[PHOTOS] First Look at Erica & Lil Scrappy’s Official Engagement Photos

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Many people have questioned whether or not will Lil Scrappy & Erica Dixon truly get married. Well based on the way the two are acting appears that they are moving full steam ahead. They have released their first official engagement picture. GET INTO IT.

YES GAWD HUNTY! Y’all better Werq out! I wonder how Shay feels looking at THIS!



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48 thoughts on “[PHOTOS] First Look at Erica & Lil Scrappy’s Official Engagement Photos

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  2. Her ring is nice. Lmao at you hating ass broads. 90% of you probably don’t have a man period–let alone a husband, but check the ring ingers of your (very) few friends who are married. I bet they are not working with a single carat stone that is worth a damn– they might have CZ. Y’all better learn the difference between TV, celebrity life and reality. Most of you will NEVER see a ring as nice as Ericas. HATE ON!

  3. Lil Scrappy is posing so much harder than E in these pictures. He’s got his lips poked out…his eyebrows raised… E is just looking at the camera with her regular face. Questionable *side eye* at Scrappy!

    • What’s wrong with her hair? That it is actually growing from her head? And no offense, but with that comment, I highly doubt it is Erica that you’d be sleeping with. You might have more of an eye for Scrappy. ;-)

  4. Please Scrappy will do anything to avoid paying child support.

    This marriage is as staged as this show.

    Scrappy will have a wife and a side piece on the side so he kinda has it made.

    Erica is as big a joke as Mimi except Mimi has her own business so she gets a few extra points for not depending on a niggah.

    • UMMMM No Erica actually has a job and scrappy didn’t have no where 2 go after leaving Doimond he came back to her. Then when scrappy had an aesthma attack she was not there …why? cuz she was at work! They mentioned her work several times on the show SOooo just like Mimi she had/has a job

  5. ARM HAIR!!!! JAW BONES!!! NOSTRILS!!! EDGES!!! CHARLOTTE RUSSE ATTIRE!!! I thought u was A BAD botch Erica? Whappun?

    • I co sign all that talk that they Aint even looking at each other. Scrappy is a LIAR. A bum liar. He is using Erica to make himself look better. I don’t to much believe that he is interested in her as much as he puts on. And she so silly she can’t even see… Unless she just as fake as him.

    • LOL. But really… I didn’t even know what Charlotte Russe was, but I see you do. I had to look it up. Most of their dresses are too young in style for me, but for someone young and on a budget, I see nothing wrong with them. That’s a smart thing. Better than wasting her money on expensive clothing to floss for the masses when she could use the money for other things….Just sayin. She really does need to wax her arms though. that ish looks ape-ish. I think she could find someone much better than Scrappy though. She holds down a steady job. Her mate should as well.

  6. Yall snapping on here today GAWD! Lets focus at the matter on hand, that being Erica’s hairy ass arm. Its all good to be natural but the photographer could have pretended to handle that. Im just saying.

  7. I love these pics love this couple, to scrappy and Erica Congrats bump your haters people with negative comments are just hating #in that order!

  8. Wow these comments are all over the place. About the photos, they are nice but they don’t seem to express love to me. They aren’t looking at each other in most of the pictures. In most of them, scrappy is looking in the opposite direction.

  9. I think these are some very nice engagement pictures and why are yall so worried about the size of her ring??? Everybody can say how stupid Erica is all they want but at the end of the day everyone has put up with bullshit from a man or woman! People do change and maybe after him watching the show it opened up his eyes that Erica is the one for him. Erica deserves nothing but the best and regardless of how anyone else feels if being with Scrappy is gone make her happy then LET HER BE!

  10. I was mad that Shay left the stage without singing “At Last” with that wig on!!! Scrap probably got Erica ring using Shay credit smh

  11. It’s a damn shame that your talking about the size of her ring when the only ring you probably even came close to having was a ring pop ………please have several seats in a corner somewhere

    • It’s a damn shame that you’re idolizing a relationship where the woman has been trampled like dog shit. But hey as long as he put a bubble gum machine ring on your finger you won. Dumb fuck let me guess you got 3 kids, 4 baby daddy’s and no hope for a future. I got an entire arena, pick a seat and take one idiot.

      • OK….No T no shade,correct me if I’m wrong isn’t Lil Scrappy broke? I mean he had to move in with Erica, Shay apparently has/had some things of his in her name and He hasn’t had a hit in like 15-20 years. Erica is dumb; she could get a much better man then Scrap. Someone who’s not on probation, doesn’t cheat , has a real job and is not attached to his mother’s hip. Erica is a perfect example of a woman who is in love with the thug type lifestyle and will put up with almost (she ain’t Mimi) anything.

      • Reading comprehension is not your strong suite because the above commenter (kies) was not trying to make the point you’re illustrating. Just in case that was over your head let me translate to hood for you “She aint even saying like you thinking, uggh” (pat weave , roll eyes and suck teeth for emphasis

        • Suit. The word is “suit”, not “suite”. If you plan on criticizing someone’s reading comprehension you need to make sure your spelling is on point. Okay???

    • Y’all got to stop dogging Shay. We all saw Scrap tell that child, that Erica was, “just the baby mama. “As far as she could tell they were in a relationship. At least Shay didn’t take him back, cause you know he asked. Say what y’all want about her wigs but Shay is the sensible one in that situation and who in the HELL really wants a clock from Flava Flav? They all did that shit for TV. Who knows maybe Shay can hook up with Shaq now that he & Hoops are broken up?

  12. Niggas….always got to throw done shade. That borrowed ass ring Benzino had, chile cheese. Here’s one better, Show a picture of ur ring. SMH

  13. Babyyyyyyyy he should tried to cop that joint that Benzino refused to give Karlie Redd, or maybe he could have put a ring in Shay name cause that Diamond is itty bitty. LOL

    • The size of the ring should not matter its the fact that hey gave her one. My homegirl got a big ring and spent alot of money on the wedding only to bring her ass to the projects after the honeymoon. They could have used that money for a downpayment on the house and got her a modest ring. Priorities first people.

    • Since when does the size matter? It’s chicks out there with 5 carats, but still aren’t happy. If she’s happy, then that’s all that truly matters. You’re sitting there judging, but where’s your ring?? Or are you talking shit, but can’t even get a sterling silver walmart special ring?

    • Uh huh. Knowing damned well that IF you have a ring (big if) that thing is diamond dust. Stay thirsty, my friend.

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