[PHOTOS] Favorite Disney Characters Now Anorexic Supermodels

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 Mariah Carey has Jenny Craig, Jennifer Hudson has Weight Watchers, and Janet Jackson has Nutrisystem. Now, Mini Mouse has undergone her own dramatic weight loss. With the stroke of a pen, this iconic Disney character and a few of her friends have gone from colorful animated animals to cocaine thin high fashion models thanks to Barney’s NY.

Women’s Wear Daily reports that theesteemed fashion purveyor has teamed up with Disney to make a campaign called “Electric Holiday,” featuring a 3-D film for the holidays featuring iconic characters as supermodels. In the movie, Minnie Mouse heads to the shows in Paris and runs into her high fashion friends, including Cruella de Vil, Snow White and a few more, of whom we’ve nabbed a sneak peek. ~ Huffington Post


I think they are all kind of cute. Give it a minute though, I’m sure someone will find a way to make more out of the animations than their needs to be. What are your thoughts on when Docle & Gabbana collide with Disney?


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5 thoughts on “[PHOTOS] Favorite Disney Characters Now Anorexic Supermodels

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  2. Leave the cartoons alone they ain’t bothering nobody, I still perfer the orginal disney characters, they are for kids not adults.

  3. The day I go ballistic over the weight of a cartoon character then my bar will be layered like stuck on stupid.. who cares really.. no mater who or how much you rant and rave, paper thin models will forever be considered for high fashion.. move on!!

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