[PICS] Real Housewives Of Miami Is Back BIGGER & BETTER – Meet Supermodel Castmate Joanna Krupa

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Chile, so I ain’t gone even much lie to you! I was never interested in the Real Housewives Of Miami. I think I watched one or two episodes and drew the conclusion that I just was not feeling it. Being from Miami, I was rather disappointed because I could not relate to anything on the show. I honestly don’t think much of anyone watched the show. That being said, I was rather surprised when I found out that Bravo filmed a season two of the failed arm of the franchis

[VIDEO/PICS] Real Housewives of Miami BACK For Season 2!!! Premiere Date Revealed

The fact that Bravo even considered a season two said to me that they must have made some major changes this time around. For sure, one of the changes came in the form of the addition of two new cast mates. I said to myself that this time around I was going to make a conscious effort to follow the show from start to finish in an effort to support my home town. Then I got to thinking, if I don’t know much about the show or its cast, then I am sure most of you don’t either. So, I decided I would slowly get familiar with the cast members one by one and help you guys get familiar to. Between now and the time season two airs on Septermber 13th, The Doll is going to put her investigative skills to good use, and dig up all I can on these women. Meet one of the newest additions to the cast, Joanna Kruppa. Here is Joanna’s Bio, courtesy Bravo’s website:

Born in Warsaw, Poland and raised in Chicago, Joanna Krupa is a supermodel and TV host who splits her time between Miami and Los Angeles. At 19, she decided to pick up and leave everything behind and move to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams of modeling and acting.

Joanna has appeared on magazine covers including GQ, FHM, Shape, and Playboy. In addition, Maxim magazine named her the “Sexiest Swimsuit Model in the World” and listed her as part of their “Hot 100” ranking of the world’s hottest women in 2011.

This versatile beauty has guest starred on episodes of Las Vegas, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and has been hosting and judging Poland’s Next Top Model since 2010. She also competed on Dancingwith the Stars in 2009 with one-time champion Derek Hough.

A huge supporter of the animal rights group PETA, Joanna has starred in several ads for the group including her controversial ad “anger for animals.” She has been engaged to Romain Zago, owner of Miami’s Mynt night club for five years. Her younger sister Marta and mom Jolanta are very active in her life and live with her while in Miami.

Mama is pretty! You gotta give it to her! Get Into her Pics. Will you be checking for Joanna???


3 thoughts on “[PICS] Real Housewives Of Miami Is Back BIGGER & BETTER – Meet Supermodel Castmate Joanna Krupa

  1. I wonder if she will let the world know about her smashing Gabriel while he was with Halley Berry? Or how she considered herself a lesbian and was meeting chicks on Myspace??!?!?!?!

  2. As a Miami Girl born and raised I will honestly say that RHO MIami sucked. I am s sick of the Miami only being shown as having a Latin flavor. THere is way more going on in MIA outside of salsa and south beach. Im Just Saying.

  3. Dineva, correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought on your radio show you said you were from ‘Bama?

    Showing much love from the 808.

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