Rapper 40 Gloc Says Tami Roman Is A Lesbian. Carpet Munching Broke Up The Game’s Happy Home

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Written by guest writer Tatyana Jenene

Enough to Wanna Scream and Holla: Ain’t Nothing But The Baby Momma Drama!

Chile, The Game is having the worst month ever and all the drama is surrounding the beef between him and his ex-fiancé Ms. Tiffney Cambridge. Allegations of domestic violence, alleged sexual affairs with reality stars, (here’s a hint, it ain’t  Khole Kardashian!) and restraining orders. Catch all mindboggling, juicy drama after the break…

All this shenanigans surrounding Jayceon Taylor and his ex-fiance Tiffney Cambridge reminds me of one of my favorite albums “Ghetto Hymns” by Dave Hollister, it’s so much going on in this saga, and you might need a stiff drink afterwards! Let’s get into it, shall we.

A few Weeks ago  Tiffney filed a police report claiming that The Game attacked her on March 19th, after an argument between the two of them turn violent. According to TMZ, Tiffney was hit repeatedly in the face by The Game injuring her eye socket and breaking her nose! LA Law Enforcement took pictures of the injuries and launched a full investigation. The Game initially said “I don’t want to give fuel to these false accusations, but the truth will definitely come out. I am always looking out for my children’s safety and have never laid a hand on Tiffney.”  That was on April 4th, since then things have been out of control.

Since then Tiffney has obtained a restraining order against The Game, the judge has allowed The Game to see his children on the weekend, but The Game claims that he has not seen his children in a month. Peep the IG pic he posted and then deleted below:


Now you can say what you want about The Game, but we have always known him for being a great father to his children, he would do anything for them especially his daughter.  He has three in total, two with Tiffney. But according to Ms TMZ the documents obtained by them shows the father in a different light:  http://www.tmz.com/2014/04/11/game-ex-fiancee-tiffney-cambridge-assault-fight-children-threat-jail/?adid=hero4

Cambridge says in her docs the fight turned so violent, a table broke, injuring both kids. She says their 3-year-old daughter yelled for help because her leg was bleeding … and Game got even more ferocious when Cambridge went to help her.

Tiffney says he told Cambridge, “Move the f*** out the way” and called her a bitch while tearing her clothing and repeatedly hitting her torso with his closed fist. She claims he also yelled, “I will end it all.”

Cambridge says after the fight … Game refused to let her leave … telling the children that if Mommy called police, both Mommy and Daddy would go to jail. 

She says Game eventually allowed her to take the kids and go. She went to the hospital the next day, where she says she learned her nose was broken.

SAY WHAT???!! Ya’ll need that drink yet? Because I am on my second one, ok?! Now according to numerous reports, the fight was over the relationship between Tiffney and Tami Roman. Rumors started last year that Tiffney and Tami were in a romantic relationship after The Game wrote a caption under one of Tiffney’s photos claiming that Tami ruined his home. But wait there’s more! Remember back in 2012 The Game had beef with then G Unit affiliated, rapper 40 Glocc?


Well apparently, 40 Glocc had A LOT to add to this The Game drama, peep screenshots below:





tami roman

Now, you know Ms. Tami isn’t one to hold her tongue and once a few people tagged her to the post and she clapped back immediately.


Now in my most humble opinion, I DO NOT believe that Tami and Tiffney are lesbians sleeping with each other. I think they are two really good friends who hosted a few parties with each other last year, nothing more. I don’t blame Tami for trying to clear up her name, shit she has daughters to put through school and between selling that hair and diet pills she doesn’t have time to be caught up in Black Twitter’s version of “One Life To Live.” Also I don’t think that is Tiffney in that first pic holding a blunt. Tiffney is a woman of a particular age, she knows better than to involve herself with the enemy let alone allow her picture to be taken and posted on Instagram! Tiffney has be mum during this whole ordeal, but The Game caught wind of 40’s bullshit and took to Instagram last night.


Well unless times have changed “green light” in the gang community usually means I’m putting a hit out on you or I’m coming after you, 40 better watch his back and serves him right. You don’t talk about anyone’s kids or wife/girlfriend/baby’s mother. That’s gansta 101, duh!

Oh, oh, oh!! In a twist of events 40 Glocc must have received the news that he better lay low, because he took to twitter and pulled the oldest stunt in the internet handbook.


