Sheryl Underwood Shares How She Overheard Sommore, Adele Givens, And Laura Hayes Talk About Her Like A Dog.

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Chile there is nothing like a good ole twist in history. I’m sure you guys remember The Queens of Comedy tour. For those that don’t. It was a female comedy show that featured Mo’nique, Sommore, Adele Givens, and Laura Hayes. After Mo’nique went on to do The Parkers and so forth, plans to do a second tour were in the making, and there was a spot open for another female comedian. Sherryl Underwood, all these years later tells us how she jumped on a conference call a few minutes early in anticipation of discussing the particulars. Sheryl says the other women were unaware that she was on the conference call, and they were talking about her like a dog. She reveals that this is why she opted out of participating in the second Queens of Comedy tour, which I don’t think ever happened. Catch these T’s

Chile I want to know what these heffas got to say. Let me call Sommore…

UPDATE: Rickey Smiley Sprays Sheryl Underwood For Putting Queens of Comedy On Blast. Says She’s Just As Shady (listen)

Gawd what does she look like this? Nothing can taste that good...

Gawd what does she look like this? Nothing can taste that good…

PERSONAL STORY: When Homage Is Due, And When You Need To Tell A B!tch To Kiss Your A$$

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homage vs kiss my ass

So listen, I try my hardest to shy away from using phrases like “that person is a hater”, or “ he/she is hating on me”. I consciously try to carry myself in a manner that lends itself to the question “who am I to hate on?” I make sure to smile when I’m in public, I speak to everyone, and I treat everyone as if they are one of my cousins. However, every now and again, you encounter a bitch that has all kinds of personal issues that causes them to act like you owe them something. Let me tell you bitches something. I, Funky Dineva Ross do not owe a nan bitch anything.  The problem I’ve most commonly run into is people feeling like because we somewhat do the same thing, but they’ve been doing it longer, that I owe them some sort of homage. I’ve also run into those who have been attempting to do what I do for years, have made no headway, but feels some kind of way towards me for garnering some sort of notoriety in what they perceive as a short period of time.  Let’s address both of these.

1. Just because we somewhat do the same thing, but you’ve been doing it longer doesn’t entitle you to any sort of homage.

You guys will be surprised the lengths people will go to try to make you feel some kind of way about yourself due to their shortcomings. I was hanging out with a friend one night when a Blogger made it a point to introduce themselves to me as “John Doe, one of the very first Bloggers.” I remember shaking his hand and thinking to myself “ohhh ok girl.” Later on that night, as I continued to pay that ho dust, her desire to be acknowledged by me grew larger. A few cocktails later, this person’s inner desire to be recognized by me grew to a place of her insulting me just to get some sort of reaction. Walking down the street, having a general conversation about blogging all together, this bitch had the nerve to say to me “well really, who are you anyway? You’re just a gimmick and won’t be here in 10 years.” Mind you this was totally unsolicited.  All things constant, whether I am just a gimmick and won’t be here in 10 years, or not is inconsequential to this person’s life. Let’s just say the night ended with this bitch getting popped in the head. I don’t deal well with bitches talking to me crazy. What still baffles me to this day about this particular situation is why was this person so fixated on me, and why did they think I owed them something? Just because you were doing it much longer than me, but has not achieved some of the same things that I have achieved has absolutely nothing to do with me. It would seem to me that this person should take up their grievances with God and not me who is honestly lives day-to-day paying majority of the world dust.

There is the case of the popular female Blogger who makes it a point to tweet me periodically throughout the year as she is talking to her readers to let me know I’m not funny. She has even gone to lengths as to tweet me about what a Blogger is and what a Blogger isn’t, as if there is some standardized handbook with a job description for what a Blogger is and a governing boardd ran by the state government that validates our credentials. Much like the BAR or being a CPA. Girl bye. Just because you’ve been doing it for fifty eleven years means you now have license to define an entire profession?

