Real Housewives Porsha Williams Parties It Up In Miami For Christmas. Yes Gawd For Divorce Money

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Porsha Christmas

I’m going to tell you one thing I learned from Miss Kandi Burruss, get the hell away from your everyday environment for Christmas. Following Kandi’s lead, i got the hell up out of Atlanta and Porsha did too, Lo and behold, we are both in Miami. I was actually born & raised here and is visiting friends and family, Porsha on the other hand is vacationing. I guess since she is living with her mother she has a designer purse full of extra money. No tea no shade, but Porsha makes divorce looks so nice. Work out miss divorce settlement money and spousal support. Catch these T’s Continue reading

Dwyane Wade & Gabrielle Union Are ENGAGED (pics)

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union wade engaged

D Wade just popped the question and Gabrielle said yes. Hell, quiet as its kept, I already thought they where married. I can tell he spared no expense on the ring. That rock is lovely. Moments ago both Wade and Union posted photos to their Instagram accounts of them holding hands showing off the gigantic rock. Catch these T’s Continue reading

Radio Host Says “The typical black church is still acting like slaves.”

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So I know many of y’all think I am church hating atheist because I often take the black church to task. For the record, I do believe in GOD, what I don’t believe in is organized religion. Non the less, I recognize that there are many out there that do, and I totally respect their faith. What I don’t respect is some peoples inability to think beyond hallelujah and exercise logic and faith at the same time. I stumbled across an article that that I think is pretty interesting. I’m not going to going to say whether I agree or disagree with the article. However, it does make some compelling points and forces one to scrutinize some of our practices.  Take a look and let me know how you feel.

According to Chris Writes:

The typical black churches style of preaching goes back to the days of slavery. You know, when black folks were slaves? The only hope they had was that one day they’d be free. Now, there was nothing they could do as slaves except get excited about the possibility of God delivering them to freedom (that happened) and all of the spoils that entailed. Notice the key word, “excited”. Every Sunday, the only person who could read (usually, sometimes not), the preacher, delivered a sermon that gave his fellow slaves hope. They had no power. All they had was faith. He didn’t preach about getting an education. He didn’t preach about learning to manage money. He didn’t preach about how to lead a family. He preached about slaves getting what was rightfully theirs, stuff. So most sermons consisted of the preacher hyping up slaves to get excited about…nothing. He used clever words, alliterations, screamed, hollered, jumped around and at the end of every sermon, slaves left the service feeling better about being slaves. Say what! They felt good about waking up one more day and doing master’s bidding, taking his abuse and being regarded as sub-humans. All they left with was false hope, an elevated heart rate and sweaty clothes. They left with nothing of substance. They would leave services with enough joy to get them through Monday and then the misery or reality would set in again. Continue reading

Uganda Passes Anti-Gay Law That Punishes “Aggravated Homosexuality” With Life In Prison

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So my first question is “what in the hell is aggravated homosexuality?” I swear some countries are still stuck in the medieval times. I’ve never been to Uganda, but I’m pretty sure they’ve got bigger problems as a country than who’s gay. The Ugandan Parliament have passes a long shelved bill that punishes aggravated homosexuality with life in prison. Gays everywhere should be thankful, the original draft of the bill called for the death penalty. Catch these T’s Continue reading

Kandi Burruss & Toya Wright Throw Christmas / Customer Appreciation Party (pics)

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kandi burruss toya wright (copy)

Last night I tipped out down to da bar to hang out with Kandi & Toya as they partied it up with fans and customers. The two ladies partnered up to throw a special Xmas customer appreciation party for the ladies that shop at Tags (Kandi’s Boutique) and Garb (Toya’s Shoe Store).  The party was real cute and all the usual suspects were in the house. Catch these T’s Continue reading

Mary Mary Singer, Erica Campbell Speaks Out On Backlash From Sexy Picture

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A few weeks back many members of the church community lost their Bible toting minds when Mary Mary singer Erica Campbell posted a picture of her in a form fitting white dress to her Instagram account. Quiet as its kept, I don’t really get what the big fuss was about. Hell, I’ve seen women sitting in church dressed like this, so I really didn’t get it. Honestly, when I first saw the picture I thought it was actress Maia Campbell. I was thinking to myself, “dang Maia looks good.” Anyway, Erica received tons of backlash from the posting of the photo, and now she is speaking out. Catch what she had to say. Continue reading