Rasheeda (Love & Hip Hop Atlanta) In Labor RIGHT NOW

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Well y’all, the baby that Kirk once suggested that Rasheeda get rid of now has his head lodged in Rasheeda’s birth canal and is trying to break free. Earlier this morning Kirk tweeted/instagramed a picture of Rasheeda in her hospital gown with the message “it’s about to go down.”


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36 thoughts on “Rasheeda (Love & Hip Hop Atlanta) In Labor RIGHT NOW

  1. The two parents act such damn fools on national TV it’s hard to be happy for the new life they just brought into this world. Feel sorry for that kid he has two idiots for parents and a father who he will one day see getting fucked by two Stank Cunts while mom was carrying him in her wound. Straight Black Trash!! Congrats, I guess… SMDH

  2. I thought she already had that dang baby? Who´s baby was it she was feeding on IG a few weeks ago ppl kept saying we hers? Shit she seemed to been pregnant forever

  3. I´ve concluded some just like to see their names on a screen. If you have nothing positive to say, why bother? But to the matter at hand…Praying she & baby have a safe delivery, and that truth & peace rest there.

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