Laura Govan Says Shaunie Ruined Basketball Wives With Hoes. Draya Says Laura Is Just Bitter Because She Got FIRED

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Chile Laura Govan had some choice words for Shaunie O’neal. Laura feels that it was Shaunie’s focus on “non wives” that ruined the show. Better yet, Laura used the word “ho’s”. To me this sounds like a lightweight stab a Draya. Non the less, Laura must be either blind or delusional. It was the focus on the hoes” that sustained what little semblance of a show they had. No tea no shade, It really was Gloria Govan that ruined the damn show if you let me tell it.

Towards the end, Basketball wives LA did somewhat turn into The Draya show, but hell, she was the only one who half had anything interesting going on. Of course we love Jackie Christi, but for all the wrong reasons. We love Jackie’s tacky fashions and her delusions of grandeur. Quite frankly, the people have spoken and the characters that were not needed were eliminated. Draya and Jackie are reportedly the only two returning from the original cast. No tea no shade, that says a lot. Hell, Malaysia was boring, Gloria was wack, Laura was hit or miss, and Brooke was just there sucking up air. There was no real wow factor with any of the ladies. We need Kimsha Artest back. Surely y’all remember her Madea looking ass from season 1.

In the wake of hearing what Laura had to say, Draya had a few choice words of her own. Trying to keep it cute, Draya spilled the real T behind Laura’s feelings. Catch these T’s Continue reading

The Cast Of Scandal Speak On What To Expect On The Premiere Of Season 3 TONIGHT

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tumblr_mu3th4LT0f1sqqq6go5_250Chile are y’all ready for tonight’s season 3 premier of ABC’s Scandal? Yes Gawd, lord knows I am. I’m on my way down to the wig shop in just a bit to pick out the nastiest piece of presidential white woman hair I can find. Lol

When season two left off, Olivia Pope was named as Fitz’s Monica Lewenski. Only difference is Oliva was getting hunched in any broom closet she could find while Monica Lewinski was suckinf d!ck down to da desk. That’s neither here nor there. What is pressing is the fact that the members of Oliva Pope & Associates are now left having to take on their fearless leader as a client. This sets the stage for all that Scandal like drama that we have come to know and love.

Over time, we have gotten so caught up in Olive & Fitz’s love affair that we have paid very little attention to the fact that we really do not know much about Olivia Pope’s background. Well season 3 is here and all of that is about to change. TV Guide sat down with the cast of Scandal and asked them a few questions about season 3. Check out what all they had to say Continue reading

Ebony Magazine Releases Dual Covers For Film The Best Man Holiday + Trailer

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The wait is over. After over 14 years, the cast we love returns on November 15 for the highly anticipated sequel, THE BEST MAN HOLIDAY. For their November Issue, Ebony Magazine did dual covers featuring the ladies all at once and the fellas all together. I must say, 14 years later and everyone is still looking good, if not better.  Check out the Men’s cover and the trailer if you have not seen it below the break. Continue reading

Comedian Luenell & Funky Dineva Join Kandi Burrus on Web Show Kandi Koated Nights

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Kandi Koated Nights 10.2.13 029 CME 3000_

Last night Comedian Luenell stopped by Kandi Burruss’s widely popular internet show Kandi Koated Nights. Right along with her was The Doll. Last night’s topic was Sex on Demand. the gist of the conversation was if one person wants sex right then and their, and the other person does not, are we to assume the the person who does not want sex is out in the streets doing something foul or do we simply right it off to them not being in the mood. In the traditional Kandi Koated Nights fashion, the conversation was loose, candid, and real. When Luenell took the stage the conversation got real, realer, and raw! Catch these T’s. Check out the pics from the night as well as catch the full episode if you missed it. Continue reading

Dentist Plucks Rotten Teeth From Man’s Mouth To Find Maggots Living In His Gums (video)

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Parents, if you ever want to teach your children the importance of brushing their teeth, you may want to shoe them this video. One man’s dental hygiene was so bad, that when the dentist extracted his teeth, they found live maggots living in his gums. Just how does this happen? Chile i don’t know and quite frankly does not care.

Check out the video Continue reading

Mary J. Broke Settles On One Of Her Defaulted Bank Loans, But Can She Pay?

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The Mary J. Blige and Steve Stoute Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now, Inc. (FFAWN) Launch

Y’all made all that fuss about Mary J. Blige singing about crispy chicken wraps  like a coon on the table of a Burger King and sent her finances into shambles. Well, no thanks to the very people who sent Mary’s finances into a downward spiral, Mary is getting some relief on one of those big a$$ loans she has defaulted on. This particular settlement comes attached to a $250,000 loan that Mary defaulted on that related to her bogus charity. Chile, y’all have to remember how the peole were going in on Mary for awarding scholarships to women for college but never making good on her promises.

Check out the details of the settlement. Continue reading