Pics of Evelyn Lozada’s Bloody Head Gash After Fight With Chad Johnson Revealed

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Alright y’all, up until now I was thinking perhaps Chad didn’t head butt the sh!t out of Evelyn. However, after looking at these photos, SOMETHING HAPPEN. I’m not saying that she didn’t drive him to the point of knocking her out, or that they were not fighting each other, but damn!  Mamma’s head was f*cked up!

This photo and others were taken by Davie Police in the Florida emergency room where Evelyn was transported following the altercation on August 11th, 2012. According to police, the forehead laceration measured 3 inches.


Y’all remember Chad was arrested for domestic violence at his Jupiter mansion and Evelyn filed for divorce 3 days later. No tea no shade, I would have filed for divorce too if my faced looked like this. Especially considering that Evelyn’s claim to fame are her looks. It is crazy to me how these pictures mysteriously surfaced right after Chad gets released from jail. I think the Illuminati has it out for Chad. It may be a wrap for Ocho-Cinco.


Chile, what are your thoughts on all of this?

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124 thoughts on “Pics of Evelyn Lozada’s Bloody Head Gash After Fight With Chad Johnson Revealed

  1. She knew what she signed up for! Im so tired of certain NATIONALITIES of women behaving like they got some prize by dating a Black athlete. History predicts the outcome! That’s their tree to bark up, ever wonder why his own women don’t want him? Before he was famous he had a couple black kids, threw that black baby mama to the curb, soon as he made it he switches to Spanish & White women only – by some stroke of luck these women think the bagged a keeper, ha! Typical, Evelyn & women like her are enticed by the pipe the black man is laying & they think that they are a prize, he won’t do what he did to the other black woman to them (he has previous battery charges), lol NO WOMAN DEALING WITH A SELF HATING BLACK MAN IS GOING TO FIX HIM! So when you enter into a relationship based off of “HOOD STATUS & PIPE LAYING” YOU END UP LAYED THE FUCK OUT! No sympathy for this woman! Evelyn you were so damned eager to scoop up this looser, pick better next time!

  2. Chad aint do that to that woman,,,,, KARMA knocked her ass out…. now THAT gash is layed like 3 cups of red koolaid in the shade……..

    • LMAO I do not condone a man hitting a woman. Everytime I see this story I always wonder what she did to that man to make him head butt her like that. You really have to piss a dude off for him to straight head butt your ass is all I’m saying. He had no right to put his hands or head on her but we don’t know all the circumstances either I do know karma is a bitch and all the times she put her hands on other people well it finally happened to her. Keep your damn hands to yourself and get you some neosporin lol

  3. Ask me how many fucks do I care about this devil woman? NADDA! ZILCH! ZERO!

    On another note, it’s amazing at what weaves and makeup can do. This doesn’t even look like Evilyn. Her hairline is all the way snatched back

  4. Have folks forgotten how Evelyn rolls?? She is a brawler….yes Chad was wrong but do you think she got head butted for sitting passively & quite and politely asking him about the condoms? We all know she went coo-koo for cocohino…no victims on this one….just a sad hot mess…

  5. chad is , or was a pro fb player,gots no bizz head buttin anyone…his head is a weapon ~

  6. They weren’t meant to be both of their personalities were too strong. Jen tried to warn her but I can’t understand why would Ocho go this far and basically ruin his life for this broad because she’s on to the next like always!

  7. I can’t stand neither one of those attention whores. Chad,’s sellout ass had the nerve to thank the white judge for throwing him in a cage. Although he said it for publicity & attention, it came across as Bafoonish. Damn Uncle Tom Sambo type Negro.

    Now lets talk about Evil Evelyn. Bitch had it coming! Not at the hand of her husband because I don’t condone violence against women, but karma turned on her ass with the quickness. That big mouth Rican act like she was Mike Tyson on the show, jumping over tables, bussing wine bottles, bad mouthing Tami while knowing she screwed her husband, bullying Jen & the white girl, fighting Royce, and kissing Shaunie’s ass. Evil Evelyn was damaged goods & cray-cray before marrying Chad so we can only imagine how f#cked up in the head she is after the head bunt. Chad banged the sh!t outta that Ho’s head tho, real talk! LMBAO!!!

    In my Chris Tucker voice; “Dayuuuum She Got Knocked Da F#cked Out!!!”

    • He did not thank the judge. The judge ordered him to thank his attorney, he did so by giving him a pat on the side, then the judge got pissed and revoked his plea deal. You are talking out of your ass, honey.

  8. I wish one the ladies woulda put it there instead of Chad. I tried to tell him ova n ova again; LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!! Guess it’s true; A HARD HEAD MAKES A SOFT BEHIND…..

