Detroit Has A White Mayor For The First Time In 40 Years

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Detroit Holds Mayoral Election

Chile Kwame Killpatrick done messed it up for errebody. I’m guessing the natives of downtrodden Detroit figured they would try something new. Meet Mike Duggans. He is Detroit’s first mayor in 40 years. Duggans was elected back in November but took office yesterday. He was sworn in with a very small informal ceremony. No tea no shade, but it is public knowledge that the city of Detroit is broke bootz. Funny thing is, majority of the mayoral roles have been taken over by an emergency city manager appointed by the government. With that, at this point, the mayors job is more so ornamental than functional.

Duggans is taking the place of Dave Bing, who did not seek reelection. Mayor Bing expressed how difficult it was for him to do his job with very little power seeing as thought the emergency city manager has control of everything. Many speculate this is why he chose not to run again. I’m of the mindset that from a political perspective, it may not be such a bad thing for Detroit that their Mayor is White. Let us not pretend in areas such as politics, White men tend to have a little more favor.  Hopefully Mike Duggans can leverage his skill sets and his skin color to get Detroit back on track. Ohhh I hope Duggans can also get Kenya Moore to return to Detroit. We don’t want her here in Atlanta.

Victoria Rowell (Drucilla – The Young and the Restless) Getting A Divorce. Real Life Soap Opera

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The Old and the Restless actress Victoria Rowell is getting a divorce from collage artist and sculptor Radcliffe Bailey. The gag is, Radcliffe filed for divorce from Victoria. Quiet as its kept, Radcliffe has big nerve considering that fact that he makes lawn figurines for a living. Chile Cheese.

The couple had a pretty solid pre-nup in place, so no money will be exchanges. It should be a fairly simple divorce. Very SMART Victoria. Additionally the couple had no children.

According to the settlement, “Each agrees that he or she shall not in any manner disturb, bother, harass or otherwise interfere with the other party.” _TMZ


COMPLETE DEVASTATION: “Y’all Some Trifflin Whores Up In This Bish” Woman Goes AWF In Burger King (video)

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Meet Carla. Carla is a fed up customer who is sick and tired of being called ma’am. In addition Carla is completely over having an issue with the staff every time she comes into Burger King or Wendy’s. Carla says the only place that she does not have a problem is at McDonalds. The poor service staff chose the wrong day to get on Carla’s bad side because the non bra wearing patron went the hell off! Catch what happen when Carla couldn’t get her coffee. Continue reading

James Avery, Uncle Phil From The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Has Passed Away

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James Avery uncle Phil Fresh Prince

It saddens me to report that moments ago the world found out that our favorite uncle, James Avery (Uncle Phil) has passed away. At the moment it is unknown how Avery passed. Sources say he passed in the hospital last night. Avery had recently undergone surgery for an undisclosed illness and took a turn for the worse late yesterday.

It’s reported his wife Barbara, had been at his bedside but left for a short period of time to get something to eat.  When she came back, she learned he had just died.

I will be sure to forward along details as they become available.



Kandi Burruss Brings In The New Year With Phaedra, Rasheeda, Toya, Chef Roble & More… (Pics)

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kandi nye

#FamilyFirst. I know that’s right. Kandi Burrus brought in the new year with close family and friends. All the usual suspects were there. Phaedra & Appollo, Toya & Memphitz, Rasheeda & Kirk, and a slew of others. I was surprised to see that Chef Roble’ was in the house. Get into a few flicks from Kandi’s extravaganza Continue reading

Just Who Is Dwyane Wade’s Baby Mama? She’s Got 2 Other Kids From A Famous Man

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Yes gawd Hunty! Nivea has taught the girls well. You better diversify your baby daddies to ensure that your paper continues to come in steady! Meet Aja Meteyor. The woman seen above is Dwyane Wade’s baby mother whom he supposedly impregnated while he and Gabby were on a “break”. Yeah Right! [Proof Dwyane Wade Cheated On Gabriele Union and Conceived Chile While They Were Together]

In an economy where mofos are scrambling to find kids to claim on income tax returns, Aja is eating real good. Aja has two former kids from Damon Wayans Jr. … the son of “In Living Color” legend Damon Wayans. Damon may not have Arab money, however I’m sure Aja is not struggling. With the addition of Wade’s seed to her portfolio, its safe to say that Miss Girl is set for life (if she invests well).

