Peter Gunz Goes Rogue. Confirms That Stories For Love & Hip Hop Are Fabricated For TV

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As if we were not beginning to feel as if some of the story lines on Love & Hip Hop were fabricated for television, Peter Gunz has confirmed our suspicions. I toiled back in forth with how in the hell it could be possible that Peter Gunz would cheat on his girlfriend to the extent in which the show suggests with camera’s rolling. I even made mention of this in my video review. Well, I guess I was right. Check out what Peter Gunz has to say about his storyline on Love & Hip Hop.

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I wonder how Mona feels about this. Even a blind man could see that Peter is admitting to the entire situation being fake. I’m just saying…

I don’t make the news, I just report it…

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130 thoughts on “Peter Gunz Goes Rogue. Confirms That Stories For Love & Hip Hop Are Fabricated For TV

  1. Peter better refrain from putting puppet master Mona Scott out on blast like that. Now Dirt Feet Peter know damn well he need those checks. He better not bite the hand that is feeding him. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mona doesn’t want Peter to return next season.

    I also forgot to mention I watch a interview Peter did on youtube with Sway…and Peter basically put Tara ass on blast. Peter claim that he was married before he got with Tara. Peter claimed once Tara found out Peter was married, Tara basically dismissed the fact that Peter was married to another woman at the time. If that is indeed true what Peter said then Tara is just getting back in return.

    Here’s the youtube of Peter when he was on Sway show talking about the whole Tara, Amina, situation:

  2. Love and Hip Hop has been fake since day 1. All of them because they are too over the top for it to be real.. I don’t know why Mona won’t just turn this franchise into a scripted drama.

  3. I think what he was trying to say is… he doesn’t have to creep because it’s all on TV… I could be wrong… that’s what I got

    • Chay – that is exactly what he was trying to say. I hate that his words are getting twisted. All of his interviews, the point that he was trying to get across was that things between he and Tara have been off/bad for a long time. Meaning she should not be totally shocked he has been seeing someone else and that he was not really “lying” to Amina.

  4. Mona SY is really trying really hard to keep life breathing into LHHNY. While entertaining, it’s so predictable and at times boring. I find myself channel surfing when Erica Mena or NYA starts talking. Don’t understand why Yandy is the only “positive” influence on this show. As if black women don’t have enough trouble with our image this and other reality TV shows are portraying us in a very negative light. I would love to see a reality show where black women speak and carry themselves like they’ve had home training and have further educated themselves. How are you going to have a show air like “Black Girls Rock” then air another show that has us fighting each other for scraps. Hollywood is not the blame it’s producers like Tyler Perry and Mona SY that are partially to blame for creating this negative perception of most women of color.

  5. For those of you saying reality tv is fake & full of lies, The following items from L&HHNYC have been investigated & confirmed by a valid, intelligent, credible source (me bitch!) & are 100% REAL! Here’s a list of 12 very TRUE & REAL items from da show:
    1. Yandy getting #TeamChrissy & company rant off da show… is real #TrueStory
    2. Amina Butterface’s dusty dolphin teefs… are real
    3. Peter Gun’s shiddy hooves… are real
    4. Joe Budden’s shiddy mouf… is real
    5. Tahiry Maria Gomez Consuelo Rodriquez Lopez Jenkins’ shiddy job… is real
    6. Erica Mena’s saggy tiddies #Truth
    7. Rich Dollars’ dorkiness… is real
    8. K. Michelle’s thirst… is sad
    9. Mandeeceedesedseeeecceesessscez jail time… is real
    10. Mannndeeecezzeeesesses being 1 fucked up name #FACT
    11. The total irrelevance of 2/3 of the cast… is real
    10. MONA’S FAT ASS CHECKS FOR THESE BUFFOONS!… is cashed! And in that order!