  9. Y’all all scandalous… But y’all right. I don’t see how anybody expected her to find a man to play her lil bitch and be talked to however and think it would last. At least not no black man! I’m just saying everybody has a snapping point, that don’t make it right cause he should’ve known better and left her before it got that far but just like k Michelle going around crying about getting best by Memphis I would feel sympathy if I couldn’t think of a reason why anyone would attack her but every episode she prove why you need to watch your mouth especially when you talking to a man twice your size (still don’t make it right I have no respect for these men) stealing I michelles line, ” don’t shake unless you ready to get shook” shaking off at the mouth! Smh.

  10. Oh please fuck Evelyn the Bully sounds like Chad wasn’t gonna be Bullied!!!! Just her character alone tells me she was trying to fight him…

  11. Wow.. This is on a person who throws bottles, shoes, runs across tables, throws vases and talks all kinds of shiggidy about what she going to do to a beyotch and then gets housed. Yeah take this picture and go on somewhere!!!!

  12. “I’m not saying that she didn’t drive him to the point of knocking her out” Seriously. Let’s not perpetuate violence against women. No one “drives” you to the point of doing anything. If you do it, you wanted to. That bs about being provoked is just that bs.

  13. All of that jumping bad she did on Basketball Wives…..I just know she didn’t get the beatdown! HA!

  14. why release the photos now? honestly, who even cares? he shouldn’t have head butt her, but she shouldn’t have fronted, said it was cool for him to cheat w/ protection, and then get mad when he does just that. and if anyone thinks for one second that she didn’t put a hand on him, you’re crazy.

  15. OOOOTAAAYYY! Now, I am officially done with this FAME WHORE! First, let me say, I am not and will not defend what Chad did to Evelyn, even though she annoys me to know end. However, HOW DARE she allows these photos to be shown. Note To Evelyn: You had these photos for over a year, done every sort of interview television, radio and social media can buy, and NOW you think it’s the perfect time for these photo to “magically” appear AFTER his court hearing. WOW! — and you label Royce a non-factor. REALLY! Sunshine you should ALWAYS look into the mirror, because you my dear are the NON-FACTOR and will ALWAYS be a NON-FACTOR! Especially with stunts like this!

    Second, you start your war of words (which is funny, because Royce is much more intelligent than you; and will ALWAYS win that war) and now with the photos! UGH, Chica please have a seat! A stadium full, because you are soooo expired!

  16. WOWW! Didn’t realize it was this bad. He should have definitely served some jail type. I would have ran for the hills too if I was left bruised and battered like this. I mean I could care less about her evil ass but no one deserves this.

    • Totally agree, I’m just surprised at all the comments by Women who are happy this happened. There is Nothing Right about this, how would ppl feel if this was their Mother or Daughter

  17. I have one question….Is that front lace damage? Does she wear a front lace? Her forehead never looked that big!

  18. I just don’t understand why she was angry about finding a receipt for condoms when she gave him permission to use them.

  19. Yall dead wrong for saying she deserved to get fucked up like that! I dont give a damn what happened Chad was wrong as fuck! His blk ass!

  20. I believe Ms.Evelyn gon be wearing her bangs…bitches! lol I believe that hoe was popping off at the mouth and her ass got got! Something tells me that she is the type to try to fight a man. If he really wanted to hurt her he could have cause her more damage than that!

  21. When you lie down with dogs, you’re catch fleas! My goodness…First, it is a shame he busted her head up like this and second, no, a man shouldn’t hit a woman, but third, just in case it went down like this, no, a woman shouldn’t hit a man either. We wonder why these stories are out there. There are just people who DON’T BELONG TOGETHER, who made some F’d up choices to be with the wrong people. PERIOD! You think good things happen between people who don’t belong together? Hell no! You give a man permission to cheat WITH a condom as if that’s making sure he’s respecting your relationship and then get mad when he doesn’t hold up his end of the bargain? Are you serious? We need to get serious about our relationships and stop jumping in head first, no helmet! These 2 people had NO BUSINESS and this is the result. Stupid asses! He might be a repulsive pig, but she laid down with that pig after she gave him permission to disrespect by condom…Seems to me she’s equally as ill in the head!

  22. I wonder why these pics are now being released. Also, just knowing the violent behavior of Ms. Lozada, I totally believe that she was aggressively moving towards him when they butted heads. The laceration does not show any bruising around it. Wouldnt her forehead also have a big black and blue bruise?

    IDK.. No Sympathy here. Sorry.

  23. No one deserves a hit from a man at all, that’s why she shouldn’t have put her self in the situation in the first place she knew he was a I DONT GIVE A FUCK NIGGA after hoking up with him several timed, hell just by the things he said alone on national TV DAH!!!

