R&B Divas ATL Season 3: Keke Wyatt Is A Wack Job & Latavia Roberson Needs To Get A Job

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OK yea yea, I know I’m late, but hell, better late than never. I had absolutely NOTHING to do this morning, so I scrolled through my DVR and finally mustered up the strength to watch episode 1 of R&B Divas ATL season 3. Talk about a total snooze fest. Chile, quiet as its kept, TVone can go on ahead and transition everybody on this bish to Unsung.  There was absolutely no WOW factor. Episode 1 completely failed to keep my attention, and the antics of KeKe Wyatt actually upset me.

Let me take a minute and go in on Keke’s ass. What f&ck is wrong with this broad? Like seriously? Keke is a new kind of crazy. What woman at her age makes all those strange dumb ass faces?? What’s the point of all of that? I could see if the sh!t was funny. It’s wack as hell, and quite frankly she looks dumb. To make matters worse, she is crazy as hell. What pisses me the hell off about Keke is that she finds a way to make every moment about her. With all them damn brothers, ALL THEM DAMN CHILDREN, and that lil boy she calls a husband, attention should be the last thing she is deprived of. Clearly she is deprived of money, hell, that is why she is on the show. However, what the hell imma need her to do is ACT LIKE IT. No tea no shade, the last piece of music that Keke put out was a rendition of Saturday Love with Rubben Studdart, and it F&cking sucked! Honestly, who the hell is buying tickets to hear Keke Wyatt sing? No got damn body! Now don’t get me wrong, Keke can SANG her ass off, but the only thing she got in her repertoire worth hearing are all songs with Avant and If Only You Knew. And If i hear her sing Patti’s song one more damn time like she wrote, arranged, and produced it, I’m going to scream! Ok I just had to get that off my chest!

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Beyonce Stans Send Mathew Knowles Baby Mama Over 1k Death Threats, As She Moves To Trailer Park

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Let me tell y’all something. These Beyonce stans are nothing to play with, OKAY! Chile, quiet as its kept, I felt their wrath yesterday when I made a snide remark on Twitter about how her and Jay-Z are selling them high ass concert tickets and giving the girls old music and recycled dance routines. Chile I had to stay off the Twitter for half the day because Queen Bey’s stans were lighting my ass up. That being said, I can somewhat relate to Alexandra Wright and the agony she has suffered at the hands of these deranged stans. Luckily, I have not received death threats, because them hoes don’t know where I stay, but damn Gina, is it that real?

What’s sadder is that all of this nonsense that really has nothing to do with Beyonce could be put to rest if Mathew Knowles stood up and did the honorable thing. Hell, he might as well be with this woman and this chile at this point. His wife done left him, and his daughter wants nothing to do with him. My only question to Alexandra Wright is “what the hell were you doing for a living before you started sucking elderly d!ck in the office?” I’m not really hear for her making it seem like the sole reason that she is destitute and borderline homeless is because Mathew Knowles is paying her dust! Seems to me like she was looking for a meal ticket, but Mama made a mistake and f&cked the wrong Knowles! Catch these T’s Continue reading

Todd’s Mother Tells Mama Joyce ” You Got The Wrong One Now, B!tch” Kandi’s Wedding Special (video)

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kandi wedding sharon todd

I love me some Kandi, and I love me some Mama Joyce, but its bout damn time that somebody got her ass together! She got the right one when she got Todd’s mother Sharon. I met Miss Sharon when we were putting on Kandi & Todd’s stage play ‘A Mother’s Love’. She is a ball of fun and likes her like brown just like me. There is a video out there of me and Miss Sharon twerking at the wrap party and I hope it never surfaces.

Anyway, I knew it would only be a matter of time before someone got Mama Joyce together for her wreckless antics. As hard as it is for Mama Joyce to witness Kandi make a mistake (her words), I know it’s got to be equally as hard for Todd’s mother to witness someone bash her son constantly on a platform as large as RHOA. Kandi’s wedding special is sure to entertaining to say the least. Catch these T’s Continue reading

Columbus Short FIRED From Scandal For Real Life SCANDAL ? Where’s Olivia Pope?