  6. Reality TV shows are the Soap Operas of the New Millenium. Why the debate/uproar over real vs scripted? Who cares in that magnitude? It’s en-ter-tain-ment people. Relax or don’t watch it. In this day/age these shows are popping up left and right about SOMETHING or another. Like the Apple campaign “There is an app for that…” its the same for the boob tube “There’s a show for that…”

  7. Now that the world has seen his feet, he wants us to believe that what we saw was not real. The story line may be fake, but that was a nasty dirty foot, and that was not fake. I would like to ask Mona Scott how come she couldn’t get a real hip hop person, not this sleezy looking dude. I agree that he makes Stevie J. look like a half decent man. At least Stevie J. don’t look dirty; this man just creeps me out and makes my skin crawl. And, Yandy looks like she is competing for the longest weave on reality tv.

  8. Mona Scott and Andy Cohen are Devils who expose Low Life Bottom of the Gutter, Latin, Black, Islander, and any nationality in between who is willing to stoop below hell to make a quick $buck$. Most folks like watching these shows because it makes them feel like their fucked up lives aren’t so fucked up. Entertainment my ass. How can anyone be entertained by a Reality show that you know is Fake. Mona & Andy has pimped and brain fucked y’all minds. The Devil is winning souls hands down. Dude is telling y’all that the shit is fake/scripted and people still say they will tune in to this Fuckery. Some of you Dummy’s need to pick up a book, cook a healthy meal for self and/or family, spend more time with your kid(s) go workout, go shopping by yourself or w/other(s) and stop watching this fake ass shit. Mona & Andy got most of your minds hostage and ya don’t even realize it. Andy & Mona pockets are getting phat by destroying lives and exploiting people misery and pain. In the end it’s the children who will be the ones hurt by this mess. This shit will be on the internet for life and they will see all this negative shit about their parents and other children will tease the hell outta them. Stay tuned!!

    Oh and for all you Fucktards who don’t agree with my opinion don’t respond, just keep the shit moving because I know the Truth hurts.

    • Brenda – you do realize that Mob Wives, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Real Housewives of Orange County AND Real Housewives of New York are all White cast, correct? It is not about race. Latino, Black, White and Asians have smut TV, smut books and reality TV and that is okay.

  9. No he saw how crazy his ass looks. its TV…but was or wasn´t it him on national Tv giving an interview or confessional saying, “I told you not to tell nobody we are married”…get the hell out of here with that foolery..boy bye

  10. these shows are entertaining to a point we need better tv, thank god for shows like scandal , greys anatomy , sleepy hollow, American horror story anything besides the bs reality shows that aren´t reality

  11. It is not real guys. It´s all for entertainment purposes. What baby mama do you know who will put up with her boyfriend not coming home at night on a regular basis and be so well blah about it? All reality shows are basically fake and very prompted but this storyline is the fakest I´ve seen so far. Even the Stevie J/Mimi/ Josileen(whatever) issue. How many times have you heard a baby mama, baby daddy, and side chick attending counseling? So fake.

  12. Jack asses ( triangle of 3 fools people do anything for a check but even if it was staged why the hell would he admit that especially if he said he was struggling# black people we gotta do better (my Charlie Murphy voice smh)lol

  13. He also admitted to going on the show because he was broke and could not pay the rent. He should have just stayed quiet. If you are going to follow Stevie J playbook then you need to ignore the negativity just like he does.

  14. haha, what a shocker, not. I can understand if the s/ls are real but the producers adding some spark into it, I can get with it, but to make it up for ratings, Mona, do a soap with real actors if this is the case, smdh.

  15. he is completely stupid. of course we know that sh*t is fake…like who could cheap on someone they are living with to the extent that they have a WIFE somewhere else that NO one knows about; like come on. grow up peter and you ladies are PATHEIC for even following thro with this wack a$$ story. I knew it was fake from the trailer when tara hit Gunz with little to no effort. If your man tells u he is cheating on you, trust and believe you would do more than shove him. They are wack but it is entertaining so whatever I guess lol

  16. never ever thought I would say this but he make stevie j look like a night in shining armor! peter gunzz is a fool and he not even cute anyways! he stuck on hisself and he wack as fuck! amina is lame I feel sorry for the bm taking an “L” like this on national t.v. fake or not I cant wait to see his girlfriend slap the hell out the home recker and I hope she slap peter ass to. I think he just aying this NOW cuz he realize its out and the backlash is to much for olde’ peter.

