QUICK READ: Marlo Hampton Back In Good Graces With Bravo Andy

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I Know Nene’s knew show is called I Dream Of Nene, but she must really be a genie. If Marlo could have had one wish, it would have been to be back in good graces with Bravo Andy. Well it looks as if Nene made that wish come true. Quiet as its kept, I heard that Bravo Andy did not see it for Miss Hampton. After her escapades in Africa with Sheree, he was not featuring her at all, hence why we have not seen anymore of Marlo on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Want proof??? Remember Kenya’s Halloween party from last season? Well, how about Marlo was there. Not only was she there, but Marlo actually won the costume competition for her recreation of Dianne Carrol. Surely all of that was caught on camera. Surely non of that we saw. You read between the lines. The Bravo girls just didn’t see it for Miss Marlo.

No tea no shade, but Marlo Hampton should have been giving a Peach. At a minimum she should have been brought back as B character. Hell she was far more exciting than Dianna’s need to close your legs to married men (Willie Gary) ass was, and she sure as hell was more enjoyable then crazy Kenya. I’m glad we will get to see Marlo Hampton in all her stolen clothes glory on I Dream of Nene. Hopefully this next run on tv will open Marlo up to more television opportunities. As much as we love to hate her, we love to see her…


Hey Marlo! You can call or text me sometime. We didn’t have to stop being friends. I know how to be 2 peoples friend who don’t like each other… (catch that dirt)

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9 thoughts on “QUICK READ: Marlo Hampton Back In Good Graces With Bravo Andy

  1. Sorry Nessa girl, I can’t get past that pre hair styled doo the Queen of the RHOA is rocking. Looks like a lace front gone bad. IMHO.

  2. Girl she will be featured as a Bcharacter and Bcharacter ONLY, and Only for I Dream of Nene. She will no longer be a household name off of Bravo. And if NeNe Does get a second season, the roll of Marlo being a friend will be no more. Who you think Nene gone choose: Andy and Bravo whose made her “Very Rich” or a designer hoodrat who was rumored to have a relationship with someone NeNe was seeing on the low? I know they say keep your enemies close but… Bitch Be Gone!

  3. Pimp Andy Cohen will strike again!! Marlo loves being pimped by old white dudes. She’s known to screw for a Channel Bag and a pair of leggings. Jews love exposing black Hood Bugaz, no matter what their profession(s) are nor how many Channel Bags they own.
    Side note: People who really have $ money $ never do reality shows. Only broke hood ratz and materialistic broke bitches sell their souls to the devil for coins. These selfish Bitches don’t even care about the scrutiny there children will suffer in years to come, from what their ” Money Hungry,” parents have done. These clowns who are married and go on these reality shows are stupid because the marital home is just a sacred as the marital bed and you have to be careful of who you allow in but when you let the world in, you’ve already lost the battle/war. Nene will divorce Greg again. Her show is fake and its to help Greg get outta dept.


    • There seem to be moments in history where humanity cycles into low dark periods which last for 2400 years a cycle as it works it’s way through the 12 signs of the zodiac an repeats over an over again. We are in a low cycle now where we forget much of the knowledge humanity discovered long ago, when we are in the low periods our world falls apart an dumb shallow bitches like nene an her ilk can find fame an riches.

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