QUESTION OF THE DAY: Do You Find That A Lot Of Big Girls Have Bad Attitudes?

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Ok yea, me using the above picture to illustrate my thoughts right now is shady bootz…

Anyway, I recently added a forum to the website and I want it to be a place where everyone can ask questions, comment, and gain different perspectives on a host of topics.

I struggled today coming up with a question of the day. My phone rang, I stepped away from my computer, took the call as I started making peanut butter crackers, then this question popped in my head.

DISCLAIMER: I am not saying most big girls have bad attitudes as an absolute statement. I’m simply posing the question and is curious to know everyone’s 2 cents on the matter. As with most things in the media, the representation we most frequently see,  are the thoughts, feelings, and stereotypes we most commonly adopt. That being said, the big girls have not been shown in the most positive light these days and could really skew peoples attitudes toward full figured women. I’d particularly like to hear from my big girls. Click the link that will take you directly to the forum and GO IN AND LET HAVE!

FORUM: Do You Find That A Lot Of Big Girls Have Bad Attitudes?


NEW MUSIC: Lil Mo —- L’s Up – PS. Her Hair Is Layed Like Harriet Winslow (listen)

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Listen, say what you want to say about Lil’ Mo. Rather you like her or her music, you must admit that mama is working hard. I get so sick and tired of people sh!tting on opportunities. So many people have stepped into the reality tv spotlight and has done nothing with the shine. Chile, I know y’all remember when Lil Mo gott EVERYBODY together by saying non of them had a song on the radio right now. Well hopefully all of that is about to change. Today Lil’ Mo released a single entitled L’s Up that’s available for download and purchase everywhere. Take a listen and let The Doll know what you think. Continue reading

Teen Girl Puts Kitten In Microwave And TURNS IT ON! Now Facing Charges (video)

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I know the stereotype is that white people allow their cats on their counter tops and on their kitchen table, but chile now they’re putting them in their microwave. No gawd hunty! Now y’all see why I don’t eat round err-body house! This is a sad sick case that Micheal Vick should be all over. Two Maine teenagers put a kitten inside of the microwave, turned it on, recorded the whole ordeal, and posted it to Twitter. For anyone who understands the science behind microwave energy, microwaves heat things from the inside out. Imagine your bloods, organs, and intestines literally boiling and being able to do nothing about it. Definitely brings a new meaning to hot flashes.  Catch these T’s Continue reading

Orange Is The New Black: What You Didn’t See, Deleted Scene (video)

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If you don’t know, you better get in the know real quick! Orange is the New Black is the Scandal of Netflix. The only problem is, because all the episodes are available at once, you end up watching all of them in two days and is stuck waiting 9 months for more. This show is so good that viewers will take whatever new footage they can get. Ellen DeGeneres thought so too. Remember when Piper (main character) was in solitary confinement and she couldn’t tell if someone was on the other side of the wall or if she was going crazy? Well Ellen’s got the answer. Catch these T’s Continue reading

The Real NeNe Launches Hair Care Line, Nene’s Secret

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SEPTEMBER 2013 (NEW YORK, NY)— Just a few short months ago, ethnic beauty veteran, Brian K. Marks, partnered with his wife, Nene Marks, to introduce Nene’s Secret hair collection. To date, Nene’s Secret has been well received by consumers, is currently available nationwide in beauty supply stores and has been approved by some of the largest chain stores in America.  Nonetheless, there is one thing plaguing the company, the perpetual confusion of its owner being reality television personality, Nene Leakes.

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LGBT Community Shuns Bimbo Warehouse For Maliciously Outing Mr. Cee – Justin J Reads Bimbo For FILTH (video)

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You have people who are a credit to the group they belong to, and then you have those that make it hard for everyone. Sharing the common thread of once being closeted, members of the LGBT community are appalled at the malicious outing of Mr. Cee by street walker Bimbo Warehouse. I can’t speak for the entire community, but i gauged the general sentiments of most and the consensus is what Bimbo Warehouse did was not cool. One of my favorite YouTube personalities and friends JustinJ had a few choice words for Bimbo.

“Now don’t you understand man universal law. What you throw out comes back to you, star. Never underestimate those who you scar. Cause karma, karma, karma comes back to you hard” this is one of my favorite lryics from The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’s “Lost Ones”. When we take it upon ourselves to shed light on situations we might bring unwanted attention to ourselves and do more harm than good to our own community. There is nothing more shameful to me than when someone who is in the gay community who knows of the struggles, the hate, and sometimes fear  decides to out someone for their own personal gain. The cycle of homophobia will continue if we out men for being gay as if it’s a problem. Looking at the comments on the video all I see are people who bash and refuse to accept us. Some are glad to see yet that another black man has been outed for being on the DL. You see “faggot” through out the comments but they were not referring to the vlogger they used those words to demean the individual being outed. At what point do we realize that forcing someone out the closet doesn’t do anything but spew more hatred to the people in the gay community. When you outed this man you took his voice the same voice that you had to find whenever you came out and starting putting your “chicken cutlets” in your shirts and calling them breasts. People like this are part of the homophobic problem in the gay community. However there are many people in the gay community who work to end these stereotypes but it’s situations like this that sat us back. Do not get to thinking that this vlogger is a transexual because he is not, he is a simple minded boy in a tired wig. As I sit here right now at 1:00am I scroll on twitter to find out that somebody has posted a video of this so called vlogger munching on trade I don’t know rather to laugh and get my kiki or do a review on his lack luster performance. ~ Justin

Baby, you’ve got to get into Justin’s video address to Bimbo Warehouse. Catch this! Continue reading