  24. When she was on the show everyone was saying Karma will get that ass for all the crazy behavior she was doing. So now that Karma bit her in the form of a head gash, I’m supposed to feel sorry? Yeah miss with that bullish. You told the man he could cheat, just use condoms. Then when you find a receipt for condoms you want to get mad? yeah whatever trick. You knew your marriage was for money, TV, and that good old fashion D. Evelyn should just be happy there was no camera phones back in the day when she getting passed around the whole Terror Squad or she be famous for more than reality TV.

  25. So every one that said she deserved it because altercations with other women all deserve to get your ass beat by a man using that logic.We all got into altercations with other women one time of another that does not mean a man that comes in your life deserve to beat your ass.Her being a gold digger have nothing to do with this incident,any woman that stays in a marriage or relationship where there is abuse is not strong (as some have stated that she not a strong enough woman) but is actually a very weak lost individual.coming from a woman that almost had her life taken away from her by the hands of a man all because I was breaking up with him,and I in no way provoked him. Stop praising a man that have no respect for women

  26. If it were my relative I’d prob tell them that’s what you get for telling your man he can have sex with other ppl then getting mad when you find out he actually did.

  27. What does her not being a saint have to do with him doing this? it’s funny how people justify what he did based on how she act. But what if this was ur Mom,Sister or Daughter this happen to.

  28. That’s how you get in somebody pockets….get them to marry you then get out of the marriage by any means lol $$$$$

  29. She had to provoke him to make him headbutt her ass lol….who just does that for nothing

  30. I can’t stand Evelyn, who I think is naturally violent and ignorant, but that this awful. I thought the whole thing was some exaggerated shit by her too, but after seeing this, she should have sent some of her male families over to whup his ass down.

  31. Wow. Not condoning D.V. But why show these pics now? would it have something to do with BBW premiering soon? IJS…

  32. Btw he fucked up his own life,life is about options you are a grown man you could have walked away,then on top of it he continued to do stupid ignorant arrogant things after.Stop blaming Evelyn for the outcome of the choices he made.Wake the hell up

  33. That looks awful! She’s never been my favorite, but she didn’t deserve this. He could’ve walked the eff away!

  34. a woman’s mouth can drive a man to do crazy shit that seems warranted at the time- but, isn’t that where a ‘man’ should be a ‘man’ and just walk away? but, that’s just me.

  35. Regardless of her past actions on tv, no person deserves this. She did the right thing by pressing charges and divorcing him.

  36. I still say she attacked him an got what she was lookin for…he didn’t find a condom in her wallet! why would he attack her…But Damn!..I would’ve lied to if that was my forehead…Bolol…yes gawd!

  37. This is why you LEAVE & never go back. Lawd Jesus…… Imagine you take VOWS w/a man & he turns around & does THIS type a shit?! No sah “I’d KILL HIM DEAD!!” *SophiaVoice*

  38. Well she ain’t no saint she was throwing bottles at people I dont feel sorry for her, she ain’t nothing but a bully

  39. Some people are so damn naive,what does it matter if she jump in Jennifer’s face,a woman and man are completely different,her prior attitude does not excuse what he did.That is like saying a girl had sex with one man on the first night so she deserve to be raped by another man on the first date because she had sex before on the first night. What does a black man being with a white woman have to do with anything? Not a damn thing ,abuse is abuse.who have a prior record from a black woman when he was in college about a domestic altercation .Stop vouching for an abuser that’s why so many people die in the hands of the abuser because they never come forward because of society’s reaction. When y’all get y’all asses beat by a man or your daughters get their ass beat by a man see if y’all feel the same.

  40. It started from what she told him…If you cheat use a condom…Then you argue with him over a receipt FOR CONDOMS?!?!?!

  41. shes a smutt set out to fuck up that mans life and these biotches wonder y our black man get a dollar and run to them homebody white women that appreciates a black man wit money and a big dick smh she wasn’t innocent in that shes a fuckn firecracker she probably swung on him several times b4 he knocked the shit out of her come on wat black man head butts as an act of abuse it was probably an accident that that head hit her so hard but I believe if it was abuse he would have knocked that bitch out smgdh

  42. damn he must got a hard ass head and i’m glad they finally showed this i feel like now people will finally believe the story and show that he was no good. cause i feel bad for this he fucked her up bad.

  43. How did all this happen from a simple head butt. Something seems fishy to me. Remember Lynn Whitfield as Brandy in ‘A Thin Line Between Love and Hate’. A slice in the middle of your head. I see trying to drum up promotion for the fifth and final season of BBW’s.

  44. Damn! His dome is solid as a rock! *Ashford and Simpson voice* It looks like he sliced her. Smh

  45. I’m sorry I don’t endorse abuse of women, but from what we see of her she probably swung first and was asking for it. Don’t be man enough to hit me if you ain’t man enough to fight!

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