Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 6 Extended Trailer. Drama, Fights, Infidelity & More!!! (video)

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Chile Bravo has just released the the extended trailer for season 6 of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta and when you watch it you are going to fall dead to the bead. Baby when I tell you The Atlanta Housewives have taken a few classes from the cast of Love & Hip Hop! Chile they even got Mama Joyce (Kandi Mama) on here fighting. Lawd have mercy Jesus! The apple must not fall far from the tree because Kandi is shown in the trailer threatening to drag someone. Honorary Housewife Miss Kordell Stewart even makes an appearance. Kenya is twirling all over the place, but when she twirls in the face of Nene Leakes she almost gets slapped. We can’t forget about Apollo beating the sh!t out of Kenya’s assistant Brandon. Chile this and a whole lot more when you view the trailer. Catch these T’s Continue reading

Security Beefed Up On Housewives Of Atlanta Sets After Nene/ Marlo Altercation. Marlo Hampton NOT Fired.

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DSC_0875Out of respect for people I love and some documents I signed, I didn’t share with y’all the details of an altercation that went down with Nene & Marlo at Cynthia Bailey’s event last week. The camera’s were rolling and the spectators were plentiful. Long story short, Marlo confronted Nene about some mounting tension between them and things escalated into a big shouting match that ended with Nene running up in the face of one of the producers and going off. That’s the short of it. No tea no shade, the altercation isn’t even where all the tea lays. All the tea lays in the back-story to the altercation.  Trust and believe Kenya’s a$$ is caught up in this mess. It’s deep y’all. I’ll spill this tea when the time is right aka when my lawyers let me know what my rights are considering I signed them damn confidentiality agreements.

Since the altercation, rumors have been circulating that Marlo Hampton has been fired from the real housewives of Atlanta. When i first heard this, it didn’t even sound halfway legitimate. Me being the resourceful and friendly person I am, I made a few phone calls and got down to the bottom of it all. Catch these T’s Continue reading

STAMPEDE! Nikki Gilbert and Kelly Price Hit The Red Carpet AT THE SAME DAMN TIME

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Chile, this headline is a read in its self. To top it off, friends of The Doll over at Crunk & Disorderly has this to say about the buffet buddies:

No red carpet is ever complete without someone showing up with a mouth full of teeth closely resembling kilos of cocaine smuggled into the country by the Medellín Cartel. Our government officials clearly cannot be bothered for a number of reasons but whatever.

TV One ‘R&B Divas’ reality stars Kelly Price and Nicci Gilbert put their weak ankles to the test by attending Sheryl Lee Ralph Foundation’s 23rd Annual Divas Simply Singing! Benefit Concert on Saturday night (October 12).

Chile after reading that I fell dead to the bed. No tea no shade, Kelly Price’s heels look like they are reinforced with construction grade steel beams while Fashion Designer Nicci Gilbert is giving shower curtain realness. While I’m on Nicci and her fashions, why is she starting a fashion line? Seriously, who the hell wants to dress like Nicci Gilbert? Chile I don’t know which is a bigger waste of her time, trying to start a fashion line or trying to bring Brownstone back to life? Both are futile efforts that should be aborted ASAP in the interest time, money, and the remaining f&cks that few of us have left to give.

Chile, imma just go on ahead and stop now because y’all know I could go in on these two all day long. BYE

Singer Sammie Changes His Name To Leigh Bush, Dishes On His Return To Music

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Chile folks kill me with these alter ego’s, name changes, and revolving personas. I had been receiving emails for the last couple of weeks about Leigh Bush and because I did not know who the hell he was, i was throwing them away. Chile, come to find out, Leigh Bush is Sammie. Y’all remember Sammie? He was the cute little boy who had the singles I like It and the crazy things we do for love. Well these days Sammie is all grown up and fine as hell I might add. He’s dropped the little boy image that is attached to the Sammie name and wants the world to now receive him for the man her is.

Last night Leigh Bush sat down with the Editor & Chief of BE Magazine to dish on his latest goings ons and also blessed the crowd with a heartfelt performance. Over the weekend, I was a guest co-host on Stacii Jae Johnson’s Black Girls Radio where I had the opportunity along side Stacii Jae to interview Leigh Bush. Check out our interview and check out the pics from the event. Continue reading

Not So Sizzling: Has Sizzle Miami Turned Its Back on Black Gay Men? Email From Founder Suggests So

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The thoughts and opinions expressed in this post solely belong to Anti intellect – FUNKY DINEVA DID NOT WRITE THIS

“When people show you who they are, believe them.” – Maya Angelou

Earlier this year, Sizzle announced that it was relocating its annual Memorial Day Weekend event for Black gay men. Sizzle would still be held in beautiful Miami, but the event would be moving from Downtown Miami to South Beach. As a loyal patron of Sizzle, I was not thrilled to hear this news, and I spoke with many fellow Black gay men shared my hesitation. Aside from parking and transportation being a nightmare on South Beach, many Black gay men wondered, validly, whether South Beach would be a safe and affirming environment for us, many of whom are traveling from around the country. Whereas Downtown Miami provided Black gay men with a temporary respite from the larger straight world, South Beach will do no such thing. Black gay men will be thrust into an almost likely homophobic environment with straight men and women. Sizzle Founder Dwight Powell, noticing concerns, assured patrons that Sizzle South Beach would be a welcoming environment to Black gay men and stressed that Black gay men needed to “integrate” with the wider straight world. I remained skeptical, but I was willing to take Dwight at his word. All that changed last week. Continue reading

Nene’s Sister Tries To Befriend Marlo After Nene & Marlo Fall Out. Marlo Embarrasses Sister At Party

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Singing ” what about your friends…” Chile tis the season to fall out with your friend, especially if you are on a reality television show. First Quad & Marriah (catch that) and now Nene & Marlo (catch that too). They say blood is supposed to be thicker than water, but Nene Leake’s sister doesn’t think so. Nene’s sister aka Miss Bronner Brothers 1968 thought that since Nene & Marlo were on the outs right now, that she would slide on in the become BFF’s with Marlo. She was sadly mistaken and left an event That Marlo was hosting with her face cracked when Marlo embarrassed her ass in a room full of people and in front of a crowd of cameras. Chile catch these T’s Continue reading