Rapper Khia Seriously Running For Homecoming Queen For The University Florida (pics)

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tumblr_mhifi06Ju61rzgyp6o1_250If a picture is worth a thousand words, what do you think this one is saying? Y’all know one thing that I absolutely love about Khia? This b!tch just don’t care. OBVIOUSLY. Chile, being from Florida, I can recognize ish that Florida people do in a heart beat. Painting cars like cereal boxes, wearing outfits made from Polo sheets, wearing UPS and Trix cereal jackets,  and turning towels into dresses and dying shoes to match the towel are all things that only someone from Florida would do. Enters contestant number 1 for University Of Florida Homecoming Queen, Miss Khia – Motor Mouf aka Khia Shamone bka Thug Misses.

Yes gawd bitch. When your music career ain’t really working and all else fails hunty, go back to school. I tell the kids this all the time. Go back to school and get you a good education so you can get out and get you a good job. Well I guess Khia decided it was time to make a change. Khia went back to school and she is taking the campus by storm. Khia has decided to not only go to school, but to be the school. Well teacher, there are things that I don’t want to learn!

Check out a few more photos from Miss Khia’s homecoming queen contestant photo shoot…


Is You Howngry? I see you lookin at my BAWDY like its sumthin’ to eat…




New Music: The Remake That Was 30 Years In The Making – KHIA – ‘K-Wang 2.0′


I must admit, Khia cleans up well. Are you buying whatever it is Khia is selling?


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134 thoughts on “Rapper Khia Seriously Running For Homecoming Queen For The University Florida (pics)

  1. Hey fuck what yall talkin about… Khia although ratchet got a pretty nice body on her. Yall women kill me, big ass on the sofa with ya laptop with popeyes chicken crumbs trapped between ya tiddies talkin shit about the next one. lol

  2. That bitch looks like the fucking dumpster. Trina wasn’t bullshitting when she said that her tits look like they sleep.

  3. I’m not a hater because I give props when they are due. However, every time I look at Khia, all I can think about is a heavy duty scrub brush, a pail of hot water & a gallon of bleach! She looks funky, like she’s in need of a really good bath!!!

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    • You sound mad lol… FAMU didn’t accept her UF did, so keep FAMU name out your mouth. I hope y’all enjoy Ms. Ratchet lol

  5. I must say it’s quite refrehing to see somebody do what they want to be doing and not worrying about what what da fuck ppl say,think or feel because she damn sho aint worrying about you!

  6. Kmsl FD! You wrong as hell for that Fla ppl comment. I’m from Fl and some of us do some interesting things. However, we’re the realest ppl you’ll meet though,straight like that…..Khia, said she can pull it off, so she doing it…..I guess Chile. No maam,teenagers and 20 somethings do that Khia, Gul stop!

  7. It’s apparent you don’t know what Florida people do. Those shoes are not dyed to match the towel. They came that way. Same shoes sold on Amiclubwear.com I mean do a little research before you start trying to say what we do. Plus painting cars is not just limited to Florida but many states even some up North. Now on Khia she is a bit too old to be pulling this stunt. I mean I am sure she about 40 now and this isn’ classy of a lady. But when you never had class just because you attend some still don’t give you class. Now if UF does a calendar she should post her pics it might sell well.

    • i kinda think Dineva is right…in one picture, the sole of the left shoe is orange bottom, but the outside sole of the shoe on the right foot is not painted.


    • She’s not enrolled in the University of Florida. Funky Dineva is being silly. Khia is not and has never been enrolled in Florida’s flagship university. At our university, you run for Homecoming Queen or King by participating in a pageant. The final 6 contestants participate in the parade and pep rally. The king and queen is announce the evening of the pep rally, Gator Growl. All of this takes place in October/November of each school year. I read that she and her man are fans of the university, and she did this “sexy” photoshoot as a present for her man.

  9. She did to sit the PHUCK down… Your Music career is OVER…so go to school and get a life and stop trying to fit in where you aren’t meant to be!

  10. So how old is this woman? I am a proud supporter of the make a wish foundation however every ones wish can’t come true,some of us should leave dreams where they belong in the dark w/eyes closed! Z list celebrities trying to come back lost my vote when mc hammer thought he was doin it earlier this year….but she only had 1 good track ever so she probably should have kept her neck and her back and her damn face for that matter in the damn cemetery w/ her career! #ancientass

  11. Yes gawd to those shoes!!!!!! And that hair!!! She looks pretty in the UF towel pics!

    Those tattoos look a hot as mess. Looks like she gave the local kindergarten kids a tattoo gun and said “Go to town!”

    But Miss Khia … your nipples look like tea cup saucers. I hope you were not in the damn cafeteria (it looks like she is out in public somewhere by the look of the cash register) dressed like that!! Them U of F kids were on the breast when you were hot, so they definitely ain’t checking for you!

  12. HAWT MESS! All of her, everything…eyebrows, them crazy phuking dumb ass tats! wtf u dont with balloons and pacman?

  13. No, ma’am. No mother fuckin ma’am. She looks like her “Kitty Litter” stinks.

    • Nope. I’m a UF alumna and know our most recent Homecoming Queen, who happens to be African-American. At UF, you compete in a homecoming pageant. The top three girls and boys that advance participate in the parade and pep rally later that week. The winners are crowned during the pep rally. Khia is a fan our school’s athletics, but not a current or past student.

