Radio Host Talks Hanging With Tyler Perry In Gay Club And How He STOLE His Character And Called Her MADEA [video]

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Complete Devastation To The Nation

For years, people have speculated if Tyler Perry was gay. I swear to you I have heard all kinds of stories of friends of a friend who attend these “private mansion parties” yata yata yata. If he is gay, it really isn’t that big of a deal, hell everyone is gay these days. Sure it would upset the fan base that his empire is built upon, the Black Church, but hey. Besides, he institution known as the Black Church is still reppin’ Bishop Eddie Long, so I don’t think things would be that bad. LOL.

I have been witness to many conversations with several older gay men who have told stories of hanging out with Tyler Perry in gay clubs back in the day. Most of which really have no real reason to fabricate anything or lie. Another more notable name to add to that list of people who remember hanging out with Tyler Perry in the gay club is radio host and comedian Miss Sophia. Miss Sophia not only talks about how Tyler Perry use to frequent the club she worked at, she tell a very interesting story about how Tyler Perry stole her likeness and her material and called it MADEA. Catch these T’s


Check out the video below as Miss Sophia explains how Tyler frequented the club, made her empty promises, and moreover stole her material. Sophia says Madea didn’t come into existence until 2000 and she has been around for over 20 years. She closes out her story with a blast to the past of one of her old comedy sketches. The video is pretty lengthy. I encourage you to listen to the whole story, it is pretty entertaining, or you can fast forward to the 13:35 min mark to watch one of Miss Sophia’s old comedy routines.

Is this just a coincidence or do you think Tyler Perry modeled Madea around Miss Sophia?

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40 thoughts on “Radio Host Talks Hanging With Tyler Perry In Gay Club And How He STOLE His Character And Called Her MADEA [video]

  1. Stfu 2 everybody sayin who cares yall dummies obviously care you sure commentin on the subject im jus want somebody to finally be like yea its a proven fact i got evidence so fuqq who dnt care

  2. CHILE apparently he didnt steal that WIG from her and He wasnt at all affected by frequenting the gay clubs. Lots of straight men go to the gay club and they are celebrities so what does that prove. These days if you don’t have Tyler or any other celebrity on camera or a camera phone shot, then you have no proof which makes Miss Sophia THIRSTY like all the other RAMBLING CHUCH, lol QUEENS out there HUNTY. She doesnt have a case. he owns TBS all of his movies are featured on Sunday and Saturday so he is not thinking anything about those GLORY DAYS, because right now is his time. He did what he had to do to get his break.

  3. Regardless if this is true or not…The material wasn’t copyrighted and according to Miss Sophia, Tyler informed him when and what material he would be using. I’m sorry, but if someone TELLS me to my face they are going to use my material in their stage play I would be running to get some sort of copyright on my stuff. Besides, Tyler Perry has built his empire now…He doesn’t need to do MaDea ever again…Miss Sophia waited too long to come forward

  4. He probably is gay … and being homeless and being molested, and being raised around drug addicts … has a lot to do w/the man he is now. He’s no saint, I wouldn’t put it past him to have stolen some material. but I will say this, he has put in the hard work to build the empire. He took the seed and grew it. If this other Ms. Thang was so talented and been in the business for 20 years ..uh why hasn’t he made it yet?

  5. This is 2013, why wait so long to go “public” with this tale? I dont’ care if Tyler Perry is gay or whatnot but his family might. I get tired of people trying to “expose” someone. We all know Tyler is a little feminine but lol, some women and men might like that

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  7. shes fuuny and all but she gets a HOE SIT DOWN!! you can walk into any black gay club in america these days and goto to a show and see the same routine. the old black ghetto pistol totting loud mouth grandma has been around for decades, Tyler was just the first person to actually put it in a successful production and make millions from it!
    you decided to keep your routine in lil gay clubs all ya life, tyler took his and went national, get over it!!

  8. who cares in this world you gotta handle ya business or someone else will, as for Tyler being gay so what the man is working, paying his bills and not asking for a damn thing unlike some folks

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  10. Tyler has earned his spot, the horrendous. Child abuse, parent neglect, homeless, sleeping in cars and he picked hisself up by the boot straps and changed his life! Maybe he is gay I do blv if it walks like a duck… Wgaf!!!! Especially nowadays. Furthermore if I had the opportunities to make it in this industry, I to would do research, find a guru a mentor and study the art/craft I’m trying to be the best at in whatever line of biz. TP probably went to a lot gay shows bcz despite him allegedly being gay he is not a woman and needed to study sm1 doing what he wanted to do for a living. I’m in sales, I wanted to be the best so I studied the best and took their best and made it my own…now, I’m one of the best in my company. Joe blow does not come to me and say “ooooo you stole some of my sales techniques” I think TP got madea from a lil bit of every1 men & woman so have STADIUM SEATS PALEEZ! BTW I think you funny as fudge! I wld come see you if I lived in atl! Great show!

  11. Why did he take money from Tyler Perry and why did he wait so long to say something and his stand up is not funny at all…and if this is true he played himself because he should have spoke sooner …ijs

  12. Truth be told damn near ever black family has a Madea and I have always thought he was gay but WHO THE ****CARES!

  13. Sadly this very funny person missed his mark. The entertainment business is just cutthroat like that.
    I mean what did ppl do, before YouTube, when everthing wasnt Recorded. I think Entertainers especially comedians have been stealing, borrowing, using other ppl Materials for years. I don’t believe this person has a case, unless he is sitting on some undisputable evidence( Video with Tyler ).And Tyler fan base has gotten so large and his pockets, the Majority will never believe this. Ms. Sophia dropped the ball and Ms. Madea picked it up and made a play. Now Madea has millions … That’s the entertainment biz, why do you think so many people called it the devil.

  14. just like the person said if he stoled the character why wait till now hmmmm and is sex life has nothing to do with his talent gay or straight he makes good movies and plays black people well some black people always looking for a handout if madea was stolen why the hell didn’t you use it …

  15. It seems like ever year somebody is claiming he stole that character from them its so said we can’t stand if he stole the character why couldn’t it have been handled in the dark smdh ( society is always building somebody up to break them down.& if he gay oh well let him do him

  16. so what if he is gay….WORRY ABOUT YOUR OWN FUCKED UP LIFE!! Why worry about this man sex life and who he choose to sleep with?

  17. If Tyler Perry is gay and sucks a mean lean; WHO CARES? If Tyler stole his idea and ran with it, he needs to pay the man. (via Her Perfect Black Dress)

  18. I honestly thought he stole Madea from Sister Cantaloupe. .. she is another black Christian play character that totes a gun and miss-quotes scripture. She’s from the mid-90s.

  19. The Shit has finally hit the fan…..this is something that has been known within the gay community for a long time, im glad someone is bringing light to the situation…….i bet when tyler perry made “whats done in the dark” he had no idea it would bite him back like this lolz

  20. did this person know Tyler Perry when he was BROKE & HOMELESS and struggling? take claim to that as well

  21. If Tyler Perry stole his character, why wait until be becomes wealthy to talk about it? I am so sick of these broke wanna bees trying to tear this MAN down. #getchalife

    • I agree 100%! I feel like this person just want some attention now that TP has made it big and doing his thing.

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