(PHOTOS) Bobby V & K. Michelle on set of PUT IT IN video

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So y’all already know that I live for Bobby V. Quiet as its kept, K. Michelle was my VERY FIRST celebrity interview. It is only right that pay both of these girls HOMAGE and follow their upcoming ventures. Recently these two got together to film the video for the song. Check out the pics.

We see you Bobby V.

I wonder who’s house they’re at…

K. Michelle has got her hair tied in a NASTY bun!!

I wonder if she is crying over getting beat up again…


Check out the rest of the pics from the shoot.

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5 thoughts on “(PHOTOS) Bobby V & K. Michelle on set of PUT IT IN video

  1. What in Church Usher hell does K Michelle have on?! No ma’am! She look like she rolled over to Bobby V’s trailer and picked that red shirt out his wardrobe.

  2. Bobby V is a sweet as they come! And K Michelle is looking like some late night. What grown woman wears tube socks and a jersey? What the h*ll are they doing?

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