Sources Confirm Beyonce & Jay-z Are Pregnant With Second Baby

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Pregnancy rumors have been spiraling out of control . Is she pregnant, is she not? Adding fuel to the fire was Beyonce’s recent concert cancellation. Considering the the fact that she has never cancelled a concert in her entire career, this left the masses extremely suspicious. Well it all seemed to be speculation up until now. It seems as if a psuedo official confirmation of Beyonce & Jay-Z being pregnant with a second chile has come in. Catch these T’s Continue reading

Iyanla Vanzant Fix My Life With The ‘Pace Sisters ‘Exposes Ignorant ‘Church Folk’ (video)

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The closer I become acquainted with “devout Christians” and those who represent leadership in the Christian community, the more I begin to feel like religion truly was created as a mechanism to control the masses. In watching the sneak peak of the pace sisters on fix my life, one sister said she doesn’t like how all the other sisters go to the movies, she doesn’t agree with it, and how she was taught the going to the movies was sin. Hmmmm but you watch tv…

The same things that play on the big screen plays on television. Does this make any kind of sense to anyone? Yet, the pace sisters are viewed as pillars in in the Christian community?

Someone who believes and further perpetuates a trivial act like going to the movies is a sin, solely because that’s what they were taught, couldn’t lead me to the mailbox.  OKAY ! They couldn’t even tell me the time!  At what point do you challenge some of these nonsensical doctrines and guidelines that have been transferred from generation to generation  and perpetuated by ignorance? Continue reading

Kelly Rowland Shares & Sheds Her Envy Of Beyonce. Bares Her Soul In New Song ‘Dirty Laundry’

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“When you don’t show up as who you really are, people fall in love with what you’re not.” We have never really known Kelly Rowland until NOW! Kelly’s decade long masquerading, reinventing, and deceiving have directly lead to the mediocre success solo endeavors has spawned.  After Listening to ‘Dirty Laundry’, I’ve got a felling that we are now and forever about to experience the real Kelly Rowland.

I was so sick and tired of Kelly & Michelle not giving authentic answers in interviews when asked how they felt about Beyonce’s success. We all know that loosely translated, the question meant, “how do you feel about Beyonce’s solo success in relation to yours.” Kelly & Michelle would always give some pre-packaged answer like, “I’m am very happy for my sister. We are all strong secure women, yata yata yata.” Bullsh*t. Envy is a natural emotion. If any member of Destiny’s Child 1,2, and 3 didn’t feel some type of way about Beyonce’s mega success, they are not human. For a group of young women to start out from the bottom TOGETHER, and one out of the pack to matriculate into an icon, it is only human and expected for there to be some sour feelings.

Not hiding in the shadows of Beyonce, but blinded by the shadow of Kelly’s misery and lies lied the root of her mediocre success. Kelly Rowland finally gets it right! ‘Dirty Laundry’ is so much more than a single; it’s a rebirth, a shedding of dead weight. You go girl! Welcome to the world Kelly Rowland. Your time has come!

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Model Injects Cooking Oil In Her Face, Now Looks Like Lil Kim’s Aunt

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Y’all are going to get enough of touching y’all s faces. Running around here feeling bad about yourself because you don’t look like Beyonce or Kim Kardashian. Quiet as its kept, they don’t look like themselves either. Anyway, let me introduce to you to Lil Kim’s aunt Hang Mioku. Hang is/was a Korean Model/Singer who has done irreversible damage to her face by injecting herself with cooking oil. Hang became addicted to plastic surgery, and when doctors told her “no more’, she took matters into her own hands. Continue reading

DEAR DINEVA: My Husband Sends Out Dick Pics And Threw A Helmet At My Face. HELP!

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Dear Dineva,

I have been with my husband for over 7 years. We have two beautiful children. To get straight to the point. My husband can’t seem to be satisfied with just me. He states he has never had intercourse with other women but yet he texts pictures and videos of his genital area to women. I have caught him twice doing this. I keep forgiving him due to the fact that I have two children. I refuse to have sex with him until he goes and get a tested. I want to move on but I am afraid that he want let me. He has once told me that if he can’t have me no one would. We got into this huge argument and he threw a motorcycle helmet at my face, kicked a hole in the wall, and broke the new dresser. Here is the gag.. He is not working. I am working paying all of his bills my bills and our bills… Taking care of the kids and the home. He is a great father don’t get me wrong but I often question what type of example am I setting for my daughter by staying with some one who doesn’t appreciate a woman like me. And what type of man will my son become watching his dad. I want to divorce him but  yet in my heart I still love him. I don’t know what to do….. I know for a fact that there is no trust left.. Any advise…


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Angelina Jolie Has Both Breast Removed

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This is very shocking yet interesting. Angelina Jolie had an elective double mastectomy. Jolie, underwent genetic testing that revealed she was at 87% risk of getting breast cancer and a %50 risk of getting ovarian cancer. Coming to terms with her reality, Jolie decided to be proactive and underwent a double mastectomy. 37-year-old Jolie says she completed the 3 months of medical procedures on April 27. She will continue to document her experience on the website for the Pink Lotus Breast Center, where she was (and still is being) treated. Continue reading