Mary J. Broke Settles On One Of Her Defaulted Bank Loans, But Can She Pay?

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The Mary J. Blige and Steve Stoute Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now, Inc. (FFAWN) Launch

Y’all made all that fuss about Mary J. Blige singing about crispy chicken wraps  like a coon on the table of a Burger King and sent her finances into shambles. Well, no thanks to the very people who sent Mary’s finances into a downward spiral, Mary is getting some relief on one of those big a$$ loans she has defaulted on. This particular settlement comes attached to a $250,000 loan that Mary defaulted on that related to her bogus charity. Chile, y’all have to remember how the peole were going in on Mary for awarding scholarships to women for college but never making good on her promises.

Check out the details of the settlement. Continue reading

RHOA’s Peter Thomas Birthday Party, Marlo Hampton Attends, Kenya Moore Rents Bentley

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I since the premiere of The New Atlanta, there has been a party in Atlanta every damn night of the week. It did not make things any better that the BET Hip Hop awards just left town. Chile me feet hurt so damn bad from tootsie rollin all across this city. I was invited to attend Peter’s birthday party that they filmed yesterday, but good thing I didn’t go because I might have been inclined to cuss Kenya the hell out on GP. Naw i’m just playing. I love Kenya in a special way.

The party went down at Atlanta’s Suite formerly Luckie Lounge. In attendance was everyone’s favorite fashionista Marlo Hampton and a few others. Check out the pics. Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE: Married To Medicine Gets 2 New Cast Members. Kari Wells Gets The Boot

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Filming for season 2 of Married to Medicine just began and there has been quite a stir when it comes to the cast. Let me start out with the easy T. Kari Wells and her lips got the boot. I don’t have the T surrounding why they wont be returning, and quite honestly I do not care. The reason why is inconsequential. Kari Krueger is gone. Good riddance bish!

Out with the old and in with the new. If you get rid of two cast memeber (Kari and her lips) then it is only fair that you add to cast members. Enters Dr. Heavenly Kimes (dentist) and Dr. Lisa Joy Waldman (Internal medicine). Just who are these two women? Catch these T’s Continue reading

Can You Glorify White People And Get Mad When They Don’t Accept You? Kanye West Thinks So

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The thoughts and opinions expressed in this post solely belong to Anti intellect – FUNKY DINEVA DID NOT WRITE THIS

The world of social media was rocked last Thursday night when Kanye West took to his Twitter ( account to defend himself against a parody ( video by comedian Jimmy Kimmel, mocking his recent BBC( interview. Much of the commentary ( around the interview, the spoof, and the subsequent Twitter exchange has centered around his being a victim of white supremacy. While that much is true, I also want to talk about the many ways he is complicit in the very system that continues to frustrate him.

I have little sympathy for Kanye West. In this world, if you live by White validation, you’ll surely die by it. If anyone has the ability to bypass White executives in the fashion world, he does; yet he continues to grovel at their feet. When is the last time he promoted a Black fashion label? In his songs, he is always singing about this White fashion label or that White fashion label: Fendi, Louis, Gucci, Versace. Here is a Black man with the power and wealth to truly revolutionize  things in the world of Black fashion, and yet he grovels over Whiteness. He is an extremely privileged Black man who is consumed by, and enamored by, White capitalist success. Personally, I am over the “poor little Kanye” narrative. He is extremely privileged. It’s not as if he has to settle for Whiteness for lack of other means. If I can resist the need for White validation, given my lack of material privilege, surely he and his millions can do the same. He has far more leverage to do so than me. He is a Black artist whose entire shtick has become almost exclusively about cultural Whiteness: White women, White clothes, White cars, White status. Am I really supposed to ignore his constant peddling of Whiteness, because he once said George Bush doesn’t care about Black people? Continue reading

ABC’s Revenge Season 3 Premiere A Lackluster Opener. Ratings Down From Season 2

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Now y’all know i go up for Revenge, but disappointingly the season three premiere did not give me what I need. No tea no shade, season two was not as good as season 1 either if you really want to know the truth. I’m not sure what is really going on over at the Revenge camp, but they need to get it together quickly. Episode 1 did a very lackluster job at holding my attention. I honestly paid attention the whole way through only because I am extremely loyal to the show. Quite frankly, I feared this would happen after watching the season three trailer that did little peak my interest. Apparently I was not the only one who failed to be moved by the trailer. The season 3 premiere ratings for Revenge were down 25% from from the season 2 opener. I think part of what rubbed me the wrong way was with the lead promotion being Emily Thorne getting shot. Emily is the main character, the show is built around her, so even if she did get shot, she didn’t or doesn’t die. This is what was going through my head, hence why I failed to really buy into the promo. I’m guessing the remainder of the season will be a build up to “who shot Emily Thorne”? When it’s all said and done, watch the shooting scene be nothing more then a dream.

If you missed episode one or you need a refresher, check out the recap… Continue reading

Mother Poisons Her 2 Children To Death To Spite Their Father After Losing Custody Battle

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It is a sad sick world that we live in. Guy’s you have got to be careful who you lay down and have children with. It baffles me how people can lay down and make children through such an act of passion, yet turn around and use the children as weapons against their partner when the passion cease to exists. 42 year old Marlyn Edge decided rather than handing her children over to their father as the judge ordered, she would just kill them instead. How selfish is that. What kind of dick did their father have that allowed her hate for him to be stringer than her love for her children? Chile catch all these unfortunate t’s Continue reading