PERSONAL STORY: My Friend Knocked an Entire Table of Drinks Over in VIP At The Club

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juice in teh club

Nessa Girl, please sit back and brace yourself because I am about to tell you the funniest sh!t you have ever heard in your life. Last night, some friends and I were down to da bar. At some point, the group decided that they wanted to kick things up a notch or two. So we all piled in the car and made our way over to this club/restaurant called Boogaloo. By the time we got to the club, a few random girls had joined the crew, but it was no big deal. When we get to the club and make our way to our section, all the ladies with the exception of Vonda take a seat and start talking amongst ourselves. For some reason, Vonda decides to sit her ass on the edge of the cocktail table that only had a leg in the middle. Bitch, juice went flying everywhere.

Check out what all else happened in My Hair Is Layed Like This Bitch Knocked Over All The Juice In The Club


Todd Tucker and Kandi Burruss Issue Statements On Passing Of Todd’s Mom Miss Sharon

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kandi burrus todd tucker miss sharon

It is always traumatizing when death takes a family by surprise. I’m still in shock at how I was both Kandi & Todd last week and things were all peachy as usual, now their family is going through an unforeseen transition. It feels to me like the nice fun people are always called to Glory too soon. I first met Miss Sharon during the tail end of our rehearsals for ‘A Mother’s Love’. She was so funny, outspoken, and real. The night of our finally show, we had an after party at The Kandi Factory. The highlight of the night was me teaching Miss Sharon how to twerk. Todd later went on to tell me that his mother was looking forward to dancing with me again at he and Kandi’s wedding. That dance never happened because Kandi and em took so got damn long to feed us that by the time I finished eating, I was ready to go [READ: Kandi’s Wedding: Fantasia Drunk Bootz, Mama Joyce Had An Attitude, Dinner Served At Midnight]. I always thought to myself that it wasn’t that big of a deal, that I’d see Miss Sharon again on several occasions for her to partake in some more twerk lessons. Now I’m regretting that I didn’t stay at the wedding 30 minutes longer to get one last dance with Miss Sharon.

Todd and Kandi have both issued statements regarding the passing of Miss Sharon. See what they had to say Continue reading

RHOA’s Todd Tucker’s Mom Sharon Dies From Stroke

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It saddens me to report that Todd Tucker’s mother Miss Sharron suffered a stroke last night where she died hours ago as a result of. This report has been confirmed by the Tucker camp.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Tucker’s during their time of bereavement.

‘The People’ Are Torn. The Vote Is Split. Team Don Juan vs Team Todd. Will Kandi Make The Final Call?

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Nessa Girl, Ir an a poll yesterday to determine where the people stood on the confrontation between Todd and Don Juan, and surprisingly, the people are torn. I was shocked to see that the vote was split as evenly as it was. No tea no shade, I’m kind of leaning towards Team Todd. I completely understood what it was Todd was trying to articulate, and feels as though Don Juan took the whole thing a little too personally. The funny thing is, according to the vote, they must both be right, or both be wrong. Either way, the thoughts and opinions of the general public are split perfectly down the middle. Take a look at the poll results, and let me know what you think.


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Netflix Announces The “House Of Cards” Season 3 Premiere Date

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TV-House of Cards

Someone once said to me “if you like Scandal, you are going to love House Of Cards.” Ohhhhh were they right. Baby I go up for Frank Underwood and his wife Claire. Much like Orange Is The New Black. House Of Cards is another one of those Netflix sensations that is a must see. The well written political drama will have you on the edge of your seat in suspense from moment it comes on.

The entire next season of “House Of Cards” will debut on Netflix on Feb. 27, 2015.

House of Cards teased us with the following tweet earlier today:


Then they followed up by tweeting:


Will you be watching?

Jodeci Now Candidates For UNSUNG. Lip Syncs Their Greatest Hits at 2014 Soul Train Awards

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Jodeci 2014 soultrain music awards

Chile, if you ever wondered if Jodeci was ready for their very own UNSUNG special, don’t wonder anymore. The answer is undoubtedly yes. What should have been a pretty joyous reunion felt more like you found a tape from junior high school while cleaning up, popped it in the radio, and took a trip down memory lane. I can’t believe these hoes got their asses up on the stage and played make-believe for 6 minutes. These boys Lip Synced from top to bottom. Perhaps they didn’t have time to much time to rehearse prior to the engagement. Personally I think its because they are old, out of shape, and doped up. Those are just my two cents, but nobody asked me…

Check out Jodeci play make-believe…