Rare Footage Of Whitney Houston Documentary She Started Long Before Her Death (video)

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Long before Whitney fell dead to da tub, she had actually filmed an up close and personal documentary of her life. For reasons unknown, the documentary never made the light of day. In this rare footage, Whitney speaks about her hesitation to allow cameras to follow her every move. After viewing other documentaries from this director, Whitney ultimately gave in and allowed filming to begin. The footage obtained was shot during Whitney’s 1999 “My Love Is Your Love Tour”

Quiet as its kept, its unfortunate that this film never made the light of day because it shows a side of Whitney that most has never been privy to. Long before the the Whitney that was stricken with addiction was the Whitney that we knew and loved. Here is her story…


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26 thoughts on “Rare Footage Of Whitney Houston Documentary She Started Long Before Her Death (video)

  1. This trailer is old, which means the news is old, which means you only did this to take a cheap shot at Whitney. Get a job.

  2. Are you guys really laughing at the comment that she fell dead to the tub that shit is not funny that is ignorant who laughs at sick shit like that

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  4. Def sad to see her fall, but it looks like she was in the thick of addiction even in this video. You can hear her voice changing and see it in her face. And “Dead to da tub” is rude; she was someone’s daughter and mother, not our joke.

  5. Whitney was so talented and beautiful…however, when i saw her in that movie, Nora’s Hair Salon, which by the way had a way better story line than Beauty Shop…but i digress…when i saw her in that straight to DVD, i felt like she was at the beginning of the end….God rest her soul.

  6. You got me all over here in my feelings watching this during work! I really wish it would have been released, it would have been great.

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