Porsha Says ‘Half of RHOA Is Leasing’. Says They’re Faking It To They Make it. Ohhh-Ok-Den

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Y’all leave Porsha alone about that big ole castle her single self just moved into. Wait a minute, now that I think about it, earlier in the season Porsha was looking at condos. How the hell did she go from looking at condos to living in 8000 sq ft? Oh well, between Kordel’s support money, and Porsha’s own earnings, I’m sure she’ll be fine. Besides ain’t like she carry around a bunch of student loan debt…

For whatever reason, we the people have this strange infatuation with leasing over purchasing. Ahhhh big freaking deal. Striking it rich through gains from real estate appreciation is honestly a thing of the past. This last recession taught us that. I can think of much faster ways to grow my money,  than a measly 2% gain on some property yearly. For starters, I can give some money to Tony brother to flip in the weed game, I can give it to my homegirl that flip money in the tax fraud game, or I can double my money by giving it to the dude up the street that does gift cards. Bisshhhhh he has gift cards for everywhere from Wal-Mart to Pottery Barn.

Anyway, Porsha was tired of y’all trying to read her decision to lease her home last night and she had a few choice words for y’all and those judgmental a$$ cast-mates of hers:

porsha 4

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Writer Suggests There Will Never Be A Black Male Olivia Pope Posted. Do You Agree?

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Beware, its Monday and I woke up feeling deep. I was scour the net as I tend to do with every waking our of my life, and I cam across a pretty interesting article as it pertains to Scandal. I know this isn’t a Scandal review video, and I know I still owe y’all a few of those, but hey…. This will have to do for right now. Hell, quiet as its kept, Scandal has been gone for so damn long, that I almost forgot the sh!t existed until I ran across this article. At any rate, check out the article and let me know what you think.

You know, I do sympathize with those annoyed by how Scandal (and, more recently, Being Mary Jane) seems to dominate the conversation in Black digital spaces. I can imagine it being even more nerve-wracking for people who have no interest in either show. Thing is, the place they have in our cultural zeitgeist is less about the show itself than the fact that, while people may not know an Olivia Pope or a Mary Jane Paul (or aspire to be either), they represent a version (well, an extreme version) of an archetype very many Black people seem to relate to: the “successful woman who seems to have it all together, but doesn’t.” Ultimately, the meta-conversations about these shows allow us to talk about ourselves without talking about ourselves.

Yet, the conversation is incomplete. There is another archetype. An archetype that seems to cause much of the angst our other archetype struggles with. This one is found in the same cities, the same Twitter timelines, the same offices, the same lounges, and even (occasionally) the same beds as our Pope-ly protagonists, but they don’t receive nearly as much cinematic or conversational deconstruction. This lack of attention isn’t due to a lack of interest, though. People (and by “people” I mean “Black women”) are very interested in what is going on in the head of the “single and successful Black male” what drives/motivates him, why he makes the decisions he makes, where love and commitment fall on his personal needs hierarchy, etc. But no one actually wants to see it on screen.

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Hi Funky Dineva!

I am writing as a very loyal fan to submit Tahy-Reyl for The Yes Gawds! Tahy-Reyl is a 25 year old aspiring fitness and underwear model in Chicago. He decided that 2013 was the year to finally pursue his modeling career, a dream that he has had for years. He has walked in fashion shows and collaborated with wonderful photographers in the Chicago area, but is looking to take his career to the next level.

Tahy-Reyl is extremely dedicated to his craft. He spends countless hours in the gym and experiments with different types of food to live an overall healthier lifestyle. He does this in addition to his full time job as a Behavioral Specialist at an alternative high school in the heart of the Englewood neighborhood…one of the worst in the city. Not only is he a counselor and confidant for these young men with troubled pasts, but he’s a role model as well. As a product of Englewood, Tahy-Reyl has accomplished so much beyond the statistics. He earned a B.A. in Criminal Justice, pursuing a Master’s Degree, and has performed countless hours of community service as a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated.

Tahy-Reyl is a very driven and talented individual. It would mean so much for people nationwide to see what he has to offer!

Instagram: @tahy_reyl
Twitter: @TahyReyl
“Like”: Facebook.com/TahyReyl
Visit: modelmayhem.com/Tahy-Reyl

Check out more of Tahy-Reyl

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My Hair is Layed Like Moving. Housewives of Atlanta Recap EP 11. Dineva Reads Kenya For Filth (video)

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Chile episode 11 of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta was something else.

  • Porsha Moves
  • Kandi cries
  • Nene Makes Porsha cry
  • Kenya almost gets hit by a car twirling in the middle of the street like a dumb ass
  • Cynthia’s sister Mallory oversteps her boundaries as usual
  • Phaedra reads Chucks’s cock
  • Kenya’s drunk daddy visits and reads her ashy feet for filth

So much f&ckery took place in this episode that y’all know I had to call Nessa and tell her all about it. Catch these T’s Continue reading

Who Would Have Known Amelia Earhart Was a Fashionista? Come Through White Fish! (pics)

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For those of you with the brain of Porsha Stewart, Amelia Earhart was a female pilot who overcomes odds and flies solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Quick side bar, why is it that every hood has a Martin Luther King elementary, and an Amelia Earhart elementary? Any way, when white fish wasn’t changing oil and rotating tires, she was strutted her stuff in glamorous 1920′s fashions. Check out these rare photographs.

There’s a killer whale somewhere dressed to the GAWDS… Continue reading

K. Michelle’s In The Studio Working On NEW MIX TAPE – Remixes Songs We Know & Love. (video)

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k michelle

Turn down for what? K. Michelle is busy in the studio working on a mixtape and is just about ready to be released. She released a few snippets of what she has been working on via social media, and the tracks sound hot. I got a feeling Miss Girl will a mainstay on your radio this spring & summer. We all love The August Alsina song ‘I love this’. Well K has put her spin on it and it sounds dope. Check it out. Continue reading