Wall Street Journal Employee Finds Dead Frog In Her Salad From Popular Restaurant Chain

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pret a manger frog salad

Dead To Da Salad

You know what? I wonder what all we have put in our mouths messing around with these restaurants. Before I can even get into the story, my mind is fixated on the fact that salad isn’t sold or prepared by the bowl. That being said, countless other folks came in contact with and ate greens that had frog particles, juices, and other matter in it. Ewww chile, just the thought of it has my throat locking up. The real gag is, if you were not paying attention and running your mouth while eating ( as most of us do on our lunch breaks) you could have messed around and took a bite out of the vinaigrette drenched amphibian. Trust in believe, if i would have bit into that frog, the restaurant would not have had to worry about any sort of lawsuit because I would have gone back up  there and whooped every a$$ in Pret A Manger (UK-based salad & sandwich shop).

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Wacka Flocka’s Brother Kayo Redd Foud DEAD. Police Suspect Suicide…

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Henry County police have found Wacka Flocka’s younger brother dead to the house late last night. Police say the cause of death appears to be a self inflicted gun wound. An autopsy is expected to be performed later today.

Wacka Flocka and Mother Debra Antney have both spoken out on Twitter. Catch what they’ve had to say. Continue reading

SCANDAL: Dwyane Wade Has A New Baby Boy And Gabrielle Union IS NOT THE BABY’S MAMA

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Millionaires with Section 8 problems

Chile, all kinds of teas are hitting the fan. Last week Dwayne Wade got engaged, this week has has a new baby boy. Chileeee something in the milk ain’t clean.

Wade-Union-Holiday-CardAccording to E News, the Miami Heat baller has fathered yet another baby boy. The story they are trying to sell us is that when Dwayne & Gabby took that lil break that Dwayne got another chick pregnant. Who is this mystery woman? Well as of now we don’t know. It’s being reported that Dwayne has known this mystery woman for years. Sources are saying that Gabby was made aware of the child long before the engagement and the couple worked through the issue privately. Quiet as its kept, I’m not buying that the story is as pretty as they are trying to paint it. I’m  more wiling to bet that this mystery woman and this baby was the reason they broke up way back when.

The gag is Dwayne Wade and Gabby recently took a family portrait with “all of Dwyane’s kids”, but there was no new baby anywhere to be found. This is shady bootz considering how hard Dwayne fought his ex-wife for the other boys. It would seem to me that if he is as upstanding as he has tried to lead the public to believe that he would have included ALL his kids in the FAMILY portrait. Non the less babies are blessings. I guess congratulations are in order for the new bundle of joy.

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Lil Kim Refuses To Answer Questions About Her Face Because She Knows She Looks F’d Up!!!

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Lil Kim gets on my last damn nerve. No tea no shade, but being a  celebrity, there is a certain level of yourself that you just give up to the public. It comes with the territory. Milkshake face has big nerve to treat the general public as if we have a damn problem for asking her questions about her noticeable and drastic physical transformation from human to plastic doll. Excuse me Lil Kim, but anyone with a fraction of any sort of vision can look at an old music video of yours and compare it to images of you now and see that a change has come. Why not just own it? I think it is insulting for Kim to get all defensive about something that is so obvious. First she got into it with Charlamagne Tha God on New York’s Power 105. Now she’s being evasive and prudish when asked about her looks by Rolling Out Magazine.

On how she feels about the media’s fixation with her & her appearance
“No disrespect, no shade, but I’m not going to answer [that] question because I think that’s kinda corny. I don’t know how to answer that. That’s not a question I would answer,” she says regarding the media’s ongoing fixation with her. “I’m blessed. That’s all I can say. And I am who I am.

Chile Cheese Mama Elsa. Check out the rest of Kim’s interview with Rolling Out…

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NEW MUSIC: Drake “Trophies”. A New Sound For Him. SOUNDS GOOD!

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The Beyonce of rap has dropped a single. As much as i get tired of turning on my radio and hearing music out of the YMCB camp, I must say I’m feeling this track. Drake is kind of yelling aggressively on this track and its kind of hot. It is a much different sound from what we’ve grown accustomed to from Drake, but I’m here for it!  Check it out


Love & Hip Hop’s Chrissy Lampkin Arrested For Fighting Down To Da Club. So Lady Like…

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Chrissy, If you wonder why Jim Jones won’t marry your ass, perhaps its because you keep fighting like a dude and popping off of chicks like your a gang member. Geesh knock it off pa-lease. You are over 40 and too pretty for all of this.

This morning at around 2:30, the police read Chrissy her Mirandas and transported her ass down to da slammer for aggravated assault and disorderly conduct. Loosely translated, Miss Girl was probably drunk a lil tipsy and knocked the sh!t out of some chick much smaller than her because the day was Sunday.

Edgewater PD reports that the victim was beat up bad enough to need hospitalization. Reportedly the victim was bloodied and the doctors had to stitch an area above her eye.

For those of you that may thing this is a publicity stunt for the show, think again. No cameras where anywhere in sight. Its been told Chrissy got pissed that the alleged victim sat on the sofa she was sitting on and accidentally bumped into someone. Sounds like good enough reason to beat a bish down to me!

Chrissy was released a few hours later after Jim Jones bailed her out. Ha