“I WAS HACKED!” I call bullshit to the tenth power. You knew exactly what you were doing and now that ish has gotten real, you want to renege. Boy bye! That’s all the drama for now…stay tune. On a scale of Sundy Carter to Heartbleed how hack do you think 40 Glocc was? What do ya’lll think of all this drama? Chile, I am on drink four! Leave your thoughts below!

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61 thoughts on “Rapper 40 Gloc Says Tami Roman Is A Lesbian. Carpet Munching Broke Up The Game’s Happy Home

  1. I think she will do anything for him to marry her! I bet if he went to her TODAY and proposed AGAIN..she’d accept AGAIN! She’s an attention whore! As it’s been stated it seems as if he really loves his children and I believe she’s bitter because he wants to move on with his life because he’s sick and tired of the BS. And why can’t the first picture be her smoking the blunt? I know lots of teachers personally that does things worse than that and it’s a shame but they’re at schools teaching the children and after hours doing everything under the sun. And if the incident was so bad, why didn’t she take her ass to the hospital THAT NIGHT, RIGHT THEN? No, she’s playing that role. At some point everyone gets tired of the BS and wants nothing more to do with it!

  2. Ghetto assed fools. SO sick of them. The truly sad part is they are all people’s parents. And for that I feel so sorry for them.

  3. In the 5-6 episode I saw of Marrying The Game I realized there is a lot wrong with them as a couple. She uses her kids as levergae and is childish. Any man that marries her is in for a world of headache. Let Tammy date her, she will set her straight or set her on fire.

  4. I am very impressed with the Game´s writing skills. I saw no misspellings and the grammar was pretty good. Who names their child Tiffney? And who is the mother of Harlem? Rahdiah Barnes

  5. For those that believe the Game did not hit Tiffeney you must acknowledge that police thought she had enough evidence to file a restraining and change their custody arrangement immediately. Do you really think she broke her own nose and damaged her eye socket? This is what happens when fools walk around with tear drops under their eyes posting up gang signs and hollering how they about that life. Now he’s a victim of his own image and unfortunately the kids will suffer even if he is a good dad on TV.

    • “Do you really think she broke her own nose and damaged her eye socket?” She could have. Many women hit themselves or put batteries in socks just to put a man in jail, never underestimate a woman scorned.

      • Hit herself in front of her children who witnessed this disgrace? I think not. Why do u think Game was trying to coach his kids to keep quiet. Only guilty people go to those lengths.

  6. The LOVE his daughter there no way there no way he could have hurt her like that this woman making up shit

  7. I agree, In California the police would have arrested Game and charged him just because the allegation was made. I don’t think he hit her, I think she’s being an angry black woman because she missed her chance and now he has moved on.

  8. So 40 Glocc claims that his IG account has been hacked…. Hmmmm…. Well whoever hacked it, sure knows how he types. Meaning, the all caps and how he spells certain words. It looks exactly the same from the IG posts to the posts of his denial. At least remove the caps and spell shit correctly. Smh

    • I think that Tami is a DL (downlow) lesbian. Check out this blind item:

      Come on ladies… lesbihonest for a minute. We have no issue with a little girl on girl action, but these ladies are keeping things on the low.

      Now we aren’t really too surprised this Basketball Wife is down with muff diving. She has always had a masculine vibe about her and is always down to fight. But this Rapper’s Baby Mother we would have never suspected.

      We watched their engagement get broken on the couple’s reality show and now it all makes sense. Our sources are alleging that this Basketball Wife has brainwashed this Rapper’s former fiancé into leaving the gangsta Rapper. She has had issues with infidelity from the Compton rapper in the past. But is turning lesbian a rebound move or is this legit?

  9. Ok so he can cheat all he wants but he assumes she´s cheating w/ her friend and that´s what broke up their ” happy” home tell game get the fu€# out of here w/ that bs

  10. I’m an advocate for Domestic Violence, and to me, the bigger question is if he beat her like she states, and went to the police the next day and hospital, how is he still walking free, in L.A.? I’m from here, and if everything that was stated in that report is true, they would have arrested Game by now. I’m not even concerned with all this other elementary school b.s., but the more important issue is the safety of Tiffany, if the allegations are true.

  11. im sitting here glued to this drama. REALLY! at least tami tried to set the record straight and back out of that b.s. smh

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