Whitney Houston’s Family Done Beat Up Bobbi Kristina’s Husband Nick Gordon Down To Da Sweet 16

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Chile, once again, Pat Houston has failed another family member. Quiet as its kept, she probably set this one up. They had a Sweet 16 party for Raya (Pat & Gary’s) daughter with whats left of Whitney Houston’s Sparkle check and all hell broke loose. Y’all know Pat Houston cashed that check. Anyway, here is what TMZ is reporting:

Whitney Houston‘s son-in-law got his ass beaten by one of Whitney’s nephews at a formal family gathering … and it’s all because of a long-simmering family feud … TMZ has learned.

We’re told Whitney’s nephew, Gary Michael Houston, went nuclear on Bobbi Kristina‘s husband, Nick Gordon … allegedly SLAMMING him to the floor and pummeling his face — accusing him of talking crap about the family.

Family sources tell us … it all went down at a Sweet 16 party for Whitney’s niece, Rayah. We’re told it was a formal affair — everyone in tuxes and long gowns — but Nick showed up in a hoodie and knit cap and “lookin’ like a thug.”

Gary felt Gordon had insulted the family one too many times … as soon as the party was over, he delivered the beat down. We’re told it was a lopsided fight — Nick didn’t even get in a single punch.

The two are now sluggin’ it out on Twitter. Gordon posted, “F*** all of em they’ve tried to fight me (Gary H) jealous ass n***a.”

In response, Gary tweeted, “He still kind a sore from that last trip I sent him on smh …. I tried to tell him to buckle up lol.”

Chile, poor Whitney Is probably doing the Dutty Wine in her grave…


Tamar Braxton Not Paying Her People. Now She’s Mad That They Are Asking Her For A Contract

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Singing K. Michelle’s “Where they do that at…” Chile, the streets are talking. Word on the curb is Tamar & Vince have developed a pretty solid reputation for NOT paying folks. So much so, that Tamar’s stylist asked her for a contract in an effort to keep the business clean, and Tamar got all in her feelings and blasted the stylist on Instagram:

tamar-braxton-album_thelavalizardSeems to me that Tamar is the one acting Grand, feeling entitled to free services because she’s “Tamar Braxton”.  Don’t help someone and then throw it in their face later. Furthermore, it is so UGLY to boast as if you “made” someone. We all needed help getting “put on” at one time or another. Tamar needs not forget that very first dustpan  CD of hers that did everything but sell. Would anyone like an original Tamar Braxton dust pan? OKAY, Someone helped her a$$ too…

Chile the stylist isn’t the only one not getting paid. Catch these T’s Continue reading

BE Magazine Found Mya’s Old Dusty A$$ And Put Her On Their Magazine Cover…

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Chile somebody done dug through the rejected R&B Divas applicants box and found Mya’s contact information. Maya is serving the girls Miss Swan realness on the Spring Fling issue of BE Magazine.

There is nothing steamier than the attitude that the spring weather brings. As the weather breaks and heats up, BE Entertained Magazine gets sexier and offers an inside scoop to your favorite celebrities deepest secrets, experiences, and everything in BEtween. BE Magazine kicks off 2014 with a sizzle, as the sultry songstress Mya covers the 2014 Spring Fling Issue. ~ BE Magazine

While at her cover shoot, Mya’s dance moves were put to the test when she was challenged to do the Nae-Nae. Catch these T’s Continue reading

August Alsina Says “I Don’t Really F With Trey’. Trey Songz’s Ego Has Gotten Too Big…

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Tell me again, can we be lovers and friends… Chile what is wrong with the ladies of R&B. Miss Chris Brown has a drug problem, Lady Justin Beieber has a behavioral problem, Dutches Trey Songz has an attitude problem, and Princess August Alsina talks too damn much. Alsina aired his grievances in an interview with Rap-Up Magazine:

I don’t really fuck with Trey right now. We don’t get along right now. We ain’t on the same page. He did some other sh!t and we just don’t rock.

See what else Alsina had to say.

DEAR DINEVA: He’s The Only Man To Ever Touch My Kitty, But I Think I’m Missing Out On Something. Am I?

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Hi Ms. Dineva! I want to start by saying how hilarious you are! Thank you for bringing that enjoyment to the world.

On a different note, I’m in need of some advice. I have been in a relationship with a man that I absolutely, positively love for just about 2 years now. I’ve known him for years, and when I say YEARS I’m talking about 10+ years. He has serious trust issues, not because of any past issues with me, but rather issues he had from a previous relationship, which I won’t get into the details of. Anyways, the lack of trust really annoys the shit out of me and quite honestly can get infuriating. Im a student at the mecca, Howard University and I feel like im missing out on a lot of the excitement and enjoyment of my college years because of this relationship. I forgot to mention, he lives in NY, while I’m down in DC making this what seems like a VERYYY long distance relationship. I love him very much and know in my heart this is the man I want to be with for the rest of my life, but I dont feel like I’m making the most of my youthful years. He is the only man I’ve ever been with and quite frankly the only man I want to be with on a serious level, but I can’t even miss a phone call without an argument being ignited or a lengthy explanation needed. I miss the aspect of even just flirting with another man or receiving just the slightest amount of male attention without feeling like I’ve completely betrayed his trust. I guess I kind of want to have my cake and eat it too? I want to be with him, but sometimes feel like I need a breather, but I know “breaks” can be detrimental for some people. How should I handle this?  Should I stick it out and stay or take a break and enjoy my college years?

Thanks in advance!

See My Advice

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Chris Brown Out Of Rehab. Ex-manager Clears His a$$ via Twitter.

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 Written by: Brian Rayfield

It’s been a while since we’ve seen or heard from Chris Brown and his late stunts and antics. As some of us know, Mama was getting her life together, completing a 90-day stint in rehab for his anger management issues and only gawd knows what else. I’ll let yall filter that on your own. No tea, no shade, Get Yo Life in Order Chris!! Leave the stunts and shows for Justin Bieber chile.

In all honesty, I just hope we’re not speaking to soon with all these encouraging and uplifting words. Earlier this week, Chris took to Twitter to take his ex-manager, Tina Davis, to task for allegedly leaking music from his upcoming studio album “X”.

Chris Tweeted:

chris tweet

Of course the Tweet was later deleted and replaced with:

-        Snakes in the grass….Just stay positive.

Well good gawd, maybe the rehab did him justice yall, but then again, it’s still too early to tell. We never know with this one. Continue reading