ABC’s Scandal Returns. Season 4 Cast Picture + Teaser

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Chile Scandal has been gone for so long that I damn near forgot all about it. Thursday September 25 at 9pm is the date and time we can all begin to breath again because that is when life will be given. The above photo is the latest cast photo that has been released. In a true Shonda Ryhmes fashion, this photo is all kinds of cryptic. If you notice, everyone is looking straight ahead at the camera with the exception of Davie and Mellie. What’s the tea Shonda in the Honda, what’s the tea? Who knows. Let’s not forget that Scandal left off with Olivia boarding a plane on a destination unknown. The question that season 4 begs to ask is, ” where in the world is Carmen Sandiego Olivia Pope.” Quiet as its kept, she’s probably at the same place Apollo was hiding before he turned himself in. Lol

Chile Columbus Short knows he f&cked himself out of a good job. All I know is Olivia Pope’s next new hire better be Black. Oh and another thing, I hope like hell that this unrealistic love affair between Olivia and Fitz is done!!!! I’m just over it!

Get into this teaser.


Apollo Nida Checks Into Prison A Day Late. Leaves One Final Video For The World

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So by now, I’m sure you guys have heard all the hoopla and the drama about Apollo Nida not turning himself in to prison they way he was supposed to yesterday. Well y’all can put all the chatter to rest. A day late, Apollo has turned himself in. Now I honestly try my hardest to avoid blogging about Apollo and Phaedra as it relates their family virtually falling apart. This 8 year prison stint is just a hard thing to deal with all the way around for all parties involved. However, some things are unavoidable.

Rumor has it that Apollo showed up at he and Phaedra’s home, dashed through the house like a crazy person, was confiscating belongings, and yelling so loud that the police was called. Was this the act of an emotionally unstable man or a man that was making one last attempt to make sure his family was alright? Well let’s see.  In total honesty, if Phaedra didn’t want to film yesterday, she could have simply made a call and not filmed. Additionally, its feeling all to coincidental that the cameras happened to be at your house when Apollo showed up and acting crazy.  My personal take on the entire situation is both Phaedra and Apollo realized that they are in a shitty situation, and they might as well capitalize off of it. Every season of RHOA is unofficially all about one of the women. Well, welcome to Phaedra’s season. We sure as well will be tuning in to catch all the tea and Phaedra’s last month’s before Apollo went to prison, and her life post Apollo. Should be interesting. Once you throw in Kenya and the newbies, this season is sure to be a smash.

8 years will come and go, not to mention, there is cable in prison. Apollo will be able to somewhat partake in what is going on in the free world. I’m sure we’ll probably get some “from prison” interviews from him, if the warden permits. All in all, while we are highly intrigued and entertained by the goings ons of Phaedra & Appollo, let’s remember that our entertainment is simultaneously someone’s pain. Enjoy the gossip and the tea, but on your off time, send up a little prayer for a family in transition.

Apollo created 1 final Instavideo before he checked into the pen. Check it out below. Continue reading

Ray Rice’s Dumb Ass Wife Responds To Ray’s Termination.

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Ray Rice Press Conference

All tea, all shade, I refuse to even address this silly ho by her name. This jabbajaw, Mr. Potato Head looking idiot had the nerve to take to social media and write a dissertation on how she is so hurt that something was taken away from her husband that he loves so much. She then goes on to chastise the media and those of us in the public that have formed opinions about her situation. First and foremost, everything that is happening to Ray & Misses Hash-browns is self inflicted. Secondly, what kind of new fangled fool are you to divert your anger elsewhere when it truly is with Ray? Uhmmm excuse me ma’am, did you not watch the same video of your husband playing Mortal Kombat in the elevator that we did? Nelly was so right when he said “heeeeeyyyy must be the money…”.

It is so obvious from the video footage that Ray Rice has a blatant disregard for this woman. What’s even more heart-wrenching is that she has a blatant disregard for herself as well. There is no amount of Gucci and gold that could lead me to marry a man after he punched me out like a thug in the street. What I’m going to need Miss Lady to do is use the fine penmanship of hers, and write Ray Rice a damn letter. Don’t be coming at us for forming opinions after your husband pop you like a pinata…



New Video of Ray Rice Hitting His Wife Surface: NFL Claims They Knew Nothing

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ray rice

Written by Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

Back in February Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice and his then-fiancé Janay, were both arrested in Atlantic City for what they called a “minor altercation.” TMZ later released a video showing Rice dragging an unconscious Janay by her hair out of the elevator of the now-closed Revel Hotel. March 28th a day after Ray Rice was indicted on third-degree aggregated assault. Rice avoided trial by being accepted into a diversionary program that may allow for his record to be cleared. He received a two game suspension from the NFL and it forced Commissioner Roger Goodell to enforce more strict policy in regards to domestic violence due to all of the backlash.
Early Monday morning the folks at TMZ released the video of what happened in the video. In the footage you can see after Janay lightly swung at Ray in the lobby in the hotel, once the two were in the elevator you the see Ray punching Janay twice, the second punch caused her to hit her head on the wall of the elevator, then the metal rail causing her to be knocked out unconscious. Once the two arrived at her floor you can see where Ray tried to drag her body out until he was stopped by security. Janay regains consciousness several moments later.  See the video below: Continue reading

In Water Is Wet News: August Alsina Goes On another Disrespectful Rant, This Time against Charlotte Party Promoters

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august alsina

Written by Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

August Alsina is just like Azalea Banks; spazzing out like Kanye with the discography of Blu Cantrell. You know about August and Trey Songz having their break up to make up, you know about him cursing out Keyshia Chante on 106 & Park, but last night he almost wrote a check his ass couldn’t cash in Charlotte, NC.

Baby Devate Swing Swing is currently on tour promoting his debut album Testimony, and just like other artist when they go on tour, he was booked and paid to make an appearance and host at a local nightclub. The story is on Sunday night not only did he show up late, but when he did show up he didn’t want to fulfill his hosting duties by saying a couple of words on the mic.  He was asked by very well-known Charlotte promoter Sport E. Odie and others just to get on the mic to say a few words to his fans and when he did he wanted to talk about how the promoters were “going against the grain” by asking him to speak since he’s “just chilling.”

See the rest below Continue reading

Rumble in The Ashy Lips Jungle: Ceaser and Dutchess of Black Ink Claimed They were jumped by Puma, Quani and others

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black ink crew fight

Written by Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

May be the chapstick supply is low in harlem, may be the liquor store ran out of Hennessey and Thot-A-Ritas, but there was a full out brawl between friendemies Ceaser and Puma on Sunday even envolving their ladies, Ceaser’s here today and gone tomorrow girlfriend and Dutchess and Puma’s wife Quani.

If you can remember season two of Black Ink showed Puma stepping out on his own and opening his own tattoo shop Ink 124 after a huge fall out with owner of Black Ink, Ceaser over Dutchess and that damn mouth of hers. By the end of season two all was well between everyone – including Dutchess and it seemed like season three and been filming without any problems (mainly because Ceaser and Dutchess have been filming mostly in North Carolina.) Sunday night, Dutchess claims that two of Quani’s “fat” friends jumped her and that Quani jumped in kicking her and whatnot.

See the rest of the fight below Continue reading