  17. I don’t understand how u can say.he’s lowering himself for a check. All it is is acting using your real name that’s what makes it reality tv. Its just like anyone else playing a role for a movie or tv show. U can’t believe that these women go around acting like this in real life.or that one would be stupid enough to allow a man to have a whole gf on the side that u know about. They use real life scenarios and allow them to be amplified and played out on t v.the real life way they happen would be boring ijs shit give me a check big enough ill let em film me lmao

  18. Who cares if he admitted to it? It doesn’t take away the fact that he’s willing to make himself look like an ass to get a few checks.
    And what’s sad is that I don’t believe he’ll move out his family from that apartment.

    • I totally agree!! The fact that he’d compromise his character and integrity for a few coins doesn’t make him any less dumb!

  19. well you can tell this shit is fake because every scene you see in these “reality shows” the womans hair and makeup is always BEAT for what woman is camera ready at all times of the day in REAL life?

  20. If anybody had common sense you would know EVERYTHING in reality tv is fake. I just can’t believe people could be so niave to think any of it is real lol. Even my tv production teacher told us right out his mouth everything on reality tv is scripted none of it is real. People just dumb enough to believe everything u see on tv.

  21. Yeah whatever! He´s not lying. The whole world sees him for the scumbag he is and now is trying to repair his image. First he did an interview saying he did it for the money now is a lie. It was a report just yesterday Amina got deported back to Germany for marriage fraud. So which story is fake

  22. i dont think he means it fake i just think he means i aint creeping im doing on cam in front of mad ppl and eventually america aint no creeping im just putting the shit out there

  23. I know that on tv some stuff is fabricated but he is at the studio with the girl kissing and stuff and his girlfriend states he is not home at night..he just don’t want to look like an ass…my thoughts

  24. He didn’t outright say that it’s fake. He said use your common sense and we know lots of people don’t have any of that.

  25. He talking about he did this because he is broke well telling everything that is going on with the show being fake is going to keep him broke. Shut your mouth Peter Gunz he is just stupid.

  26. He is a liar because he was interviewed by Sway, who is suppose to be his good friend and said he ia eeally married to that girl whatever her name is. His kids mother Tara called in while he was there and she went left. He said he was broke and did the show because he needed money. I need him to have a aeat.

  27. If he´s not fucking married to that girl he needs an Oscar because he was about to shit on himself when he found out they where both going to be at K.Michelle´s party & her ass needs to be nominated for best supporting actress because those tears dropped quick (no vizen) This story is true probably a bit fabricated but true

  28. He need to sit his rusty dusty old azz down somewhere. I knew the stories were a little off but hell Mona´s trying to make money. LHHNY was boring last season so they´re trying to bring it this season.

  29. He´s just trying to save face cause like Johnell said, he was on the Breakfast Club explaining away. It´s just a messy mess and in between books, i just as guilty for watching them make fools and goons of themselves lol

  30. I expect for him to say this especially how his story is going on this season of LHHNY. It doesnt help either. Who wants to just spread lies and shitty up their image just to be famous and make money….he is still pathetic and even more so for this socalled revelation.

  31. Plus u can tell she acting cause she was suppose to o be mad she was smiling. You cant believe these shows to heart. Come on be for real, Mona hiring ppl off the street look at the new ppl that she just hired. Who in the hell are they??lol Mona is about her money an these fools are playing the role.

  32. Smh or he doesnt want people to see how trifling he is? What kind of women agree to this? If that´s the case then I have NO respect for Tara cuz they not paying enough to let me see my man chill, kiss, and sex another woman on national TV

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