Her Name Ain’t On Sh!t. Mynique Is A Guest In Chuck Smith’s House. He Wont Put Her Name On The Deed.

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Chile, while Mynique was at the table in Savannah trying to read Porsha, she should have been worried about if she was going to be able to get in the house when she got back home. The folks over at hip hop daily press have done something I don’t have time to do, dig up peoples property records, and chile Mynique’s name is nowhere to be found. That’s right, miss thing is a visitor in her own house. Let me tell you something, you got me all the way f&cked up if you think I’m going to be laid up with anyone and my name not be on sh!t. ‘One thang about it’, I can guarantee you Kandi & Phaedra wouldn’t be laid up with Chuck’s a$$ and their name not be on the house. Chile Cheese! Catch these T’s Continue reading

SCANDAL: Emails Reveal BET Execs Were Discriminatory Against B. Scott And Conspired To Cover It Up

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No tea no shade, but when all of this first broke, I honestly thought that B. Scott was reaching with this lawsuit. Lo and behold, after some internal emails have been released, it looks as if Scott may actually have a pretty solid case. You can guarantee that there is always going to be one clown that does something idiotic to mess things up for everyone. In this case, it was four clowns, Programming President Stephen Hill, BET Producer Stephanie Hodges, exec Monique Ware, and Network VP Rhonda Cowan.

Initially, Scott claimed that his total look had been pre-approved by the appropriate parties at BET and that he was there early and ready to work. Somewhere along the way an email correspondence went out from Programing President Stephen Hill that said:

“I don’t want ‘looking like a woman B Scott.’  I want tempered B Scott.” 

Network VP Rhonda Cowan replied with:

“I can speak to him about being less ‘womanly.’”

The email exchange that followed this is what is most shocking and probably where BET is going to lose their case Catch these T’s Continue reading

D. Woods To Appear Alongside Oscar Winner Mo’nique In “BlakBird”. How You Like Those Apples?

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So while Danity Kane has reunited and is tootsie rollin around town with no record deal, D. Woods has landed a movie roll along side Monique in the motion picture “Blackbird”. The indie flick also stars Isaiah Washington, and is scheduled to premiere February 16 at the Pan-African Film Festival at Rave Cinemas in Los Angeles.

“Yes! Doin this hollywood thang!” D. tweeted as news about her role spread. “Blackbird” will explore the story of a young choir singer in rural Mississippi who struggles to come to terms with his sexuality, Deadline reported, and Mo’Nique will play the boy’s crestfallen and disapproving mother. It’s not clear yet what type of character D. will be taking on, but it sounds like the material will be aspirational. “‘Blackbird’ is a film about the choices people are forced to make as they struggle to figure out how to be themselves,” Executive Producer Sidney Hicks said. ~MTV News


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“What’s understood needs no understanding” ~ Funky Dineva Ross

DEAR DINEVA: I Created The #Hashtag, A Black Woman. Yet, “The Man” is Getting All the Credit And The Coins

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Dear Dineva,

I am writing you to inform you that a black woman,I invented the “hashtag” and like everything else throughout history they laid claim to it, named it and stole it.
I invented it back in 1997, it started as a thing I did on the telephone to my closest friends.I would be on the phone with them having a regular chat and if they would say something I didn’t like or making excuses I would press the pound button then say “knockitoff or hit pound and say #stopmakingexcuses or #help #Truth etc.
Well as time went on everyone started to get phones that text and facebook accounts and yahoo messenger etc.
Everyone started to connect with old and new friends,I then started to use the so called hashtag on my friends comments and post,and celebrity pages this started in 2009-2010 and up until now. I have hashtags so old in my archeive that they are not in blue like the the hashtags are now when you add one to a comment.


I noticed that people would make a status update and type in “random thought:” and I started to add the pound sign before it and I would leave comments on facebook and add #Truth #random #DamnADietToday or whatever long random I was saying at the time,and my facebook friends and people started to use my style.
This went on into 2010,at that time twitter didn’t have that as an option nor did they have enough people to suggest it to back in 2007. A man named Chris Messina (claimed it and claims he thought it up in 2007) obviously saw people doing this on comments then falsely claimed it as his invention then named it the hashtag and claims his first suggestion of the hashtag went out in 2007 on twitter to a company called Bar Camp he is co-founder of this company and the tweet stated the following “How do you feel about using # (pound) for groups. As in #Barcmp [msg]?
That tweet claimed to take place in 2007 (not true) and his description of the tags use differs from the way people now use them he said for groups yet he lays claim to all styles of hashtags.
In 2007 twitter had 50,000 active weekly users and most were companies,I have my proof but this man is claiming he started it in 2007, ok so if he did then why is it that twitter started using it to discover at the end of 2010 to the beginning of 2011?
I wrote in to facebook requesting my archieve but for some strange reason alot of my post before January 2010 are not showing.(hmmmnn)
I am currently designing social media sites,some inventions also clothing but I am very upset at how huge the “hashtag” has become not to mention the way it’s being used is not what I was purposed for on the internet as I started to use it, I have a few creations that will hopefully change entertainment as we all know it.
I wrote to you Dineva to ask do you think I should start a case? I have spoken to a few Copyright lawyers and they said its an internet tool and no one has any monetary gain  from it well if this is the case why is this man Chris Messina claiming he created it, the only thing he did was see it somewhere, claimed it and named my format “hashtag”. The lawyers went on to advise me to start a blog and tell my story.
I am asking you what should I do concerning this?

Also this part  for you only Dineva, please do me a favor go to “Google search” under images and type in “Chris Messina hashtag tweet” and when the tweets pop up please look at the date and time if that was an original tweet the time would never change hmmmnn ???

I also enclosed 1 of my proofs I blacked out my name etc. but notice it’s not highlighted in blue like most of my older hashtags and that’s because I started this, should I start a case or just move on and start up my other projects either way I want it to be known a woman created the so called hashtag not that guy! Please title this “Hashtag my a**! I am happy that it’s everywhere now but not happy that it was claimed and named hashtag!
Many thanks to you Dineva in advance xoxo

See me advice…

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Oregon Couple Tries To Tip Their Waitress With Crystal Meth

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Girl, honestly how damn stupid can you be?  An Oregon couple had dinner at a charming resort town fancy restaurant in Oregon. Mind you, their asses were there eating on a gift card, then tipped their waitress with an envelope full of crystal meth.

Ryan Bensen, 40, and Erica Manley, 37, were out to a nice, romantic dinner at the Twisted Fish Steakhouse — “Coastal dining at its freshest” — late Thursday night, when it came time to pay the bill.

The couple paid with a gift card and and left an envelope on the table with a question mark on it. When the waitress opened it, mama was in for a big surprise. Chile it was an envelope full of face eating crystal meth. The waitress quickly grabbed her manager.  Twisted Fish’s manager told the Oregonian. “We’re not a little dive bar or hole in the wall. We’re a classy place.”

The waitress promptly called 911.

“I think the waitress was stunned and probably offended that somebody would think she was a user of a methamphetamine,” Seaside’s Police Chief later told the Daily News.

Bensen and Manley were still at the restaurant when police arrived. After arresting them, police found an additional 17 ounces of meth in Manley’s purse.

But that wasn’t all. Seaside police obtained a search warrant and discovered the couple had been running a meth lab in their nearby Holiday Inn hotel room.

They’re both being held on charges of possessing and manufacturing methamphetamines.



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