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Lawd Shonda Rhimes is not playing with that a$$. Miss Shonda said “what you will not do is take your white washed ass down to da bar and punch people in the face, and you damn sure ain’t go take your ass down to da house and beat up your wife and threaten to kill her Miss Columbus Short! That’s what you not gone do!” I guess Shonda said she can show you better than she can tell you, and gave Columbus Short a pink slip. That’s right, Columbus Short has been FIRED from Scandal. Chile, now that’s the real scandal.

Columbus just released this statement:  “At this time I must confirm my exit from a show I’ve called home for 3 years, with what is the most talented ensemble in television today.”

Short goes on: “Everything must come to an end and unfortunately the time has come for Harrison Wright to exit the canvas.  I wish nothing but the best for Shonda, Kerry and the rest of the cast…” ~TMZ

[Is This Déjà Vu? Columbus Short Kicked Out The House, Then Served With A Restraining Order and Divorce Papers.]

I wonder if Oliva Pope prepared this statement for Columbus? Oh well, I guess he can go back to stomping the yard. No tea no shade, his a$$ wont be missed. As much as I loved Harrison’s (Columbus Short’s character) fine ass, he added very little value to the show. Additionally he pissed me off when he rolled up in the factory looking for Adnan Salif with no weapon on him. Dumb ass! See you in the chow line.



TALES FROM DA BAR: Never Smoke Hookah With A Bish With Bad Breath

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girl smoking hookah

Chile, as much as I am down to da bar, I might as well make a coin off of my experiences and observations. Chile, earlier this week I was down to da bar with some friends for a few dranks and a cute bite to eat. The music was flowing and the drinks were pouring. For those of y’all that don’t know, when The Doll gets tipsy, she gets generous. I like for the whole bar to be on my level. There was a cute young lady sitting next to me who I had been making small talk with throughout the night. I offered to buy a round of shots, and out of nowhere, her raggely ass friend appeared. The bish pop up so fast when she heard “shots” that she damn near startled me off my stool. The Doll ain’t hurtin for $8, so hell, I bought her one too. No tea no shade, the random friend actually was cool. She was busted as hell, but cool.

As the night progressed, we decided we’d all go in on a hookah. Chile why the hell did we do that? It was 5 of us, and I was third in the rotation. The 1st round of the hookah was cool, but shit went left by the 2nd. The 2nd time around, I smelt a faint boo-boo smell, and kinda tasted it in my mouth. Rocking out to the music and drinking my Hennessy, I didn’t think much of it. I thought perhaps it was some weird organic flavor or something, and next time we’ll order something simple like apple & mint. By the the third time around, the faint boo-boo smell graduated to sewage. At that point, I was ready to send the damn thing back. “Did someone sh!t in the hookah, or did they not change out the water” is what I thought to myself. And then it happened! Beyonce’s Drunk & Love came on as the friend was inhaling the hookah. Miss girl went to belt out that first “we be all night, looooovvvvveee’ and blew a lung full of her smoke in my face. Once again, i damn near fell off my stool. Continue reading

The Gays TAKEOVER Beyond Scared Straight. Pebbles Reads The Kids Like Sissies In The Club! (video)

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beyond scared straight

Nessa girl, I always wondered what the hell happened to the stunt queens and the drag queens when they went to prison. Well chile, I have to wonder NO MORE! To peep into the life of a sissy gone bad, the production crew of Beyond Scared Straight came down to Miss Atlanta to give the world a glimpse of how to keep your hair layed and nails done while behind bars. Yes gawd, Just because a bish is in prison does not mean they can’t be fabulous.

Let me tell you something, once you get a piece of Miss Pebbles reading these bad ass chirren, I can guarantee you will be screaming “MORE MORE MORE”. Ohhh and I can’t forget Miss Foxy Hunty. You can tell Miss Foxy use to work the beat back in the day. She’s been pumped full of fix-a-flat and Elmers glue, but Miss Thang is fierce in a jumpsuit. Catch these T’s Continue reading