COMPLETE DEVASTATION: Girl Fed “Semen-Filled” Cupcakes to Kids Who Picked on Her

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Nessa girl this is complete devastation to the nation, OKAY! She got them hoes right together! No gawd hunty!  See sh!t like this is why the hell i was always reluctant to eat the food from potluck luncheons when I use to work in Corporate America. Here it is you think someone is doing something nice for you, and they are serving you a cum cake.

Parents, y’all better tell your children to stop going around picking on folks kids. These victims of bullying have gone from whooping ass on the bus to busting in the cupcakes.

A bullied high school girl in Bakersfield, Calif., reportedly put pubic hair, semen, expired food, and pills into the cupcakes she handed out last Thursday to kids who picked on her. Another student asked the girl why her cupcakes tasted so bad, and she said it was because she’d filled them with bodily fluids.

Police were able to confirm that the cupcakes were made with a gross combination of condiments including mayonnaise, barbecue sauce, and soy sauce, but the food was destroyed before it could actually be tested for semen. The health department has been called off of the investigation. ~Gawker

Since the incident, the school has implemented a no outside food policy. Ya think!

Phaedra Parks Reads Kenya Moore Her Miranda Rights On The RHOA Reunion Part 3

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Alright y’all. I have not watched parts 2 or 3 of the reunion because quite frankly I am over these hoes. However, everyone is talking about this epic read that Phaedra gave Kenya last night. For those who did not see it, and for those who need to see it again, here it is. Get your life! Quiet as its kept, she gave that bish the business… More to come when I eventually watch it…

Psychic Miss Cleo Comes Out The Closet (with y’all money) Where Da F&ck This Ho Been?

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Nessa girl, Miss Cleo done came out the closet talmbout she gay girl. Cleo says she is gayer than a $2 bill. Quiet as its kept, Miss Cleo girl, we are less concerned with your bedroom practices, and more concerned with where the hell you been with the children’s money. Chile Miss Cleo found her rise to fame in the late 90′s – early 2000′s, and faded into obscurity when the law got her ass right together for deceptive advertising and fraudulent billing and collection practices. Long story short, she was using a phoney Jamaican accent to goup the kids out their money. Chile she was int the commercials telling all the kids business, but the voodoo priestess ain’t want to tell non of hers! How is that for your free psychic reading? Catch these T’s Continue reading

Sheree Whitfield Returning To Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 7 For $20 And A Bag Of Groceries

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I told y’all back when Sheree appeared alongside Kim on Watch What Happens Live,  that would not be the last we see of her on BRAVO. I actually took it a step further and predicted that she would be returning to RHOA. Then, when I was at Kandi’s wedding and saw Sheree sitting across the way from me, I thought to myself “ohh yea chile, she’s definitely coming back.” By the end of Kandi’s wedding night, Sheree was filming full on scenes with Derek J and Lawrence. I knew then, she is definitely coming back, and they are going to use Kandi’s wedding show, probably Kim’s show, and the current casting climate to bring her back.

Quiet as its kept, Sheree’s return to RHOA would actually be a good thing in my book. It would spice things up on what has become a rather redundant show. With Kenya having no friends, and Sheree & Kenya having Lawrence in common, it would be a very easy sell to the viewers to integrate Sheree back into the fold as Kenya’s new friend. Continue reading

R&B Divas ATL Season 3: Keke Wyatt Is A Wack Job & Latavia Roberson Needs To Get A Job

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OK yea yea, I know I’m late, but hell, better late than never. I had absolutely NOTHING to do this morning, so I scrolled through my DVR and finally mustered up the strength to watch episode 1 of R&B Divas ATL season 3. Talk about a total snooze fest. Chile, quiet as its kept, TVone can go on ahead and transition everybody on this bish to Unsung.  There was absolutely no WOW factor. Episode 1 completely failed to keep my attention, and the antics of KeKe Wyatt actually upset me.

Let me take a minute and go in on Keke’s ass. What f&ck is wrong with this broad? Like seriously? Keke is a new kind of crazy. What woman at her age makes all those strange dumb ass faces?? What’s the point of all of that? I could see if the sh!t was funny. It’s wack as hell, and quite frankly she looks dumb. To make matters worse, she is crazy as hell. What pisses me the hell off about Keke is that she finds a way to make every moment about her. With all them damn brothers, ALL THEM DAMN CHILDREN, and that lil boy she calls a husband, attention should be the last thing she is deprived of. Clearly she is deprived of money, hell, that is why she is on the show. However, what the hell imma need her to do is ACT LIKE IT. No tea no shade, the last piece of music that Keke put out was a rendition of Saturday Love with Rubben Studdart, and it F&cking sucked! Honestly, who the hell is buying tickets to hear Keke Wyatt sing? No got damn body! Now don’t get me wrong, Keke can SANG her ass off, but the only thing she got in her repertoire worth hearing are all songs with Avant and If Only You Knew. And If i hear her sing Patti’s song one more damn time like she wrote, arranged, and produced it, I’m going to scream! Ok I just had to get that off my chest!

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Beyonce Stans Send Mathew Knowles Baby Mama Over 1k Death Threats, As She Moves To Trailer Park

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Let me tell y’all something. These Beyonce stans are nothing to play with, OKAY! Chile, quiet as its kept, I felt their wrath yesterday when I made a snide remark on Twitter about how her and Jay-Z are selling them high ass concert tickets and giving the girls old music and recycled dance routines. Chile I had to stay off the Twitter for half the day because Queen Bey’s stans were lighting my ass up. That being said, I can somewhat relate to Alexandra Wright and the agony she has suffered at the hands of these deranged stans. Luckily, I have not received death threats, because them hoes don’t know where I stay, but damn Gina, is it that real?

What’s sadder is that all of this nonsense that really has nothing to do with Beyonce could be put to rest if Mathew Knowles stood up and did the honorable thing. Hell, he might as well be with this woman and this chile at this point. His wife done left him, and his daughter wants nothing to do with him. My only question to Alexandra Wright is “what the hell were you doing for a living before you started sucking elderly d!ck in the office?” I’m not really hear for her making it seem like the sole reason that she is destitute and borderline homeless is because Mathew Knowles is paying her dust! Seems to me like she was looking for a meal ticket, but Mama made a mistake and f&cked the wrong Knowles! Catch these T’s Continue reading