Are You All Really Shocked? Ma$e Abandons the Church to Return to His Rapping Ways Full-Time

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Nick Cannon Goes On A Rant About The Media & His Pending Divorce, Is He Talking About His Daddy?

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The lambs couldn’t buy Mariah’s last album, but they sure will defend their mutha when they feel like she’s being attack. That includes the biggest lamb of them all Mariah’s estranged husband Nick Cannon isn’t having the slander either.
Nick took to his twitter account and went on a rant about the media and “sources” talking about his pending divorce.
I have personally been absent from social media for the past few months for obvious reasons, but I feel the need to finally speak up…
During this challenging time for me and my family it saddens me that the media can be suck evil bottom feeders…
Because my family & I haven’t been forthcoming with personal information, people are quick to paint negative pictures and spread rumors.
For the record I NEVER have, nor will I make a statement regarding my marriage.
So whatever your favorite gossip outlet is reporting has been creating within their own imagination…
At this difficult time I would ask all civilized people to please respect my family and this process…
What infuriates me most is to hear people slander @MariahCarey. I will forever be in debt to her for blessing me with our children…
I will always love her unconditionally for this and so much more. @MariahCarey is an amazing mother and I trust her wholeheartedly…
So to see false reports in the media stating otherwise is absured! While I would like to remain silent I can no longer allow this to happen.
I love @MariahCarey and that will never change!!!
If the media wants to portray me as the bad guy that’s fine…
But it is unfair to drag innocent people into the equation…Others have lives, families, and careers and for the media to slander them is downright evil and illegal…
I apologize to anyone who’s gotten caught up in this unwarranted drama.
BTW Shouts out to the so called “sources”!
I hope the check ws worth it… @
“Don’t worry about my life, worry about what why you’re worried about my life!”
And finally, “Trouble in Paradise” is the dumbest phrase I’ve ever heard! I would never say that sh!t.
Now back to your regularly scheduled programming… #radiosilence.
To play catch up, there’s reports everyday that Nick is trying to work on his marriage, but Mariah is being a “diva.” The weird part of all of this is several post that Nick Cannon’s father, James Cannon posted (and then deleted) on Facebook that makes you give a mean side eye:
Here a thing to talk about if the wife loves sex and the man can’t stand making love to her what should that woman do?
Heres a thing, if the husband say no lies, and the wife lies all the time, what should that man do?
Here a thing, if the wife put on 200 pounds and the husband like a nice slim wife what should that man do?
If a husband tells his wife not to have an abortion and she [does] it anyways, what should that man do?
Here a thing, if a husband wants to have ten children and his wife only wants two childrend then what should that man do?
After the lambs went on a facebook attack, he deleted the posts and then said that the questions he asked were questions founded in his 2011 “christian based” book The Calling: How to Discover Your Calling in Three Days”
Pops, either has weird timing or he thinks we are really dumb. According to The Insider Nick Cannon confirmed to them that he and Mariah had spilt up, so why recant three weeks later? Welp, while Nick is trying to bring in wedding counselors and recanting stories to help save his marriage, Mariah is allegdly starting the divorce process and getting her things in order.
Mariah better put a gag order on them all…


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IS YOU HOWNGRY: 22-Year Old Teacher Caught on Video Sucking Student D!ck Down To Da Classroom

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****Singing to the melody of Beyonce’s ‘Get Me Bodied” **** “I don’t care I’m doing me tonight, a lil head ain’t never hurt nobody.” Chile that’s what 22-year old substitute teacher Symone Greene thought until she got caught sucking dick down to da school. Mama hit her knees and went to work on an 18-year old football player in her classroom immediately following a pep-rally. To top things off, this was Greene’s FIRST DAY OF WORK. Chile miss thing didn’t waist no time putting in overtime. Talk about going above and beyond the call of duty. What baffles me the most is, who the hell wants to suck football player after a pep-rally dick? It’s been some years since I last walked the halls of a high-school, but if my memory serves me correctly, at pep-rally’s, the players have on some variation of their uniforms, are running and jumping around, and working up a funk. Quiet as its kept, If I was gonna suck any dick in the school house, it would have had to have been before the morning announcements, and not no damn pep rally.

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Melyssa Ford Busted In The Head To The White Meat With A Bottle By Co-Star Geneva Thomas

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Well, another one bites the dust. Just when I thought we had a reality television show out there with semi classy Black women who were doing positive things, Geneva Thomas had to haul off and bust Melyssa Ford in the head with a vodka bottle. That’s right! according to reports, Melyssa Ford had to be taken to the hospital where she received 3 staples to close the wound in her head. Additionally she cut her foot on some broken glass. The assault happened Tuesday night (10/21/14) on a boat while the cameras were rolling for season 2 of Blood Sweat & Heels.

Geneva was arrested, as she should have been. I’ve got a feeling she’ll probably be fired and sued. Y’all better learn from Da Brat and the stint she did in prison. You cannot just go around busting people in the head with bottles. Especially if they still have liquor in them! Hell, do y’all know what a bottle of Ciroc goes for these days?

I wonder what set Geneva off? That girl probably got tired of y’all saying she looks like Wesley Snipes and snapped!





Teyana Taylor Lands A Spread in ELLE Magazine? How The Hell? For Why? (pics)

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For the life of me, I can’t figure out who this girl is and what the hell she does. Y’all probably can’t either. She supposedly has an album coming out in November. By no means am I hating. I’m happy for Teyana. She’s been able to turn a whole bunch of nothing into something. Hell, I wish someone would offer me a spread in Elle magazine. For real though, Elle is a pretty big deal. I wonder if Kris Jenner is Teyana’s manager. Y’all have to admit, Teyana has that Kim Kardashian thing going on. She is famous and we really don’t know why. I will say this, Mama’s body is looking good, and she served the camera what it needed.

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