NEW MUSIC: Koo-Koo Wyatt ‘Fall In Love’ – An Ole NASTY Ballad

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Say what the hell you want to say about Koo-Koo Wyatt, but that heffa can sang. Much like Tamar Braxton, I feel like Koo-Koo needs to get her ass off of reality tv. Some people, we just don’t need to know them personally. I have no interested in Koo-Koo the wife or mother. I think that person is crazy as bat sh!t. However, KeKe Wyatt the artist, I am all here for!

I just finished listening to Keke’s new single ‘Fall In Love’, and I must say it is fire. I closed my eyes as it was playing, and before I realized it, I thought i was in my living room watching Video Soul or Midnight Love. The song definitely holds true to the smooth ballad feel of a real R&B song. KeKe just might be certifiably crazy, but her brain was working just right with this one.

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Black Excellence: Howard University Awarding 105 Doctoral Degrees, A University Record.

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Written by guest writer Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

Earlier last month, Howard University made national news when it was announced that Sean “Puff Daddy/P. Diddy/Diddy” Combs would be the keynote speaker for the 2014 commencement ceremony this Saturday, May 10th.  The controversy was that many felt like he wasn’t a fit for such an honor because he dropped out of the prestigious university in 1990. The REAL news story is that Howard University will set a new school record by handing out 105 Doctoral degrees!

Even with rumors of a potential closing & shake ups in administration, Howard University has still maintained the lead as the top producer of doctoral degrees awarded by HBCUS – on campus. Howard announced this week that it plans to graduate 105 Ph. D.s from a variety of 28 departments – the largest number of degrees to be conferred in the school’s 147- year history.

“Since its founding in 1867, Howard has served as the national leader in educating populations that are traditionally underrepresented in higher education.” Interim President Wayne A.I. Fredrick stated. “With Howard’s contribution to the production of doctoral recipients among African Americans and other under-represented populations, our nation’s goal of significantly enhance diversity in higher education and the research community would be much more difficult to achieve.” Fredrick added.

Howard University’s commencement ceremonies will begin on Saturday at 10:00 am on the main campus. Congrats to the class of 2014!!!

Better, Not Bitter: Teyana Taylor Goes To The Breakfast Club To Set The Record Straight on Brandon Jennings and Tae Heckard.

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teyana taylor

Written by guest writer Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

Wednesday morning Teyana Taylor went to The Breakfast Club to talk about many things like her new show deal with BET, her relationship with Chris Brown, beef with Rihanna and most importantly to clear the air about one half of the love heptagon: Her, NBA basketball player, Brandon Jennings and model/actress  Tae Heckard.

Let’s spare the extra-long post on this interview and I have worked on the cliff notes version of this interview for you all. You’re welcome.

1.     A n*gga is going to be a n*gga, so she couldn’t blame Brandon- Teyana isn’t mad at Brandon, her beef is with Tae. Over the years Brandon has displayed a certain type of behavior that any f*ck boy behavior (having a baby with someone else, the Angela Simmons rumors.) that Brandon has displayed doesn’t shock her because she “knows him.”  “It’s always that one girl you go through everything with, so at that point you don’t shock her anymore. Brandon doesn’t shock me anymore. So my issue is not with Brandon, I’m not even upset because I know him. – my issue is with Tae.”
2.     Teyana and Tae were “real” friends- not industry friends- came up to The Breakfast Club with receipts. Wednesday, March 5th at 5:12 P.M. Tae texted Teyana about taking pics together and Tae coming to visit Teyana at the studio. After the two exchanged plans to meet up, Tae sends Teyana another text ‘Motherf*ckers don’t know you my fam. They need to know, you’ve been my baby since you were 17. Sh*t ain’t changed, n*gga.’
3.     Teyana is 23, Brandon is 24, Tae is 36- Teyana says that she has peeped Tae’s game and this isn’t the first time she has done this to somebody. “She’s 26 and he’s 24, are you willing to deal with any dude that’s irresponsible enough to give you a child? Because older men is gonna chin check that ass. Younger dudes is like “oh! We worship Tae!” so it’s easier to mind f*ck them.”
4.     Teyana lost her virginity to Brandon, two years after they were engaged- “Only Brandon and I know the personal things we had going on in our relationship. So if you want to downplay what we had to build a platform for your current relationship, that’s your business. That’s none of my business. Because the world knows, I know and Brandon knows that we were engaged and that was very public. We were engaged at the Madea movie premiere, but if you forgot then I forgot too. I’m fine with that.”  “I was more so disappointed because I felt betrayed for everything we been through on and off for six years. But that’s nobody’s business.” “I lost my virginity to Brandon two years after we were engaged. I got a ring two years before I gave up anything, I’m very proud of that. And me doing that was my decision. It’s something that I was read for, actually, when we did that we were broken up. Continue reading

Mekhi Phifer files for bankruptcy… Carmen checks weren’t cutting it.

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Written by guest writer Brian Rayfield @BrianRayfield

Somebody call Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds, tell him to scrape up whatever coins he and Toni Braxton made from that album,  and let’s see if we can get a sequel to Soul Food in production, because Mekhi Phifer (Lem) has just filed for bankruptcy.

TMZ is reporting:

Phifer filed for full blown bankruptcy late last month, claiming roughly $67,000 in assets … as he drowns in debt totaling around $1.3 Mil.