  14. Glad to hear about her going back to school but am i the only one who noticed the looks of her stomach in the white outfit. I am all for a woman embracing her body no matter what but some people go to far. We have to realize some things we use to do aren’t always a good idea now due to the change in body.However, we can still be sexy without doing way too much. The homecoming pics are not bad just look like some amateur pics u would take for a boyfriend/spouse to be playful not to represent a school .

    • Dineva was joking about running for homecoming. She may be going back to school, but she is not a UF student. She’s a fan of our successful athletic program.

  15. now khia is damn near 40 wit kids. i respect going back to school but you ol publicity whore! aint nobody check for them saggy ass ex love muffins thats sitting on her chest, let alone her whack ass music. i will give her this…she know how to stretch the fuck outta 15 minutes of fame. GET MONEY BITCH!

  16. them dam eyebrows gots to go….lawd ham mercy!!!!! But the blue heels are hot, I would step out in those!!!!!

  17. Glad she’s getting her education, because the rap game is just that: a WRAP! Question: are homecoming queens doing video vixenesque photo shoots now?!!?! They showing whole cheeks at college? In a HOE-Coming contest? I mean Homecoming, yeah Homecoming lol…somebody answer please. Note to self: the twins may not attend college in Florida.

    • Omg. It’s not even that serious, smh.

      Khia took the pictures for some guy she knows. She’s not going back to school, she’s not participating in any kind of contest, the pictures were meant for a guy who is a fan of the Florida Gators.

    • As a University of Florida alumna (c/o 2011), Khia is not and has never been enrolled in Florida’s flagship university. At our university, you run for Homecoming Queen or King by participating in a pageant. The final 6 contestants participate in the parade and pep rally. The king and queen is announce the evening of the pep rally, Gator Growl. All of this takes place in October/November of each school year. I read that she and her man are fans of the university, and she did this “sexy” photoshoot as a present for her man. UF is a top public university in the nation, we do not condone such behavior.

    • I’m an alumna of UF. It would be known if she was enrolled, and I don’t know if she’d meet our selective admissions process. She isn’t enrolled at UF. She and her man are a fan of the Florida Gators, as they should be because we have an AMAZING athletic program. She did this “sexy” photoshoot for him.

    • Because your boobs are more than likely small.

      I love this site, but damn. Some of these comments are just too… Dumbfounding.

  18. #I would LOVE to see KHIA on RHOA!!! She would give NeNe a run for her money with that slick tongue & motor muff AND SHE DAMN sure will OUT CRAZY Kenya!!! Yes Gawd that would drive ratings through the ROOF #Bravo take note! ….But then again, they say nobody wants to work with Khia bc of her attitude bka her mouth aka she’s too hood for real not play play made for tv hood ish like Tami & Evelyn & them

  19. She needs to put that tired ass body back in the box. No maam yiu are not suppose to wear things like that with your titties hanging low!

  20. Leave Khia alone!!!! She messed up when she didnt have a baby for Tunechi, now she’s trying to go back to school to get her coins up

  21. No no and no! No one retouched none of that body! They couldn’t get. Paper roll to get rid of the wrinkles… Nothing! I went to school in Florida and all too familiar with the fuckery.

  22. Proud that she’s in school. I need her to focus on school. Leave the rest for somebody else.

  23. I’m not going to knock for being on school and going out for homecoming queen…..just wish the pics would have been done with more taste……more classy. You got to represent the school with more class than that.

  24. Didn’t know she was in school, good for her but one of her real friends should tell her she don’t look right!!

  25. seriously…no one mentioned that she’s wearing a towel…
    T-O-W-E-L like it’s a dress? *blank stare*

    the comment about the tattoos looking like scribble and varicose veins is giving me LIFE this morning. :)

  26. Oooooo Gawd No ctfu I cant wit u Dineva like wtf was she wearin a couch throw blanket n them tattoos look like lil playground kids been scribblin n doodling on her wtf she told her tattoo artist tat me varicos viens ??? ctfu I cant like wtf be in ya head 2 bring messiness in full formation like this??? O.o muss be a lil monkey on a bike goin in circles wit tiny cymbols crashin in her thoughts smh lol

  27. I would like to see khia on love & hip hop ATL or something. She will make good tv..her shows on YouTube are funny.

  28. Khia is a mess. This bis is going to go up in flames one day. Someone need to burn her up and her lack of fashion also. She gives me the vibes that she like to fuck without a condom on friday and saturday nights every other weekend. Khia is doing the most to try to buzz a little. Why cant they throw her on Atlanta housewives? Hell Draya wasnt a basketball wife and they gave her a role without a boyfriend that play. Why cant Khia get the break? She needs something to do….

  29. Complete devastation to the University of Florida nation. All shade, all T hunty it looks like she got her entire outfit from the school’s lost and found box. And that fake ass Beyonce Pepsi Superbowl ad pose she tryna pull is the worst. She is not an ugly woman, never has been ugly at all! Just ratch. Lol.

  30. I give credit when it’s due. I think it’s productive that she’s going back to school, maybe she can lead others. However, she’s had her share of fame so she should let the young ladies gain a chance at Homecoming Queen

  31. I guess she have to get ass shots and get her teeth fixes and bleack her skin and were white hair o yall with love her but by her being her self yall hate and call her hood and getto so fuckin wat she living good

  32. That bitch is layed like the Devry Institute, and not The University of Florida…………….Khia, bitch have several seats or better yet please leap into the nearest straight jacket. Crazy Bitch.

  33. She look good to me. I hate when people wat to talk about women’s age. It’s so misogynistic. If she was 79 what does it matter? That’s why karli redd was on tv hiding her age… Celebrate beauty! She still in shape so I say go khia get money bitch!

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