The Race Is Not Given To The Swift. Karlie Redd Photoshop’s Benzino & Joc Penis Pic Comparisons

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Just so y’all know, ratchet tv season is when I make ALL MY MONEY.  Someone is calling bullsh*t on Karlie Redd and accusing her of photoshopping the the side by side penis comparison photos of Benzino & Young Joc, giving Joc a digital advantage. In previous posts, I spilled the beans about the the brawl that took place at Stevie J & Benzino’s Restaurant and well as the social media battle that ensued afterwards [Karlie Redd & Benzino Instagram Beef’n. Benzino Shows Off Love Tatt While Karlie Compare D!ck Size (PICS)] . Shortly after my last post went up, my phone began to ring with claims of Bullsh!t and photoshopping. All jokes aside, Bezino’s nude pictures have been floating around the internet for some time, and it is obvious that the picture that Karlie Redd posted was Photoshopped. No tea no shade, I just don’t think she is the one who photoshopped it. Nothing about Karlie Redd says she knows how to use a computer. Correct me when I’m wrong and acknowledge me when I’m right.

Reportedly, Karlie is all in her feelings that Benzino has moved on and now is on a mission to cause trouble. I’m told that Karlie Redd wasn’t even invited to the party last night and specifically came to cause trouble. Non on of us are stupid, we all know how her a$$ got there. But I’m told that Karlie is once again throwing rock and hiding her hands.Karlie allegedly made mention to Kirk how she missed Benzino’s  d!ck, but now she is slamming him for it publicly. That was supposedly part of the confusion last night and why Kirk was pulled into the cross fire. Remember I told you about that in the first post [EXCLUSIVE: LHHATL Violent Brawl Breaks Out At Opening Of Stevie J & Benzino’s Restaurant. Guess Who’s Involved?]

Anyway its time for a do over. No filters, No no photoshop, no bullsh!t.  Who wins the race? Continue reading

Karlie Redd & Benzino Instagram Beef’n. Benzino Shows Off Love Tatt While Karlie Compare D!ck Size (PICS)

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It’s getting real out here in these streets. Yes Gawd Hunty! So remember I told you that there were SEVERAL altercations that took place last night at the grand opening party of Benzino & Stevie J’s restaurant? Well, another focal point of the evening is when Benzino, Karlie Redd, & Benzino’s girlfriend had their exchange. This exchange ended up with Karlie Redd getting all kinds of liquors tossed in her face and being escorted out of the club. Non the less, the action did not end there.

CLEARLY feeling some kind of way, Benzino took to his Instagram at 4am (I know because I was sitting in The Waffle House) to prove to Karlie and the world his love for his New Girlfriend Thea. He posted a picture of her name tattooed on his wrist with a caption that said:

THEA CAPTIONI guess Karlie Redd figured “anything you can do, I can do better.” What Karlie did next was the real gag. Catch these T’s Continue reading

Joseline Hernandez’s Home Girl Started Restaurant Brawl. The Stitches In Her Forehead FINISHED IT (video)

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Chile I couldn’t even half sleep good from my damn phone blowing up from everybody in Atlanta trying to tell me their side of the brawl that broke out at Sleazy & Zino last night. Though there were multiple confrontations and altercations that took place last night, Benzino’s girlfriend IS NOT responsible for the altercation which led to the violent brawl and ultimately people needing stitches. It was Joseline Hernandez’s tag along friend that caused that. I’m now being told That Joseline’s friend was trying so hard to turn up for the cameras and get some camera time that she started conflict with everyone in the VIP. I’m told that she even went as far as to turn up on Executive Producer Mona Scott-Young’s niece.

Reportedly her behavior was so off the chain that even Joseline had to step in and check her friend.  Well, Joseline must have been a day late and a dollar short, because her friend left da bar and had to make a bee line to the nearest hospital to get her forehead stitched up. Lawd I hope she signed up from her Obama Care already. You know how these groupies are. The bish probably had on 3-thousand dollars worth of clothes and has no health insurance. Viewers, those ratings you are giving to Love & Hip Hop Atlanta ain’t free, wait to you get your increased insurance bill.

Check out pics from the fight, ole girls busted forehead, and a video from the riot. Continue reading

This Is Why You Don’t Wear Long Weave Or High Heels When Fighting (video)

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Listen to me carefully. If ever anyone steps to you wanting to fight and you are wearing a long weave or high heals, you better find a way to kick them heels of and turn all 27 inches of that Peruvian silky into a 10 inch bob ASAP. If not, you better tell that bish you need to reschedule for another day later in the week. Have you ever heard the expression “mopped the floor with that ass”? Well I thought it was merely an expression and not humanly possible. I was wrong, Watch how quickly wearing long weave and high heels turned this young lady into Swiffer Sweeper Continue reading

Eddie Murphy’s Daughters Pose In Lingerie In Michael Strahan & Nicole Murphy’s Bed

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Montana Fishburn (Lawrence Fishburn’s Daughter), this is how the hell you are supposed to do it. When you want to make you mark on the world and come from up under your parents shadow, you take you clothes off in their bed, not go do porn in a dirty hotel room. LOL

Eddie Murphy’s daughters Shayne & Bria have got it going on baby! #YesGawd . Shayne-19 and Bria-24 took the pictures in an effort to pitch themselves to Victoria’s Secret. Don’t get me wrong, these pictures phenomenal, but these two can forget about Victoria’s Secret calling them. They must not have seen this last Vitoria Secret fashion show [2 Black Girls, A Whole Lot Of Cocaine, and Feathers. 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (pics)]. Chile there were nothing but cocaine carrying, bulimia battling white girls in feathers strutting down the runway. However, they’ve surely got the right stuff to make it in the modeling world. Nicole & Eddie shole produced some beautiful children.

All the best…


Woman Gives Birth Standing Up In The Kitchen. Who Needs Obama Care? (video)

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Birth In Kitchen

Who needs Obama Care? Mommy in the nude colored bra sure as hell doesn’t. I’m kind of amazed at how effortlessly this woman just gave birth standing up in the kitchen. Long hair don’t care hunty. Mama went and got her a puppy pee pee pad, a box of Kleenex, and let nature take its course all in the kitchen. My only question is, of all rooms in your house to primitively give birth in, why choose the kitchen?

I’m sharing this video because the miracle of child birth has always amazed me. I’m kind of spellbound at how effortlessly this woman gave birth. When I cross referenced this video with images that we tend to see in the media of women hollering and needing all kinds of drugs, it makes one go hmm. Surely this isn’t some indigenous swamp woman giving birth in a hut. Surely she has access to a walk in clinic at a minimum. Hell, she is filming it so we know that she has access to modern conveniences. I’m curious to know the circumstances that led her to give birth this way. This appears to be deliberate, and she appeared to know what she was doing. Continue reading