[PHOTOS] Olivia From The Cosby Show Reviews Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta

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Bay-Bay, I have got to thank the folks over at The Urban Dailey for compiling the funniest group of still expressions from little Olivia reviewing Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. I was especially surprised to see Olivia had questions about The Doll as well. GET INTO IT.


Thanks again to The Urban Dailey for the Post!!



14 thoughts on “[PHOTOS] Olivia From The Cosby Show Reviews Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta

  1. Oh sh*t, I got the hiccups from laughin at these pics. Funky Dineva you a funny b*tch!! I’m gonna need you to take RATCHeeda place next season, and get the tea about Ché Mack and her wooden chopped teeth!!

  2. These are hilarious I wonder what Raven would have to say about this. LAHHA is the most epic reality show of the last 10 years fake asses, teeth, relationships and a pregnancy test in a back pocket. Mona knows what she’s doing.

  3. These were too funny and cute. Funky Dineva blowing up all over. They have a split screen of you at the table and Dwade that has become some folks avatar on gossip sites, sports blogs and facebook. Gotta get my t-shirt before the price goes up.

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