Lauryn Hill’s New Song Is So Bad She Needs To GO BACK TO PRISON (listen)

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Philly Fourth Of July Jam

Ok look, I don’t know what the hell is going on with Lauryn Hill, but the jig is up. Lauryn can no longer rely on her “Misducation Of Lauryn Hill” days to sustain her any further. Dear Lauryn Hill, WE ARE OVER YOU. I completely understand that Lauryn’s music is her art and she is free to express herself however she sees fit. However, I’m feeling deceived by Lauryn because the product she is now pushing is not what we bought years ago. Lauryn tricked us. We signed up for neo soul queen of hip hop. Now the bish is giving us crazy lil boy with a chip on his shoulder.  Is it me or has no one seen this woman smile or crack a joke in over 10 years. Every time i see her in interviews, she is always so serious and has a cloud of darkness over her. Seriously, i know we joke around, but I think Lauryn is mentally ill.

Anyway check out this tired ass song called Consumerism. I’m sure you wont be able to get through a minute of it. Continue reading

Is ‘Scandal’ A Quality Television Show Or Simply A Popular Twitter Sensation? Writer Argues Scandal is Not Quality

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Scandal -- Screengrab from exclusive clip.

It goes without saying that I am a die hard Scandal fan. However, as the show grows in popularity, the amount of criticism it receives grows as well. Scandal has come under attack by many in the African American community for the nature of the relationship between Olivia (Kerry Washington) & Fitz (Tony Goldwyn). Many black people have taken exception with the “black woman” being the “white man’s” mistress, sidepiece, and accomplice in adultery. Ughhh I think that these folks are over analyzing things, but for some people, their relationship is a nuisance. I personally think the depth of their love overshadows race. Quite frankly, I don’t think the story would be as compelling if the two characters were of the same racial background.

Art is all subjective. What one person finds good, others may find subpar. I didn’t watch the Emmey’s nor do I watch any of the shows that were in the category with Scandal. However, I have caught wind of the chatter surrounding some feeling like Scandal is a good show, but there are others out there of greater quality. Again, all of this is subjective. There truly is no yardstick to measure art. Hell I think all of those Picaso paintings are ugly as hell and stupid, yet they are worth millions. I just don’t get it it. Soraya Nadia McDonald, a writer for the Huffington Post feels some kind of way about Scandal. She passionately states her claim on how Scandal is NOT quality television, but popular television supported by Twitter. Do you agree? Catch these T’ Continue reading

Azealia Banks Storms Off Stage After Fan Hits Her In The Head With A Can (video)

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Complete Devastation To The Nation

Chile, who would have ever thought that a soda can would be an occupational hazard. I’m sure Azealia Banks didn’t. Quiet as its kept, the fan was probably trying to knock some sense into her for dressing the way she does. No tea no shade, I so do not know what this fashion tragedy sings. Whatever the hell she was up there singing, one fan in Australia was not featuring.  As Azealia tootsie rolled across the stage, someone lunged a can at her and hit her in the head. Embarrassed, Banks threw down her microphone and stormed off the stage. Catch these T’s Continue reading

Usher & Tameka Wasting The Court’s Time Again. This Time Usher Signed Son Up For Football Without Tameka’s Approval

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Let me tell y’all something, Usher & Tameka’s asses get on my last damn nerve with all this damn court drama. Like seriously, the next time they go to court, it needs to be for a marriage license. Those two need to get married, lock themselves in a mansion somewhere, and drive each other crazy until they are old and gray. I’m sorry, there should be a limit on how many times you can go to court surrounding the same issues before your ass is thrown in jail. The sad part is, I really feel like it is Usher that is keeping the sh!t going. ughh he is such a drama queen. A rich little boy with too much time and money on his hands. Damn, just play fair and toying around with the lady and her children. Whew…. Now that I am done ranting, on to the story.

Undeniably, Usher & Tameka’s sons have got to be the most loved little boys on the planet. They’ve got two parents that are fighting tooth and nail for them. Or do they have two parents that are using them as pawns in a human game of chess? Either way, Tameka has recently filed court papers on Usher citing that he does whatever the hell he wants to do with the kids without any regard to her opinion and they are supposed to be co-parenting the boys. She now wants Usher punished. See what else she alleges Usher has done Continue reading

Letoya Luckett, Slim Thug, Willie Reportedly Cast Members Of Love & Hip Hop Houston

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I’m a firm believer in if it ain’t broke don’t break it. That being said, I’m not really sure how I feel about the Love & Hip Hop franchise spreading to Houston, Los Angeles, and New Orleans. No tea no shade, but my fear is that we will be overloaded with ratched television. Is Love & Hip Hop becoming the R&B Divas of hip hop, the place where forgotten artist go to get a second chance at stardom? It sure is starting to look that way.

As things progress, the first line up of alleged cast members has hit the net. So obvious and quite fitting, Letoya Luckett and Slim Thug are reported to be on the show. Letoya and Slim were Houston’s royal couple until Slim Thug cheated on her. Another Houston hit maker reported to be on the show is Willie D of the Geto Boys. Catch these T’s on the rest of the reported cast. Continue reading

Laura Govan Says Shaunie Ruined Basketball Wives With Hoes. Draya Says Laura Is Just Bitter Because She Got FIRED

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Chile Laura Govan had some choice words for Shaunie O’neal. Laura feels that it was Shaunie’s focus on “non wives” that ruined the show. Better yet, Laura used the word “ho’s”. To me this sounds like a lightweight stab a Draya. Non the less, Laura must be either blind or delusional. It was the focus on the hoes” that sustained what little semblance of a show they had. No tea no shade, It really was Gloria Govan that ruined the damn show if you let me tell it.

Towards the end, Basketball wives LA did somewhat turn into The Draya show, but hell, she was the only one who half had anything interesting going on. Of course we love Jackie Christi, but for all the wrong reasons. We love Jackie’s tacky fashions and her delusions of grandeur. Quite frankly, the people have spoken and the characters that were not needed were eliminated. Draya and Jackie are reportedly the only two returning from the original cast. No tea no shade, that says a lot. Hell, Malaysia was boring, Gloria was wack, Laura was hit or miss, and Brooke was just there sucking up air. There was no real wow factor with any of the ladies. We need Kimsha Artest back. Surely y’all remember her Madea looking ass from season 1.

In the wake of hearing what Laura had to say, Draya had a few choice words of her own. Trying to keep it cute, Draya spilled the real T behind Laura’s feelings. Catch these T’s Continue reading