Miguel Turns His Back On The Black Community

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2012 BET Awards - Radio Room - Day 1

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I’m not sure what inspired Miguel to tweet that Black people are the most judgmental on the planet, but I do find his tweet curious considering that Black people are his main supporters. Does the support of the Black community mean nothing to Miguel? How easy it is for him to dismiss the very community that has made him the popular artist that he is. It’s all very curious if you ask me.

Are Black people judgmental? Of course. Are we the most judgmental people on the planet? Absolutely not. Each racial group has its judgmental people. I know of Asian people, White people, Native American people, and Hispanic people who all feel that their respective racial group is full of judgmental people. The question on my mind is would they articulate themselves in the same way that Miguel did regarding the Black community? Continue reading

Mary J. Blige Soon To Be Cellmate With Laury Hill. MJB Hit With $3.4 Million Tax Lien

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As if Ronald Isley and Wesley Snipes were not examples enough. Lauryn Hill, go you’ve got first dibs on which bunk you would like, and Mary J. Blige will take the other.  Chile, Uncle Sam has slapped a tax lien on the queen of hip hop and soul for $3,426,255.43. The IRS is claiming she failed to pay all her income taxes for the years 2009 ($574,907.30), 2010 ($2,203,743.53) and 2011 ($647,604.60). Oh but there’s more. Catch these T’s Continue reading

Kordell Stewart Changes Locks On Porsha. She Cant Get In the House AT ALL

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Chile, this divorce mess between Porsha & Kordell is getting uglier by the minute. Just when we had not heard anything about it for a while, this mess pops up out of nowhere. Quiet as its kept, I thought they were damn near through with the divorce. Hell, whats taking so long? I guess Kordell is fed up with sharing the residence with Porsha and is truly ready to move on. Remember weeks back, Kordell was locking Porsha out of the house, forcing her to have to call the police for entry. Now, Kordell has flat out changed all the locks and refuses to give Porsha a key. Catch these T’s Continue reading

NEW MUSIC: K. Michelle ‘V.S.O.P’

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Well, the time to put up or shut up has arrived. We have watched K. Michelle fall from grace and struggle to pick her self back up and get her career on track. Landing a new record deal and charged with the task of producing an album that will make a statement, her first single is here. It is no secret that K. Michelle can sing. Does she have the total package is the question? I think she just might. Y’all know The Doll loves a nasty old school r&b cut. In the spirit of r&b, K. Michelle has released something very special for our listening please. Check it out and let me know what you think. Continue reading

DEAR DINEVA: I’m Gay & Sexed My Boyfriend’s Sister. She’s Married, Pregnant, Baby Might Be Mine

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Dear Miss Ross,
First let me say that we your fans appreciate your time, hard work, and efforts to entertain us with the latest. Now onto my issue! I am a 31 yo openly gay male that lives with my boyfriend of whom ive been with for the last 2 years. Outside of the normal relationship bickering we are in a great place. My problem is 5 months ago while at his families Christmas party, i cheated on him with one of his family members. His sister to be exact! Although I was in a drunken stupor, I know it doesnt excuse my behavior. To make matters worse, his sister is married to a a co worker/ buddy of mine, that i met while in the police academy. The last thing i wanted to do was hurt my boyfriend and good friend so me and the sister swore to keep our mouths closed.

If living with the guilt wasnt enough, an announcement was just given yesterday that she is 5 months pregnant! This situation is full of unforseen drama and is getting stickier by  the day. I want to come clean to both my boyfriend and friend, but the sister is dead against it. I need some advice. How can i come clean and still maintain my friendship and relationship? To complicate things further, the time she was impregnated,is the same time we slept together.. When i addressed to her that i could possible be the father, her response was that even if i were, no gay man would ever raise her baby. I just want to forget any of this has happen, but if the baby turns out to be mine I want a relationship with my kid.

Mr. Officer

See My Advice Continue reading

Sources Confirm Beyonce & Jay-z Are Pregnant With Second Baby

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Pregnancy rumors have been spiraling out of control . Is she pregnant, is she not? Adding fuel to the fire was Beyonce’s recent concert cancellation. Considering the the fact that she has never cancelled a concert in her entire career, this left the masses extremely suspicious. Well it all seemed to be speculation up until now. It seems as if a psuedo official confirmation of Beyonce & Jay-Z being pregnant with a second chile has come in. Catch these T’s Continue reading