Rick Ross Has A New Girlfriend. Meet Ming Lee

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Ming Lee Rick Ross Girlfriend

I’ve been trying to tell you tired hoes for the longest, don’t no man want or respect no woman who doesn’t get out and get her own money! Meet Ming Lee, Rick Ross’s current leading lady. Ming is an Atlanta beauty salon owner, and she’s one of the popular girls. Put it this was, if Atlanta was high school, she’d be the captain of the cheer leading squad. It’s unclear how long these two have been going together, but they make a pretty cute couple.

Now don’t get it twisted, Ming has had some work done, but who hasn’t these days?  Moral of the story, get you a business, buy you some titties, get the fat sucked out your stomach, land you a rapper.

Ming’s salon is called Snoblife Studio (101 Centennial Olympic Park Drive SW Atlanta Ga 30313 404-698-3464). Now look, I don’t know if they be making hoes hair fall out round there or not, I’m just giving y’all the information. Don’t be rolling up in her spot talmbout Dineva sent you, then be trying to cuss me out if your hair is not to your liking.

For all you nosy hoes, I posted a few more pics of Ming. Check em out… Continue reading

Beyonce Puts Up Her Christmas Tree. Blue Ivy Takes It All In.

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Here it is I’ve been trying to get my neighbor’s husband to buy me a Christmas tree since late September, and Blue Ivy’s got one the size of the Statue of Liberty. Unlike my neighbor’s husband, Jay-Z bought Beyonce a Christmas tree in a pretty timely manner. Most people wait until after Thanksgiving to put their tree up, but Beyonce opted to put hers up a few days before. Two days ago, Queen B posted the above pic to her Instagram account. No tea no shade, where the hell did Beyonce get these over-sized ornaments from? My goodness, the balls on the tree are larger than Blue Ivy’s head.

Stay tuned. We are all waiting to find out about the gifts that are going to go under this tree.

Nene Leakes Makes Her Broadway Debut In Cinderella

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"Rodgers + Hammerstein's Cinderella" Broadway Curtain With NeNe Leakes And KeKe Palmer

Last night, Nene Leakes made her debut in the Broadway production of Roger & Hammerstein’s Cinderella’. No  she was not playing the horse that drew the carriage that Cinderella was riding in. She is playing the evil stepmother Madame. For the sake of her reputation, I hope Nene showed out last night since she has been so quick to let the world know that she is on Broadway.

Prior to opening night, Nene had this to say about her Cinderella experience:

“It’s not an easy role to play. I’m struggling with my voice now — sleeping with a humidifier and trying to make it to opening night. It’s a lot of work. Eight shows are a lot of shows in one week. But it’s definitely a dream come true. I think every actor dreams of doing Broadway one day.”

Husband Greg was in attendance last night to support his leading lading on her opening night.

"Rodgers + Hammerstein's Cinderella" Broadway Curtain With NeNe Leakes And KeKe Palmer

Nene is staring alongside Keke Palmer. She’ll be in this role through the final show on January 3. New York is too cold this time a year for my Miami blood. One of y’all check out the show and let me know how it is.


Immature is BACK. New Music ‘ Let Me Find Out’.

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Ohh baby!! When I was a young girl, I had the hugest crush on Immature. I use to think that Marques Houston was singing to me on ‘I Will Never Lie’. Unfortunately, this group’s career went out of the window once puberty hit. For some reason, after those voices dropped, their songs didn’t sound too good. I guess those royalty checks are starting to dry up and the fellas decided they would take another stab at stardom.  Welcome Marques Houston, Kelly, and Michelle. Real talk, we might as well call Romeo & LDB Latavia & Latavia because neither one of them can sing.

I pressed play on this track because I was hoping and wishing that it would give me some sort of renewed life. ughhhh I was wrong. The song is totally over produced. Marques Houston already has a nasally voice and now he’s got the nerve to be singing through the Auto Tunes machine. ugh. And another thing, for this to be a comeback record, who the hell styled them in this last season blend of H&M?

Check out the song and see if you like it.

Miami Mother of 3 Octavia Jones Shot and Killed In Home Invasion.

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I guess I’m in the mood to handle the dark and heavy today. Lord knows yesterday I was not here for it. It goes without saying I have a partiality for reporting news out of Miami, FL. If you didn’t know, that is home for me. It saddens me to report that a Miami mother of 3 was shot and killed yesterday in a home invasion. To make matters worse for this family, 2 years prior, the slain woman’s sister was stabbed and killed over 50 times be her neighbor.

Octavia Jones Miami picPolice are currently in search of two armed men who entered the home (2443 NW 90th St) of 38-year old Octavia Jones and shot her multiple times. Jones died before help could arrive according to Miami-Dade Police.

The woman’s brother had this to say:

“She was a wonderful person, she never got into any trouble, she had a nine to five job and I don’t understand why this happened,” Namor Jones said. “She was a loving, caring mom. She always came to you if you needed help or anything.”

“I thought about my other sister, right away, the one that got stabbed up in Miramar. I thought about her immediately. It just brought back bad memories.”

Jone’s boyfriend was home at the time of the shootings but was unarmed.

Anyone with information on this shooting is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS (8477).

Whoopi Goldberg on Ferguson: “Burning Your Own Stuff Never Works”

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Whoopi Goldberg on the fury The Mike Brown verdict has cast upon Ferguson

Until now, I’ve been pretty mute about all the hell that is taking place in Ferguson. Aside from an occasional jab at the fools running down the streets with hair & Hennessy, I’ve had no real interest in covering Mike Brown. It’s just too much pain and sadness for my young heart to bear. In all honesty, I am just as outraged and hurt as the next person, but I don’t believe that rioting and looting are the answer. Whoopi Goldberg helps put my feelings in some sort of order by simple stating “burning your own stuff never works”.

Interestingly enough, all of the ladies of The View had sentiments that were inline with what the general public is feeling. I definitely was expecting Rosie or the Republican woman who’s name I do not know to have some far left view. On a side note, I don’t know who the hell went off and told the set designers to create this colorful ass, kiddie ass, petty ass set for these grown ass women, but they need to be fired. I can half take the ladies serious with all that distraction in the background.

Listen to what Whoopi and the other ladies had to say about rioting IN YOUR OWN NEIGHBORHOOD. Continue reading