Phaedra & Apollo And Their Cute Chinese Children. Phaedra Shows Us Her New Son Dylan

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For those of y’all who were wondering what Phaedra & Apollo’s second bundle of joy looked like. Here he is. Meet Baby Dylan. Phaedra, being the business woman she is, held out on us so she could fatten the baby up a lil bit, let his color set in, then sell the photos to US Weekly. I ain’t mad with you girl! Get it chile. Now the mystery of the century is how does a Black woman and a Spanish man make lil cute Chinese children? The world will never know.

Congratulations to Phaedra & Apollo

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76 thoughts on “Phaedra & Apollo And Their Cute Chinese Children. Phaedra Shows Us Her New Son Dylan

  1. Wow, can Black supposedly educated people get anymore ignorant with their comments! First off her Husband is African American, yes their may be some Spanish blood in those veins, but what African American person, doesn’t have several other nationality and races running thru their genetic makeup! During slavery not only were our fore-mothers raped repeatedly by Caucasian/European men, but many Blacks mixed with Indians, (who are of Asian descent) and not to mention, if your roots were in the South as they typically were, the Chinese were also in the same dire straits as we were, and many women/men mixed with the Chinese Immigrants that littered the South, as our ancestors did! Remember if you actually studied our history, US history and studied all of the different groups of people who are here now, that are ancestors of these descendents! We have Chinese as well as several other backgrounds we’ve traced in our family. Point is idiots it is genes, and there is nothing Asian about those babies at all! Ridiculous!

  2. DAMN Y’ALL!! he said the kids looked Chinese! he didn’t say they was ugly! is bein Chinese something bad where y’all from?

    • You said it girl, clearly these people think Chinese is an insult. Those kids are cute as they come and they DO have china eyes,

    • I don’t think that is what he is saying. I think what he is saying, is what he is saying. People read too much into things. By the eyes, they do look Chinese. What other culture of people do you know to have the squinty eyes? It was a description, is all.

      • There is so much that’s wrong in your statement – a CULTURE doesn’t determine what a person looks like, their ethnicity does. And Chinese are not the only ones with–you know what, nevermind. The more I read blogs the more I shake my head at the ignorance of too many folks.

  3. Everybody who´s saying “it´s just a joke” and “it´s not that serious” knows they´d be ready to fight if somebody made a “joke” about their kids. Come on now! It´s a joke to you because they aren´t your kids and because you aren´t Chinese. If somebody said “cute Black children,” you know you´d be on them like white on rice!: “Why they gotta be Black?” “What, Black children aren´t already cute? You had to say ´CUTE´ Black children???” “Why couldn´t they just be ´cute children´?” I can hear y´all now. Stop! FD, you keep me ROFL´ing, but racial humor is always in poor taste. Just keep bringing us the shade and the tea, and leave the racial jokes to “Kramer” and Paul Mooney.

    • My daughter came out looking Asian and Mexican everybody says it and i didn’t take it serious because she did! Damn once again it’s a joke and me and her dad are fully black!

    • There is nothing wrong with being called Chinese. I get called Chinese all the time coz of my eyes, but I’m not and I certainly don’t take it as an insult. Chill out with the racial overreactions.

  4. Oh Patrick go have a cup of coffee, with some extra sugar hunny, it isn´t even that serious.

    On the other hand I forgot she had a baby! Look at them looking like a R&B band! Congrats to P & Pollo

  5. Hey, my Great Great Grandmother was half Asian(Chinese)from South Carolina. Her father was Chinese who immigrated to America, to the South to build the railroad. Not for nothing but Dineva did say “cute” Chinese children. Nonetheless, kids are innocent and all are considered beautiful!!!

  6. They Have Handsome Boys FD Saying Chinese because they Have those Small Beautiful Eyes This Is Such A Beautiful Family Chile The DL Part Some Ppl need to stop Judging Ppl saying they Gay Apollo Probably Say Words Dont Hurt Glad I Dont Judge Nobody

  7. I love FD but sometimes I just gotta shake my head. First of all, since when its it considered and insult for a child to be Chinese? Secondly, we know they arent Chinese so why are we trying to use that to poke fun? (Using exacting phrases to poke fun, ie: calling someone gay as an insult) This is the same kind of crap gay men and women have been trying to cycle out because its just rude, its not funny, its rude. Finally, if someone else had made these remarks FD would be the first diva on the scene to report it and call them messy. Just like you FD I am “keepin it real” I still like you, but I gotta give you the side-eye on this one.

    • What the hell are you talking about? What makes you think it was an insult? 0_o we use to say my cousins look like little Eskimo children, and they did. They was beautiful babies though! Your trippin, but we gonna give you a pass…you must be on your period or something.

  8. I generally like you and often find some if the things you say quite amusing! However calling the babies names is out of line!!! Every parent considers their child precious and beautiful. I don´t care how you feel about mommy and daddy..leave the children out! And it is parent that Apollo is not all black therefore there could be some Asian in his family! Not cute darling! Not cute!

  9. Since your eyes point northwest & northeast, I’m not surprised that you may think their children look Chinese/Asian.
    And as the first person commented, Apollo is black & white.

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