Mary Mary Singer, Erica Campbell Speaks Out On Backlash From Sexy Picture

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A few weeks back many members of the church community lost their Bible toting minds when Mary Mary singer Erica Campbell posted a picture of her in a form fitting white dress to her Instagram account. Quiet as its kept, I don’t really get what the big fuss was about. Hell, I’ve seen women sitting in church dressed like this, so I really didn’t get it. Honestly, when I first saw the picture I thought it was actress Maia Campbell. I was thinking to myself, “dang Maia looks good.” Anyway, Erica received tons of backlash from the posting of the photo, and now she is speaking out. Catch what she had to say. Continue reading

Where Was God The Night Trayvon Martin Was Murdered?

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The thoughts and opinions expressed in this post solely belong to Anti intellect – FUNKY DINEVA DID NOT WRITE THIS

There was no god on Trayvon Martin’s side the night he was murdered. Like all of us, he was on his own. There is no amount of prayer or belief in god that could have helped him the night that George Zimmerman decided to profile, stalk, and murder him. The fact that both the Zimmerman and Martin/Fulton families made references to god following the not guilty verdict in the Zimmerman murder case is disgusting to me on various levels. How is god on your side when, at almost every step, it has sided with your oppressor? Trayvon Martin was murdered, his body filed away as a John Doe, his killer was not arrested for weeks, and a jury found his killer not guilty. How is that reflective of god being on Trayvon Martin’s side? How is that reflective of god being on Black people’s side?

How many more Black people have to die before we realize that that we are on our own? There is no god looking out for out race. There is no god protecting Black youth like Trayvon Martin and Aiyana Jones. There is no god protecting Black adults like Marissa Alexander and Marco McMillian. It should outrage Black people when someone tries to rationalize the violence visited upon us daily with an excuse as disrespectful as the notion that a god is on our side. I love Black people too much to see us disrespect ourselves with continued belief in some White man in the sky, supposedly looking out for us. I want Black people to believe in each other. I want Black people to call on each other. Continue reading

Fox Sports Pam Oliver’s Hair ALWAYS Looks Like A Dog With MANGE. Gallery Of Tragic Hairdos (pics)

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Pam Oliver has to be indisputably one of the most unattractive women in television. It isn’t her physical design that makes her unattractive, but her gawd awful hair weaves/wigs that she wears on television. I guess her hair is a result of white women installing her weaves. I refuse to believe Pam Oliver is going to Shaneka to get her hair done. A sister would never let another sister walk out the door and onto television with her head looking like a a dog with mange. Check out the gallery of Pam’s most gawd awful Humane Society hairdos. Continue reading

Ledisi Gets Super Sexy For New Album Artwork + New Video ‘I Blame You’

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All T all shade, when I first saw this album cover I instantly sucked my teeth. Not because Ledisi doesn’t look good, but because I felt like she had been bitten by the Beyonce commercial bug. Typically when we think of neo soul artist we don’t think of sex. We may think incense, finger snaps, and green tea, but we typically don’t hink sex. Well, Ledisi is here to change all that and I think i just might be here for it. Ledisi said if Beyonce can do it, then she can too. I know that’s right! Get it girl, and when its got, get some more!

“The Truth”, Ledisi’s latest album will be released in the United States on March 11 via Universal Music Group / Verve Music Group.

The photo was taken by Derek Blanks, who also directed the set’s lead single “I Blame You” (co-written by Claude Kelly and Chuck Harmony). Get into Ledisi’s latest video… Continue reading

Rabbits Scream While Fur Ripped From Their Skin To Make Products For Gap, Zara, And Other Retailers (video)

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What you are about to see will shock you. Now y’all know The Doll has two dogs and is an animal lover, so this video had me enraged. The footage, which shows rabbits screaming while their hair is torn out by workers, was filmed covertly by animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals at nine unidentified farms in China between June and September. Angora fur, valued for being lightweight, warm and silky to the touch, is plucked or shorn from Angora rabbits about once every three months. The fur can be used to make clothing items like sweaters, scarves and ear muffs. China is responsible for most of the world’s Angora production.

Several retailers put a halt on the sale of Angora products in the wake of this video surfacing. H&M, Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger made the decision to suspend Angora fur production while they ensure it’s done humanely. H&M even took the step of offering to fully refund customers the cost of Angora products they had already purchased, The Wall Street Journal reported. The Gap and Zara on the other hand have yet to respond. Check out the video and catch these T’s. Continue reading

Daycare Worker Arrested For Stealing Earrings Out Of Toddler’s Ear

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I guess Antoine Dodson was right when he said “hide your wife hide your kids.” A Bronx New York daycare worker woke a sleeping toddler, removed hear earnings, and pocketed those bad boys. The 14k gold diamond encrusted hoops are reportedly worth about $100.  The alleged theft was captured on a surveillance camera and now the daycare worker is facing charges of grand larceny and possession of stolen property. Catch these T’s Continue reading