y’all, this sh!t with Mariah and Quad has gone on long enough. Up until now, I have refrained from rendering my 2 cents because the situation slightly involves me. I opted to stay the hell away from the whole thing because I did not have the capacity or wherewithal to be going through same drama with the same folks for over a year. What many of you fail to realize is that the drama that you see on reality tv is lived three times. Once when it actually happens, a second time when it airs, and a third time at the reunion. Well today is the day that Quad & Mariah get to relive the whole ordeal for a third time.  They are filming the Married to Medicine season 2 reunion today

It’s time to separate the facts from all the fiction. The viewers are under the impression that the breakdown in their friendship happened at this mysterious STK incident that was not filmed. (Married To Medicine’s Quad & Mariah Get To Fighting In Popular Atlanta Steakhouse). Fact of the matter is, this count down to Dooms Day was set in motion long before STK. Now I don’t claim to have all the facts, but I am privy to a few details that have yet to be revealed. I thought long and hard on the angle in which I would write this piece and opted to outline the facts, and denote my opinion. Here we go…

FACT: I (Funky Dineva Ross) met Mariah at the season two premiere party of R&B Divas Atlanta. We exchanged phone numbers and later that night ended up hanging out at the Blue Flame strip club with others who made their way over from the premiere. 2-4 days later, Mariah texted/called me and informed me that she was downstairs at a restaurant near my condo building. She invited me down for drinks & laughs. Once I got to the restaurant, Mariah and a friend were sitting outside talking. I quickly joined the fun. Shortly there afterwards, Mariah started with a leading line of questioning.

Opinion: I Felt like she was fishing for something

Fact: Mariah began gently with questions like “what do you think about the show” “who was your favorite” Who didn’t you like? Then the line of questioning got a bit more intense, “Well why do you think the people liked Quad so much”? I told Mariah I didn’t really watch the show, that Kari was my least favorite, and that the people liked Quad because she was the most relatable. From there the dialogue continued and Mariah went on an extended rant about all of her grievances with Quad. In short Mariah said (I’m paraphrasing because this was so long ago)

“I should have never made Quad famous”. Everyone in Chattanooga told me to look out for her. She is trying to come for my spot.” “If she is the star, then I am the star maker”.  “This is my show, every last one of those girls are signed to my company, I get a piece of everything they make.” “I’m the executive producer, I chose them.” “If it wasn’t for me, she wouldn’t even be on the show. The people didn’t want her, didn’t like her, etc.” Other things where said, but chile I can’t half remember all the mess.

Opinion: Based on the line of questioning, and Mariah’s subsequent grievances, I had ascertained in my mind that Mariah was feeling some kind of way that the public gravitated more to Quad than they did to her. Additionally I got the impression that Mariah wanted everyone to pay her some sort of homage for being the executive producer of the show (so she says), a credit that Bravo had not given her season 1. Continue reading

DJ Baby Drew Says He’s Current On Child Support, Gainfully Employed, Only Traci Got Paid, and Is on to Bigger and Better

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You’ve got some celebs who just sit back and ride the media cycle, wait for Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, or Beyonce to pull some publicity stunt that will make their scandal old news. Then you have others that take a proactive stance in corrected what they deem to be false information.

Well, yesterday, DJ Baby Drew was quick to let The Doll know that what I was reporting was not the truth, at least not the full truth. According to Drew, Only Traci Steele got paid to be on LHHATL, he is gainfully employed, booking gigs all across the world, and her is current on his child support. Hmmmm I’m getting two different stories, but one thing is for sure, SOMEBODY’S ASS IS LYING.

Get into DJ Baby Drew’s responses to my post from yesterday.

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Stylist Cuts Braids Out of Little Girls Hair After Mom Failed To Pay. What Would You Have Done?

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Y’all know most times I am pretty absolute on how I feel about things, but in this case I am kind of torn. A Louisiana stylist has come under fire for cutting braids out of a little girls hair that took her 9 hours to install, after the girl’s mother failed to pay her for her services. What would you do? Crystal Collins posted the above photo to her Instagram account with the following caption:

“One thing I don’t play about is my money. I try to be patient with everybody but I will not get played,”

Surely we can all understand Crystals frustration. My hesitation in rushing to judgement has to do with the fact that it involved a small child. On the flip side of things, it is not Crystal’s (hairstylist) job to worry about the welfare and well-being of someone else’s child. The mother of this child is the one who should carry the burden of how her shifty actions could trickle down to her child.

Some may argue that Crystal could have called the police and reported the woman for theft of services. Uhhhmmm yea she could have, but we all know that all the police was going to do was come out and fill out a report that was going to go in some junk pile. Meanwhile, the little girl would still be tootsie rolling around town with Crystal’s free work on top of her head. Speaking of children, Crystal has kids as well, and the 9 hours she spent working was time away from her children and the non payment was food taken out of their mouths. So as you can see, there are many ways this thing could have gone. I’m torn…

Get into the rest of the story and perhaps you can make a definitive judgement. Continue reading

DON’T COME FOR ME: Is She Cute? Would You Smash? Describe What Johnesia V. Looks Like

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I’m so tired of you twitter thugs coming for me I don’t know what to do. Like the old people say, I can show you better than I can tell you. This Star Wars extra up above had the audacity to try to go in on me over a Maya Angelou post that she FAILED TO READ. She got to talking all sideways and I figured it is time I make an example out of someone’s ass. DO NOT COME FOR ME UNLESS I SEND FOR YOU.

So y’all tell me: Is she cute? Would you smash? Describe what she looks like.


Yea i’m childish and petty…

These Checks Ain’t Loyal – DJ Baby Drew Slow On Child Support Payments Since Being Fired From #LHHATL

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dj baby drew

Chile since being fired from LHHATL with that boring ass story line, DJ Baby Drew aka Chris Brown’s DJ has been a little unreliable with those child support payments. I guess Chris Brown being looked up for 1/4th a year isn’t making matters any better.

Sources close to Mieko Love (Drew’s 1st child’s mother) say since Drew stopped receiving a minimum wage check from Mona Scott-Young that his child support payments have not been coming in on time. The gag is, it’s being reported that Drew is pushing a Range Rover and a BMW. Shidddd why feed your child when you’re car note is due right?

SCANDAL: DJ Babey Drew Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Has Another Baby With Aspiring Singer Mieko Love

Damn Drew! Oh well, blame it on Chris Brown. That seems to be what everyone else is doing these days. Reports are saying that Drew is also neglecting his daughter. Perhaps he’s out trying to find some other troubled artist to DJ for since Chris Brown’s payroll is on freeze right now.  Quiet as its kept, on-time or late,  at least Mieko is collecting. Chile, Fontain ain’t paid Nessa since 2009. They suspended his driver license, but that negro still be driving.

I wonder if Traci’s money is coming in on time. Imma call her…