Paula Deen Wants YOU To Know That She’s Not Racist Because She Has A Black Friend (video)

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Yikes things just continue to get worse for Paula Deen. I know she is sitting somewhere hoping Kim Kardashian or Beyonce pull a major PR stunt to get some of this attention off of her. Well Paula Deen, being the enterprising woman that she is pulled the “I have a black friend card” long before she needed. She stashed it away under her mattress and now it is time for her to play it. Watch how Paula talks about her black friend Hollis while cracking a rather off-colored joke in the process. Continue reading


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I would like to future our founder and mentor DaShaud in your Yes Gawd section. He is an amazing inspiring man that has amazing morals values standards and integrity. Not only  is he a model teacher mentor choreographer and do benefit fundraisers for the people and community he is also a fulltime single father who takes care of his son. He is something like a super dad. Looks can be deceiving but he has the looks and a heart of gold everybody that knows him loves him and I would like for the world to meet and know about this amazing talent and humble young man.


Want to be one of The Yes Gawds? Know someone who’s worthy?Submit 3 or more tastefully sexy photographs to please put “The Yes Gawds” in the subject line. Include a brief description or blurp about what you would like the viewers to know. Include all social media contacts.

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FAN MAIL: Fashion Read – Amber Rose Edition

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Kanye West And Amber Rose Attend The Louis Vuitton Fashion ShowHello Ms. Funky Dineva Ross,
Our last convo I sashayed away Ms. SheWade for slaying us in DUST with the female fashion! This time around I’m letting Miss Amber Rose have it. Sit down on this church pew with your Kenya Moore fan as I READ you the hymnal book. OK!

Now never tear someone down without extending a hand to life them up. When Miss Amber Rose first hit the scene back in 2009, her hair was LAYED with that slicked down, short, deep seizure fade giving us Sinead O’connor realness, with the ovahhhness of Grace Jones. Chile, I was out and strapped up to a respirator, but baaybaeee when I saw Miss Amber Rose pull up with Kanye to an event in an ole bawwd fur coat, blue HAUTE pumps, and fierce sunglasses giving leg and body, she gave me LIFE!! She was sitting PERCHED for CHRIST, this bish face and body were slaying DRAGONS across country for coins. YES GAWD!

At that time I would say Miss Amber Rose was even giving our current pop princess Rihanna a run in the edgy style category. I use to always search events and awards to see what Miss Amber and Kanye would be giving us because she never disappointed back then.
Today, I stumbled across some NEW pictures of Miss Amber looking like an extra cast member of “Roseanne”? Guuuuurrrrl, Miss Amber Rose had on some ole nasty grey sweat pants she stole from Justin Bieber’s closet, Jordans that looked two sizes too big for her, and Sir Elton John sunglasses. NO GAWD! Continue reading

R&B Divas L.A. SUPERTRAILER is Finally Here. Yes GAWD! (watch)

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Y’all TvOne is really trying to step their game up. Watch out now! The supertrailer for R&B Divas L.A. has been released and I must say things are looking mighty good. The way R&B Divas L.A. was shot appears to be a few notches above and so is the drama. Just like Atlanta, the main plot is centered around assembling all the characters to participate in a ensemble activity.

The show chronicles their issues coming together as a whole while highlighting each woman’s personal issues. The drama definitely looks thick! Check out the supertrailer and let me know what you think.

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COMPLETE DEVASTATION: Stripper Dances Middle Of Food Court In Miami’s Flea Market USA

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Y’all I was born & raised in the county of Dade! Only in Miami Florida does some ratchet foolishness like this go down. Chile some tired stripper who’s shelf life in the hustle has expired decided that she would take her moves to the Flea Market. I guess she figured “why pay more when you can payless”. The gag is, this busted broad doesn’t even have “the moves”. Her whole routing was a struggle. To top it off, kids were in the general vicinity and folks were just eating as if nothing odd was taking place. Now that I think about it, it is the Flea Market in Miami, nothing odd was taking place. Chile you’ll be surprised what all you can find up in the Miami flea markets. Check out this video and prepare to gag! Continue reading

Paula Deen Gets Canned! Food Network Drops Her Like A Hot Potato

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In the words of my good friend Michelle “Atlien” Brown over at Straight From The A, “freedom of speech ain’t free”! Although we have the right to say whatever the hell we want to say out of our mouths, it may not always be in our best interest to do so. Ask Paula Deen. As if things couldn’t get any worse for her, The Food Network has decided to not renew Paula Deen’s contract which expires at the end of this month (June 2013). Catch These T’s Continue reading