Reginae Carter Get’s Multi Episode Sweet 16 Show. Gets Ferrari, BMW, Rolex, as Gifts. Nicki Minaj Performs

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Saturday, the city shut down for Reginae Carter. Queen Carter called out everyone who was anyone to share in her birthday delight. Special guests included T.I. and Tiny, Fantasia, Nicki Minaj, Birdman, Nivea, Rasheeda and Kirk Frost, Debra Antney, Kandi Burruss, Nivea, Kim Porter and her sons Quincy Brown and Christian Combs; Three Brown Girls, rap duo Rae Sremmurd; Married to Medicine‘s Quad Webb-Lunceford, and more!

Special gifts included a white Ferrari, a BMW, a 30k Rolex, and a slew of other lavish gifts. Chile, who the hell is going to date Reginae? It’s kind of hard dor a young man to impress a young lady with dinner and a movie when she pulls up in a Ferrari and is rocking a Rolex. Something else worth mentioning, Todd Tucker is the one producing Reginae’s  Sweet Sixteen show for MTV. This is a real good luck for the Tuckers.

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Porsha WIlliams Selling Her Rolls Royce – The People Say Her Money Done Got Funny

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Nessa Girl! The word on the curb is that Porsha’s Sugar Daddy has went on about his business, no longer supplying Porsha with lavish gifts, and now she is selling her 300k Rolls Royce. Some unidentified source has supposedly told TMZ that Porsha isn’t broke, she’s still getting paid relatively well from RHOA, but since her lavish life cash flow has dried up with the departure of said sugar daddy, if she is to continue living the good life, she’s going to need a little extra pocket cash. Hey, what better way than to sell a 300k vehicle?

No tea no shade, I would sell that sh!t too. Hell, considering that Porsha already has 2 cars parked in the yard, what the hell does she need with a third one? On top of that, where is Porsha or anybody for that matter going in a Rolls Royce? Seriously, do you drive a Rolls Royce to the grocery store? Do you pull up to Wal-Mart in a Rolls Royce? Is it ok to drive  a Rolls Royce through the drive thru at McDonalds? Chile cheese! Sell that sh!t Porsha. Ladies learn something from Porsha. When these dudes put you up in houses and buy you cars, make sure the sh!t is your name. Coming up on 300k after a breakup sounds like a pretty good come up to me. Hell, its more than what she got from Kordel…

Oh, the buzz around Atlanta is that Porsha is actually dating a professional athlete now and that things are going really well for them. Rumor has it Porsha wanted to keep her relationship private, hence why you wont hear about it on the show. This is supposedly a big part of the reason Porsha was demoted.


Why We All Owe Kenya Moore an Apology – Funky Dineva’s Open Letter To Kenya

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kenya moore apollo apology

Let me cut straight to the chase. Finding out that Apollo lied on Kenya has partially changed my opinion of her. Let me start out by saying when we were first introduced to Kenya Moore, I feel like she came on a little too strong. That rubbed  a lot of people the wrong way. Then there was the whole scandal with Walter that left people questioning her character. Even without solid proof, Kenya’s previous behavior made it very easy for us to believe anything that was said about her because her integrity had already been compromised.When you compound Kenya’s past antics with the thought that she tried to get with Apollo it definitely shapes the way you receive everything about this woman.

No tea no shade, because of Apollo’s lies, I viewed Kenya as a whore, received her as a whore, and at times treated her like a whore on my site. Damn you Apollo! To now find out that all the whore treatment was unwarranted, I’m sitting here wiping egg of my face. Watching the tears stream down Kenya’s face last night led me to believe that this woman is in need of a healing. LOL. I ain’t God, but I can offer this heffa and apology. It’s a start…

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The Battle Kandi’s Leading Men. Team Todd or Team Don Juan? (Poll Question)

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todd tucker vs don juan rhoa (copy)

Last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta was very revealing. We witnessed the two leading me in Kandi’s life go head to head over whether or not the work to take Kandi’s brand to the next level is being done efficiently. Todd is of the opinion that the team is not working to their maximum output capacity. Don Juan’s position is that he goes above and beyond and is doing the best he can. From the outside looking in, I think the main issue is that the lines between Kandi’s friendship with these people and her being their boss are blurred. The same holds true for Todd’s involvement with the team and being Kandi’s husband. The team seems to be confused as to why Todd is in meetings or even able to voice and opinion about the running of Kandi Koated Entertainment when they don’t work for him. I think the solution to this issue is super simple. One, Todd needs to be reintroduced to the team in an official Kandi Koated Entertainment role (i.e. Vice President). This will mitigate all confusion that arises as a result of Todd’s input. Secondly, Kandi needs to be more boss like and less friend like when it comes to the daily operations of her business. Implement these two things, and the problem is solved.

We’ll see what happens. So who’s team are you on? Team Todd or Team Don Juan?

Vivica Fox Hosts Hair Store Opening In Atlanta, Promotes Wig Line, As If Somebody Wants To Look Like Her.

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ivica Fox Luxury Beauty Store Opening

Chile, Vivica Fox had her ole frowsey ass down here in Atlanta hosting the grand opening of Ultimate Beauty Supply. To top things off, Ultimate Beauty Supply in their new luxury store location dedicated a separate 400 sq.ft wig room dedicated to the Vivica Fox Hair Collection. Chile, its waisted square footage if you ask me. Who the hell wants to walk around looking like Vivica Fox?

From the press release:

The event commanded a live broadcast from Streetz 94.5 with special guest on air personality Jazzy McBee. Customers and special invited guests were welcomed into the new 6,000 sq.ft location complete with a luxurious aesthetic and appeal within the interior design. Guests were treated with edible arrangements, dessert bites, and cocktails sponsored by Tiny’s Tequila.

Check out more pics from the event.

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Pregnant Turkey Thanksgiving Prank – Woman’s Reaction PRICELESS

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pregnant turkey thanksgiving prank

This has got to be one of the funniest prank  videos I’ve seen in a while. We all know that birds don’t birth live babies, they lay eggs. Well this poor woman in this video must have missed that day of school, because she fell for a prank involving what she believed to be a pregnant turkey. Prior to baking the Thanksgiving turkey, her family stuffed it with a small hen. While removing the stuffing from the turkey, the woman comes finds the small bird and her reaction is priceless.

Check it out…