[PICS] Kandi Burruss Throws Boyfriend Todd Tucker a NASTY Birthday Party

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Yes Gawd Hunty! Y’all know if she can “take care of each and every mutha F in here”, referring to her Real Housewives Of Atlanta cast-mates on the last reunion, then she should have no problem putting together a nice party! This swanky affair went down Saturday night at a Hangar in Atlanta’s Cobb County. The attendees at this intimate affair were limited to Kandi & Todd’s closest friends and family. Hence why The Doll was not there, but I still got all the T!

Of course Kandi’s BFF Phaedra Parks and her husband were in the building. Along with a gang of other Atlanta Elite. I wonder was Mama Joyce there? Better yet, I wonder did any strippers jump out of any boxes and scare off all the old folks. You know when Kandi and Phaedra get together that there is sure to be some mess going on somewhere. LOL

Neyo’s Mama hair is layed like death! Phaedra, go on ahead and burry her the right way. We need doves & gloves, a horse & carriage, and a large pan of chicken at the services. Why Miss Neo Mama?? I can hear her now “Chile go down in the garage and get me my good wig. It’s behind the christmas decorations and marked Motown on the box.”  Ohh now you fancy Miss NeYo mama. lol I don’t even know this lady, let me leave her alone. She looked good though. They all did…

Obviously Todd is a Leo, so the lion shaped caked was only fitting. I wonder if it was butter cream. Something tells me this cake was butter cream. I wonder why she didn’t opt to get him a “Dick Cake” like the one I brought here on my first visit to Kandi Koated Knight. Shout out to Cake Cafe Atlanta. Master Chef Audra Tippet and her staff will take care of all your Dick Cake needs. Kandi’s daughter Riley is also a Leo. Let’s see if Kandi throws another grand affair for her. I know one thang, The Doll better get an invitation…

Photo’s courtesy  theJasmineBrand.com . Thanks! Jasmine!!!



7 thoughts on “[PICS] Kandi Burruss Throws Boyfriend Todd Tucker a NASTY Birthday Party

  1. She must gone spring him on us at the start of the season. He looks like someone Mama-Joyce might give a chance to. Keeping my fingers crossed for you Kandi gurrl.

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