[PHOTOS/VIDEO] Basketball Wives L.A. Season 2 – Jackie Christi Crazy As Ever + 2 New Ladies

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Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta season 1 has come to a close and honestly The Doll was sick to her stomach worrying about what she was now going to do on Monday nights. Well, Vh1 has come to my rescue because as soon as the Love & Hip Hip Atlanta reunion special comes to a close (sep 3) the follwing week Basketball Wives LA Season 2 begins (sep 10).  Judging from the trailer, this season will be jammed packed with all the drama we have come to expect from this franchise. Catch these T’s.

It appears this time around, Jackie Christi is done with all the apologizing and is back to her crazy ways times 10. Jackie has kicked things up a few notches and based on the trailer gets in several “almost” physical altercations with a few of the ladies. There has also been two new additions to the cast and one subtraction.



Brooke Bailey, video model and  girlfriend of NBA baller Vernon Macklin is the first addition.

The second addition to the cast is a model by the name of Adiz Bambi, most commonly referred to as Bambi.

From what I gather, Brooke Bailey is an actual basketball wife, while Bambi is more of a “B Character” or “sidekick”, kind of how Marlo Hampton was on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. If you didn’t know by now, Imani Showalter will not be returning. The Doll Has not heard much around the rumor  mill regarding much of the goings ons this season, but trust and believe, the T’s will start pouring in pretty soon. Check out the trailer and let me know what you think.

Basketball Wives L.A. season 2 will air on vh1 beginning Monday, September 10 at 10pm.





4 thoughts on “[PHOTOS/VIDEO] Basketball Wives L.A. Season 2 – Jackie Christi Crazy As Ever + 2 New Ladies

  1. season look weak to me… just like last season a whole lotta shit talking behind each other back and a lotta almost-fights. boring… bring on rhoa

  2. Can you put a “Not Safe For Work” on your post, I almost got in trouble. I have no plans to watch this season. Jackie is too crazy for me. She is the oldest and the most unstable, its a damn shame. That reunion and vacation did it for me, cant support the crazyness. None of them are wives. The new chic was on “Candy Girls” trying to land her baller, so its nice to see she did.

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