Phifer says in his legal docs — obtained by TMZ — he spends around $11,600 in monthly expenses, but pulls in only $7,500. 

His debts are impressive … $1.2 mil in back taxes, $50K in lawyers bills and $4,500 in back child support.

No Gawd Lem!

Low key, before we see our good brother down to unemployment agency, or passing Tupperware in a chow line, let’s see if we can get a Soul Food reunion and maybe resurrect some careers while we’re at it.

Gawd knows some of them need it.

Can you see it? Cousin Faith turned from the family hoe to a deaconess.  Yes Gawd!


#everyBODYisflawless: Plus Size Beauty and Fashion Bloggers Join Together for Fierce Beyoncé Mash-up.

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Written by guest writer Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

‘I woke up like this… I woke up like this… Flawless, ladies tell em!’ What happens when you combine Beyonce’s “***Flawless” with three beautiful, confident, plus size bombshells? The results are inspiring to all. Gabi Fresh, a plus size fashion blogger posted a video of her and fellow bloggers Nadia Aboulhosn and Tess Munster teamed up together for their own rendition of “***Flawless” inspiring women to love themselves and giving a big F you to mainstream media, the fashion industry and to anyone who wants to “fat shame” a woman for not being a size two. Check out Gabi’s statement and the video starring all three ladies below.

“As a fat woman of color, I’m often treated differently than my thin, white peers. By brands, by fellow bloggers, by the media… I get passed over for things I’m more than qualified for. I get stares and cold shoulders at fashion events. I hear whispers. I get hate mail and trolling comments from people who call me disgusting and say I shouldn’t be allowed in public. Like Bey, I usually just brush these people off, and I never give them power by addressing them here or anywhere else. But it gets tiring, and sometimes I’m really tempted to drop the lady-like thing and just kind of…go off. So when I heard Beyonce telling her haters to Bow Down in the song ***Flawless, I immediately fell in love.

I knew I wanted to do something with it, so I called up two other major players in the plus size fashion world who I know also deal with their fair share of shitty people, the gorgeous Nadia Aboulhosn and game-changer Tess Munster, and asked if they’d be interested in collaborating on a video. I wanted to show that 1) we are not competing to be the Top Dog in our niche–we are supportive of each other and are all working toward the same goal: body positivity and inclusivity. And 2) you don’t have to be a certain size to claim your flawlessness. Fat is not a flaw. This video is dedicated to the mainstream media, to the fashion industry, to internet bullies, and to anyone else who thinks it’s their right to try to make us feel less than because of their insecurities. #everyBODYisflawlessWe had a ton of fun shooting! Hope you guys enjoy!” ~GabiFresh via her blog

Work ladies!

Look Back At It. Oprah Says Get Into Her 60 year Old Shape! (before Gayle does)

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oprah look back 60

Yes mother Oprah! Get into that shape y’all. I know Gayle King and Maya Angelou had a body party with Oprah when she got home that night. I don’t care what nobody says, Oprah photo shopped the hell out of that waist, but mama is looking GOOD! No tea no shade, Oprah in my opinion has always stayed away from being sexy, but she really should play around in the sexy section more often. She looks damn good to be 60 years old. I can’t stop looking at her ass. That thang is sitting right hunty! Get into the other photos from Oprah’s sexy shoot. Continue reading

R&B Divas Producers Feel Some Kind Of Way About Todd Tucker’s New Show Hollywood Divas

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Mama Joyce might be happy that Todd’s got a new gig, but the producers of R&B Divas sure aren’t. Plainly put, the folks over at R&B Divas feel some kind of way about Todd Tucker & Carlos King essentially taking the R&B Divas concept, dropping the word “R&B”, and replacing it with “Hollywood”. I mean, no tea no shade, anyone with a half a contact can see that the ideas are very similar in nature. To add insult to injury, the producers of R&B Divas pitched the same concept to TvOne before they sold R&B Divas to them a source tells me.

phil thorton

phil thorton 2


Y’all don’t let Mama Joyce know that Todd is copying off peoples homework in class. We’d hate for her to have one more thing to gripe about.

JET Magazine Ending Printing Of Publication. What Will Auntie’s Coffee Table Do?

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Oprah Jet Cover copy.indd

Some of y’all may cuss me out for what I’m about to say, but whatever. I ain’t never like JET Magazine. I always thought is was a cheap ass pamphlet with late ass Beauty Queens on page 43 of every issue. Nonetheless, I am enlightened enough to to understand, acknowledge, and appreciate the cultural significance of the long running African American print publication.

Johnson Publishing announced Wednesday that the publication that has ran for 63 years with a present distribution of 700, 000 printed copies will no longer be printed as of June. Print journalism is a dying art form, and much long other print publications, JET will be moving to a digital format.

The new app, which will be available for tablets and all mobile devices, will be published weekly, and will update breaking news daily. It will include video interviews, 3-D charts and archival photos, in addition the content available in the print edition. ~Chicago Tribune

In essence, Jet Magazine is about to turn into a blog. Chile cheese. They better stay in their lane. Don’t come for The Doll unless she sends for you! Quite frankly, I feel like JET will probably close its doors in a few years. In my personal opinion, with a 63 year history in print, it is going to be very hard for JET to compete in the digital space. When people think about getting the latest tea, they don’t think JET Magazine. Under the right leadership, they maybe able to radically transform things and make the transition, but I remain pessimistic.

Will you Miss Jet Magazine ?