Paula Deen Gets Canned! Food Network Drops Her Like A Hot Potato

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In the words of my good friend Michelle “Atlien” Brown over at Straight From The A, “freedom of speech ain’t free”! Although we have the right to say whatever the hell we want to say out of our mouths, it may not always be in our best interest to do so. Ask Paula Deen. As if things couldn’t get any worse for her, The Food Network has decided to not renew Paula Deen’s contract which expires at the end of this month (June 2013). Catch These T’s Continue reading

Should We Have Sympathy For Puala Deen? Is She A Racist or Is She Just Old?

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The thoughts and opinions expressed in this post solely belong to Anti intellect – FUNKY DINEVA DID NOT WRITE THIS

I can’t say that I have a lot of sympathy for Paula Deen. She, herself, does not deny that she has been racist in the distant and not-so-distant past. As I have always maintained, bigotry has consequences for both the perpetrator and the victim. We’re used to the victims dealing with the consequences, alone, but occasionally the perpetrator has to deal with the consequences too. Paul Dean is dealing with the consequences.

Racist language is not a laughing matter. Words like “nigger”, “coon”, “pickaninny”, and “boy” are all racist words that have very real histories of racial violence behind them. No matter how amiable Paula felt her use of words like “nigger” was, no matter the circumstances in which she used them, she has to account for the fact that there are real histories behind that sort of language. There is also more than enough present injustice to still make those words sting when heard. Continue reading

Question Of The Day: Was Instagram Wrong For Slaying Miss Vine? Which One Is Better?

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I’ll be damned. I was so opposed to getting on Vine. Honestly and truthfully, because i sit in front of a computer all day and basically utilize social media all day long, I felt like i had all the social media I could take. The minute I gave in and joined the Vine craze, Instagram came along and basically rendered Miss Vine obsolete. Ain’t that some sh!t…

Was Instagram Wrong For Slaying Miss Vine? Which One Is Better?

Tell me how you really feel! Go in and let have! Continue reading

R&B Divas Season Finale FULL EPISODE + My Hair Is Layed Like…Recap Video

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Chile the season finale of R&B Divas season 2 was EVERYTHING! No need to type it all out. Check out the episode if you missed it and then my video review. Continue reading

Dear Dineva: I Cheated On My Kids Father With Current Fiance. Will Lose Fiance’ The Same Way I Got Him?

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Dear Dineva,

I have known my fiance for all of 5 years now.  At the time i was still involved with my daughters father. Even though I was involved at the time, from the time I met my fiance i knew that would be my husband. My daughters father and I dated on and off for the past 13 years but my dilemna is that i truly am ia strong believer in Karma. While with my kids father I never really loved him the way you should love your partner. I cheated on him numerous times and always planned a way to leave him. Now our relationship was never perfect. He would disrespect me by flirting and touching other girls in front of me. Mental and Physical was an understatement. It got to the point where i had to hide from my family until the bruises healed. He would call me bitches and whores and tell me i would never amount to anything but be a babies mama. I went through numerous females calling me while i was pregnant telling me that they were with him and sending me pictures of them together. I also got sick and tired of friends calling me telling me that he was here and there with other females doing things just friends should not do.

After a while i became so over it i felt well i have top get myself together because i am a terrible mother to my daughter by allowing this to go on. I met someone who I began to sleep with on occasion. He knew the situation and would help me out with money and helped me find a place to live. I finally got my own mind and began going out again, networking and meeting people along the way. I went back top school, got my degree and bounced on dat ass. Now all the while i still kept in contact with my fiance. After a two year stretch i was finally abled to leave my daughters father.Now 5 years later my fiance and I live together with our two children, his son and my daughter. I am happy but in the back of my mind i feel that things will not work because i cheated on my kids father and i know what goes around comes around. I would be devastated in my fiance cheated on me. Do i just keep faith or stay in the mind frame that the inevitable will happen? I keep trying to rewind myself i didn’t love my daughters father and i don’t feel what we had was even a relationship but at the end of the day i was still there and that makes it wrong. Am i crazy for feeling this way?

See My Advice

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THE YES GAWDS – Jared Abuya

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Hi Doll,
I’m submitting a few pics of my friend Jared Abuya. He’s from Kenya and is trying to make his mark in the modeling industry. He has made several appearances on Real Housewives of Atlanta, as well as the T.I. and Tiny show. He has worked with the likes of Rapper T.I., R&B Singer Kandi, supermodel Cynthia Bailey, and has also modeled for leading fashion labels Sean John, Macy’s, Akoo and Abercrombie & Fitch. He’s ‘YES GAWD’ worthy. Don’t you think ;-)

Twitter: Abuyakenyamodel

Facebook: Abuya The Kenyan Model

Want to be one of The Yes Gawds? Know someone who’s worthy?Submit 3 or more tastefully sexy photographs to please put “The Yes Gawds” in the subject line. Include a brief description or blurp about what you would like the viewers to know. Include all social media contacts.

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