NEW MUSIC: Raheem Devaugh Serves All Kinds Of Marvin Gaye T’s With ‘Final Call’

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The self proclaimed Love King, Raheem Devaughn, is back. The Grammy Award Nominated R&B Crooner has collaborated with super producer, Kenny Dope, and Grammy Award Winning lyricist, Rhymefest for a song with a strong socially conscious message. In response the recent verdict in the Jordan Davis case, loss of Trayvon Martin, senseless murders, and the nation acknowledges Saviors Day from February 21-23, 2014 the music trifecta has worked to create two versions to encourage change in our global communities. The song is now available via iTunes at:

Ohhhhh Chile y’all know I love me some Raheem Devaughn. With all the junk on television and the radio, it does feel good to get some socially conscious music every now and again. Raheem brings the heat with this poetic song that blends a Marvin Gaye with Raheem’s sultry vocals. Check it out! Continue reading

Kimora Lee Done Went Off And Married Some White Man And Ain’t Told Nobody

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Is it me, or does J-Lo and Kimora Lee meet the love of their life every 3 years. My gawd woman, you just had a baby from Djimon Hounsou, now you mean to tell me you done met someone else, fell in love, and got married that damn quick. I guess chile. They say when you know you know. Kimora Lee MARRIED Goldman Sachs investment banker Tim Leissner secretly. Only close friends and family knew. Leave it to a Queen to out her. Check out what Russell Simmons had to say: Continue reading

Kenya Moore Spends 10k On Party Only To Donate $500 To Charity. What’s Wrong With This Bish Math?

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See this the sh!t right here that I’m talking about. While Kenya’s a$$ is trying to be a private investigator, uncovering if folks are legally married or not, the brainless beauty needs to be somewhere taking a college prep math course. Where in the hell, why in the hell, and how in the hell does the ratio of what she spent to what she donated makes sense? To top it all of, the folks over at Saving Our Daughters were not featuring the way their charity was represented on television, and went on record saying Kenya did not raise thousands of dollars for them:

In closing, Ms. Kenya Moore stated that thousands of dollars were raised at this event. To protect the integrity of Saving Our Daughters, our records show that we did not receive any of the proceeds raised from Ms. Moore’s masquerade ball.

However, we do appreciate the contribution we did receive of $500 for our annual Christmas doll drive for children with cancer. ~ Saving Our Daughters

Let me just go ahead and give y’all the T about this real quick. I remember this night vividly. The short of it is, Kenya and the publicist handling the event fell out. The publicist terminated her involvement with Kenya, but Kenya decided to press on with no professional help. What you saw was a party with 30 broke ass Atlanta 20- something year old’s who were just happy to be around some cameras. Go back and watch the episode again. Look at the caliber of people who were in attendance. Do any of them look like they were in a position to make thousand dollar donations? Chile I had never seen so many quick weaves in my life. To add insult to injury, the little Chinese woman who owns the home showed up to the party and went the hell off because people where upstairs in her house. Chile they say Ming Lee was not having and kicked everyone’s ass out of her house and restricted them to the back yard only.

Check out how saving our daughters let Kenya have it nice nasty in a press release, and Kenya’s response. Continue reading

Married To Medicine Is Baaackkk. Two New Wives, Double The Drama. Divorce, Babies, Fights… (trailer)

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maried to med

Nessa girl, are you ready for the Medicine Wives? LOL. Well ready or not, here they come, and they are packing the heat hunty. I’ll be the first to say that I didn’t really follow season one all that much. No tea no shade, with all the other wives shows that were airing at that time, Married To Medicine struggled to hold my attention. Since then, I’ve developed relationships with a few of the ladies and has a vested interest in season 2. Y’all when I’m telling y’all that season 2 is going to be jam packed full of drama and scandal… Chile, the season has wrapped filming, and there is mess STILL going on here in Atlanta. Anyway, check at the trailer and let The Doll know what you think.

Continue reading

Nene Leakes Issues An Apology For Showing Her A$$ At Kenya’s Charity Event. Are you Buying It?

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Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 4.36.21 PM

I guess Nene Leakes did take heed to my advice and hire Olivia Pope. Under the advisement of a PR person I’m sure, Nene has taken the time to issue an official apology. Her explanation is well thought out and pretty lengthy. If you are unsure on what she is apologizing for, take a look below:

Get into Nene’s Apology. Continue reading

Justin Bieber Talmbout She Moving To Atlanta. We Hope She Stays In California. House She’s Looking At. (pics)

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Nessa girl, Miss Justin Beiber is talking about moving her ass to Atlanta. I wish she would do us residents of Atlanta a favor and DONT. Leave all that egg throwing and carrying on in California. Somebody better tell Justin Beiber that Georgia is too close to Florida. He f&ck around and throw eggs at the wrong somebody and his a$$ is gone end up dead to da yard. They gone find Justin’s lil pale a$$ stankin’ in a field somewhere and his mama gone be forced to fry chicken for a repass. I’m just trying to tell him before he even closes on the deal.

Supposedly Justin is wanting to move to Atlanta to be closer to the Hip-Hop scene. I guess in his mind he is the Great White Hype. Ha!

In the words of my pastor Plies, Justin Bieber’s got ‘Plenty Money’. The home that Justin is looking at is listed for $10.95 million and is located in the “old money” part of Buckhead. I’m shaking my head already. This sh!t is a disaster in the making. Old White Debutant Fish is not going to have it with Miss Justin and her antics. I’m just saying… Anyway, get into this house Ms. Beiber is looking at buying. Continue reading