Not So Sizzling: Has Sizzle Miami Turned Its Back on Black Gay Men? Email From Founder Suggests So

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“When people show you who they are, believe them.” – Maya Angelou

Earlier this year, Sizzle announced that it was relocating its annual Memorial Day Weekend event for Black gay men. Sizzle would still be held in beautiful Miami, but the event would be moving from Downtown Miami to South Beach. As a loyal patron of Sizzle, I was not thrilled to hear this news, and I spoke with many fellow Black gay men shared my hesitation. Aside from parking and transportation being a nightmare on South Beach, many Black gay men wondered, validly, whether South Beach would be a safe and affirming environment for us, many of whom are traveling from around the country. Whereas Downtown Miami provided Black gay men with a temporary respite from the larger straight world, South Beach will do no such thing. Black gay men will be thrust into an almost likely homophobic environment with straight men and women. Sizzle Founder Dwight Powell, noticing concerns, assured patrons that Sizzle South Beach would be a welcoming environment to Black gay men and stressed that Black gay men needed to “integrate” with the wider straight world. I remained skeptical, but I was willing to take Dwight at his word. All that changed last week. Continue reading

Nene’s Sister Tries To Befriend Marlo After Nene & Marlo Fall Out. Marlo Embarrasses Sister At Party

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Singing ” what about your friends…” Chile tis the season to fall out with your friend, especially if you are on a reality television show. First Quad & Marriah (catch that) and now Nene & Marlo (catch that too). They say blood is supposed to be thicker than water, but Nene Leake’s sister doesn’t think so. Nene’s sister aka Miss Bronner Brothers 1968 thought that since Nene & Marlo were on the outs right now, that she would slide on in the become BFF’s with Marlo. She was sadly mistaken and left an event That Marlo was hosting with her face cracked when Marlo embarrassed her ass in a room full of people and in front of a crowd of cameras. Chile catch these T’s Continue reading

DEAR DINEVA: Dear Dineva: My nephew is NOT my brother-in-law’s child

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About 2 or 3years ago my sister and her husband separated, and during  that time she began dating a guy she knew from high school. A couple months later she discovered that she was pregnant. She was unsure of who the father was but felt it was only right if she went back to her husband. After my nephew was born, every assumed that it was her husband’s child and so did she. I always had questions in the back of my mind but never said anything about it. Most recently, my sister left her Facebook open on my ipad.  Being the nosey person that I am I looked through it, she was messaging the guy she had been with during the time of separation from her husband. The messages looked innocent until I saw that he said tell “J” (my nephew) he said hello. I found that a bit odd because if it was innocent he would’ve just said tell the kids I said hello. She has two children and he knows this. Since I hadn’t seen him in a while I went looking through his timeline. I stumbled upon a picture of his at 2 y/o (the same age my nephew is now) and there was a lot of resemblance.I talked to my mom about this and she thinks that him and my nephew do favor a lot but she says she doesn’t know. She says that I could just be saying this because this is the outcome I wanted. I’ve always thought this guy was right for her and honestly I want my nephew to be his child. As of lately, my sister has been talking to this guy a lot more often. She claims she going to divorce her husband and marry him. They have so many issues on top of the paternity situation. I think now would be the right time for her to get out of the situation since their children are so young.  What’s your take on the situation? Please help………..
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Pat Robertson “The 700 Club” Says Atkins Diet Violates God’s Principles – Is The Old Bish Senile?

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First off, why the hell does The 700 Club still come on tv? Second of all who the hell is watching the 700 club? Third of all, who the hell died and made decrepit a$$ Pat Robertson a doctor? Listen, it is hard as hell trying to get in heaven as is, now you mean to tell me that I am in violation of the 10 commandments if I decide to eliminate carbs from my diet? Chile, now y’all see why I attend bedside baptist. I can’t keep up with the ever changing rules of Christianity. It seems as if some Christians just make up ish as they go, or as dementia sets in…

Chile check out what this old senile bible thumper had to say about the diet that has helps millions of people lose weight and has saved millions of lives. Continue reading

Love & Hip Hop Season 4 ft K. Michelle Teaser (video)

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Love & hip Hop season 4 is amongst us and Mona & company have trimmed all the fat! Hunty all we are left with is Joe & Tahairy, Rich & Erika, and Yandy. Added to the bunch are Peter Gunz and his wife, and K. Michelle. No tea no shade, I like the smaller cast. This provides for less distractions and a more story development with the characters. K. Michelle is positioned as the anchor of the marketing, but throughout the season, don’t expect a whole lot from her on the show. K. Michelle let it be known that she was traveling throughout majority of the filming and all we really can expect to see is her doing her music thing. Catch these T’s

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Belgium Man Chooses Euthanasia After Failed Gender Reassignment Surgeries

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I could not begin to imagine what it would feel like going through life feeling as if I was born in the wrong body. The mental anguish that one endures probably mirrors hell on earth. This was the case for 44 year old Nathan Verhelst. Nathan, originally born a female told newspapers hours before his death “I was the girl that nobody wanted.”

Verhelst told the reporters he grew up in an unloving family, feeling like a boy trapped in a girl’s body. He finally started hormone therapy in 2009 and underwent several reassignment surgeries in 2012. While doctors did not publicly share the specifics of the surgeries, Verhelst told the reporters that after the procedures, he felt like a monster. “I was ready to celebrate my new birth. But when I looked in the mirror, I was disgusted with myself,” he told the newspaper. “My new breasts did not match my expectations and my penis had symptoms of rejection.”

Verhelst applied for euthanasia several months ago and finally died on Monday in a Brussels hospital. His request was approved based on a 2002 law that makes Belgium one of only three countries in the world that have legalized euthanasia, along with Luxembourg and the Netherlands. Continue reading