Then there is the nice nasty blogger who I must admit, posted my videos in the very beginning and sent me nice tweets from time to time. She eventually found her way into my comment sections leaving nice nasty comments. Eventually the comments just got plain ole nasty. This woman had the nerve to carry on a conversation one night with her friend, in my comments section, about my grammar. Being entitled to her opinions, was it necessary for her to air them in my comments section? I think not. Lord knows I say whatever the hell I want to say about people. The difference is, I speak my peace on my page. I don’t go over to other peoples pages, where they should have the luxury of peace, and talk my junk. What happen to professional courtesy?

nicki-minaj-and-lil-kim-othersideofthefame-4What do all these people have in common? The overwhelming desires to be acknowledge by someone. Little do they know, I can’t help their asses. It’s not my fault television networks have not called them to do tv specials, not my fault that management agencies have not expressed any interest in helping them further their careers, and it definitely isn’t my fault for any sort of personal issues they are having as it relates to their own success.

At times I so understand Nicki Minaj’s feelings when it comes to her situation with Lil Kim. Yes bitch y’all where doing it before me. Yes y’all have all reached your own individual levels of personal success,  and yes you guys have helped define the blogosphere as we know it. However, because I am now one of the current “cool kids” does not mean I owe any of you sh!t. I definitely can thank the work of any individual who has opened doors for me. But who’s to say any of the aforementioned people have?  With that, I don’t you anything so please take your grievances up with the man upstairs.

2, Dealing with those who have been attempting to do what you do for years, has made no headway, but feels some kind of about you for garnering some sort of notoriety in what they perceive as a short period of time. 

Simply put, these types of hoes need to mind their own business. I’ve run into more people who have spent their time trying to figure out how the hell I do what I do that it cripples their ability to do what they have set out to accomplish. Listen, God doesn’t recommend multi-tasking when it comes to what you are going to do with your life. You’ve got to focus. People so often forget that when it comes to making your own ish pop off, you don’t have the time or the capacity to be worrying about or investigating others.

Since entering this business, I’ve been sued, dis-invited from events, and ambushed at events by people who are in their chest about their inability to go to higher heights, and somehow I’m to blame. Like seriously? How are these people drawing these correlations?

! Just because a person has been highly visible for 3 years does not mean that said person has only been working towards said goal for 3 years. NOW DIGEST THAT!

This is getting lengthy and I just needed to get this shit off my chest.  I’m going to end it here, just like this, BECAUSE I CAN.  BYE

Oh, I forgot to spell out when it is proper for you to pay someone homage. Plainly put, when they aren’t seeking it!  Homage is something that is reserved for people who have blazed trails and opened doors for you, either consciously or unconsciously, but without the expectation of the world giving them anything in return. Homage is an honor that is bestowed upon someone, not a promissory note used to bind others in mental and emotional debt! With that, most people are owed a “kiss my ass” before they will ever be due HOMAGE! #NowIsaidThat


Kandi Burruss’s A Mother’s Love Tour Cancelled After Just 1 Week. Cash Poor Promoter To Blame

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a mothers love

Nessa girl, it saddens me to have to even tell you the bullsh!t I’m about to tell you. After all the ranting and the raving, A Mother’s Love WILL NOT be coming to a city nearest you after all. Simply put, it appears that the promoter who the play was licensed to may have bitten off a little more than they could chew. Quiet as its kept, I knew something in the milk wasn’t clean when the check I was written for my first week’s salary bounced. Writing this post is a little weird for me, because I am so use to telling other people’s tea, and not my own. However, here we go…

For those of you wondering “how is it that the play stop moving due to lack of resources, and Kandi is rich”, here’s how. Kandi & Todd created and produced the original play. After the play’s initial run in Atlanta, Kandi & Todd were apprehensive about travelling the play around the US on their dime, because these were unchartered territories for them. One magical day, A promoter approached Kandi & Todd about wanting to invest in and promote the play on a 30 city tour. The reasonable assumption to any rational adult is that if someone approaches you about putting a 30 city tour together, that they have the resources and the skill set to do so. Well we all know what they say about assumptions…