The birth certificate of Baby Wade has surfaced and it is interesting that Aja did not list Dwyane Wade as the father of the child, but did give the baby Wade’s last name. Catch these T’s Continue reading

14 F&cks She Refuses To Give In 2014 – MUST READ

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I’m never really big on new years resolutions. They seem kind of pointless. What folks need are lifestyle changes, not resolutions. I don’t know why folks think that at the stroke of midnight on December 31, all of their bad habits, worries, and woes are just going to magically disappear.  Change takes work, not a celebration. Non the lest, I’ll let y’all have have your delusions of grandeur. Non the less, I came across this very liberating article of 14 f&cks this woman refuses to give in 2014. The list was so good, and mimic so many things i’ve put into practice in my own life, that i felt compelled to share.

1. Becoming a Morning Person

I’ve always hated mornings. I hate getting out of bed, hate getting out of the shower, hate finishing my coffee. I pretty much just hate everything and everyone who crosses my path prior to 10 am. I’ve tried to ‘fix’ this issue multiple times, trying to schedule in an hour of exercise or writing prior to embarking on my day. Fuck that. The only thing worse that getting out of bed in the morning is getting out of bed to torture yourself on a treadmill or stare at a screen. So keep all your “10 Things Successful People Do Before 5 am” motivational posts to yourself come 2014. I’ll be successfully asleep.

2. Making the Moment Count

Are you living in the moment? Right now, right this very instance? Are you making the most of this super-important, never-going-to-happen-ever-again stitch in time? Of course not; you’re reading this post, ignoring your kids, your boss, your dog, your girlfriend. In fact, I’d hazard to say you’re doing everything you can to avoid the moment. Amen to that. Moments don’t last; I’d actually say they’re pretty irrelevant by themselves. But string 50 of them together and then you’ve got a reason to pay attention. That being said, 2014 is the year I stop trying to make moments matter. No more searching for hidden significance in a small gesture or assigning importance to a particular event. And please, could everyone just stop telling me that everything I’ve done in my life has led me to this moment. Considering it’s 3 pm, I’m still in my pajamas, and I haven’t showered in two days… that doesn’t really mean much.

3. Fitting In

I suck at social situations. I’m awkward, withdrawn, quiet and quick to drop a sarcastic remark. I also sport a handful of tattoos, have an award-winning bitchy resting face, and have been told I give off a not-so-subtle fuck off vibe whenever I walk into a room. By no means am I trying to be standoffish, this is just who I am. So when it comes to fitting in at conferences, networking events, house parties, the supermarket — you know, anywhere there are other people — I tend to struggle. For years I’ve tried to fix this; forced myself to be more outgoing, more present, less me. It’s exhausting and annoying. So fuck fitting in. Despite my icy demeanor and lack of seemingly standard social skills, I’ve managed to surround myself with an accepting, loyal group of friends; people that understand my oddities and love me for them. Bitchy resting face and all.

Get into the rest of the list… Continue reading

SCANDAL: Ludacris Fathers New Baby. Files Court Docs Saying He Can’t Pay Much In Child Support

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Listen y’all, I can’t take no more marriage proposals or new babies popping up. Geesh! First Dwyane Wade popped up with a mystery baby, now Ludacris has popped up with a mystery baby born December 9th. Much like Dwyane & Gabby, Luda is trying to sell to us that he and long time girlfriend Eudoxie were on break when the baby was conceived. Chile Cheese, and I’m Brittany Spears.

Ludacris is acknowledging that he is the father of Cai Bridges, born from mother Tameka Fuller. What Ludacris is not acknowledging is how much money really makes and how much money he is really worth. According to court documents that Luda filed, he is only bringing home $25,842.41 monthly. Under Georgia law, his child support would be set at $1,754.66. No tea no shade, $1,700 per month would be more than enough for the average hood chick. Shiddddd i know baby mamas getting $213 per month.

Despite what Luda is claiming in the court documents, Forbes Magazine has Luda being worth at least 12 million dollars. Ewwwww chile, somebody somewhere is lying. Luda knows damn well he can pay that lady more than 2k per month. I have a feeling once they launch an investigation into Luda’s finances and review those tax returns, he will be ordered to fork over a hell of a lot more cash that $1,754.66.

You gotta be more careful who’s hot pocket you stick your fork in!