[Pics] Wycleff Jean Gets Naked In Honor Of His 43rd Birthday

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Today, producer and former member of the iconic Hip Hop group the Fugees, Wycleff, Turns 43. Happy Birthday Wyclef. In honor of turning 43, Wyclef decided to strip down to everything except his Birthday Suit and give us a look at what superstar living can do for a mans body. Yes GAWD Wyclef. See what he had to say.

I ain’t gone lie, I ain’t never looked at Wyclef twice. But this pic right her has got me thinking some thangs.  I gotta give it to him, Wyclef is looking good sitting up on that bike. In a true Hatian fashion, there are colors galore and of course he had to match them all.

This picture came along with the following words from Wyclef:

TODAY I AM 43 YEARS OLD! I look And feel 26! U cant keep à good Man down! Keep à smile when they want you to frown!”

We definitely see you Wyclef. Since them people done ran you out of Hati, I guess you’ve had a lot of time to work out.


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7 thoughts on “[Pics] Wycleff Jean Gets Naked In Honor Of His 43rd Birthday

  1. ok maybe it’s just me but this is creepy! he an old a55 man in his drive way naked posing on a bike after he rubbed his (chiseled)body down in crisco. hide ya kids hide ya wifes Wyclef is naked in his driveway!!

  2. He’s just taunting Lauren Hill; “You could’ve had all this if you’d have just kept your mouth shut”. I know thats right Clef, show’em what your body’s a temple really looks like.

  3. He has a better body than most 26 year old now adays. Too many young folks look like old folks. If your going to take a pic of your whole body than why would you only oil up half?

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