Porsha Williams New Music Video FLATLINE. Are You Here For It?

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Aight y’all, when Porsha isn’t working part time for the World Wrestling Federation, she is off singing and dancing, and not for the Vine either. Yes Gawd Hunty, Miss Porsha has got her a real music video and it is not a corner store production. We see you divorced fish. Chile it goes without saying I love me some Porsha Williams and supports her in all her endeavors to the max. Get you a piece and let me know what you think. Continue reading

Halloween In May, 2014 Met Gala Fashions. Who Ran It? Who Just Looked Ran Over? Pics

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Nessa girl, I don’t know if there was a gala going on last night or if it was Halloween in May. I don’t know a whole lot about the Met Gala and doesn’t care enough about it to educate myself. I knew y’all would bee looking for the pictures first thing this morning, so I made it my first priority to post them. Chile prepare to be inspired, prepare to image, and most of all prepare to laugh. Some of these heffas really pulled it with some of these party city looks they gave us, especially these Olsen Twins. Chile where are they going with all this hot ass material on?

Get into the pics and let me know what you think…

FYI For quick browsing I put the thumbnails first. You can click on the specific pics you want to see or you can keep scrolling to see all the fashions and f&ckery. Continue reading

BLACK PEOPLE: Y’all Begged SNL To Hire This DOG Face Heffa, Now Y’all Mad? WHY???

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Ok, for all of y’all that got your panties in a bunch over the recent Saturday Night Live Skit headed up by Black female comedian Leslie Wilson, I’m here to tell y’all to sit y’all got damn asses down or got to bed one… Before I even get into all of this, let me first ask WHO THE HELL EVEN WATCHES SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE? Chile I was born in 1983 and no one around me then or now has aver watched Saturday Night Live. That being said, I was kind of perplexed when Black America was in an uproar when Kenan Thompson made some disparaging remarks about the lack of quality black female comedians as it related to their placement in SNL sketches. Well, it looks like Kenan was RIGHT, cause uhmmmmm, what this dog face mule said in her SNL skit definitely was not quality and surely was in poor taste.

For those of you who are in the dark about whats going on, here is a 10 second “catch up.” Long story short, Leslie essentially said in slave days, she would have been the most popular woman on the plantation for forced slave breeding.

“See, I’m single right now, but back in the slave days, I would have never been single. I’m six feet tall and I’m strong, Colin. Strong! I mean, look at me, I’m a mandingo … I’m just saying that back in the slave days, my love life would have been way better. Massah would have hooked me up with the best brotha on the plantation  … I would be the No. 1 slave draft pick.”

Whet?  What that b!tch said? Ohhh no she didn’t!!!  – Those were the general sentiments of Black America. You want to know something though? I don’t feel bad for those of you who were offended. Y’all begged for them good ole white folks to put a colored face on their dry ass comedy show geared towards white people, and this is what the hell you got! Now deal with it!

Get into how I really feel! Catch these T’s Continue reading

“Y’all Gone Learn Today” Girl Gets Smashed In Head With Shovel During Fight (full video)

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shovel head

shoveltimeI was always taught that if you ran up in somebodies yard trying to fight them, that you deserved anything that happened to you. BUT DAMN, I just thought was old country people talk. In my heart of hearts I didn’t really think that meant a person deserved to get bust in the head with a shovel. Apparently it does.

Quiet as its kept, it is kind of hard for me to feel any sympathy for anyone who gets hurt beyond being told to remove themselves from someones yard. “Y’all gone learn today. Catch these T’s Continue reading

Crazy Eyes From Orange Is The New Black SHUTS DOWN White House Correspondents Dinner With Her Beauty (pics)

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100th Annual White House Correspondents' Association Dinner

Yes Gawd Hunty! I am here for all of this! Look out now. Who in the hell would have thought that Crazy Eyes from the Netflix hit show Orange Is The New Black could clean up like this? Mama is giving you hoes the business!  I am living for her wrap and that lipstick is everything. Quiet as its kept, actress Uzo Aduba plays the character Crazy Eyes so well, that I honestly thought she was a hardcore butch dyke in real life. I guess Miss Thang set me straight.

Politicians, journalists and Hollywood stars took over Washington, D.C. on Saturday night for the 100th Annual White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner. While First Lady Michelle Obama wowed in an ivory Marchesa off-the-shoulder gown, “Orange Is The New Black” actress Uzo Aduba was definitely the talk of the town with her elegant red carpet ensemble.

Aduba let her hair down (literally!) for the evening with a shoulder-length bob and heavy, side-swept bangs. While this hairstyle is a complete 180 from the beautiful Bantu knots she sports on the Netflix original series, we’re loving this new ‘do. And her metallic gold eye makeup, fuchsia lipstick and black manicure add the finishing touch to that strapless black sequin dress. ~ Huffington Post

Check out more pics.

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COMPLETE DEVASTATION: Girl Fed “Semen-Filled” Cupcakes to Kids Who Picked on Her

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Nessa girl this is complete devastation to the nation, OKAY! She got them hoes right together! No gawd hunty!  See sh!t like this is why the hell i was always reluctant to eat the food from potluck luncheons when I use to work in Corporate America. Here it is you think someone is doing something nice for you, and they are serving you a cum cake.

Parents, y’all better tell your children to stop going around picking on folks kids. These victims of bullying have gone from whooping ass on the bus to busting in the cupcakes.

A bullied high school girl in Bakersfield, Calif., reportedly put pubic hair, semen, expired food, and pills into the cupcakes she handed out last Thursday to kids who picked on her. Another student asked the girl why her cupcakes tasted so bad, and she said it was because she’d filled them with bodily fluids.

Police were able to confirm that the cupcakes were made with a gross combination of condiments including mayonnaise, barbecue sauce, and soy sauce, but the food was destroyed before it could actually be tested for semen. The health department has been called off of the investigation. ~Gawker

Since the incident, the school has implemented a no outside food policy. Ya think!

Phaedra Parks Reads Kenya Moore Her Miranda Rights On The RHOA Reunion Part 3

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Alright y’all. I have not watched parts 2 or 3 of the reunion because quite frankly I am over these hoes. However, everyone is talking about this epic read that Phaedra gave Kenya last night. For those who did not see it, and for those who need to see it again, here it is. Get your life! Quiet as its kept, she gave that bish the business… More to come when I eventually watch it…

Psychic Miss Cleo Comes Out The Closet (with y’all money) Where Da F&ck This Ho Been?

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Nessa girl, Miss Cleo done came out the closet talmbout she gay girl. Cleo says she is gayer than a $2 bill. Quiet as its kept, Miss Cleo girl, we are less concerned with your bedroom practices, and more concerned with where the hell you been with the children’s money. Chile Miss Cleo found her rise to fame in the late 90′s – early 2000′s, and faded into obscurity when the law got her ass right together for deceptive advertising and fraudulent billing and collection practices. Long story short, she was using a phoney Jamaican accent to goup the kids out their money. Chile she was int the commercials telling all the kids business, but the voodoo priestess ain’t want to tell non of hers! How is that for your free psychic reading? Catch these T’s Continue reading