Fast forwarding to casting. The cast was eventually given phone calls, a few cast changes were made, salaries were negotiated, and we were on our way to travelling across the US spreading the joys of A Mother’s Love. Mama I’m going to be a big star!! NOT! Here is where things get a little murky. A gamble was made by a promoter who used people’s lives as chips. Being given a contract that pretty much says you will be on the road from September – December and paid XYZ salary weekly was all the go ahead people needed to quit their day jobs, reject other offers, and basically rearrange their lives. Last night, when news broke that the tour was cancelled, there were many tears shed. People’s lives changed in a matter of seconds. Expecting to be paid this Monday, and in exchange being told that the tour is no more, coupled with the fact that you quit your job (your only source of income), emotions were running high. There were some people in the room who honestly had no other money than what was in their pocket, and was really depending on this Monday payout. Continue reading

Stevie J & Joseline Move Out Of Atlanta Mansion. So Broke They Moved Their Own Stuff In A Uhaul.

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Chile what self respecting reality TV star moves their own belongings in a Uhaul truck? I’ll tell you who, that damn Stevie J. Everyone knows that Stevie J & Joseline were renting a home from famed booking agent Johnnie Cabbell. What people might not have known is the whole while Stevie & Joseline have been in Johnnie’s place, he has had some challenges collecting the rent. The Atlanta streets stayed buzzing about how various employees of Johnnie’s have gone over to the home to collect the rent, and they were always greeted with some sort of excuse by Stevie J & Joseline. When Johnnie’s employees were not being served with excuses, they were outright being avoided like Jehovah Witnesses.

In fairness to Stevie J & Joseline, the circumstances surrounding their move are unknown. For all we know their lease could be up. I’m not saying they got evicted,  nor am I saying they could no longer afford to live there. What I am saying is they moved their own shit in Uhaul truck which is rather peculiar for someone of their stature. Why in the hell didn’t they hire movers? My guess is, they didn’t have that much stuff to move. All the furniture and what not must have belonged to Johnnie as well.

Check out video below:

In what we think is a response to all of the eviction rumors, Stevie J posted this:


photo 1-2

Too bad you can’t live inside of Grammy’s, or stick them under the teller window at GA Power.

Question of The Day: Do You Believe SEX is a Spiritual Contract?

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Chile, when I was in my early/mid twenties, I laid it low and spread it wide with anybody who smiled at me. Mama got it in, do you hear me???  Now, with the exception of my neighbor’s husband, its a little dry around these parts. I can honestly say, when I was in my twenties, I hunched just for the sake of hunchin. It was fun, it felt great, it made me feel powerful. Now that I am a grown, classy, respectable woman, I’m a bit more selective about who I open my cookie jar for.

Do I believe I believe that sex is a spiritual contract? I’m not quite sure. I have not thought about this one long and hard enough just yet. I definitely believe it is an emotional one. Coming from someone who has had enough meaningless and random sex to fill 3 lifetimes, whenever a man climbs in to this bed, you best better believe there is some sort of feelings involved.

What do you think? Do you believe sex is a spiritual contract?


NEW MUSIC VIDEO : Meelah (R&B Divas) “Give It To You” ft Musiq Soulchild

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Meelah Williams said “No Gawd Hunty! Before you queue up the production of UNSUNG, the 702 story, get into my video.”  I know that’s right girl. Don’t count you out! The R&B Divas platform has given many of R&B past leading ladies a new shot at relaunching their music careers. Good to see that Meelah Williams has recognized the opportunity and moreover has seized it. Unlike many of the Divas who have sat on the platform for years without any new releases. The 1st season rookie has taken no time getting in the studio and pumpin out some some new tunes.

Check out Meelah’s newest video featuring Musiq Soulchild